Romney Campaigns in NH, Endorsements from NH State Sen Sharon Carson & Boston Herald

Mitt Romney is pictured speaking to a large crowd this morning at a Meet 'n Greet breakfast at the Coach Stop restaurant in Londonderry, New Hampshire. U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (right) introduced Romney with an enthusiastic reminder of why she's supporting his candidacy. NH State Senator Sharon Carson (center) announced her endorsement for Gov Romney. Dec 27, 2011 (Photo/Keith Tharp)

Before bustling off to Davenport, Iowa this evening, Governor Romney had a busy day today in New Hampshire.

● An endorsement from NH State Senator Sharon Carson (R-Londonderry) kicked things off:

“Senator Carson has stood up for New Hampshire’s fiscally responsible traditions by working to balance the state budget during difficult economic times without raising taxes. She has also demonstrated a deep commitment to public service by a serving her state as an elected official and serving her country in the United States Army Reserve,” said Mitt Romney. “I am honored to have earned Sharon’s support. Her endorsement is another indication of the building momentum and enthusiasm for my campaign in the final days before the primary.”

I have taken my time to evaluate the backgrounds and qualifications of each of the candidates seeking the Republican nomination. After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that Mitt Romney is the best person to lead our party and defeat President Obama in 2012,” said Senator Carson. “Governor Romney has the background as a conservative businessman and a fiscally responsible chief executive that our next president will need to turn around our country. Mitt has laid out bold initiatives for our country and he has been steady, composed and thoughtful in every one of the presidential debates. He is running the type of traditional grassroots campaign that my constituents expect from presidential candidates. Mitt Romney has earned my trust and support, and I look forward to working to make sure that he is elected the next President of the United States.”

Background On State Senator Sharon Carson:

Sharon Carson Was Elected To The New Hampshire State Senate In 2008. She previously served four terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Senator Carson is an adjunct faculty member at Nashua Community College where she has taught a variety of classes in history. She also has taught at the University of New Hampshire. Senator Carson is a veteran. She is a retired Sergeant First Class from the United States Army Reserve.

Carson, who serves as Senate Majority Whip, joins a growing list of other elected officials in NH who have endorsed The Gov: Senate President Peter Bragdon (R-Milford), Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro) and Senators Chuck Morse (R-Salem), David Boutin (R-Hooksett), Gary Lambert (R-Nashua), Tom DeBlois (R-Manchester), Jim Rausch (R-Derry), Jack Barnes (R-Raymond), John Gallus (R-Berlin), and Russell Prescott (R-Exeter).

● Romney was at the Coach Stop Restaurant in Londonderry bright and early this morning to meet with voters and members of Rockingham County GOP. At noon, he met with voters to discuss jobs and the economy at Geno’s Chowder & Sandwich Shop in Portsmouth.

Historic Stage Coach Stop First Londonderry Visit for Gov. Romney
By Jacklynn Weeks
Dec 27, 2011

People in overwhelming numbers lined the entrance into the historic building and filled the Coach Stop Restaurant on the corner of Route 102 and Mammoth Road this morning for a meet and greet breakfast with Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney. Among those in attendance were US Senator Kelly Ayotte and NH State Senator Sharon Carson, along with over 200 local citizens of all ages.

Upon the arrival of Governor Romney, Senator Ayotte gave a resounding endorsement supporting his candidacy, stating that the country was moving in the wrong direction and Romney was the best candidate to fix the problem. Senator Carson also put her support behind Romney, officially welcoming him to Londonderry and endorsing his run for Presidency.

During the breakfast, Romney spoke of the problems facing the country questioning President Obama’s administration failed policies and his direction for America. Governor Romney outlined his plans for the future. Quoting from one of his favorite patriotic songs, America the Beautiful, he quoted “O beautiful for heroes proved, In liberating strife. Who more than self their country loved, And mercy more than life!” at which point he thanked the Veterans in the room. The final lyric he quoted was “O beautiful for patriot dream, That sees beyond the years”. Then he spoke about how our forefathers had it right that America is good and we must see beyond the years to protect our future generations.

Romney also spoke on strengthening our military and the deterrent benefits derived thereof, and streamlining the federal government. Read full article here.

To see a news report today from WCVBtv of Governor Romney at the Coach Stop Restaurant click here.

Later today we were thrilled to learn that the Boston Herald endorsed Romney:


[T]here is only one candidate in the Republican field with the integrity, the experience, the organizational strength and the intelligence to beat Barack Obama and that man is Mitt Romney.

But perhaps more to the point, there is only one candidate who can put this nation back on the path to fiscal sanity and restore it to its central role on the world stage. That candidate is Mitt Romney.
Romney as governor of a thoroughly Democratic state actually managed to get things done during his tenure. That may be a blot on his record to those in the Republican Party who put ideological purity above all else, but in our book that’s actually a plus.
And Romney is at the core of his being a small government kind of guy. That isn’t simply campaign rhetoric.

“I don’t think the answer to our economic woes is to raise taxes,” he told Herald editors and reporters at a recent meeting. “People are already paying half of their income in taxes [to every level of government].

“Government is simply taking too large a slice out of our economy,” he added.

He knows that long-term entitlement reform is key to getting the economy back on track. And unlike the president who appointed a commission to propose solutions, then promptly ignored its recommendations, Romney would follow through.
Romney’s appeal at the national level is what it has always been here — he’s a tough, no nonsense CEO who wants to bring a sense of trust back to government. And he can attract to his candidacy that growing number of independent voters who will ultimately decide the presidency in November just as he did when he successfully ran for governor in this bluest of blue states.

Mitt Romney can get the job done — the job of running for president and the job of governing. And the Herald is pleased to endorse his candidacy.

(emphasis added) Continue reading here.

Next? Off to Iowa! Governor Romney is kicking off an aggressive three-day bus tour through the Hawkeye State. More to come…

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