Romney to Make Campaign Appearance with VA Gov Bob McDonnell, Lt. Gov Bill Bolling

Mitt Romney actively supported 2010 mid-term VA GOP candidates, including gubernatorial hopeful Bob McDonnell (right), Lt. Gov Bill Bolling (far left), and Atty General hopeful Ken Cuccinelli (left). (Photo taken Oct 28, 2010)

We’ll kick off the week with news from The Old Dominion State…

Could a Romney endorsement from Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell be in the near future?

Mitt Romney will be joining his friends Gov McDonnell and Lt. Gov Bill Bolling this Wednesday (Oct 26th) to help thank Fairfax GOP volunteers supporting VA legislative races. Voters will be choosing all 140 General assembly members next month, as well as several municipal/school board races.

A media availability session is also scheduled with McDonnell and Bolling:

“It helps [Romney] to attach himself to a very popular Governor such as Bob McDonnell, who might be considered for a vice presidential nomination next year,” says George Mason University Public Policy Professor Mark Rozell.

Rozell says it’s also good for McDonnell.

“Bob McDonnell has been more clear than most of the usually cited names about his availability to be a vice presidential nominee” says Rozell.

“It’s no surprise to me that he’s attaching himself to Mitt Romney on this trip to Virginia right now,” he adds.

The appearance also comes a week after a swing through the state by President Obama. Rozell says both trips emphasize how important Virginia may be in next year’s election.

A spokesman for the Governor says McDonnell will not make any endorsement in the Presidential race until after the statewide elections in Virginia next month.

But the spokesman says, “the Governor knows Romney very well and greatly respects his success in the private and public sectors and the positive campaign he is running.”

(emphasis added )

When McDonnell was running for governor, Romney backed him with money and shoe leather. He did the same for Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and Attorney General hopeful Ken Cuccinelli. Here’s a look back at Romney stumping for McDonnell on October 28, 2010, along with Bolling and Cuccinelli (the day after Obama was in Virginia campaigning for McDonnell’s rival, Creigh Deeds):

As you know, all three candidates were elected last November. Now, Lt. Gov Bill Bolling serves as Romney’s campaign chairman in Virginia.

Click here to listen to high praise from Bolling as he speaks with radio host Scott Lee about Gov Romney on a recent podcast (Oct 22, 2011 – discussion on Romney begins @ 5:29).

I will tell you personally, frankly, on a personal level, I’ve gotten to know Governor Romney pretty well over the last four years. He’s one of the finest men, one of the finest people I’ve ever met in my life. And, I think having someone like that – that you know and trust – in that awesome position of responsibility [president of United States] means a lot.”

I’ve known a lot of people in politics over the years and I will tell you, I’ve not known anyone that I admire and respect more than I do Governor Romney. I have absolute confidence in his ability to lead the nation and do it effectively.” – VA Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, Romney Campaign Chairman, Virginia

► Jayde Wyatt

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3 Responses to Romney to Make Campaign Appearance with VA Gov Bob McDonnell, Lt. Gov Bill Bolling

  1. Bill says:

    Thanks for the report Jayde! Virginia will be one of the most important swing states. Obama won Virginia by around 6% in 2008, so getting Virginia back will be something of a challenge. While he won’t be meeting many everyday voters on this trip, his time spent in the state will give him a chance to make good impressions. Obviously, this stop will help him in the primary race, but the more important point is that he’s already laying the groundwork to win Virginia in the general election in 2012. I doubt that any other candidate is as far along as he is in doing that.

  2. Jayde Wyatt says:

    I agree, Bill. Gov Romney clearly appreciates the good people of Virginia and the important role their great state plays in both the primary election and the general.

    It is heartening to read of McDonnell’s high opinion of Mitt and to also hear the genuine admiration Lt. Gov Bolling has for him, as well.

    After Virginia’s election on November 8th, I hope Gov McDonnell (and more VA legislators) will endorse our man, Mitt.

  3. stuntman says:

    Jayde ole McDonnell will do the right thing!