September 11th (9-11): We Remember… from Mitt Romney Central

We remember…

Mitt Romney issued the following statement today, on this tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks:

Ten years ago, we were visited by a human darkness so evil that it plotted and then rejoiced in the murder of innocent lives. We cherish the bright memories of the fallen, and keep our hearts open to the loved ones they left behind. As for those who seek to inflict more harm, understand this: you will never find rest on this earth so long as you threaten our peace and freedom. America will always be strong in defending liberty at home and around the world.

September 11, 2001 ~ September 11, 2011

America is ten years removed from that never-to-be-forgotten September day when mass murder rode in on silver wings…

Peggy Noonan recalls 9-11:

[…] [I]t changed everything. It marked a psychic shift in our town between “safe” and “not safe.” It marked the end of impregnable America and began an age of vulnerability. It marked the end of “we are protected” and the beginning of something else.

When you ask New Yorkers now what they remember, they start with something big—the first news report, the phone call in which someone said, “Turn on the TV.” But then they go to the kind of small thing that when you first saw it you had no idea it would stay in your mind forever. The look on the face of a young Asian woman on Sixth Avenue in the 20s, as she looked upward. The votive candles on the street and the spontaneous shrines that popped up, the pictures of saints. The Xeroxed signs that covered every street pole downtown. A man or a woman in a family picture from a wedding or a birthday or bar mitzvah. “Have you seen Carla? Last seen Tuesday morning in Windows on the World.”

The bus driver as I fumbled in my wallet to find my transit card. “Free rides today,” he mumbled, in a voice on autopilot. The Pompeii-like ash that left a film on everything in town, all the way to the Bronx. The smell of burning plastic that lingered for weeks. A man who worked at Ground Zero told me: “It’s the computers.” They didn’t melt or decompose, and they wouldn’t stop burning. The doctors and nurses who lined up outside St. Vincent’s Hospital with gurneys, thinking thousands would come, and the shock when they didn’t. The spontaneous Dunkirk-like fleet of ferries that took survivors to New Jersey.

The old woman with her grandchild in a stroller. On the stroller she had written a sign in magic marker: “America You Are Not Alone, Mexico Is With You.” She was all by herself in the darkness, on the side of the West Side Highway, as we stood to cheer the workers who were barreling downtown in trucks to begin the dig-out, and to see if they could find someone still alive.

I remember trying to process the magnitude of events on that surreal day: orange-hot fireballs, raw fear in a sea of eyes, imprint of an airplane wing in the side of one of the twin towers, the look on President Bush’s face when he heard the news, images of nursery school teachers, clutching babes-in-arms, frantically pushing grocery carts filled with toddlers down NYC streets to get to safety, ‘jumpers’ who had to choose between burning to death, being overcome with toxic smoke, or plummeting to the street, collapsing towers, New Yorkers – big men – and policemen and reporters flat out running for their lives, bent over, ash-covered, ghostly people choking and coughing to clear their lungs, waiting ambulances which remained empty, wanting so desperately for passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 to be safe, Barbara Olson’s calm phone call to her husband Ted (she was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 77 which crashed into the pentagon), and the goodness of oh, so many volunteers. An especially poignant memory was the plaintive, high-pitched chirping from the many activated emergency locator devices echoing eerily through the cavernous, debris-strewn NY streets – reminders of the heavy loss of so many firemen. Such a bewildering day of uncertainty, sorrow, and angry resolve… I knew our nation had forever changed.

What 9-11 memories remain with you?

Forever Changed: 9/11 in Remembrance ~ Presented by Jay and Logan Sekulow (full film)
Viewers have the opportunity to observe a few moments of reverence as the names of those who lost their lives scroll at the end of the film…

On this special day, we pause to reflect on the nearly 3,000 individuals who lost their lives so suddenly ten years ago, their loved ones, all the rescuers, and those who currently work to keep us safe – especially our United States military.

May we honor their sacrifice
by doing all we can
to help
God bless America.

Mitt Romney Central

(Border issues can wait for another day.)

