Romney Hits Obama on China Trade Policy, Makes Huntsman Look Like Jonny-Come-Lately

Romney Gets Tough on China

I love the Romney camp’s recent focus on China and trade policy. It’s a super effective route to take at this point in the campaign for a few reasons: it correlates nicely with Mitt’s main jobs/economy theme — allowing him to hit one of Obama’s rarely mentioned weaknesses, all the while making Huntsman look like Jonny-come-lately (China being his supposed strong suit). Props to the strategy team at Romney for President for the timeliness of this rollout.

Below is an op-ed written by Romney’s Policy Director, Lanhee Chen:


When he ran for president, candidate Obama said he would take China “to the mat” over its unfair trade practices – but instead he is the one being treated like a doormat.

China still does not play by the rules or provide an open and level playing field on which we can compete. In fact, the most recent data shows that while China continues to grow its economy rapidly, our exports to China are actually falling!

If Mitt is elected President, he will not tolerate this situation. He will get tough with China.

Make no mistake – Mitt is a strong believer in free trade and open markets. Opening new markets overseas creates new demand for American products and services, which in turn creates new jobs for American workers. As the world’s second largest economy, and one of the fastest growing, China offers incredible opportunities for American companies. If these companies are able to compete in the Chinese market, they will create countless jobs here at home.

Unfortunately, China is trying to deprive America of that opportunity. For too long, we have allowed China to take advantage of our goodwill and commitment to openness. We have opened our own markets to them, but we have gotten little in return. They steal our technology, manipulate their currency, and put up barriers that prevent us from competing. As a result, for every four dollars of goods China sells into our market, we are only able to sell one dollar’s worth into theirs. The resulting trade imbalance is the largest in the history of the world.

The company Mitt is visiting today, Screen Machine, is an example of the problem American companies face. Screen Machine represents the heart and soul of our economy and the potentially vibrant future of manufacturing in this country. Steel comes in one door. Incredibly advanced machines are driven out the other door by remote control, to be sold to countries around the world.

Selling to China is the biggest opportunity for Screen Machine to grow its sales and hire new workers – but they can’t. They worry that if they send their machines to China, then copies of the machines will start showing up around the world at knock-off prices. They already have seen websites in China that show pictures of their machines with the company logo blurred out. They can’t compete in an environment like that.

If we can confront China and persuade them to play by the rules, then companies like Screen Machine will be at the forefront of turning around our economy and creating the jobs Americans need.

-Luke Gunderson

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Real Estate Enthusiast, Unapologetic Mitt Romney Fan, Sandwich Guru, DMB Lover, Hulu Junkie, Smart Cookie View Posts | View Profile
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4 Responses to Romney Hits Obama on China Trade Policy, Makes Huntsman Look Like Jonny-Come-Lately

  1. colleen says:

    Romney will assemble an exceptional administration team, and I hope Mr. Chen who wrote this excellent article re China’s two-faced policies towards America with be riding shot gun. He shoots straight. We need a POTUS who will attract and select the best minds and policy makers to get America turned around. Turning around our backwards, self defeating passive policies of the past with China will be high on Mitt’s to do list. Mitt is an action man, not a sound-bite, pie crust promiser. China, beware; the Eagle is poised the minute Mitt is in office. Things will change for the better as America re asserts her place in the world markets.

  2. Seiko Tanner says:

    China is an evil country that not many Americans know! I know because I saw the lots of fact and reality only in Japanese and such news come from both Hong Kong and China! But never be translated in English. Two faces, evil smile. American government can’t truly misunderstand about Chinese Evil Communist Government and its influence to all the world. Yes, they sent you Chinese teachers to the U.S. to teach Chinese and brainwash kids that China is great and they do everything for free. America, don’t be naive ! That is called soft propaganda!
    What happening to Japan. They bought all the lands where it closes to Japanese defense force bases so that they can monitor what is going on. They even asked Japanese government to give right to vote even they are Not Japanese citizens!! Why I know this ? Because I Am Japanese and I see it all the time. They are taking over economically by stealing the technology and copies and they even used that product as make in China!
    The thing is like what happened to China recently that the huge train accident happened and yes, they copied the train shape from Japan but inside the technology is not good and easy to break but they don’t care about how many people died and they still want that train to San Francisco to gain more money. WE don’t trust to do any business with China, the evil one. Why because they don’t have any regulations or rule so they break everything! So many illegals come into Japan and our crime rates went sky high !! China is so evil but yet, many Americans are so ignorance and they think they thank China to send free Chinese teachers to teach free lessons but they can’t really see that purpose there?
    Get smart people in America! Wake up and stop sending business in China and all the business should stay here in the U.S. otherwise you are going to be another victim like Japan. We are changing government from Demo to Conservative now bc our leader is just too stupid and too left and even has a secret connection to North Korea !!

  3. Johnny-Come-Lately says:

    I don’t understand how this makes Huntsman look bad…no explanation is given. A follow up, maybe? Strange post…

    My favorite assertions: “…it correlates nicely with Mitt’s main jobs/economy theme — allowing him to hit one of Obama’s rarely mentioned weaknesses…” – Rarely mentioned weakness? It’s Obama’s biggest weakness, and everyone is talking about it.

    Speaking about Huntsman: “China being his supposed strong suit.” – Supposed? He was the United States Ambassador to the country for two years, speaks fluent Mandarin, is widely viewed as a successful ambassador, and talks about the danger China has become to the U.S. economy on every campaign stop. I don’t understand…is the author suggesting China is really Romney’s strong suit, and Huntsman is not “strongly suited” to talk about the country he just lived in for two years?

    Congrats to Team Romney for talking about China when everyone else is talking about the debt ceiling debate in Washington?

    This post makes no sense.

  4. Johnny-Come-Lately says:

    Weak sauce…