Romney Opens Official Campaign Headquarters in Tampa, FL

Governor Mitt Romney tours his spiffy new Florida campaign headquarters in Tampa, FL. September 2, 2011 (AP Photo/Brian Blanco)

After addressing the Republican National Hispanic Assembly national convention in Tampa yesterday, Governor Romney had a grand opening to attend… It was the official opening of his campaign headquarters in Tampa, Florida.

And, grand it was!

In Florida, Romney Looks To Outshine His Rivals

This is just a state that’s like the whole country,” said Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. “I love Florida, love being here, love the people of this state, in part because you understand what makes America, America.”

So far, Florida is returning his affection. He leads Texas Gov. Rick Perry and other Republican candidates in the polls here, in part because he has been here a lot and built a good organization.

The former Massachusetts governor was in the Sunshine State on Friday, meeting with supporters at his new campaign office near downtown Tampa.

Four years ago, Florida played an important part in the Republican contest — it held an early primary that violated party rules. Even so, John McCain ran here and won, a victory that sealed his comeback and set the stage for his nomination.

Romney is hoping Florida can play that same role in his campaign. Indeed, this year the state is likely to play a key part in the GOP nominating process. State officials say they plan to hold an early primary — one that may jump ahead of Super Tuesday on March 6.

And to do well here, Romney has to do well with one of the nation’s fastest-growing groups — Hispanics.

(emphasis added)

Tweet from The Gov:

Exciting to open our Florida HQ today – we have a terrific team down here #toutless than a minute ago via Tweet Button Favorite Retweet Reply

Tout video of Mitt at grand opening of campaign headquarters in Tampa (9/2/11):

Mitt Romney meets supporters during the grand opening of his Florida campaign headquarters in Tampa, Florida. September 2, 2011 (AP Photo/Brian Blanco)

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10 Responses to Romney Opens Official Campaign Headquarters in Tampa, FL

  1. Gigi, Fort Lauderdale FL says:


  2. Renna says:


    Can you post this article on the site – it really supports the so-called”gaffe” Governor Romney was accused of saying reagrding Corporations being people. If not, others should read it and share.

  3. stuntman says:

    Time to gear it up for Mitt in Florida!

  4. victoria says:

    Here’s Western support for Mitt too!

  5. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Renna, I appreciate the link – enjoyed reading it. It’s a good one to save for future use!

    Because media attention is on Mitt’s Tea Party speech, and will be focused on his participation in the Demint Forum and jobs plan, I’ll hang onto this article and use it when ‘corporation’ is newsy again.

    Thanks much!

  6. I am very distressed and concerned over the hidden fact that Mr. Mitt Romney and Mr. Jon Huntsman contributed thousands to Harry Reid’s campaign. Why would ANY intelligent self-identified Republican contribute to such a destructive Democrat as Harry Reid who embraces all that Hussein Obama and Nancy puts out!!?? Could the answer be either #1 they both did it because they are not true Conservative Republicans and are more Democrat centered or #2 they both were simply supporting a fellow Mormon who says he joined the church because it was so much like the Democratic party? Makes you then ask… do we really want anyone who is not publically honest about their convictions, values, and path this nation should take?

  7. As a conservative Independent, I must admit it’s disappointing to see Mitt Romney attacking Rick Perry over Perry’s entirely factual comments about Social Security being a failure and a Ponzi scheme.

    Romney’s campaign in FL, presumably with Romney’s blessing, is claiming that Perry is going to “destroy” SS, that it’s not a failure, etc., etc. This is a bit disingenuous on Romney’s part, given the fact that Romney has repeatedly voiced support for allowing taxpayers to use *part* of their SS money for private investments, given the fact that Romney has said quite a bit about SS’s woeful condition, and given the fact that Perry has made it clear that his SS privatization plan would not affect anyone now receiving SS nor anyone who’s close to receiving it.

    Mitt Romney on Social Security…l_Security.htm

    Perry’s comments on SS in Reagan Library GOP debate…l_Security.htm

    SS may not seem like a “failure” to those who are receiving it, but any program that is being run the way SS is being run most certainly is both a failure and a fraud. If a life insurance company operated the way SS does, it would see its rating severely downgraded, could very well get sued by policy holders, and might even get prosecuted by state regulators.

    A very thoughtful, detailed article on the fraudulent, unsound nature of SS:

    Now I understand that you’re going to have a certain amount of exaggeration and hyperbole in political attacks. It’s just disappointing to see Romney attacking Perry for telling the truth about SS.

    Still, I wish Romney well. If he gets the nomination, I’ll be glad to support him.

  8. @Sandra Dorociak
    I stand corrected. The article that stated these things has been removed from the internet. It appears that the quarter of a million dollars plus was donated by the Jon Huntsman, Sr. family. Of course that in no way means that Junior contributed or supported any of Harry Reid’s campaign… just his father. As to Mitt Romney… there is no indication that he did either at this point.

    What does trouble me about most if not all of the candidates is that they cannot keep their campaign promises and statements in order. Romney and health care. Romney comments on Social Security. Romney on illegal immigration. Perry on Social Security. Perry on illegal immigration and amnesty. Both on education. Both on employment in their respective states. I feel part of being a politician appears to be picking out the highlights and forgetting the rest of the story, hoping no one remembers the rest of it. Don’t we need someone who is straight with us and tells the “whole” story… the good, bad, and horrible” factually and then tells us how We as Americans and they as a Statesman can improve this nation? If you took away the money (retirement after 4 or 6 years of Government elected work, all the perks and self voted raises, and the job was about America, just imagine what we might accomplish in Washington!!!)

  9. i.koran says:

    DUNNO where to direct this, but then maybe someone can channel this to the right direction:

    just got mails from friends regarding that Mitt met with Jamie Dimon (JPM) and I wonder as to why?
    JPM and it’s CEO is the most corrupt banking cartel I’ve ever come across, period.

    Was it that Mitt wants donations from them? HUH, JPM under water as we speak,,,, and/or ensuring that JPM won’t be taken to task/broken up, others had the unfortunate fate with the help of the FEDs (Tim Geithner)……????

    I applaud you as a business man and that “you’ve made it”. But you fail to see the bigger pix.

    I for one (meeting with JD/JPM) will NOW not vote for you and so will about 100’s of my friends or donate anymore,,, the e-mail I got originally is still circulating, so more to come!

    “Lie down with dogs you’ll end up with fleas!”

    ‘nough said!

  10. i.koran says:

    Mike, I disagree with you. SS is a PONZI scheme but has held up over the years….

    However great in it’s inception, people live longer and the young ones (employed?) are funding them. In spirit and intention that would work (oh please get some more PROFESSORS in economics into this!, They’ve never held a REAL JOB or running a REAL business, period.
    Therefore all their “valuation” is hypothetical!

    Take a good guess who’s holding the SS funds among “other gov. funds”,,,,, well, JPM!
    Therefore JPM stands at the FED’s window on a daily basis to make ends meet and they are broke, despite what they portray!
    Of course helped by the Feds and printing more $$$$, hence inflation galore!

    Again ‘nough said for today and I’m majorly pissed!