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UPDATE – Tweet from Gov Romney:

On this 10th anniversary of 9/11, we cherish the bright memories of the fallen, and keep our hearts open to the loved ones they left behindless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

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Rick Perry Says Social Security Shouldn’t Exist on Federal Level, Romney Says Fix It

Gov Mitt Romney and Gov Rick Perry spar at the GOP presidential debate held at the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA on September 7, 2011. (Photo AP/Jae C. Hong)

It’s the hot issue politicos are buzzing about…

At the GOP presidential debate this week, Rick Perry’s comments that “social security is a ponzi scheme” and Mitt Romney’s response has caused more than a few eyebrows to knit together. The subject will surely be pursued at the next debate on Monday in Tampa, FL, and may well be a defining issue throughout the entire campaign. For these reasons, we bring you a few opinions we’ve heard in the last couple of days.

Former NH governor John Sununu offered his critique of the debate (and Obama’s jobs creation speech):

Washington Post

Former New Hampshire governor John Sununu never lacked for candor, not in his home state nor when he served as chief of staff in the George H.W. Bush administration.

In a telephone interview, he told me that he was “a little surprised” Texas Gov. Rick Perry wasn’t better prepared on the Social Security question during Wednesday’s Reagan Library debate. “I got a little worried for him. If he is the nominee, the Democrats are going to have a silver bullet. I would have thought he’d have a strategy to mend what’s in the book,” he said in reference to Perry’s “Fed Up!”

Former NH Governor John Sununu

Sununu said he has narrowed down his nominee choice to Perry or Mitt Romney and will make up his mind in mid- to late October after a series of debates. Why not former Utah governor Jon Huntsman? “He’s too in love with President Obama,” he said bluntly. “He’s got to get the courage to . . . join the rest of the Republicans to talk about the problems this president has caused.” He also found Huntsman’s remark on “nation-building at home” to be “ridiculous.”

As for President Obama’s jobs speech, Sununu thought the somewhat-angry tone stemmed from a desire to “have enough energy in the speech. It was an ‘I’m back from Martha’s Vineyard’ attitude.”
As for the New Hampshire primary, Sununu explained that voters in the state “are willing to sacrifice a little on personal ideology” in order to find the most electable candidate, because they are “petrified of this president.” Sununu warned the presidential candidates that voters there are looking for substance. “There has to be sufficient detail to contrast with the policies that haven’t worked,” he said.

Governor Chris Christie on ‘ponzi scheme’ Perry:
September 8, 2011

LAMBERTVILLE – Gov. Chris Christie sides with his northern – not southern – neighbor in the latest prez flap over Social Security.

In last night’s presidential debate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry called Social Security a Ponzi scheme and a failure, setting up a flashpoint moment with former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, who said the federal program wasn’t a failure but needs to be fixed.

“I’m going to let them have their fight,” Christie told reporters here, “but in general it’s incorrect to say that Social Security is a failure. I would disagree with that statement.”

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann had this to say:
September 9, 2011

Without naming names but clearly targeting Rick Perry, Rep. Michele Bachmann told Radio Iowa that lawmakers have to “keep faith” with current Social Security beneficiaries.

Said Bachmann: “That’s wrong for any candidate to make senior citizens believe that they should be nervous about something they have come to count on.

During an appearance on FOX & Friends Weekend this morning, Mike Huckabee was asked for his opinion on Perry’s ‘ponzi scheme’ stance and Governor Romney’s position at the presidential debate. Several MRC supporters, including myself, looked for the video. We found it, but the Romney segment was not included. In a nutshell, Huckabee basically said Perry’s wording was wrong and that Mitt had it right.

Today On FOX News Watch, conservative radio talk show host Tammy Bruce and Democratic campaign consultant Doug Schoen both agreed that Perry’s words on social security at the debate, and the impression he left, was detrimental to him. Schoen said it was definitely an issue for Perry – possibly lethal. Bruce commented that it was the impression Perry left – that people won’t elect a bully.

