With Friends Like Newt, Who Needs the Left? Learn More at www.NewtAndNancy.com

Team Romney has launched a new micro-site today that shows the progression of Al Gore’s push for job-killing climate change legislation. When Al needed support, he went to Nancy; when Nancy wasn’t enough, he went to Newt. And Newt, the unreliable leader that he is, hopped on board.

Check out the new site at www.NewtAndNancy.com:

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4 Responses to With Friends Like Newt, Who Needs the Left? Learn More at www.NewtAndNancy.com

  1. bcollins says:

    Love it. Nice post.

  2. Annette says:

    Another solid flip flop for Newt Gingrich. Just 7 months ago he was asked if he would do the commercial all over again and he said…..sure. Now that he is running for president he says it was really stupid.

  3. Nicole Harmon says:

    When he first announced his candidacy, I thought I was going to be a strong supporter of Romney; however, his choice to use a smear campaign makes him an embarrassment to Mormons everywhere. I have had several people in my office make very bad assumptions about the Mormon religion based on the public view of Romney. I hate having to explain that I was raised in a Mormon family (though I am not actively practicing) and I know that his choices do not necessarily reflect what is taught in that religion. Gingrich at least has the moral compass to avoid smearing the other candidates as much as possible and let the American public judge him by his own merits and not someone else’s downfalls. Get your act together and choose to take the high road Mitt!

  4. Brian says:

    What is the mentality behind spending the money to launch all of these microsites? Is it that hard to just release it on mittromney.com ? I just don’t get the purpose of launching new sites. Seems like a waste.