Romney Takes to the Air: Mitt's First TV Ad, Airing Tuesday, Slams Obama on his Visit to New Hampshire

UPDATE: As promised, here is the ad for your viewing pleasure:

Please log into Youtube and give Mitt’s ad a thumbs up.

ABC reports:

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is going on the air with a television ad in New Hampshire on Tuesday that will take direct aim at President Obama on the same day the president will visit the state to talk about his economic agenda.

Romney will preview the ad in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Monday night and the ad will be broadcast on New Hampshire television stations the following day

Tune into Hannity tonight to see a preview of the ad and see what Mitt has to say about it:

” I want people to remember that when he was Candidate Obama, that he said he was going to get this economy going, he was going to bring people together, be a real leader for change in America. So I’m going to run an ad that shows him and the things he said here in New Hampshire in a speech here. The contrast between what he said and what he did is so stark, people will recognize we really do need to have someone new lead this country. And then I, of course, described why I’m the right person for that responsibility. So we’ll put the ad up on Tuesday, the very day he comes to New Hampshire.”

We’ll post the ad here when it becomes available, so check back often! Doesn’t it feel like the general election already!?

UPDATE: TwitPic from Sen Kelly Ayotte: “Kelly and Mitt Romney will be on Hannity tonight.”

-Luke G.

Politico reports that: “Mitt Romney is slapping down $134,200 on his first television ads of the 2012 cycle, a media-buying source tells me. The 60-second commercials will air on New Hampshire’s WMUR station on Nov. 22-28.”

Some videos from Mitt’s appearance on Hannity below the fold

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6 Responses to Romney Takes to the Air: Mitt's First TV Ad, Airing Tuesday, Slams Obama on his Visit to New Hampshire

  1. ccr says:

    Thanks for the reminder about Mitt and Hannity tonight! I’ll look forward to “meeting” Sen. Ayotte and getting a feel for her!

  2. Heather says:

    Gas prices too high!!!!
    Jobs are not available… Houses are not attainable…
    The american dream needs to be restored …
    We are all waiting for the day…things start to change.

  3. Shauna says:

    Wonderful Ad. I hope it was strong enough, pointing out Obama claimed he was the answer to the economy, and he turned out to make everything worse.

    Good polling numbers out of NH tonight. I hope Mitt gets more than 40% in NH.

    I’m praying for an outstanding debate performance by Mitt tomorrow… and hoping Newt will show his nasty side and look really unappealing.

    I think Gingrich has topped out. Surely CNN will call him out on all his big government past. And make sure everyone knows that Newt has only talked conservative for a couple of months now.

    Then… I hope that is the last of the silly challangers… I’m actually getting tired of finding out the dirt. Let them keep some dignity and stay in the back of the pack!!!

  4. bwm says:

    In completely unrelated news, obama blames bush for everything in the ad

  5. ccr says:

    Beck is out there saying the ad is “dishonest” and out of context. Oh, Beck…the paragon of absolute truth and integrity.

    “”So did the ad use selective editing? The Obama camp thinks so. The president’s reelection campaign spokesman Ben Labolt told HuffPo the Romney ad is “a deceitful and dishonest attack.”

    But what about Romney’s team? Not so much. They have come out defending the ad and its editing, noting that they are just using the president’s tactic against him. They point to a blog post on Romney’s website (called Tables Turned) accompanying the new ad that notes the quote was Obama mocking McCain.

    “Three years ago, candidate Barack Obama mocked his opponent’s campaign for saying ‘if we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose.’ Now, President Obama’s campaign is desperate not to talk about the economy.” “”"

    Beck is a sad story for HELPING our country when he has headlines like this on the Blaze.

    The battle from the “left” we expect. The battle from the “right”, we are getting used to!

    Prayers for Mitt tonight!

  6. Gary Alan Chidester says:

    January 20, 2013… President Romney… Day 1… Welcome Back, America !!!