In his book Fed Up, Rick Perry questions the existence of social security:

“Perry Is Saying Things In This Campaign That No Presidential Candidate Has Said In Decades, Not The Least Of Which Is An Unrelenting Attack On Social Security.” (Paul Burka, “Not Like Other Politicians,” Texas Monthly, 8/30/11)

Despite his campaign’s efforts to separate the candidate and his position, Perry’s approach to social security is clear…

Perry does not believe social security should exist. He asks: “Why Is The Federal Government Even In The Pension Program…? Let The States Do It.” PERRY: “When you look at Social Security, it’s broke. … Get it back to the states. Why is the federal government even in the pension program or the health care delivery program? Let the states do it. … That, I will suggest to you, is one of the ways this federal government can get out of our business, save a lot of money and get back to that Constitutional way of doing business in those enumerated powers that they’re supposed to have.” (MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” 11/5/10)

Perry: “By Any Measure, Social Security Is A Failure.” (Rick Perry, Fed Up, P. 62, 2010)

• “Rick Perry Describes Social Security As A ‘Violent’ Attack On Core American Values.” (Maggie Haberman And Alexander Burns, “Perry Book A Treasure Trove For Foes,” Politico, 9/2/11)

Perry: “I Challenge Anybody To Stand Up And Defend The Social Security Program That We Have Today.” (Andrew Romano, “Rick Perry On The Record,” The Daily Beast, 8/12/11)

Perry: “We Must … Get This Government Back To The Limited Form That Our Founding Fathers Sought. Let The States [Decide] How To Run The Pensions.” PERRY: “There’s a number of things in that book that will strike Americans as horrifying. And we must, as a people, get put back in the box. Get this government back to the limited form that our founding fathers sought. Let the states, whether it is how to run Medicaid, how to run the pensions.” (Fox’s “On The Record With Greta Van Susteren,” 11/8/10)

Regarding social security, Perry doesn’t “think our Founding Fathers … were thinking about a Federally operated program of pensions…” PERRY: “I don’t think our founding fathers when they were putting the term “general welfare” in there were thinking about a federally operated program of pensions nor a federally operated program of health care. What they clearly said was that those were issues that the states need to address. Not the federal government.” (Andrew Romano, “Rick Perry On The Record,” The Daily Beast, 8/12/11)

Perry hasn’t “backed off anything” in his book:
In Fed Up!, Perry says social security is in place “at the expense of respect for the Constitution.” “Social Security is something that we’ve been forced to accept for more than 70 years now. […] at the expense of respect for the Constitution and limited government.” (Rick Perry, Fed Up!, 2010, p. 50)

Perry: “I haven’t backed off anything in my book.” “[Perry] threw cold water on his own campaign’s efforts to portray his [Social Security] position in a more tempered light. ‘I haven’t backed off anything in my book. So read the book again and get it right,’ he said.” (Michael Muskal, “Rick Perry Sticks To Claim That Social Security Is A Scam,” Los Angeles Times, 8/29/11)
(emphasis added)

Check out Governor Romney’s new flier here.

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Romney to Tour Boeing Plant in SC, Deliver Labor Policy Speech

Workers add infrastructure to piece of fuselage at a Boeing-operated plant in N. Charleston, South Carolina (June 10, 2008). Mitt Romney will will be in SC on Monday, Sept 12, 2011, to tour Boeing. After the tour, he will deliver a labor policy speech. (photo Brad Nettles/AP)

Looking ahead…

Before taking his place onstage at the next presidential debate (Monday, Sept 12th in Tampa, FL), Mitt Romney will first pay a visit that same day to the beautiful state of South Carolina to tour Boeing. Boeing is being sued by the National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) for building a plant in SC in what they view as retaliation for union strikes against the Boeing plant in Washington state.

While there, Governor Romney will also deliver a policy speech on unions which will include a proposed executive order giving workers a secret ballot option and opt-out from membership in a union. He spoke of this executive order earlier in the week at Senator Jim DeMint’s Palmetto Freedom Forum in Columbia, SC. To listen to Romney’s comments on unions, including right-to-work legislation, click here (2nd video @7:49).

