Christie Out, Bundlers Ready to Back Mitt Romney

Georgette Mosbacher, Republican National Committee Finance Co-Chair said that once the Christie presidential decision was final, the very next day, she would be on the phone all day for Mitt Romney. 10/4/11

After Chris Christie declared in a news conference today that he will NOT be a candidate for president, it appears that the GOP presidential field is settled. At least according to some remaining big bundlers…

They’re ready to back Mitt Romney:

By Reid Pillifant
Oct 4, 2011

“A lot of us who normally would have been in this presidential race a long time ago, have been waiting for Christie to make a decision,” said Georgette Mosbacher, a Republican uber-fund-raiser and finance co-chair of the Republican National Committee who was among a group of Republican bundlers hoping to convince Christie to enter the race. “I think tomorrow, we’ll be contacting one another and probably put something together with Romney.”

I’m going to go with Mitt Romney,” said John Catsimatidis, another donor who had been intrigued with Christie, in a brief phone interview this afternoon.

“You’re calling about yesterday’s news,” said Catsimatidis, who said he had gotten the indication Christie wouldn’t run from some of the governor’s advisers yesterday.

Catsimatidis said he had started pitching Romney in the last couple weeks, on the expectation the governor wouldn’t seek the nomination. At a meeting with other conservatives last Monday night, Catsimatidis said, he made the pitch for Romney’s electability.

“The speech I gave to my conservative friends was, if you pick somebody who makes you 100 percent happy, you only get 47 percent against Obama,” said Catsimatidis. “We have to capture the middle in order to win and make a change in this country. Ninety percent of them stood up and said, ‘You’re right.'”

Mosbacher conceded there was “some disappointment” at Christie’s decision, but said the public flirtation with Christie wouldn’t make it tougher to raise for Romney, especially with Texas governor Rick Perry suddenly slipping in the polls after a couple of disastrous debate performances.

“Look, we’ll raise the money that’s necessary to beat Obama,” she said. “It’s not going to be any harder than it would have been a month ago, or two months ago, or six months ago. Now it’s pretty clear. Perry has dropped pretty quickly. And I would say that the race is now Romney and Obama.[O]ur first and foremost goal is to defeat Obama. And we do believe Romney, in terms of independents, will be a strong candidate. We will coalesce behind him now.”

Mosbacher said the big bundlers in her circle “do not consider a Perry factor.”
Catsimatidis said his level of involvement would depend on what the Romney campaign asks of him, but he expected to be more involved than simply cutting a check.

Mosbacher said she would be on the phone for Romney as soon as the Christie decision becomes official.

“The time has come. With the primaries being moved up, the time has come to get behind him,” she said.
“Tomorrow I’ll be on the phone all day,” Mosbacher told me today.

“Quite frankly, it’ll be easier, because now we know who it is who will be our nominee,” she added. “So we will pull our Rolodexes out and get to work.”

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7 Responses to Christie Out, Bundlers Ready to Back Mitt Romney

  1. mike in LV says:

    There now. I hope everyone here will stop worrying. Man the Christie talk on here was horrible. Hopefully now we’ll all have more faith. The Media will now push Herman Cain, Huntsman, or make a big deal about Perry’s 3 qtr contribution numbers (A majority of which he recieved after announcing and before the debates). They are going to keep pushing anyone but Mitt until the Caucus and Primaries. Have Faith. Stop worrying. It’s counter productive and shows you have no Faith in Mitt. Get involved in your local Romney Campaigns. Donate. Have discussion with Friends, Family, and Co-Workers. Spread the Word! Mitt 2012!

  2. mike in LV says:

    I don’t understand this. It was clear to me 3-4 months ago when Christie said no. Then he flirrted with it again. Then Last week he said no. And the Chat box ever since has been worried about the what ifs. I hope all of this teaches us a lesson. We have to have more faith. When this stuff arises, do not worry. It is counter productive. The Media is going to push Hermain Cain, Sarah Palin, Rudy Guliani, and even Rick Perry’s 3rd qrt contributions report (Most of the Money btw came after he announced, but before the debates). The point in all of this is STAY TRUE AND FAITHFUL TO MITT! Get involved in your local Romney Campaigns, donate to Mitt’s campaign, have diaologue with friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, clients, etc about Mitt! Wear Mitt shirts, have bumper stickers. But Mosty importantly IGNORE THE NEWS MEDIA! If the News Media had been Right, Ronald Reagan would have lost to HW Bush, GW Bush would hav e lost to AL GORE, John Kerry may have been finishing his 2nd term, and Rick Perry would be up 75% on Intrade! Ignore it and what ever is false, will disappear. GO MITT 2012!

  3. Mark says:

    Ready to lay it all on the line for Mitt b/c OIW (Obama isn’t Working). I’m backing Mitt in 2012 and hopefully you will do the same!

  4. stuntman says:

    Jayde I will bundle for you anytime but not Georgette!

  5. phyllis says:

    Good news…we need as many bundlers and donations.. Once Romney emerges as the nominee, and I hope it doesn’t drag on forever..we MUST unite our resources and it will take boat loads of cash to push our guy across the finish line. The goal is to defeat Obama period.

  6. Jon E. S. says:

    Well, it’s about time they started coming to their senses. Mitt has proven that along with his track record of fiscal responsibility, he can outfundraise everyone else, he can outwork everyone else, he can outdebate everyone else and he can outlast all the “flavors of the month.” Oh yeah, and he happens to draw independents even better than Obama.

    I know they want someone to get excited about but c’mon, didn’t we learn our lesson by the overhyped, undervetted “hope and change” phony?? How about someone who can just get the job done? We can all get excited when we see results. The White House is hoping for anyone BUT Romney. They already showed their hand early when they started complimenting Romney on the national media with the hopes that would finish him off. They have to be getting real nervous about the way things are playing out right now.

    It’s Mitt Romney time!!

  7. Adriienne (caos) Sinclair says:

    I would not vote for Mitt Romney if he was the last man on earth> he is ms Georgette the how to marry a millionaire Mochbacker husband number # 3 who died at 82 Bushes Secretary of Commerce shes mitt money woman Mitt will not win Florida, She had them RNC move up the primary because she was afraid Herman Cain would win, He is the best candidate. They will not vote for A Mormon and a underhanded lack of character offshore business, who on wall street made sure they did not pay tax, He also keeps his dirty money hidden in off shore accounts, He is Charlie the tuna with his money girl the Bimbo Georgette the poor girl from Indiana who marring up up up bouncing her way to the top, good for the crooks and the Mormon who lives in his cult world trying to pretend he is a conservative and guess what you will get Obama, Herman Cain is the man for American Mitt should run for Prime Minister of France he is so left he is 100% Socialist- good luck hope you get obama Merry Chirstmas.