National Review Online: Romney’s the One, Romney Has The Right Stuff

Mitt Romney speaks to small business owners worried about the Obama economy at Meetze Plumbing in Irmo, South Carolina. May 21, 2011

Ramesh Ponnuru from NationalReviewOnline declares Romney’s the One .

Close on his heels, Kathryn Lopez from writes Romney Has The Right Stuff.

We agree!

Kathryn Lopez (12/2/11):

Mitt Romney did something oddly appropriate during a post-Thanksgiving interview with Fox News host Bret Baier: He got peeved.

It’s been, in many ways, a thankless run so far for the former Massachusetts governor. He does everything he’s ‘supposed’ to do and typically does it well. And yet, not only is he failing to attract passionate support, this 64-year-old grandfather who has been a pillar to his family, community and country gets to listen as he’s called ‘weather vane,’ a craven tool of the prevailing political winds. It’s no wonder Romney looked like he’d rather be home drinking hot chocolate with his wife instead of doing another interview about his ‘X Factor’-like competition to be the guy everyone wants to have beer with.

This is what the pre-primary game has become: Stick to script, stay on pitch and you won’t get voted off by the chattering class this week. It’s not exactly the optimal way to determine who will make the best commander in chief.

And while Romney has changed his position on issues over the years, some of his shifts should come as welcome both to conservatives and other discerning general-election voters.
… [M]y colleague Ramesh Ponnuru makes the case that Romney is not someone conservatives should be depressed about supporting. It’s true that Romney took a sharp right turn when he moved from state to national politics. But it’s also true that in 2008 he was the candidate behind whom Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, among other conservative notables, said that the conservative movement should rally in order to stop John McCain from getting the nomination. He has not moved left since that time. His positions on policy questions are almost all the same as they were then. On a few issues he has moved right: He now favors a market-oriented reform to Medicare, for example.

Ramesh adds: If Romney was to McCain’s right then, he is still. He’s to George W. Bush’s right, too. Bush never came out for the Medicare reform Romney has endorsed. Bush never said that Roe v. Wade should be overturned, either. Romney has. Romney’s long list of policy advisers includes people who are, within their fields, roughly in sync with the politics of the Bush administration or to its right; almost nobody is significantly to its left.
It’s going to be middle class in America again, Romney said, where people have the conviction that the future is brighter than the past. America has to be strong, with a strong culture, with a strong economy, and a military that’s second to none. And we’re losing faith in those things. He added: “I want to make America stronger again.”

Romney presents himself to voters with the biography of a turnaround artist, a businessman who has taken problems and created opportunity, success, and that desperately welcome word: jobs. He has cleaned up messes. Sounds like the kind of guy you’d send to Washington, D.C., right about now, doesn’t he?

This may just work.

(emphasis added) Read entire article here.

Read Ponnuru’s full article here.

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2 Responses to National Review Online: Romney’s the One, Romney Has The Right Stuff

  1. Jon E. S. says:

    This is a surprising turn of events. They must be all so terrified of Gingrich taking the nomination that they are willing to take the plunge on Romney. Well, it’s about time! Hopefully the conservatives will give Romney a chance (Newt definitely already had his and blew it big time) and rally around him for the nomination and the general election. Newts hubris (and big mouth) have already set in motion his demise. Stating you will be the nominee is a sure way to set the media attack dogs on yourself. Here’s to Mitt!!

  2. Stefany Clark says:

    I can’t believe someone at Townhall is finally saying something nice about Mitt! I stopped going to their site. Guy Benson, ( the little twerp) -ranks- reeks- next to Rush Limbaugh for me. What was Hugh Hewitt thinking letting Guy Benson sit in for him on his show today?!!!! (note to Hewitt: Don’t let him behind the mic! ever) I don’t usually get ticked at so called conservatives, but Benson and most of his cronies at Townhall are peddling the Newt propaganda.