COLUMBIA — White House hopeful Mitt Romney will wade into the union fight over the Boeing Company’s decision to locate in right-to-work South Carolina when he delivers a policy speech on labor after he tours the North Charleston plant Monday.

Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, will tour the facility in advance of the presidential debate in Tampa, Fla., later that day. Romney said at a GOP presidential forum in Columbia on Labor Day that union is not a bad word in itself, but the powerful labor organizations need to be kept in check.

The lawsuit that the National Labor Relations Board brought against Boeing for locating in South Carolina, considered an anti-union state by some, is the best example of why Romney wants to reverse the labor policies put forward by President Barack Obama, according to Romney’s campaign.

Gov. Nikki Haley said she welcomes Romney’s visit and his ideas. Haley, also a Republican, has been adamant in her fight against the labor board for its complaint against Boeing.

We appreciate not just the talk but the action Governor Romney has taken to understand and highlight the challenges NLRB has brought upon Boeing,” Haley said in a statement Friday. “It is a strong sign to the people of our state that he is focused on our jobs.”

(emphasis added)

Highlights from Romney’s labor policy speech:

• Romney’s labor policy will focus on free enterprise, free choice and free speech.
• Labor laws must be carried out even-handedly to provide businesses with the certainty they need to grow and thrive.
• The law must be clear: Any company is free to invest anywhere it wants.
• Workers have a right to vote on whether to unionize by secret ballot. That is a position that South Carolinians overwhelmingly support. In November, 86 percent of state voters approved a constitutional amendment that requires union elections to be conducted by secret ballot.
• Romney opposes so-called snap elections, or ambush elections, for votes on whether a company should unionize. He wants to build in protections that will ensure employers have time to protect their legal rights and talk to workers about the downsides of unions.
• Unions should raise cash for political contributions the same way any other business or supporter would, by asking for donations, not using paycheck dues to fund donations.

Governor Romney endorsed Haley when she sought South Carolina’s gubernatorial seat last fall.

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Happy 2nd Birthday MRC!!

Two years ago today we launched this site with hopes of it gaining traction and being a source of news and info – all with one purpose in mind: help Governor Romney become President of the United States. Thanks to dedicated writers, and a successful promotional push, and a little SEO magic, we’re very pleased today with the results and that it is indeed a valuable resource for Romney supporters and newcomers all over the country. We have received no outside funds to run or manage this site, and all our contributors are unpaid and uncompensated in any way. True devotion to the cause and very supportive readers are what has spurred us along.

It’s not often (enough) that I get to do this, but I want thank Jayde for her unwearyingness in keeping fresh content on the front page day in and day out. Due credit should also be given to Ross and Luke who have done much behind the scenes to promote and maintain the site, and also to Dave P. for his efforts in developing many of our static pages. And to our rag-tag group of writers past and present we greatly appreciate your efforts: David K., Thomas Alan, Vox Patriota, Bosman, Jared A., and Jeff Fuller.

Just for fun I looked-up on the internet archive what our site looked like 2 years ago. Below is a small screen-grab of the oldest version I could find, October 5th 2009, about one month after we began this site. Click here to see the whole page as it was nearly 2 years ago.

Romney’s team promised that his campaign would kick it up a few notches after Labor Day, and they have kept good on their promise. Things are going to get a lot busier here over the next few months leading into the primary, and will get even crazier when he wins it. Two years down, 14 months to go.

A big thanks to all of you!

~Nate G.

Romney Receives Endorsements From Officials in Maryland & New Hampshire

As evening falls, lights from Baltimore, Maryland, are reflected in the city harbor. Mitt Romney received 25 endorsements from the Old Line State yesterday. Sept 9, 2011

We approve this trend!

More endorsements today for Mitt Romney…

Maryland – Mitt Romney receives support:
September 8, 2011

It is an honor to have the support of so many in Maryland,” said Mitt Romney. “They share my goals in this campaign to reverse President Obama’s failed policies and get our economy moving again. I look forward to working with them as I bring this message to Maryland and the American people.”

