Mitt Romney Expands Campaign ‘Team Iowa’

Good news!

The Gov has expanded his Iowa team…

Mitt Romney Announces Additional Members of Iowa Leadership Team

July 12, 2011
Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today named additional members of his Iowa Leadership Team.

I am pleased to announce additional members of my Iowa Leadership Team,” said Mitt Romney. “I am proud to earn their support and look forward to working with them during my campaign to reverse President Obama’s failed policies and create jobs.”

Announcing his support as Romney for President Iowa Volunteer Legal Counsel, Mark Hudson said, “President Obama’s policies have been complete failures for Iowa and the rest of the country. Instead of creating jobs and expanding the economy, President Obama has made job creation and economic development more difficult. Mitt Romney’s record as governor is the opposite – he created jobs and cut taxes while balancing his state’s budget.”

Additional Members Of Mitt Romney’s Iowa Leadership Team:

State Senator James Hahn, Muscatine

Romney For President Iowa Volunteer Legal Counsel and Former Linn County Republican Party Chairman, Mark Hudson, Marion
Dallas County GOP Activist, Paul Bissinger
Former University Of Northern Iowa College Republican Chairman, Patrick Finnegan, Des Moines
Dr. Stephen Hunter, Iowa City
Lorene Hunter, Iowa City

(emphasis added)

Keeping with Romney’s desire to run a lean campaign, these five new team members are volunteers.

Team Iowa already has three paid Iowa positions: general consultant David Kochel, state director Sara Craig, field director Phil Valenziano. Former state GOP chairman Brian Kennedy volunteers his time for the campaign.

Congratulations to Romney’s Team Iowa!

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Florida: Unemployment Numbers Bring Chill for Obama, Warming for Romney

Uh, David Plouffe, I’ve got news for ya…

The unemployment rate is sinking Obama in Florida. Mitt Romney’s ‘Mr. Fix-It’ credentials are helping him rise in Florida:

U.S. Jobless Numbers Dragging Obama Down in Florida

A slipping economy has Floridians moving away from President Barack Obama and warming up to Republican Mitt Romney, a Sunshine State News Poll shows.

The survey of 1,000 likely voters shows that 54 percent disapprove of the job Obama is doing while just 38 percent approve. That result tracks with Florida voters’ sour view of the economy, with 56 percent saying it has worsened in the past year.

“Clearly, the bleak economic landscape is not good news for Obama. This is quite sobering when you consider that the recession technically ended in summer of 2009, which really shows that people don’t believe we are out of the woods by any stretch,” said Jim Lee, president of Harrisburg, Pa.-based Voter Survey Service, which conducted the poll for Sunshine State News.

Today’s numbers may be even worse for Obama, considering that the July 5-7 survey concluded a day before the latest jobless figures were released last Friday. The national unemployment rate rose again to 9.2 percent as the economy added just 18,000 jobs in June.

“Obama’s negative job approval shows there is a major opening for the GOP to win the state in 2012, particularly when you consider that Obama only won by a close 51-48 margin last time,” Lee said. “No president since FDR has won re-election when the unemployment rate on Election Day topped 7.2 percent.”

Economists calculate that the economy would have to add a whopping 250,000 jobs every month for the next year to drive the unemployment rate below 7.5 percent.

Lee said the numbers are working in Romney’s favor.

“Romney is clearly running as the ‘most qualified’ candidate to get the economy back on track, while candidates like Michele Bachmann and others are talking more about issues that play to the tea party base — spending, deficits, not raising the debt limit, etc.

“Romney wins Republicans 74-14, while Democrats are voting for Obama 71-20, but independents are still up for grabs, with Romney leading 42-38,” Lee reported.

Touting his private-sector experience, Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, hammered Obama on Sunday, saying:

“In February of 2009 — 29 months ago — President Obama signed into law his $787 billion stimulus bill that would, the administration predicted, bring unemployment under 8 percent. Unemployment was at 8.2 percent the month the stimulus bill passed. The next month, it rose to 8.6 percent, and it has not been below 8.8 percent since. It has risen for three straight months, hitting 9.2 percent in June.”

