Fmr NH Gov John Sununu to Give “Holy Grail” Endorsement to Romney

Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu will formally endorse Mitt Romney on Monday, Oct 24, 2011. Sununu will also serve as Chairman of Romney's National Steering Committee.

He said he had narrowed his nominee choice down to two candidates – Rick Perry or Mitt Romney.

He said he would make up his mind, regarding which man to endorse, after a series of presidential debates.

He said it would be some time in mid-to-late October.

He’s made up his mind.

On Monday, Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu will formally endorse…

Mitt Romney.

Sununu to endorse Romney for President
Union Leader
By John DiStaso, Senior Political Reporter
Oct 23, 2011

MANCHESTER — Former Gov. John H. Sununu on Monday will throw his considerable political influence behind Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

“I’m viewed as a good, solid conservative Republican and I’m supporting a good, solid conservative Republican,” Sununu said in disclosing his long-awaited endorsement.

In exclusive interview, Sununu said he narrowed his choice to Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, but was won over by what he views as Romney’s conservative approach to pressing domestic and national security issues.

He said the final component that persuaded him to back Romney was the former Massachusetts governor’s early October foreign policy speech at The Citadel in South Carolina.

“That showed me that he understands that the principal role of the President of the United States is the security of the country and participating in trying to stabilize the world,” Sununu said.

Sununu, 72, will be named chairman of the Romney campaign’s national steering committee and will on hand Monday morning when Romney files his candidacy in the first-in-the-nation presidential primary at the New Hampshire State House and then attends a campaign rally there.

While the importance of big political endorsements are subject to speculation in independent-minded New Hampshire, Sununu’s backing is viewed as a plus not only locally, but also nationally. A Boston newspaper recently went so far as to term Sununu “the Holy Grail” of New Hampshire endorsements.

Sununu elaborates:

While critics try to portray Romney as a moderate Republican, Sununu called him “truly a conservative. He’s committed to cutting spending and taxes, and he’s committed to some issues that I really care about.”

Sununu noted that Romney kept Massachusetts out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), “believes in local control of education and understands the importance of maintaining the integrity of our national borders.”

He also said Romney has sufficiently answered criticisms of the Massachusetts health care plan he signed into law, which imposed an individual mandate and has been portrayed by Romney opponents as a forerunner to President Barack Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Sununu said Romney did well with the plan considering the “constraints” of having a Democratic-controlled Legislature. He said the Romney plan was “built on” an idea put forward by the Heritage Foundation, which Sununu said was the “gold standard” for conservative thinking.

“His firm commitment to repealing ‘Obamacare’ is a very important part of his agenda,” Sununu said.

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This is BIG news; we’ve been hoping for Sununu’s endorsement! By the way, Sununu’s son, NH Executive Councilor Chris Sununu, recently endorsed Romney.

Stay tuned…

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4 Responses to Fmr NH Gov John Sununu to Give “Holy Grail” Endorsement to Romney

  1. stuntman says:

    Monty Python will be pleased!

  2. JoAnne Smith says:

    Congratulations Governor Romney with your latest endorsement. It is terrific that so many great Republicans know that you will make our Country better by being our President.

  3. Gary Alan Chidester says:

    Too many Americans willingly chose to jump on different candidates’ bandwagons… long before they really understood what each candidate actually stood for. I was slow to act in that manor, as I studied each candidate in the media’s political spotlight, and I also paid attention to their “off duty” demeanor. I wrote out my own list of issues, and was honestly surprised that only one candidate addressed every issue on my list. Gov. Mitt Romney was that man. Like a custom-made suit, Gov. Romney is exactly what America needs. He is a man of integrity. He has the knowledge and experience to turn this country around. His vision for a strong and secure America is attainable. The ability to create jobs is one of his best attributes. This is the man to stand beside. This is the man to support for the Republican nominee for President. This is the man that can lead our Country through perilous times. He will restore hope and confidence to future generations in that our Nation is, without a doubt, the best place in the world to live. So listen up, America. It’s time to jump off those silly bandwagons… and focus on the Restoration of our ‘Land of Opportunity’, which we all want. This is one of the most important decisions of your life. Listen to what Gov. Romney has to say. I want America to be great, again. I believe in my heart and soul that Mitt Romney, as President of the United States, will become one of our best leaders in this century.

  4. Mark says:

    The GOP continues to coalesce behind the front-runner and rightly so!