Announcing his support, State Senator Richard Colburn said, “Mitt Romney has a proven record of creating jobs and cutting spending. President Obama has failed on these points and it has hurt the American economy. Mitt Romney has the much-needed experience to lead our country toward an economic recovery.”

Maryland Leaders Endorsing Mitt Romney:

• State Senator Richard Colburn
• State Senator Joe Getty
• State Senator Allan Kittleman
• Delegate Kathryn Afzali
• Delegate John Cluster
• Delegate Addie Eckardt
• Delegate Donald Elliott
• Delegate Michael Hough
• Delegate Nic Kipke
• Delegate Steven Schuh
• Former United States Ambassador to New Zealand Robert Goodwin
• National Committeeman Louis Pope
• National Committeewoman Joyce Terhes
• 2010 Republican Candidate for Lieutenant Governor and Former Secretary of State Mary Kane
• Former Maryland Republican Party Chairman John Kane
• Former Maryland Republican Party Chairman Audrey Scott
• Former Maryland Republican Party First Vice Chair Chris Cavey
• Former Maryland Republican Party First Vice Chair Chuck Gast
• Maryland Republican Party Treasurer Christopher Rosenthal
• Garrett County Republican Party Chairman Brenda Butcsher
• Howard County Republican Party Chairman Loretta Shields
• Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Mark Uncapher
• Frederick County Councilman Paul Smith
• Howard County Councilman Greg Fox
• State Central Committee Member – St. Mary’s County Mary Russell

Quite a list!

New Hampshire State Senator Chuck Morse Endorses Mitt Romney
September 8, 2011

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney announced today that New Hampshire State Senator and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Morse (R-Salem) endorsed his candidacy for President of the United States. Senator Morse joins Senators Jack Barnes (R-Raymond), Jim Rausch (R-Derry) and Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro) in supporting Governor Romney.

Chuck Morse has been a leader in the fight to cut spending, reduce taxes and limit government in the Granite State. Over the past year, he helped craft one of the most fiscally responsible state budgets in the country that has put New Hampshire on a path toward prosperity,” said Mitt Romney. “I am proud to have his support and look forward to campaigning with him in the months ahead.”

NH State Senator and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Morse (R-Salem) has endorsed Mitt Romney for president. 9/8/11

Announcing his support, Senator Morse said, “As a small business owner, I believe we need a fiscally conservative president who understands how the real economy works and how jobs are created. With over 25 years of experience in the private sector, Mitt Romney has the skills needed to turn around our struggling economy, get our exploding deficits under control and put people back to work. He is the right leader to confront the enormous challenges facing our country, and I am proud to support him.”

Background On Chuck Morse:

Chuck Morse is the Chairman of the New Hampshire State Senate Finance Committee. He was elected in 2010 to represent Salem, Pelham, Atkinson and Plaistow after having previously served in the State Senate from 2002-2006 and two terms in the State House of Representatives. He was the 2006 Republican nominee for Executive Council in District 3. Morse is a small business owner, serving as the President of Freshwater Farms & Garden Center in Atkinson and Granite Creek Farms of Brentwood, and has also served Salem as its town moderator and selectman. In 1997, Morse received the Bill Brown Distinguished Business Person of the Year Award.

UPDATE: Another glowing endorsement for Gov Romney from the majority leader in NH House of Reps, D.J. Bettencourt:

D.J. Bettencourt, the outspoken conservative majority leader in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, has decided to endorse Mitt Romney as the candidate who has “the absolute best chance at winning back the White House.”

My criteria, from the very beginning, was to select a candidate who was the most conservative candidate, who gave us the absolute best chance at winning back the White House. And I came to the conclusion that that was Gov. Romney,” Bettencourt told POLITICO. “I was very much attracted to his executive experience, both as governor of Massachusetts and running the Olympics.”

