Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman Endorses Mitt Romney

Governor Dave Heineman (R-NE)

Last month, Mitt Romney accepted Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman’s support of his 2012 campaign:

“I am proud to have the support of Governor Dave Heineman. In his seven years as Governor of Nebraska, he has fought for lower taxes, strong incentives for business, and high academic standards for Nebraska’s children,” Mitt Romney said. “Governor Heineman shares my principles of promoting job creation and getting our exploding deficits under control.”

Announcing his support, Governor Heineman said, “Mitt Romney has a proven record of balancing budgets, keeping taxes low, and creating an environment for job growth. As a governor, I understand the challenges this country faces and Mitt Romney has the experience to meet those challenges.”

Governor Heineman is no longer just supporting Mitt Romney but is now officially endorsing him:

Heineman, the incoming chairman of the National Governors Association, said he has known Romney since 2005 and considers him a friend. But Romney wasn’t his only friend circling the presidential race.

“I thought Haley Barbour and Mitch Daniels, maybe both, were gonna get in the presidential race,” he said. “They’re really good friends and had they, I probably would have set this one out. When they didn’t get in, I’m gonna continue to support Gov. Romney.”

“I believe he was a good governor, a good Republican governor in a very Democrat state, which is very different than being a Republican governor in a Republican state or a Democrat governor in a Democrat state,” Heineman said.

Other Republican governors will likely “continue to watch the process before deciding,” said Heineman, adding: “Every governor’s got to make their own individual decision.”

(emphasis added)

Heineman, who was recently selected to be the  Chairman of the National Governors Association, will preside over the meeting of state executives in Salt Lake City, has stated that it is very unlikely that his state will vote for Obama again in the 2012 election.

With Governor Heineman’s endorsement, lets hope Nebraska will be among the many states that will be proud to elect Mitt Romney as our next President in 2012!

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5 Responses to Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman Endorses Mitt Romney

  1. Hungarian Crusader says:

    I think I just changed my mind again and would like to see Herman Cain as the VP for my favorite……Mitt Romney.

    Cain just stated that “US comminities should have the right to ban mosques” and I fully support that common sense method of preserving America.
    Islam is NOT a religion but a political cult posing as a main stream religion so it can gain full protections under the laws of western-secular societies.
    This is a good 1st step in defending the west from dhimmitude and infiltration from muslims seeking to overthrow our governments using our laws against us so they can prosper and grow in our societies.
    I like how firm Romney is highlighting the threat of islam against the western world and now Cain would be a great helper to Mitt in defending us here in America.

  2. ccr says:

    If he isn’t the VP, I sure hope Herman is used somewhere to help our country!! We need ALL good men and women to do their part!

    There are many in this race I have admiration for, but don’t feel nearly as qualified as Mitt Romney! It’s NOT because he’s paid his “dues” because he ran the last time. It’s because of his resume. Cain is good but has had no government experience at all. We need someone with some experience at this juncture in time.

  3. I do believe that Islam is a religion; one of the oldest in the world, in fact. Whatever its tenets, whatever its doctrine, Islam is no cult. I’m surprised that Herman Cain believes communities should have the right to ban mosques. Religious freedom is one of the most basic freedoms we enjoy here in America; and I say that as a member of a religion whose founder was constantly persecuted, wrongfully imprisoned, and ruthlessly assassinated by people who refused to allow anyone who practiced that religion any peace or place to do so. To me, this statement disqualifies Herman Cain not only from the presidency, but the vice presidency as well.

  4. Hungarian Crusader says:

    How can islam NOT be a cult when their teachings include genies, demons that hide in toilets waiting to attack men, that their god will arise from the caverns of Iran to announce the end of time and their founder was a mass murderer, thief, rapist and extortionist?
    Where did you get your education because you need to get a refund!
    If islam was a religion than they should allow full freedoms to non-muslims in islamic lands and the reality is they do not… to the Coptics of Egypt or Christians in Lebanon or Gaza.
    You know nothing of islam or religion and anything from what I see.
    Go vote for Obama.

  5. Hungarian Crusader says:

    Another point….America does not have the freedom to commit cultural-political suicide to just prove a point to a group who never has or will reciprocate the freedoms they enjoy here to non-muslims in their own ancestral homelands.
    That is exactly what is happening in Western Europe today as they accomodate muslims and allow that “religion” to prosper unchecked to the great detriment of native Europeans.
    It seems to have been a real bad idea and that wont happen here in the USA.