(emphasis added)

Continue reading here.

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‘Off the Record’ – Conservative Leaders Prefer Mitt Romney

Governor Mitt Romney takes final leave of MA State House. January 4, 2007

A Newsmax author reveals that, off the record, regarding the run for the White House, leaders in the conservative party prefer Governor Romney…

Conservative Leaders Privately Favor Romney

In the stock market, it’s known as the whisper number. It’s the stock market analysts’ consensus on what earnings a company will report. Because they give their forecasts anonymously, the analysts tend to be more honest. Over time, the whisper number has proven to be more accurate than the figure analysts cite on the record.

In politics, it works the same way. When speaking publicly, conservative leaders usually hedge their bets. They don’t want to be seen as favoring one candidate over another.

In private, it’s a different matter. In those off-the-record conversations, a range of conservative leaders I have chatted with favor Mitt Romney for president.

In public, conservative leaders invariably speak well of Sarah Palin. They cite her loyal following and her ability to whip up crowds and articulate a conservative message. In private, they diss her for her high unfavorability ratings, the fact that she quit as governor of Alaska, and the disorganization of her staff and her chaotic personal scheduling.

To be sure, each potential candidate has flaws. But conservative leaders I have talked to see Romney as the best bet to win the presidency. He looks and acts presidential. He has the experience and chops to handle the economy. He takes a tough approach to dealing with foreign adversaries. And traditionally, Republicans who win the presidency have run previously for the office.

(emphasis added) Don’t miss reading the entire article here.

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O’Reilly Discusses Bill Clinton’s ‘Poison Kisses’ for Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann

Because Mitt Romney gets so little positive coverage on FOX News, I decided to post videos of a rare discussion of The Gov that aired on The O’Reilly Factor on July 6, 2011. (How could fair and balanced FOX miss Romney’s foray into London Town to meet with British government officials, including Prime Minister David Cameron?)

A couple of weeks ago, Bill Clinton decided to issue measured praise for a couple of GOP presidential candidates (a suspect move) – Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann. Along with other topics – including mention of Obama’s failing Jewish support – Bill O’ Reilly and FOX News contributor Dick Morris discussed Clinton’s ‘poison kisses’ for Romney and Bachmann:

Morris: “There is, though, a grand Democratic strategy to try to stop Romney from getting the Republican nomination… because I think he’s the candidate they fear the most.”

“…Because he’s [Romney] the candidate most likely to beat Obama.”

Morris’s opinion that Clinton’s approbation for Bachmann was real (and Morris inserted as much praise for her as time allowed) was received by a skeptical O’Reilly. Next, O’Reilly brought FOX News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume to the desk (ignore the Media Matters logo that pops up):

O’Reilly @1:04: “That’s why I think Mitt Romney has a, you know, a good chance. I agree with Morris, because he’s a guy – it’s gonna be harder to demonize Romney, particularly for Independent voters, than the other candidates.

Hume @1:42: “…For a crafty political operator like Bill Clinton, it’s a little hard for me to imagine that he really thinks that Michele Bachmann is a truly impressive person, I mean, in many ways she is a truly impressive person, but I suspect that what he thinks is what I know a lot of Democrats think – is that she would be – in the end – she would prove much as Sarah Palin did in the end – toxic to Independents who would think she was, just too much.”

O’Reilly: “Too far right, you mean too far right?”

Hume: “Too far right and too prone to saying peculiar things that are, you know, off base and so on – that she would be a much easier target for attack ads and the kind of ridicule that Sarah Palin got.”

O’Reilly: “You think that in the Machiavellian world of politics, presidential politics, that Bill Clinton put this out there because the Democrats WANT Michele Bachmann to be the nominee because she’s much easier to beat than, say, Romney would be.”