The 27-year-old Bettencourt is a prominent face in the younger generation of New Hampshire GOP leaders. His endorsement could help Romney shore up support on the right in a state where he is already strong.

Bettencourt had warm words for Romney’s chief Republican rival, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, but said he ultimately felt Romney was a better fit for both the political moment and the responsibilities of the presidency.

NH House Majority Leader D. J. Bettencourt

I have tremendous respect for Gov. Perry. I think he’s a very attractive candidate. But I think Gov. Romney’s experience in Massachusetts best suits him to take on the challenges of the country,” the legislator said. “It’s difficult to be a conservative governor in a liberal state such as Massachusetts. Washington is going to be a real challenge to maneuver.”

To conservatives who doubt Romney’s bona fides, he advised: “They should look very closely at what Gov. Romney did in Massachusetts and I think that if they do so, they will come away with the conclusion that Gov. Romney is plenty conservative.”

(emphasis added) H/t Frank, Bettencourt

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That Was Fast: New Romney Video Hammers Obama – Using Clip From Tonight's Speech!

Obama called a joint session of congress today to listen to yet another one of his jobs speeches.

Guess how much money he wants now?

$447 Billion…

for another jobs bill:

President Obama called on Congress Thursday night to “stop the political circus and actually do something to help the economy,” urging approval of a $447 billion mix of tax cuts and spending he called vital to put people back to work. The package was larger than expected but the president pledged it would not add to an already historic deficit.

Addressing a Congress partially controlled by Republicans highly skeptical of much of his program and a nation weary of waiting for recovery, the president did not say how many jobs would be created if Congress were to pass all elements of his plan.

Without hesitation, the Romney campaign released a new video:

Under President Obama, America has lost more than two-and-a-half million jobs. Nearly 25 million Americans are out of work, underemployed, or have stopped looking for work. As of September 1, the national debt was an estimated $14.6 trillion. Obama Isn’t Working.

Colorado Elected Officials and Leaders Endorse Mitt Romney

Lots of endorsements are rolling in for Mitt Romney…

From The Centennial State – Colorado:

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today welcomed the support of Colorado elected officials and leaders.

Colorado is an important state in my campaign,” said Mitt Romney. “It means a lot to have the support of so many great officials and leaders in the state. I look forward to working with them as I campaign across Colorado spreading my pro-growth economic message.”

Coloradans are looking for a change in the White House,” said Secretary of State Scott Gessler. “President Obama has had three years to turn around the economy and he has failed. Mitt Romney has the experience in the private sector that will be needed to get our economy back on track.”

Announcing her support, State Senator Nancy Spence said, “Mitt Romney’s record is unmatched. In addition to his successful record as governor, his twenty-five years of experience in the private sector make him the best candidate to lead an economic recovery.”

“President Obama’s policies have failed to grow the economy and create jobs,” said House Majority Whip B.J. Nikkel. “In contrast to the President’s record of job losses and increased spending, Mitt Romney created jobs and cut spending as governor – that is why Colorado voters will support him at the caucuses and in the general election.”

State Representative Cindy Acree said, “Whether it is his twenty-five years of experience in the private sector, his leadership during the 2002 Winter Olympics or his record as governor, Mitt Romney has displayed the leadership we need to get our country back on track.”

“After three years of failure, it is clear we need a leader who understands how the economy works,” said State Representative Robert Ramirez. “Mitt Romney has worked in the real economy and understands what is needed to grow the economy and create jobs.”

Colorado Elected Officials And Leaders Endorsing Mitt Romney

Scott Gessler, Colorado Secretary of State
Kyle Hybl, CU Regent, 5th Congressional District
Nancy Spence, State Senator
B.J. Nikkel, House Majority Whip
Cindy Acree, State Representative
Robert Ramirez, State Representative
Victor Mitchell, Former State Representative
Bob Balink, El Paso County Treasurer
Jack Hilbert, Douglas County Commissioner
Barbara Brewer, Mesa County Assessor
Garry Brewer, Former Mesa County GOP Chairman
Katie Witt, Longmont City Council Member

Previously Announced Members Of Mitt Romney’s Colorado Leadership Committee

Senator Hank Brown
Governor Bill Owens
Senator Wayne Allard
Attorney General John Suthers
Congressman Bob Beauprez
Claudia Beauprez
Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton
University Of Colorado Regent-At-Large Steve Bosley

(emphasis added)

BREAKING: Romney Slams Obama With Launch of New Website –

Mitt's team is on fire... Check out the just-launched OIW Website!


