Troops in Afghanistan: What Does Rick Perry REALLY Believe?

In comments published from an interview this afternoon, a Rick Perry campaign adviser said Perry does NOT support a withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan:

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry kicked up a firestorm inside the GOP when he seemed to endorse Jon Huntsman’s call for a speedy withdrawal from Afghanistan during this week’s debate, but his real views on Afghanistan don’t match those of Huntsman, the GOP hawks, or President Barack Obama, a senior Perry foreign policy advisor told The Cable. ‘In the dynamic of a debate when you follow someone, you kind of play off of them, and what Gov. Perry wanted to do was to express a similar sentiment to Gov. Huntsman that he very much wants to bring the troops home, we all do, but he wasn’t saying “I want to bring the troops home now,”’ the advisor said.” (Josh Rogin, “Rick Perry Clarifies: No Speedy Withdrawal From Afghanistan,” Foreign Policy’s The Cable Blog, 9/15/11)

Perry adviser:

“A precipitous withdrawal is not what he’s recommending.” (Josh Rogin, “Rick Perry Clarifies: No Speedy Withdrawal From Afghanistan,” Foreign Policy’s The Cable Blog, 9/15/11)

However, Governor Perry – on two separate occasions within the last week said he wanted to withdraw our forces from Afghanistan:

On Monday, Perry said that the best way to “deliver our aid” to Afghanistan is to “bring our young men and women home.”

PERRY: “I think the entire conversation about, how do we deliver our aid to those countries, and is it best spent with 100,000 military who have the target on their back in Afghanistan, I don’t think so at this particular point in time. I think the best way for us to be able to impact that country is to make a transition to where that country’s military is going to be taking care of their people, bring our young men and women home, and continue to help them build the infrastructure that we need, whether it’s schools for young women like yourself or otherwise.” (Gov. Rick Perry, CNN Tea Party Debate, Tampa, FL, 9/12/11)

Perry, from remarks published earlier today:

“I think we need to try to move our men and women home as soon as we can – not just in Afghanistan, but in Iraq as well.” (“Rick Perry Exclusive,” Time’s Swampland Blog, 9/15/11)

What does Rick Perry really believe? Will he change his mind tomorrow?

► Jayde Wyatt

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3 Responses to Troops in Afghanistan: What Does Rick Perry REALLY Believe?

  1. Ogrepete says:

    Rick Perry is really coming off as unprepared. Not the best look for someone who wants to be POTUS…

  2. ccr says:

    And we will expect the “conservative” propaganda outlet of Fox as well as the complimentary talk radio propagandists (Beck, Levin, Ingraham, Limbaugh) to NOT discuss Perry’s wavering, flip flopping, unclear views on this and…….well, any subject that would be critical to a strong GOP candidate for the POTUS.

  3. Sarah Nelson says:

    unprepared is an understatement. Perry 2.0 needs to write a book to apologize for Perry 1.0 and his views about seceding, SS, Gardisil, immigration etc. It’s a Ponzi Scheme wrapped up in comedy that’s not even funny enough to defeat Obama. Romney thinks Perry got dealt 4 aces but he’s too polite to say this so I’ll say it – and Perry the joker can’t win this poker game.