All You Need to Know About Mitt Romney's True Character…

…Can be found in a short — some may think insignificant — story from The WaPo:

Humility is a tough trait to communicate in a presidential campaign that requires confident self-promotion, though it is often apparent in Romney’s debate face. He looks at others respectfully when they are speaking, and his expression betrays patience and even a hopefulness that they will do well. Romney isn’t shy in reminding voters of his own accomplishments, but there are stories out there that tell another side to his character. Here’s one related to me recently by someone close to the campaign:

Romney was shooting an ad on a hot day in a staffer’s yard. While the photo shoot was being set up, Romney was asked to bide time in the cooler shade of the staffer’s garage. When the staffer retrieved Romney 30 minutes later, he discovered that the candidate had swept and organized his garage.

A small thing. Or perhaps not.

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5 Responses to All You Need to Know About Mitt Romney's True Character…

  1. Seiko Tanner says:


  2. bcollins says:

    Good stuff. I like these kinds of stories because Romney needs to change the narrative about his character and show voters his more positive attributes. There is too much discussion about Romney’s alleged “flip-flops,” or how he is too stiff and serious, or how he may be out of touch with the average joe. Romney has a lot of very great attributes and stories like this help change the dialogue out there of what kind of personality Romney has.

    I liked Romney’s recent debate moment where he talked about how he is a man of constancy because he has been married to the same woman for 40+ years, he worked at the same job for 25+ years, and how he has been a member of the same church his whole life.

  3. Marilyn says:

    Yes, he’s a decent man with character and personal integrity, which is why he’ll be the next president.

  4. Georgia Tauchas says:

    Mitt was Great in debate! And I am very happy with his plan to approach China! And he impressed many of my Chinese friends who know China uses cheap labor and treats the people inhumaney! Mitt is rocking! Go Mitt

  5. OMG This is excellent! Thanks! :)