Hume: “Well, I think that’s a more likely – to the extent the he was being political about it at all – I think that’s a more plausible explanation than Dick Morris offered…”

These interviews were conducted before we learned this and this about Bachmann.

Note: Relating to the Morris interview – another reminder – Mitt Romney is pro-life and has written his own extensive pro-life pledge.

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Romney Ad Reverberates, Mirrored by Law and Justice Party in Poland

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

Mitt Romney recently returned from a very successful trip to England (met with British PM David Cameron) so it’s no surprise more of our European friends are paying attention to him and his ads:

Echoing Romney in Poland

The Polish Law and Justice party unveiled ads today that bear a striking resemblance to a Mitt Romney ad.

Full translated script after the jump, courtesy of Polish journalist Micha? Kolanko:

“Mr Tusk, can you hear me, I’m not a worldwide crisis. I’m Polish.” (pensioner)
“I’m not a hillbilly, I’m Polish.”
“I’m not cringeworthy, I’m Polish.”
“I’m not a bump in the road, I’m Polish.” (mechanic)
“I’m not anti-Polish, I’m rooting for Poland.”
Voiceover: “Mr Tusk, that will be all, thank you. It’s time for a courageous decisions. Law and Justice.”

Romney’s video:

The Polish Law and Justice Party (PiS) is a conservative political party formed in Poland in 2001 with an emphasis on decommunization. PiS understands that the free-market principles Mitt Romney believes in and has successfully employed throughout his life are the best hope for growth and prosperity in their nation. Poland’s unemployment rate in May was at 9.2%.

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Aaarrh! Did Captain Mitt Pillage & Loot Companies?

With so many ridiculous accusations aimed at Mitt by his rivals in both the Republican and Democratic parties, it takes all of us to stay on top of them. Mitt’s rivals keep throwing stuff against the wall hoping something will stick, and hopefully this article will be useful (and humorous) to you should anyone accuse Mitt of putting a bunch of companies into bankruptcy and laying off workers for profit. Mike Sage from America Needs Mitt has uncovered a letter from one of President Obama’s servants that I think all of you will enjoy. With his gracious permission, we have included all of it below. If you need a little help speaking like a pirate, watch this clip. (Beware, the language can be a little saucy.)

Secret Message by Courier to His Majesty, King Obama the First, from His loyal spy, Picaroon Rumfustian, upon the Privateer Ship Bain:

Forgive me fer sayin’ so, Your Majesty, but I be thinkin’ ’tis better to attack the evil brigand, Captain Mitt, where he is weak, rather than where he be strong. A broadside on Captain Mitt’s business record ’tis like attacking the tip of a pirate’s cutlass with your forehead.

In port, th’ town criers be sayin’ that Captain Mitt be a corporate raider who used leveraged buy-outs to “loot resources, lay-off thousands, and drive companies into bankruptcy.” If that be th’ same as makin’ ‘em all walk th’ plank, then I be obliged to say, ’tis unlikely, Sir. Here be the four bankruptcies that ye be wantin’ Captain Mitt and the brigands of the Privateer Ship Bain t’ be answerin’ fer:

1. American Pad and Paper (Ampad) – bought by Bain in 1992, went bankrupt in 2000. (8 years later)
2. Stage Stores – bought by Bain in 1988, went bankrupt in 2000. (12 years later)
3. GS Industries – bought by Bain in 1993, went bankrupt in 2001. (8 years later)
4. Dynamic Details – bought by Bain in 1997, went bankrupt in 2003. (6 years later)

Now, Sir, I hopes ye don’t think me a scurvy foul blaggart fer sayin’ so, but methinks that four failures out of over 400 investments by Bain be an amazin’ success rate that any venture capitalist would be willin’ to kill fer. Fer the sake of argument, if we be assumin’ fer the moment that their 99% success rate be just a cover for their nefarious goal o’ deep-sixin’ these four companies, then there be a question as obvious as th’ mizzen-mast: Why did they wait an average of 8 years before doin’ so? Why not start the corporate rapin’ and pillagin’ immediately after the boardin’ party took over?

