IL Sen Mark Kirk, FL Political Leader Susie Wiles Support Romney

Senator Mark Kirk (R-Illinois)

The successor to Obama’s senatorial seat, Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) has thrown his support behind Mitt Romney. (It was good to hear him on FOX News this morning advocating for The Gov):

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of Illinois Senator Mark Kirk. Senator Kirk will be a Special Adviser on Policy.

“In order to revitalize our economy and repair our relationships abroad, I will need to work with leaders like Senator Kirk,” said Mitt Romney. “He has provided leadership in the Senate on the issues I am fighting for in my campaign. I am honored to have his support.”

Announcing his support, Senator Kirk said, “President Romney will cut spending, repeal the health care law and restore private sector economic growth. He is a foreign policy hawk who will stand up to Iran. As a Massachusetts Governor, he knows how to work with Democrats and Independents. As the head of the Salt Lake City Olympics, he worked with dozens of countries in organizing an international triumph for the United States. America needs his managerial talent, team building spirit and hard-nosed sense of economic common sense.”

Background On Senator Kirk:

Senator Kirk Was Elected In 2010 To Serve The Remainder Of Senator Obama’s Term, Plus A Six-Year Term Of His Own. Kirk previously served five terms in the House and is still a Naval Reserve Intelligence Commander, having just returned from Afghanistan in September from his third Reserve assignment there. Kirk built his career as a fiscal conservative and foreign policy hawk, adept at winning elections in heavily Democratic communities.

Chicago Sun Times:

Romney has the deepest Illinois operation of any of the 2012 Republican rivals. People have already been recruited to run for delegates and major Illinois endorsements have been out for months. In backing Romney, Kirk follows a string of Illinois Republicans: former House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, Rep. Judy Biggert and Rep. Aaron Schock.

Newt Gingrich is just starting to get an Illinois organization. Delegate slates are due next month for the March Illinois primary.

Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford has also endorsed Romney.

We have another endorsement to announce and we’re happy to say it comes from The Sunshine State…

Florida mover and shaker (and former Jon Huntsman campaign manager) Susie Wiles has endorsed Mitt Romney. The Romney campaign announced her endorsement last week; Wiles will serve as Co-Chair of Romney for President’s Florida Advisory Council:

Susie Wiles

“On the issues that I have been fighting for in my campaign, Susie has been a leader and advocate in Florida and across the country for years,” said Mitt Romney. “The addition of Susie to my Florida campaign adds to a growing and strong campaign team. With her support and the hard work of my Florida team, we will defeat President Obama, fix our nation’s economy, stop the growth of government, and bring jobs back to Florida. I am proud to have her support.”

Announcing her support, Susie Wiles said, “As this campaign has progressed, I have had an opportunity to observe each of the candidates and it is clear to me that one candidate stands out from the rest: Mitt Romney. Governor Romney is a conservative businessman who knows what it takes to turn our economy around. He has demonstrated the stability, intellect and integrity that Republicans are looking for in their standard bearer. And perhaps most importantly, he will take the battle to President Obama’s doorstep and ensure that Barack Obama is a one term president.

Background On Susie Wiles:

Susie Wiles Has Been An Advocate For Conservative And Philanthropic Causes For Years In Florida And Across The Country. Wiles was previously National Campaign Manager for Governor Jon Huntsman’s presidential campaign. Wiles served as Florida Governor Rick Scott’s successful 2010 campaign manager. She has served three Jacksonville mayors in various roles including Chief of Staff and Communications Chief. In addition to her service for Florida elected officials, Wiles worked in the White House under President Ronald Reagan and in the U.S. House on the staff of Congressman Jack Kemp. Wiles is a member of the Jacksonville Women’s Network and also serves on the executive board of Preservation North Florida and on Republicans for Environmental Protection. She is a Governor’s appointee to the executive committee of the Republican Party of Florida.

(emphasis added)

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  1. stuntman says:

    Kirk to Sulu; Warp factor now.

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