Romney Secures Strong, Bold Endorsement from The Oklahoman

The Oklahoman
This Op-Ed endorsement from The Oklahoman editorial board I find to be extraordinary for three reasons: 1) It is from the South (though Oklahomans probably consider themselves middle America), 2) The opinion is rich with significant facts establishing Romney’s superior leadership skills and experience, and 3) The content is quite effusive in support of Romney as the board excoriates Obama by contrast.

I vividly remember history of four years ago when the South was cool on Romney. As a Romney supporter, I was astonished at the time that McCain was getting traction there. In hindsight, I realize that one of the reasons was that people didn’t look deeply into Governor Romney’s amazing leadership experience and unusual successes. This time is different. The Oklahoman is not only providing this strong voice of reason, they are taking this step very early in the process, securing a bold leadership position in the South.

Powerful advice to the nation at the beginning of this piece:

“Let’s unite behind a man who can beat Obama and let’s do it sooner rather than later….That man is Mitt Romney.”

Chief Executive, Governor Romney

Chief Executive, Governor Romney

Consider these parting comments of the editorial board:

“The time to unite behind Romney is now, not after Iowa or New Hampshire or the Oklahoma primary in early March. Now!”

I can just imagine a vigorous discussion among board members as they considered the credentials of a man they probably know well from Georgia. There were probably a few on the board that would prefer a Southerner over any other candidate as was the case of Huckabee. I would have loved to be a gnat on the wall to hear that discussion! To hear that exchange would have been fascinating. The entire article is excellent and leaving excerpts here doesn’t do it justice, but for those of you with very limited time, here are some of the standout quotes (each excerpt is taken out of context but in sequence):

“Voices of common sense, not anger and entitlement, spring from the Heartland. We must raise our voice again because America is in trouble. We stand and watch as our country plummets deeper into polarization. We are divided by a divisive president — Republicans and Democrats, wealthy and poor, employed and unemployed.”

What about conservatism?

“The reddest of the red states stand on a high moral ground. They are not mired in the estuaries of bicoastal elitism. We matter and we must make our voices heard….This isn’t about pride. It’s about putting a new president in office to lead this country back to its once powerful world position. It is time to get serious about the current and future well-being of the country.”

The Oklahoman has Obama’s number — they have him pegged in this article (throughout) better than any I have read:

“He flutters from speech to speech, proposal to proposal, always touting a paternalism steeped in the transfer of wealth from successful taxpayers to tax consumers.”

Finally, a Southern-Heartland state begins to scratch the surface on Romney:

“Romney is a self-made man. Obama is a government-made man. Romney’s skill set includes three areas of expertise that are needed to run this country: He has success in the private sector. Romney led Bain Capital from a staff of seven people managing $37 million to 115 people managing $4 billion. His firm on average doubled its return on realized investments every year….He has success in the public/private sector. ‘In 1999, three years before the 2002 Winter Olympics,’ Reuters reported, ‘the Salt Lake City games were mired in a bribery scandal and facing a $400 million budget shortfall.’ Cutting expenses, Romney turned this potential world-stage disaster into an overwhelming success, a factor in his subsequent election as governor of Massachusetts….He has success in the public sector. Romney took office as governor midway in a fiscal year facing a potential $650 million shortfall in the Massachusetts budget. By restructuring state government, increasing some fees and making legislative changes to the state’s tax code, he was able to balance the budget without tax increases.”

One attribute rarely recognized by the MSM and Americans in general is Governor Romney’s immense capacity. Anyone who has read Romney’s book on how he took the helm of the Olympics to lead it to extraordinary success will understand this statement by the editorial board:

“The Washington Examiner, in its endorsement of Romney, said the candidate ‘will bring back to the Oval Office a faith in the ability of every individual to achieve his or her greatest hopes, and an unwavering pride in America and its limitless potential for greatness. He understands the American dream because his family has lived it … He has a capacious but disciplined intellect; he drives himself relentlessly but leads without using his whip hand; in line with Mormon practice, he gives 10 percent of his money to his church; he has been married to his high school sweetheart for 42 years and has five admirable children and 16 grandchildren.’…..In Oklahoma we call that ‘good people.’ Good people do the right thing at the right time regardless of party politics.”

Momentum for Governor Romney is definitely accelerating and for good reason. Americans know this Presidential election is critical. Those of you who agree, please get the word out on this website to all those you know in states like Iowa, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Wyoming and to all the undecideds and errant voters you know. We don’t have the founder of Facebook on our side.

“Leadership consists not in degrees of technique but in traits of character; it requires moral rather than athletic or intellectual effort, and it imposes on both leader and follower alike the burdens of self-restraint.”

— Lewis H. Lapham

Victor Lundquist

Victor is a businessman working in the healthcare industry. He and his wife of 33 years have five children and four grandchildren. Vic has been blogging for Mitt Romney since 2007.
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About Victor Lundquist

Victor is a businessman working in the healthcare industry. He and his wife of 33 years have five children and four grandchildren. Vic has been blogging for Mitt Romney since 2007. View Posts | View Profile
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4 Responses to Romney Secures Strong, Bold Endorsement from The Oklahoman

  1. Crystalf says:

    Very Nice!

  2. Marilyn says:

    Very glad to see this as my spouse and I are relocating to Oklahoma.

  3. Damon says:

    I have no clue where yall get that the comments concerning Romney’s endorsement is accepted by the majority of Oklahomans. There were approximately 100 comments on the day The Oklahoman put the article “The Oklahoman endorsement: Mitt Romney is best man to restore nation’s greatness”. Out of those comments, over 70% of the people were disgusted by the bias journalism The Oklahoman represented. The next day, The Oklahoman removed every single comment from that article, as well as banned some people from posting comments. The majority of Oklahoma does NOT want Mitt Romney as our president. Even the Ok. polls showed he had only a 17% approval rating down here. The Oklahoman has lost many subscribers and the respect of others because of their bias journalism, as well as censoring the peoples voice. The Oklahoman has a new page now but instead of the Oklahoman chat board, it is using the Facebook app. If you goto that article now, you will once AGAIN see that the majority DOES NOT want to endorse Romney. The elitist Gaylord family w/ their newspaper has been influencing our state citizens to further their own agendas for years, but the blatant audacity to censor the people they claim to represent, as well as making false claims as to who me and my fellow Okies want to endorse as president has not been ignored by even the oldest conservatives who read this paper. These are facts people, to dispute them is to ignore what the Oklahoma want, and they do not want Romney as president, or the Oklahoman to tell us who to vote for cause they said so.

  4. Damon says:

    As an Oklahoman who has lived here for 33 years, this is no fairyland. I wish I could tell you its a great state to live, but it is not 1982 anymore. Our state government is corrupt, and our state is broke. Dems and Reps cant get along and legislation that would only help us, is hindered by the conflicts between both parties. If and when you come to Oklahoma, expect the worst, hope for the best.@Marilyn