Romney in Allentown, PA: ‘Obama is Playing Golf, Campaigning, and Blaming’

Romney takes questions from reporters outside of now-defunct Allentown Metal Works in Allentown, PA. June 30, 2011

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama were on the same Keystone State turf today…

While at a fundraiser in Philadelphia, PA Obama postulated that he was busy “attacking the country’s problems” while his Republican opponents were targeting him.

Romney was in Allentown, PA to draw attention to the plight of a factory Obama once touted as one that would benefit from his $800 billion Stimulus Plan.

The reality of Obama’s misery index was evident. As Romney’s press conference began, he stood by the entrance to Allentown Metal Works… in weeds in front of a chained and locked gate bearing a ‘No Trespassing’ sign:


In 2009, Obama visited the Allentown Metal Works plant here, touting it as a symbol of the nation’s manufacturing might — an employer that would benefit from his $787 billion economic stimulus bill. But by this year, the plant had closed, laying off its workers and ending this city’s century of manufacturing history.

“Look around you: This is what he called the symbol of hope,” Romney said, staging a news conference in front of the factory’s locked fence. “There are weeds, boarded-up windows. . . . This was the spot he picked to symbolize the success of the stimulus. And my eyes tell me it ain’t working.”

The former Massachusetts governor repeatedly called Obama a “failure,” stressing his own 25-year background of working in the private sector and saying of the president: “He’s out of his depth when it comes to getting the economy going. It’s just not something that he understands.”

(emphasis added)
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Romney press conference quotes:

“The plant here has been open a 100 years. It survived The Great Depression. It couldn’t survive the Obama economy.”

“The president’s time is being focused on playing golf, and campaigning – he’s campaigning in Pennsylvania today – and blaming.”

“He [Obama] should be spending his time and energy working on getting Americans back to work and fixing this economy.”

A portion of Romney’s presser:

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“I can assure voters that if I were President of the United States I would spend every waking moment doing what I could to get Americans back to work. I would focus my energy and my passion on the economy and on getting Americans good jobs.” ~ Mitt Romney

Before his visit, Romney’s campaign released an “Obama isn’t workingvideo on YouTube showing that more than 100,000 jobs have been lost in Pennsylvania since 2009. Laura Ingraham (substituting for Sean Hannity on FOX News) called the ad “Very dramatic. Very powerful. Very hot.” Dana Perino (former George W. Bush White House Press Secretary and FOX News contributor), a guest on Ingraham’s show, said “The Romney campaign consistently puts out good ads. Provocative. Well put together.”

On another FOX News program, after seeing Romney’s ad, FOX contributor Monica Crowley exclaimed, “Wow, guys. That is such a powerful ad!

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4 Responses to Romney in Allentown, PA: ‘Obama is Playing Golf, Campaigning, and Blaming’

  1. Marilyn says:

    The prez is pretty calloused, coming out and saying we should add additional tax burdens onto on-shore aircraft and yacht building manufacturing concerns. What we should do instead is tax all financial instrument transactions and / or, slap tariffs on all imports. Importers will howl with outrage, but it’s the only way we’re ever going to bring our manufacturing back on-shore.

  2. Marilyn says:

    I still don’t like this pledge business though.
    One candidate for the GOP nomination, Jon Huntsman, has made it clear from the outset that he’s not going to sign anybody’s pledge, so don’t even bother asking. As Howard Fineman reports, Huntsman seems to have this radical notion that he shouldn’t be beholden to anyone but voters:

    “First of all, I don’t sign pledges,” he told reporters after announcing his candidacy near the Statue of Liberty. “I was asked to sign a pledge when I ran for governor in 2004, and I didn’t. And I got attacked because I didn’t. And then we went around and ended up cutting and reforming taxes at record levels [and] I never heard anything in the aftermath of our work. My take on all of this is, your record should say everything about where you are and where you’re going. I don’t need to sign a pledge.”

  3. Crystal says:

    The point of the pledge is to put in writing your stance on a particular issue so that the candidates can be compared more easily. Like Krauthammer said, a candidate should be free to use his/her own words .. I agree .. so I have no problem with Mitt addressing the SBA pledge ideas / issues in his own words in his own pledge. For Huntsboy to just blow off all pledges and not address the issues that concern voters .. that isn’t right.