Avast! All four of th’ companies were sent to Davey Jones’ locker in th’ same three-year period! I’ve heard scuttlebutt ’round the poopdeck that March 2000 were th’ beginnins’ of the foul “Dot Com” bubble crash, which wert followed up in 2001 by th’ 9/11 attacks, which sent our economy even further into dangerous waters. ‘Tis well-known that the severe recession that began in early 2000 didn’t end until mid-2003. ‘Tis truth, that for the Bain buccaneers, this economic downturn could have provided perfect cover for their diabolical plot to make these firms walk the plank into insolvency! Mayhaps, this ought be th’ story ye should stick to, as there may well be simpletons and drunks who’ll believe it, iffin ye be lucky!

Sir, pay nought attention to the fact that Bain specialized in buying troubled companies, many of which would’ve been well on their way to the sea bottom without any help whatsoever from the crew of the Bain.

And, ne’er ye mind that any investment firm that developed a reputation for scuttling the companies it invested in would last ‘nay longer than a peg-legged swimmer in a school o’ sharks, that be fer sure.

Belay any thought that the Securities and Exchange Commission regulates and must approve many mergers and acquisitions of this sort, or that injured partners and shareholders would have hauled Captain Mitt and the crew of the Bain into court to be keel-hauled, drawn, and quartered if there be treachery there.

Oh, and Lest ye be thought daft, Sir, ye might also want to consider the fact that Captain Mitt stopped bein’ th’ Skipper o’ the Bain in 1999, long before those sinkings occurred, just in case some fact-checkin’ lily-livered bilge-rat should ask.

Lastly, Sir, I shan’t be sendin’ any more dispatches to ye, as I be resignin’ me commission as a spy in yer Majesty’s service. Captain Mitt has made me a better offer – th’ pay be in real doubloons (as opposed to th’ hope and spare change that ye been payin’ us with) and th’ workin’ conditions with Captain Mitt be smooth sailin’. Give my regards to Queen Michelle, and good luck in 2012, Sir. I’m guessin’ ye ‘ll be needin’ it.

Your ex-servant,

Picaroon Rumfustian

Mitt Romney to Cast Net for Cash in Portland, Oregon

Beautiful Portland, Oregon

Mitt Romney is casting the net for cash next Monday, July 11th, in heavily Democratic Portland, Oregon:

The former Massachusetts governor is stumping for cash Monday in Portland, the heavily Democratic city that has helped that party dominate just about every statewide elected office in Oregon.

Romney’s luncheon will take him to Portland’s affluent West Hills as he looks for money to power his campaign for president. He raised $18 million in the last three months, his campaign announced this week, far outdoing his rivals. An independent fundraising group that supports Romney has raised an additional $12 million so far this year.
The private fundraiser, hosted at the home of John and Kim Bradley, is not open to the public or the press. An invitation lists 30 individuals or couples as hosts, including state Rep. Sean Lindsay of Hillsboro and Rep. Kevin Cameron, the state House Republican leader, as well as former congressional candidates Rob Cornilles and Scott Bruun.

“My number one goal is I want to defeat Barack Obama, and I think Mitt Romney is the person most capable of beating him,” said Lindsay, who added that Romney is not holding any public events while in Oregon.

(emphasis added)

Note: Oregon State Rep Shawn Lindsey’s name is spelled incorrectly in the above article.

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Update by Ross:
When it’s all said and done, I bet Gov. Romney is going to do better among Jewish donors than any Republican in recent memory. Stories like this only help.

Jobs? Obama’s ‘Audacity of Indifference’: Sign Mitt Romney’s Petition, See New VIDEO

Unemployment has risen to 9.2%. Under-employment numbers have shot up from 15.8% to 16.2%.

The latest job report is out and it isn’t good…

Unemployment has risen to 9.2%.

