New Hampshire: Obama Drops By, Romney’s Ad, Open Letter to Delegator-in-Chief, P.S. From NH Leaders

In advance of President Obama’s campaigning in Manchester, New Hampshire today, the Romney campaign has released an excellent new ad targeting Obama’s economic policies.

Mitt Romney also penned a cut-to-the-chase open letter to our Delegator-in-Chief. The following letter will appear as a full page advert in three of New Hampshire’s largest newspapers: the Union Leader, Concord Monitor, and the Nashua Telegraph:

Dear President Obama,

Welcome to New Hampshire.

I hope you enjoy your visit. In 49 days, voters here will be going to the polls to choose a Republican nominee to run against you. I would like to lay out for you some of what I will be saying on the campaign trail if I am fortunate enough to become my party’s candidate.

I would begin by acknowledging that you were dealt a hard hand. You came into office in the midst of an economic crisis that was not of your making. You were asked to face great challenges and to solve difficult problems. The tasks before you would have taxed the abilities of any new president.

But we now have had three years to watch your policies unfold and to assess their results. The evidence is in and it is unequivocal. I will be blunt. Your policies have failed. It is bad enough that they have fallen short even by the standards your own administration set for itself. But things are much worse than that. Far from bringing the crisis to an end, your policies have actively hindered economic recovery. In some cases, they were the exact opposite of what our government should have been doing.

You and your advisors sold your economic “stimulus” package to Congress on the basis of a forecast that it would hold unemployment below 8 percent. There is a reason why this projection was wildly off base and that unemployment soared above 10 percent and is now stuck around 9 percent. Your stimulus bill was filled with special interest giveaways, and eased the way for your administration to shovel loan guarantees out the door to politically connected “green” technology firms, some of which are now in bankruptcy, with the taxpayers on the hook for more than $500 million.

Even where crony capitalism did not get in the way, so many projects were far from “shovel ready” or had absolutely nothing to do with creating jobs. Nearly a trillion dollars of tax dollars was spent, our budget deficit exploded, and some 25 million Americans remain either unemployed, underemployed, or have given up seeking work altogether. You placed a burden of debt on America that will take generations to repay and we got almost nothing in return.

You also failed to grasp the impact of your policies on the American business climate. Investment depends upon a degree of certainty, but your administration made it impossible for enterprises to make accurate forecasts about their future costs. If companies have stopped hiring in America, it is in no small part because of policies, including Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and an astonishing tangle of new federal regulations that have snuffed out investment. If we are ever to get America back to work, they all must be repealed.

I will also be talking about how you have catered to favored special interests, like civil-service unions and environmentalists, at the expense of American workers. Take your decision to “delay” building the state-of-the-art Keystone XL oil pipeline. Some 20,000 American jobs are at stake. You may not regard that as a large number, but every one of the unemployed men and women whose future you have sacrificed to satisfy your political base in the environmentalist left deserve far better. And this is but one of many examples I can cite.

America deserves better.

It is not America’s laziness that is the problem, as you recently suggested. It is your policies.

So once again, Mr. President, welcome to New Hampshire. We need a great debate about how best to get our country working again. We can’t afford four more years of failure. I believe in unleashing America’s potential. That is what my own campaign for the presidency is all about.


NH legislators/leaders add an emphatic P.S.

Former NH Governor John Sununu:

Boston, MA – Romney for President National Steering Committee Chairman Governor John Sununu issued the following statement on President Obama’s visit to New Hampshire:

“Three years ago in New Hampshire, then-candidate Obama criticized his opponent for not wanting to talk about the economy. Today President Obama and his campaign are afraid to talk about the economy because his policies have failed to put people back to work.”

“The real tragedy is this President’s unwillingness to lead America in the right direction. His failure to even put forward a serious proposal to deal with the enormous fiscal problems facing this country will keep us in the Obama recession even longer. It is becoming apparent to more Americans that this country needs a new leader in the White House.”

Mitt Romney’s experience in the private sector and as governor is the perfect combination to give us a president who can produce jobs and spur economic growth. It’s a shame that we have to wait another year to make the change.”

NH State Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley:

Boston, MA – New Hampshire State Senate Majority Leader and Romney for President supporter Jeb Bradley made the following statement on President Obama’s visit to New Hampshire:

“Three years ago, candidate Obama came to New Hampshire and promised that he would turn around our country’s economy. Three years later, it is clear that President Obama has failed to deliver on the promises he made to Granite Staters. Our country cannot afford to continue on the same failed path that he is leading us. Mitt Romney has the proven record as a successful businessman needed to lead our country in a new direction. That is why New Hampshire voters will support him next November.”

NH House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt:

Boston, MA – New Hampshire House Majority Leader and Romney supporter D.J. Bettencourt made the following statement on President Obama’s visit to New Hampshire:

“President Obama today brings his failed policies to the Granite State. No speech or spin can distract New Hampshire voters from the fact that on every economic test, President Obama has been a failure. We can’t afford four more years of economic amateurism. Unlike our current president, Mitt Romney knows how the economy actually works and will put in place policies to get our economy moving on day one as president.”

(emphasis added )

► Jayde Wyatt

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3 Responses to New Hampshire: Obama Drops By, Romney’s Ad, Open Letter to Delegator-in-Chief, P.S. From NH Leaders

  1. Jared Longhurst says:

    OUCH!!! Welcome to New Hampshire President Obama! You simply cannot hide from the truth. You have failed at almost every level. Your policies are hurting America… and if you cannot see that, then there is no hope for you. Thankfully there is still hope for America! Romney 2012!

  2. stuntman says:

    Jayde: Delegator, manipulator, denigrator, procrastinator, debilitator, oscillator, Obamaminator!

  3. VegasMike says:

    What great comments by Romney and the others about our Economy. Many of us in Nevada are hoping that New Hampshire gets it right this time. We all know that McCain was a Big mistake in 2008, and no one but Mitt can lead us to a Proud Country again. Let’s say goodbye to Obama, and go enjoy your golfing and vacations, Mitt has work to do for the people of the USA.