Who has a better jobs plan? Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?

Romney Receives Michigan Support From MI Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, Business & Community Leaders

A summer view of the Detroit, Michigan skyline. Governor Mitt Romney received numerous endorsements from The Great Lakes State today. 9/8/11

On the day after an outstanding showing at the presidential debate, Mitt Romney has received a slate of endorsements from Michigan. MI Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, along with many others, has endorsed Romney. Richardville will also assume Co-Chair duties for the Romney campaign in MI:

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today welcomed the support of Michigan Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville (R-Monroe), who will serve as a Co-Chair of the Romney campaign in Michigan.

Michigan will be a critical state during the Republican nomination process, as well as the General Election, and I’m honored to have Majority Leader Richardville join my team,” said Mitt Romney.

I am pleased to support Mitt Romney for president. I’ve had the opportunity to talk with Mitt specifically about Michigan and he clearly understands the challenges our state faces and his personal connections to our state will ensure that Michigan will be on his mind in the White House,” said Richardville. “Mitt’s background as a conservative businessman and successful Governor will make him a president we can count on to help Michigan get back on track.”

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, chairman of the Michigan Romney campaign, welcomed the addition of Majority Leader Richardville saying, “We are assembling a leadership team here in Michigan for Governor Romney that is second-to-none. Randy has exhibited strong leadership in the State Senate, sharing Governor Romney’s focus on jobs and the economy, and he will be a valuable asset as we win Michigan for Mitt Romney.”

In addition, the Romney campaign announced the support of the following Michigan business and community leaders:

National Finance Co-Chairmen

John Rakolta, Jr.
G. Scott Romney

Michigan Finance Co-Chairmen

David Fischer
Dan Gilbert
John Kennedy
Alan Kiriluk
Matt Kiriluk
Bob Liggett
Joe O’Connor
Bill Parfet
Edward Schwartz
Walter Schwartz
Greg Schwartz, Sr.
Robert Taubman
Edward Levy

Michigan Finance Committee Members – Southeast Michigan

Sean Cotton
John Cotton
Bill Danhof
Vince Deangelis
Kenneth Eisenberg
Phillip Fisher
David Forbes
Doug Hamburger
John Jagger
Joe Kaiser
Dean Kiriluk
Quinn Kiriluk
Curt Korneffel
Rob Mardigian
Kevin Prokop
John Rakolta III
Joe Schwartz
Gregory Schwartz, Jr.
David Trott

Michigan Finance Committee Members – West Michigan

Mike Jandernoa
Marge Byington Potter
Paul Potter
John Van Fossen
Carol Van Andel
David Van Andel
Jim Jurries
Bob Burnham

Background On Senator Majority Leader Randy Richardville:

Randy Richardville was elected to the Michigan Senate in November, 2006. Upon re-election in 2010, he was selected as Senate Majority Leader. Prior to his election to the Senate, Randy spent three terms in the Michigan House of Representatives from 1999-2004. He held a leadership position in the House in each of his terms.

Prior to being elected to office, Randy worked in the business community – with 20 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies.