More than one third of the unemployed have been looking for work for over a year.

Ross wrote earlier today about Governor Romney’s spot-on statement on the latest job report and Obama’s audacity of indifference. Here are details on today’s report…

Business Buzz: Unemployment Rises

The U.S. economy added just 18,000 jobs in June — well below the Bloomberg consensus estimate of 105,000.

Almost as bad, the nation’s unemployment rate rose to an eyesore level of 9.2 percent. What’s more, job gains in May were revised lower: to a gain of just 25,000 jobs down from the initially-estimated 54,000 gain.

The bottom line regarding the condition of the U.S. job market, as of June 20, 2011? The very poor jobs report will increase concern that the economy will enter a double-dip recession. The U.S. economy is growing too slowly and is not creating nearly enough jobs to meet the needs of all Americans looking for work.
Right now, the U.S. economy is short about 15 million jobs, 22-23 million if you add the part-time workers who want full-time work who can’t find it.

Data on underemployment numbers:

There’s also a problem of underemployment. A comprehensive gauge of labor underutilization, known as the “U-6″ for its data classification by the Labor Department, accounts for people who have stopped looking for work or who can’t find full-time jobs. That number shot up in June to 16.2% from 15.8% a month earlier.

The U-6 figure includes everyone in the official rate plus “marginally attached workers” — those who are neither working nor looking for work, but say they want a job and have looked for work recently; and people who are employed part-time for economic reasons, meaning they want full-time work but took a part-time schedule instead because that’s all they could find. People who drop out of the labor force completely aren’t included in this tally.

(emphasis added)

Romney is quick to act. He’s started an ‘audacity of indifference’ petition:

Sign Romney’s petition here.

UPDATE – A new video from Governor Romney:

UPDATE 2 – Romney headlines Drudge today (click on photo to enlarge):

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Unemployment Rate Rises Again as President Obama Continues to Fail Our Economy

Yahoo’s description of the June Jobs report begins: “If Hollywood were to make a film about the June jobs report, it would be called The Ugly, The Ugly and The Ugly.”

Mitt is again getting kudos from all over the blogosphere for his astute critique of the Obama administration.

“Today’s abysmal jobs report confirms what we all know – that President Obama has failed to get this economy moving again. Just this week, President Obama’s closest White House adviser said that ‘unemployment rates or even monthly jobs numbers’ do not matter to the average American.

“If David Plouffe were working for me, I would fire him and then he could experience firsthand the pain of unemployment. His comments are an insult to the more than 20 million people who are out of work, underemployed or who have simply stopped looking for jobs. With their cavalier attitude about the economy, the White House has turned the audacity of hope into the audacity of indifference.”

Mitt also added this tweet:

With their cavalier attitude about the economy, the White House has turned the audacity of hope into the audacity of indifferenceless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

This comes on the heels of a back and forth between David Plouffe and Romney’s campaign manager Matt Rhoades. After Plouffe went after Mitt, Matt Rhoades said: “We understand the difficulty of working for a president who is challenging Herbert Hoover’s place as the greatest job terminator in U.S. history. Mr. Plouffe has our deepest sympathies. If he’d like his candidate to discuss real issues, Mitt Romney will debate President Obama any time, any place.” Mitt Romney is the candidate President Obama and his team fear the most and the continuous verbal battles between their camps over the last few years proves it to people who pay the closest attention to these details.

Mitt’s team released a new video and a new petition to sign following the dismal jobs report. In response, the Obama team doubles down further illustrating how truly out of touch they are:

If the President and his team continue to spout these type of condescending statements, Gov. Romney is going to win this election in a landslide.

