Who Won the CNN, Heritage Foundation, AEI Foreign Policy Debate in Washington D.C.?

I’d love to hear your opinions on this debate.

Check back later for more.

UPDATE – The full debate:

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19 Responses to Who Won the CNN, Heritage Foundation, AEI Foreign Policy Debate in Washington D.C.?

  1. Drew says:

    They all lost… Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman were the only ones making any sense though. To bad we barely get to hear them speak.

    Mitt is a democrat in republicans clothing

    Newt knows what he’s talking about but chooses the wrong side or solution every time

    Cain, Bachmann, and Santorum should pack it up and go home. They really don’t even know why their standing up there. Do they even know this is a presidential debate? You know… like President of the United States?

  2. Graham says:


    If it looks like a troll and sounds like a troll…

  3. Gary says:

    These polls are meaningless. Ron Paul won everything at 85%+? I think those Ron Paul fans are as crazy as Ron Paul himself.

  4. Annette Curran says:

    I agree with Gary. These polls are meaningless. Somehow the polls are fixed to make it look like Ron Paul won. This happens only online. Not reflected in the real polls. Also, many of the Ron Paul fans writing in use bad language and call the other candidates names etc. They sound like thugs.

  5. Hungarian Crusader says:

    Take those comments back to Kenya.

  6. Drew says:

    You all a right… Online polls must be fixed. There’s just NO WAY that Ron Paul could actually be the REAL front runner. I mean we should trust what Fox news has been telling us all along.

    Cain is the magical unicorn who somehow blew the doors open in Florida. I mean we all know polls are 100% acurate down there. Never any strange election rigging going on in that state.

    Hmmm… Maybe we should believe that Bachmann is as intelligent as she dresses. We all know that Palin would have wrapped up the nomination if she would have run.

    Seriously folks. Why is it so hard for you to accept that Ron Paul has the most support? Forget what the media and establishment are yelling you. Look around! The figures I find the most compelling are not how many vote for Paul but how few actually vote for anyone else.

    Try voting twice for Romney. Please. Try. You will see very quickly that once your IP address is logged you can not vote twice.

    Do you really thing Ron Paul supporters are some group of internet savvy hackers that know all the work arounds?

    Don’t you think if there was foul play that there would be overwhelming evidence on the internet of them passing out this information to each other?

    It’s funny. I live in Florida and have never seen a single sign or bumper sticker for Romney, Newt, Cain, or Santorum. I have however see Ron Paul signs and stickers everywhere. It mind blowing when Cain won that Straw poll. I was there… We were all looking around trying to figure out where these votes came from. No cheers, no signs, no nothing.

    I have yet to meet one republican who has any interest in Romney. However? I have met a few democrats interested in him… food for thought.

  7. Graham says:


    Bro, all you Ron Paul potheads are just beating pans in the dark, making noise. When real elections happen, he’ll lose, just like he should. Because he’s a loser. That’s what losers do.

  8. Drew says:

    The only way Ron will lose is if the election is rigged.

  9. Graham says:


    You’re already setting up the excuse for the inevitable? That’s rich. Good foresight though, you could be a writer.

  10. Drew says:

    I thought about printing up, “Don’t blame me, I voted for Romney” stickers… You know… For after rhe primaries… But I realized pretty quickly that there aren’t enough Romney supportes to make a profit.

  11. Annette says:


    Thanks for the link. Great article by Jennifer Rubin. I agreed with her 100%!

  12. Mizzou says:

    @drew- your an idiot. ok so yeah i guess the elections were rigged the other 2 times ron paul ran for president. Face it, he cant win, just be happy that you ron paul hacks can win every online poll but dont show to the real polls.

  13. Vin says:

    Agreed, Drew. I can’t understand how ANYONE at this point in our history would want a business-as-usual politician at the helm. We have seen where ESTABLISHMENT politicians have taken us over the last few decades, and it isn’t a good place.

  14. Eichendorff says:


    It’s strange that you say the only way Paul will lose is if the election is rigged, right after sarcastically dismissing the idea that the online polls are rigged.

    In other words, whenever Ron Paul wins, it’s straightforward and fair. Every time he loses, though, it’s rigged.

    Just more evidence, as if we needed any more, that Ron Paul supporters are complete nutcases.

  15. Eichendorff says:


    Sorry, Graham, my comment was meant for Drew.

  16. Kenson says:

    It’s amazing how the Ron Pual supporters truly believe he has a chance. First of all, he may be the most liberal candidate of them all (close run with Gingrich and Huntsman). Second, with the exception of maybe two polls I’ve read, Paul is consistently behind Romney, Gingrich, Cain, and sometimes Perry. Third, Paul has significantly less fundraising than Romney, Perry, and maybe others (most of the big Republican donors are funding Romney or Perry). Fourth, the only candidate that even comes close to beating Obama in the polls is Romney. Fifth, from a conservative point of view, Paul is often just flat out WRONG on the issues. The truly conservative candidate who can actually dethrone Obama in 2012? Willard Mitt Romney.

  17. Jane Lawler-Savitske says:

    GEE, Why would a Ron Paul TROLL want to post on a Mitt Romney Central site? Because of the First Amendment! Go AWAY DREW! And don’t CHOKE on your Turkey Dinner, you TURKEY!
    I had RP activists call me a “fascist” and other horrible names [not worth repeating] at CPAC last February, because I was waving my MITT mit and cheering for the MAN who should be our next POTUS ~ God willing! They acted like they had been smoking something or perhaps had read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

  18. Gary Alan Chidester says:

    It looks like nearly everyone is jumping on candidate’s “bandwagons” without really knowing where they’re going. For instance, Ron Paul supporters have several valid issues, which coincide with the man of their choice, but… they have put ‘blinders’ on… and thus, fail to see what the other candidates have to offer. And this message should go to every American who is qualified to vote. LISTEN to ALL the candidates. SEE what they are all about… without the media ‘telling’ you what they want you to hear. READ their literature… what do they really stand for? All these candidates have knowledge and experience… but to what degree? Just as a foot race or a marathon, someone takes the lead. Is it simply by dumb luck… or a better pair of running shoes? Pay attention! The future of America is at stake. This is no time to jump on a bandwagon and ‘party’ down the Yellow Brick Road. This is not the time to plug your ears and close your eyes… and hum a little ditty. America is at a breaking point. The next election will decide our fate. No more bedtime stories and a warm glass of milk. This is it. I want the best for America. I want a bright future for the next generation. I have listened to all the candidates. Several of them have some really good ideas on how to make our Country better. A few of them have detailed plans on how to create a stronger job market, securing our borders, reducing the national debt, and making the American Dream possible for the youth of today. Taking all of this into account, and with my eyes wide open, I’m confident, with no reservations, that Gov. Mitt Romney is the BEST candidate to become the Republican Party’s nominee for President. He is the most qualified person, and he will be an outstanding President. America needs a man of his caliber in the White House. And after saying what I truly believe, all I can say is… Amen.