Who Won the CBS GOP Foreign Policy Debate from South Carolina? Full Debate Video Added

Republican candidates debated each other tonight on the topics of National Security and Foreign Policy. If the chat box starts moving too fast with all the chatting during the debate, feel free to start or respond to a topic at our forum. As soon as the entire debate is available, we will post the video below.

Full debate below followed by a compilation of just Mitt’s answers from the debate!

UPDATE: Looks like Mitt will be participating in the first Election 2012 Fox News Google+ Hangout with Bret Baier on Tuesday. Click here to learn how you could end up being one of the lucky few to “hangout” with Mitt on Tuesday.

UPDATE 2 by Jayde – Mitt Romney’s Special Adviser on Foreign Policy and former Reagan Administration official, Ambassador Rich Williamson, and S. Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis issued statements following tonight’s debate in Spartanburg, South Carolina:

Ambassador Williamson:

“Mitt Romney left tonight’s debate showing that he is the candidate best equipped to secure a more peaceful and prosperous world for the United States and our allies. Mitt Romney deeply understands that the only way to meet the challenges we face abroad is to rest our foreign policy on a strong military, a strong economy, and the strength of our values. For three years, President Obama’s feckless policies have weakened our country’s standing and influence across the globe. Mitt Romney is the candidate who will restore our standing and ensure that America leads the world.”

SC Treasurer Curtis Loftis:

“Mitt Romney won tonight’s debate by articulating a strategy to ensure that the 21st century is an American century. Unlike President Obama, Mitt Romney will conduct a foreign policy that acknowledges America’s exceptional role in the world, and he will do so with clarity and resolve. In a Romney administration, our friends will never question where we stand – and neither will our adversaries.”

FINAL UPDATE: The National Journal conducted a poll of Republican insiders and the results are as follows:

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12 Responses to Who Won the CBS GOP Foreign Policy Debate from South Carolina? Full Debate Video Added

  1. R.Jane says:

    Poor Ron. He means well and is good at reminding people about the Constitution but he’s an appeaser and clueless about foreign policy and motivations behind Islamic terrorism.

  2. Mdvd says:

    Cain = clueless

  3. Chad Hanson says:

    Romney for Pres and Gingrich for VP! That would be perfect! It would be an ideal combination of ecomonic prowess, leadership, management, knowledge, and experience!

  4. Alex says:

    That was a very unfair debate to Ron Paul to say the least. They should’ve at least allowed him to answer more than one question and one response. Ridicolous.

  5. Brian says:


    WASHINGTON, Nov 13 (Reuters) – Mitt Romney has a growing lead in the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, and almost half of the party’s voters expect him to be the nominee, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

  6. Shane Ownbey says:

    Today I spent 10 hours making calls for the campaign to elect Mitt Romney for President. I called Iowa for about 6.5 hours and as the evening wore on, the calls I made were switched to Nevada. The script asked 3 questions and about 95% of the voters were happy to respond. I was amazed at the strength of the position of Mitt Romney in both states.

    My experience was the Mitt has both states locked up. I kept a tally of all the responses for the question regarding “who you would vote for in the 2012 election” and Mitt was the popular choice so such a degree that his total was as great or greater than all the other candidates combined. I was surprised because I had supposed, based on the poll reports I hear on the news channels such as NBC, CBS, CNN and Fox. Before today I would have bet that Mitt, Herman & Newt were in a dead heat, but based on my calls (and I do have the tally sheet for review)

    Mitt has such a majority vote lead . . it is overwhelming. If you would like a photo of the tally sheet please email me at rsownbey@msn.com I am happy to provide my evidence. I will need to okay the publication of this data with the campaign headquarters in Orem, UT prior to releasing this information. Thanks!

  7. Marilyn says:

    RE: Why George F. Will Flip Flopped On Mitt Romney

    Hire the spouse and then get good press. Refuse to hire the spouse and then get bad press. Maybe Romney can clear up more of this incestuous mess involving the media, advisers, and Republicans.

  8. Seiko Tanner says:


  9. yuke says:

    @Shane Ownbey
    There is a chance that you are calling targeted voters,get the base out,Thanks for volunteering I remember making calls for my first campaign for Gary Hart it is great to see the people getting involved.

  10. ccr says:

    I made some calls yesterday to SC………and wished my day would’ve allowed me much more time to do so! Out of the few that I actually was able to talk to…….she went RIGHT to Mitt! Two others undecided……..hopefully they are paying close attention.

    I’m ready to call again……..on a less busy day!

    Newt has some intellect but not wisdom as his past well tells. There is also some interesting information of his activity since 2008. NOT what I want.


  11. Marilyn says:

    A lot of these people are running because of the money that’s in it for them. Romney, can you do something to clean up our corrupt Congress?http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7388130n&tag=pop;videos