A Healthcare Analogy About Romneycare and Obamacare

Supporters of Mitt Romney are no strangers to the attacks made on our candidate by President Obama’s surrogates and even fellow conservatives on the subject of “RomneyCare”. The accusations are all too familiar to us;

“There’s no difference between RomneyCare and ObamaCare”
“RomneyCare is socialism!”
“Romney is the architect/father of ObamaCare”
“It’s Mitt Romney’s fault that we have ObamaCare”

MRC’s very own Dr. Jeff Fuller has written an excellent series explaining the major policy differences between MassCare (the actual “RomneyCare”) and ObamaCare, and why Governor Romney’s health care reforms in Massachusetts were anything but socialist. So with the more difficult and technical aspects of MassCare already covered, I’d like to tackle the broader claims that Mitt Romney is to blame for the idea of ObamaCare and that Mitt is the father and architect of ObamaCare.

These attacks can be exposed as inaccurate and completely false. Let’s first address those who say that Mitt Romney is to blame for ObamaCare. I feel this can best be explained away through a simple story:

Let’s say that you, the reader, live in a town. This town has fifty families or households residing in it. Out of the blue, your kids start ignoring their homework and doing other activities instead: texting, playing video games, chatting on their favorite political website (, or whatever it might be. As a responsible parent, you see the need to create a plan to get them to do their homework. You know what ultimately motivates your children, so the plan you institute begins to work and your kids start completing their homework again. It’s not perfect, but it works 98% of the time.

Meanwhile, the mayor of your town had actually desired to pass a law on how families enforce homework completion for quite some time. Without talking to you or asking you about what worked and what didn’t in your plan, the mayor passes an ordinance requiring all families to use methods similar to the ones you developed for your kids. He also throws in a bunch of other invasive requirements as well. Next, the mayor starts publicly praising the plan you created for your home and says that it was the inspiration for his law. Naturally, many of the people in the town are angry about being forced to adopt the new methods and are looking for someone to blame. Who should they rightfully be upset with about this new law, you or the mayor?

It seems obvious that the mayor is the one to blame here. You, as the parent who initiated the original plan for your own household, never advocated that your plan be used for the entire town, nor were you consulted by the mayor before he brought about the new law. Why should your fellow townsfolk blame you, regardless of if the plans had similarities or not? It would be unjustified for them to do so. Yet this is precisely what some of our fellow conservative friends are doing when they blame Mitt Romney for ObamaCare.

In case you hadn’t yet noticed the correlation, the mayor in the story represents President Obama and the new town ordinance is ObamaCare. Mitt Romney is represented by you, the parent, and your plan to get your kids to do their homework is MassCare.

Just as it would be unfair to blame the parent in our story for the new town ordinance, it is equally unfair and illogical to blame Mitt Romney for ObamaCare. Regardless of any similarities that exist between the two laws, Governor Romney strongly opposes a Federal takeover of health care and was never consulted by President Obama or Democrats while ObamaCare was being crafted.

Another line of attack that some like to take is to label Romney as the father and/or architect of ObamaCare. Let’s quickly follow that line of thinking to its logical conclusion: if Mitt Romney hadn’t signed MassCare into law, we would not have ended up with ObamaCare. Do any conservatives honestly believe that if it weren’t for MassCare we wouldn’t have ObamaCare today? That idea is absurd and has a very shortsighted view of our political past. A full 13 years before MassCare was signed into law, the Democrats on Capital Hill contemplated a complete reform of the American health care system. Many of you remember HillaryCare, the attempted Federal government takeover of health care in 1993, concocted by Hillary Clinton.

That attempt was ultimately defeated, but it’s clear that the goal was never far out of mind. The proof is that the very next time the Democrats had control of both houses of Congress and the White House they tried again and were successful. They did not need inspiration from MassCare to create ObamaCare. The desire to reform health care on the Federal level had already existed for nearly 20 years and Democrats were anxious for the opportunity to try again.

The blame for ObamaCare lies squarely on the shoulders of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, President Obama, and the Democrat majority that passed it. Mitt Romney did not inspire, design, or support this monstrosity, and a logical and reasonable look at the subject should allow people to come to the same conclusion. Let’s set our sights on the ones who are truly responsible, not a convenient political target.