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Career Politician Perry PRAISED Hillarycare – Critical of Romney Health Ins. in MA


During An Interview On Sean Hannity’s Radio Show On August 30, Perry Said He Signed A Letter Praising Hillary Clinton’s Health Reform Efforts Before The Full Scope Of Her Plan Was Known:

In A Letter To Hillary Clinton In 1993, Then-Texas Agriculture Commissioner Perry Praised The Then-First Lady’s Efforts On Health Care Reform. “Texas Governor Rick Perry has been among the most vocal critics of President Obama’s health care reform initiative, and of Mitt Romney’s preceding health care program in Massachusetts. But in 1993, while serving as Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Perry praised the efforts of then-first lady Hillary Clinton to reform health care, a precursor to Obama’s health care reform efforts.” (Alexis Levinson And Caroline May, “Rick Perry’s Camp Defends 1993 HillaryCare Praise,” The Daily Caller, 8/30/11)

Perry To Hillary: “I Think Your Efforts In Trying To Reform The Nation’s Health Care System Are Most Commendable.” (Alexis Levinson And Caroline May, “Rick Perry’s Camp Defends 1993 HillaryCare Praise,” The Daily Caller, 8/30/11)

Perry’s Letter Was Dated April 6, 1993:

During An Interview On Sean Hannity’s Radio Show On August 30, Perry Said That He Had No Idea Of The “Monstrosity” That The Clinton Health Care Reform Bill Would Become At The Time He The Letter. “And, [Perry] said, at the time he wrote the letter, he did not know what a ‘monstrosity’ Clinton’s final proposal would be. ‘I had no idea that was going to be the end product. What I thought they were truly going to work towards was trying to reform health care, and we had no idea.‘ he said.” (Caroline May, “Perry Hits Back: Obama’s Policies Are ‘Dumb’,” The Daily Caller, 8/30/11)

Listen To The Interview Here:

However, An Article That Was Published Before He Signed The Letter Said Aspects Such As An Employer Mandate Were Already Known Parts Of The Clinton Health Plan:

Los Angeles Times On April 5, 1993: The Clinton Plan Would Mandate That Employers Provide Their Workers With Health Insurance. “Barring unexpected hitches, the Clinton plan also will: (…) Phase in a requirement for employers to provide workers with health insurance, with government subsidies to help the smaller businesses.” (Edwin Chen, “Shape Of New Health Plan Is Emerging,” Los Angeles Times, 4/5/93)

Los Angeles Times On April 5, 1993: The Key To The Hillary Clinton Health Care Plan Would Have Been The Creation Of Regional Health Insurance Cooperatives. “The key to making this concept work nationally is the creation of government-certified regional health insurance purchasing cooperatives. Most Americans would be grouped into the large cooperatives, with consumers able to choose from a variety of insurance networks — ranging from HMOs to traditional fee-for-service plans that allow the patient to choose any physician.” (Edwin Chen, “Shape Of New Health Plan Is Emerging,” Los Angeles Times, 4/5/93)

Los Angeles Times On April 5, 1993: While The States Were To Be Given Latitude, Some Smaller And More Rural States Would Be Allowed To Set Up Single-Payer Systems. “Within the federal system, states will be given considerable latitude. In small states and rural states, where size rules out the existence of more than one provider network, states may be empowered to set statewide rates in an arrangement known as a single-payer system.” (Edwin Chen, “Shape Of New Health Plan Is Emerging,” Los Angeles Times, 4/5/93)

Los Angeles Times On April 5, 1993: Clinton’s Plan Would Guarantee A Basic Set Of Benefits For Everyone Including Mental Health Care And Prescription Drug Coverage. “Barring unexpected hitches, the Clinton plan also will: Guarantee that a uniform package of basic benefits will be available to everyone, although not all the uninsured will get this coverage right away. Among the basic benefits would be hospital and doctor services, including mental health care, and some prescription drug coverage.” (Edwin Chen, “Shape Of New Health Plan Is Emerging,” Los Angeles Times, 4/5/93)

Los Angeles Times On April 5, 1993: The Clinton Plan Would Bar Insurers From Refusing To Cover People With Pre-Existing Conditions. “Barring unexpected hitches, the Clinton plan also will: (…) Create a standardized insurance form and bar insurers from refusing to cover people with pre-existing medical conditions, in order to enable people to change jobs — and insurers — without fear of losing coverage.” (Edwin Chen, “Shape Of New Health Plan Is Emerging,” Los Angeles Times, 4/5/93)

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