Romney Endorsed by NY’s Michael Grimm & Guy Molinari, Molinari Calls Out Perry, Pastor Jefress

We’re happy to share welcome news from The Empire State…

Freshman Staten Island Representative Michael Grimm (back by the Tea Party), and his mentor, former New York Congressman and Staten Island Borough President Guy Molinari, have endorsed Mitt Romney:

Staten Island Rep Michael Grimm has endorsed Mitt Romney. Oct 10, 2011 (Photo Angel Chevrestt)

I am thrilled to receive Congressman Grimm’s support,” said Mitt Romney. “He shares my vision for America and I’m looking forward to working with him to spread my pro-growth message to the country and all New Yorkers.”

Announcing his support, Congressman Grimm said, “The single most thing this country is starving for is leadership – leadership that is reinforced with the right balance of private sector and executive experience. Governor Romney epitomizes that balance, making him the right candidate to lead America during these tough times. At a time when growing the economy and creating jobs is imperative to the future of our nation, Governor Romney brings the necessary skills and hands-on experience to get the job done. I am proud to endorse Mitt Romney to lead our nation as the next President of the United States.”

Background on Congressman Michael Grimm

Michael Grimm represents Staten Island and Brooklyn in Congress after serving in the United States Marine Corps in the Gulf War and spending nearly a decade as an undercover FBI agent cracking down on organized crime in New York City. He is a member of the House Financial Services Committee and Co-Chair of the House Republican Israel Caucus.

On Oct 6, 2011 Former NY Congressman and Staten Island bureau president, Republican Guy Molinari, endorsed Mitt Romney. On Oct 8th, he condemned Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress for saying Romney wasn't a Christian. He also called on Rick Perry to denounce Jefress. (Photo by Richard Ellis/Getty; Susan Watts/News)

“I am honored to have Guy Molinari’s support,” said Mitt Romney. “He is a committed public servant who understands that President Obama’s regulations are not working for voters in New York and across the country. With Guy’s help, I am dedicated to turning around our economy.”

Announcing his support, Guy Molinari said, “Mitt Romney is our best chance to defeat President Obama and take back the White House in 2012. With millions of Americans unemployed, we need a president who will not only make job creation a priority, but has the experience to be successful. Mitt’s record in the private sector and as Governor of Massachusetts is characterized by results. I am proud to get behind his campaign.”

Background On Guy Molinari:

Guy Molinari Represented New York In The U.S. House Of Representatives From 1981 To 1989. He also served as Borough President of Staten Island from 1990 to 2001. Before entering the House, he served in the United States Marine Corps and in the New York State assembly. He also practiced law and served as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1980 and 1984.

From the New York Daily News
by Alison Gendar
Oct 8, 2011

WASHINGTON – … [A] New York ally went to bat for him [Mitt Romney].

Former Staten Island Borough President Guy Molinari condemned the Rev. Robert Jeffress for calling Mormonism a “cult” and saying Romney wasn’t a real Christian.

The ex-beep also called on GOP presidential contender Rick Perry to denounce Jeffress, who introduced the Texas governor at a Christian conservative summit in Washington on Friday. “They know the pastor’s views, so to me, it’s Perry’s desperate attempt to introduce this level of religious bigotry into the race,” said Molinari, a staunch supporter of Romney.

Perry’s campaign backed away from the comments, saying that they did not pick the pastor to make the introduction and Perry did not share that view of Mormonism.

But Molinari said Perry’s camp knew full well what was coming.

“A lot of undecided people are flipping to Romney, so Perry people – they are trying to scare people by calling Romney’s religion a cult,” said Molinari. “It’s sick that people have to do something like that in a campaign. It’s sick, but it doesn’t surprise me.”

UPDATE – More on Molinari’s comments:

Wading into the presidential fray, Molinari said the comments “hearken back to darker times in our nation’s history … In 1928, a train carrying presidential candidate Gov. Al Smith of New York was greeted by the flaming crosses of the Ku Klux Klan as he traveled the Midwest. In 1960, another Roman Catholic running for president, John F. Kennedy, was continually forced to proclaim his allegiance to our Constitution over the Pope of Rome. Sadly, it seems those days are not yet behind us.”

Pastor Jeffress’ remarks are contemptible and should be immediately repudiated by all members of our Republican Party,” continued Molinari. “Since Pastor Jeffress’ presence introducing Gov. Perry was approved by his campaign, I cannot help but think this was a desperate attempt to resurrect a floundering candidacy by injecting religious bigotry into what should be a debate about which candidate is best positioned to get our country moving and defeat Barack Obama next fall.”

Added Molinari: “Gov. Perry needs to do more than distance himself from these remarks. He needs to denounce this bigotry … Anything less speaks to his character and fitness to serve as our next president.”

While the Perry campaign said organizers of the Values Voters Summit tapped Jeffress to introduce Perry, they acknowledge they signed off on the choice.

Perry, once considered front-runner Romney’s top rival, has seen his presidential star dim in recent weeks with poor debate performances.

In announcing his support of Romney last week, Molinari, a former congressman and borough president, said: “He’s the one that common sense tells us we should be supporting.”

(emphasis added )

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2 Responses to Romney Endorsed by NY’s Michael Grimm & Guy Molinari, Molinari Calls Out Perry, Pastor Jefress

  1. Crystalf says:

    Way to go Molinari!!!

  2. @Jayde, I am a proud Roman Catholic and a Papist….and I would like to convey the following regarding this matter.

    Although, we have some deep theological divisions and there are certain issues (Rome temple, JP2 baptism of the dead) which I categorically disagree with, I nevertheless, condemn the vile and despicable rhetoric from Rev. Jeffress.

    Many of the same arguments, as stated above by Mr. Molinari above, were employed against Al Smith and later JFK, amongst others.

    Moreover, I am quite cognizant that at a time when it was not politically expedient, Pres. Brigham Young accepted and protected Roman Catholics in Utah, against local, state and federal considerations….

    Recently, Francis Cardinal George was in Salt Lake and we joined together in common interests, which unite us, more than divide us….and I will never forget the remarks conveyed by present LDS Pres. Monson, after Pres. Hinckley passed, citing Sir Thomas More, one of the great English, Roman Catholic saints of all time.

    Lastly, Gov. Romney, already governed a Catholic/non-Mormon state, albeit a rather liberal one, and there was no issue, so this is a red herring…I prefer Pres. Monson over Jeremiah Wright or any other Liberation Theologist “Christian” any day of the week!