Sheriff Paul Babeu (Pres of AZ’s Sheriff Association) Chooses Romney Over Perry

Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu (Pinal County) also known as one of America's Top 10 Toughest Immigration Sheriffs, has endorsed Mitt Romney. Oct 13, 2011 (Photo/Jared Platt - Platt Photography)

The endorsement of Mitt Romney by Sheriff Paul Babeu (Pinal County, Arizona) not only speaks to Romney’s tough stance on illegal immigration and securing our borders, it highlights the difference between Romney and Rick Perry on this issue.

Sheriff Babeu has also been named as a Co-Chair of Romney’s Arizona campaign:

It is an honor to have the support of Sheriff Babeu,” said Mitt Romney. “His efforts working to protect our border are critical to lowering crime, reducing illegal immigration, and stopping both drug and human trafficking. Sheriff Babeu has been a leader in the call for the federal government to secure the border. As President, I will work with leaders like Sheriff Babeu to protect our Southern border, provide the required assistance from the federal government, and put an end to the magnets that cause illegal immigration.”

Announcing his support, Sheriff Babeu said, “Securing our border is an important part of our national security – Mitt Romney understands this. He also understands that magnets like in-state tuition for illegal immigrants don’t stop illegal immigration, they only make it worse. Of all the candidates, Mitt Romney has shown that he is the most committed to securing the border and I look forward to working with him to do this.”

Background On Sheriff Babeu:

Sheriff Paul Babeu Is The Sheriff Of Pinal County In Arizona. Babeu heads a department of 700 and has worked to cut the budget, reorganize leadership, and reduce the response time from his department. Babeu has been a national leader on the need to secure our border and stop illegal immigration and drug and human trafficking. This year, Sheriff Babeu was named Sheriff of the Year by the National Sheriffs’ Association. Sheriff Babeu serves as President of the Arizona Sheriffs’ Association and recently retired from the Army National Guard. As an Army Major, Babeu commanded nearly 700 soldiers in the Yuma Sector and helped reduced illegal entries by 96%.

(emphasis added )

Babeu was also named one of the America’s Top 10 Toughest Immigration Sheriffs, by FOX News.

The Arizona sheriff recently joined with other elected AZ sheriffs calling for a special counsel to investigate the Fast and Furious program; they called for Attorney General Eric Holder to step down or be fired.

Oct 7, 2011 – Arizona Sheriffs Call for Independent Investigation of ‘Fast and Furious’ Gunwalking Scandal

Ten Arizona sheriffs — five Democrat, five Republican — gathered at the Arizona State Capitol on Friday to call for an independent investigation into the “Fast and Furious” gunwalking scandal.

The sheriffs held a news conference in front of the Arizona Peace Officers Memorial, decrying the “bloodshed” caused by the U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms bureau’s poorly conceived operation.

The sheriffs insisted that a special counsel be immediately appointed “to fairly investigate Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice,” according to a written statement from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.

Read more at PhoenixNewTimes.

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3 Responses to Sheriff Paul Babeu (Pres of AZ’s Sheriff Association) Chooses Romney Over Perry

  1. Graham says:

    Between Issa and Babeu, more big names attached to the Fast & Furious prosecution are getting behind Romney. And when Holder goes down for his crimes, people will know that the men who held him to account are behind a great man for president.

    God speed them all.

  2. Gary Alan Chidester says:

    Thank God there are men like Sheriff Paul Babeu. Iowans will be in the minority, (in our OWN State) in 15 years at the rate the illegals are coming into our cities and counties. There are over 70,000 people in Iowa who don’t speak any English. This is wrong, very wrong. Why is our Government failing so miserably on this issue? We have laws that they don’t enforce. Thousands of illegals are crossing the border EVERY DAY !!! If these were Russians, fifty years ago, we would have a war on our hands. Illegals give birth to baby illegals. Legal immigrants give birth to baby Americans. Gov. Romney is strong on immigration issues. I support Mitt Romney and will abide by his decisions on how to remedy this pressing situation. I trust his judgement, his integrity, and his intellect. Sheriff Babeu and Gov. Romney should make a GREAT team in dealing with this problem.

  3. Andrew R Lamothe says: