NY Congresswoman, M.D. Nan Hayworth: “Romney Will Make An Outstanding President”

New York Congresswoman
Nan Hayworth

A former Empire State ophthalmologist/surgeon, now Congresswoman, has endorsed Mitt Romney:

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney was endorsed today by New York Congresswoman Nan Hayworth.

“After three years, it is clear that President Obama’s budget-busting policies have not created jobs and have only added to our debt,” said Mitt Romney. “Congresswoman Hayworth has prioritized creating jobs and getting government spending under control. I hope, as president, to work with Nan to ensure that our children and grandchildren will not be the ones to shoulder trillions of dollars in debt they had no part in creating.”

14 million Americans need jobs,” said Congresswoman Nan Hayworth. “That’s why we have to fix our economy. Mitt Romney has proven as a governor and as a business leader that he can turn around tough situations and make things work. I have complete confidence in his ability to balance the federal budget, make the government efficient and effective, and ensure that all Americans have the opportunity they deserve and the prosperity they need. Mitt Romney is the right person to get us back to work, and he will make an outstanding president.”

(emphasis added )

Background On Congresswoman Hayworth:

Congresswoman Hayworth’s accomplishments include mother, doctor, and businesswoman. She currently represents New York’s 19th district and serves on the House Financial Services Committee. In Congress, she has worked to reduce federal spending and lift regulatory burdens on job creators.

Read more about Hayworth’s background here and check out her facebook page here.

Welcome aboard, Congresswoman Hayworth!

► Jayde Wyatt

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3 Responses to NY Congresswoman, M.D. Nan Hayworth: “Romney Will Make An Outstanding President”

  1. colleen says:

    I like this lady’s vision. After all, she’s an expert in seeing accurately. Nice to have the endorcement of a pretty eye doctor who’s also an expert on government spending.

  2. stuntman says:

    Jayde the Eyes have it.

    Keep the finish line in sight.

  3. Gary Alan Chidester says:

    Thank you, Gov. Romney, for running to be the National Republican Party’s nominee in the 2012 election. You are truly a godsend for an America who is currently in a state-of-crisis. We support you and your vision for a more secure and safe America. We support you in your determined quest to make the job market more stable. We support you in strengthening our borders. May God Bless you and your Family, and may He give you strength and safety over the next several months of campaigning. I have… and will continue to pray for you.