New Romney Video: Obama's Misery Index – Ryan's Story

The well-produced videos just keep coming from the Romney camp… and each one adds reality to the crisis that is the Obama economy.

This particular video hits on a theme that Governor Romney has been touching on for awhile now: Obama’s Misery Index — sort of a measurement of misery, if you will, that is found by adding the unemployment rate to the inflation rate.

The somber reality of Ryan’s story is one that is shared with millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans across this country:

We’ll need real economic leadership to pull us out of this one.

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Additional thoughts from J Wyatt:

I’m so glad Governor Romney is putting faces on Obama’s ‘bumps in the road’ by spotlighting the plight of unemployed/underemployed Americans. Mitt gets it; we need more of these videos!

I really feel for Ryan; we could all probably add stories of our own and that of many friends and acquaintances struggling to survive Obama’s miserable economy.

I have my own story and know so many others – good, decent, hard-working Americans – who have lost homes, lost jobs, home mortgages under water, working three jobs and barely making it, expenses cut to the bone, savings used-up, credit maxed out, those for whom not only is college out of the question right now – buying badly-needed new shoes are out of the question! Add the higher cost of living and inflation to the mix, volatility in the Middle East and our crippling dependence upon that region for oil, our $14.3 trillion debt, government entitlements we can no longer sustain, an out-of-control federal government, and general uncertainty about the future…

America is FED UP!

No more Obama.

We can’t afford to put another president in the White House who doesn’t have a long and successful resume of PRIVATE-SECTOR job creating experience. Saying one knows how to create jobs and actually doing it really matters now. We can’t afford another poser in the Oval Office – and that includes Republicans with thin private-sector experience. We need a president who really knows how our economy works.

We need the real deal.

We need Mitt Romney.

P.S. Do you have an Obama misery index story to tell?

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UPDATE by Jayde: What’s up with the Wall Street Journal regarding Mitt’s new Ryan’s Story video? (Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation is the parent company of The Wall Street Journal and FOX News.)

WSJ Washington WireA Baloney Sandwich From Romney Campaign?

Eric Fehrnstrom, a long-time Romney aide and campaign spokesman, said, “He’s [Ryan] struggling right now, just like millions and millions of other Americans. The only person who apparently thinks the economy is doing well is President Obama, and no one but him believes that to be the case.”

Remember this little gem from WSJ?

To read Romney’s response to the article linked directly above click here.

Now there’s this; Greg Sargent from Washington Post:

To be clear, this isn’t to belittle the economic situation in Michigan, where unemployment tops 10%; and I’m sure [Ryan] King does have it tough. But given the tone of King’s extensive lament, and the degree to which the campaign presents his story as a neutral, apolitical hard-luck tale, it seems fair to add this additional context.

Extensive lament?

Websters dictionary: lament – 1. To mourn; to grieve; to weep or wail; to express sorrow. 2.Grief or sorrow expressed in complaints or cries; lamentation; a weeping.
Ryan is simply telling his story.

Degree to which the campaign presents his story as a neutral, apolitical hard-luck tale?
Just silly. I guess it makes a difference to some if the American experiencing hard economic times is a Republican.

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4 Responses to New Romney Video: Obama's Misery Index – Ryan's Story

  1. Crystal says:

    The thing I liked about the choice of Ryan’s story (vs a story that a liberal would choose) is that he is frustrated but optimistic .. he’s looking within himself for the solution – stretching his paycheck, looking for fulltime work in his area and outside his area. The liberals would like to see someone that has no job that is living off of government entitlements and probably just given up on finding a real job. Ryan is trying to be self-sufficient, even if it means working beneath what he is capable of in order to put that next baloney sandwich on the table. But he continues to look for the best way to use his talents. The “misery” may not be a starving stomach, but knowing what you are capable of & how you can contribute, but the platform doesn’t exist due to the skittish marketplace.

  2. ccr says:

    Crystal, that’s a great point!

    (Did you want to email that to the WSJ and FOX?? ;-P )

  3. Carrie says:

    I can relate to Ryan’s situation wholeheartedly. Throughout my undergrad years I completed various internships in order to gain robust experience. Six months, dozens of interviews, and an unknown amount of applications following my graduation I had yet to obtain employment in my field. I immediately got a serving position and starting volunteering at a crisis helpline. Within two months of volunteering I was offered a position.
    All in all, there are too many of us with the same story. Our struggles are similar with the exception of one thing; the year I graduated. It was 2006 when I graduated from college, meaning it was Bush Administration. I am not writing this to blame one side or the other. This recession is not a product of one person, one administration, or one corporation. Ultimately, we should not hire a President with the expectation that they will fix everything and appease everyone. This can be a remarkable time in history if we collectively work together to make innovative, long-lasting change.

  4. Charlotte Dwyer says:

    I am lifted by the sincere candor of this man’s life as it is today. He shows to me the true American spirit to go on because we are so funtunate to live in this great country with the chance and opportunity to be able to change our lives for the better. This is something that Obama talks about but does not support. Our country could be in such better straits ecomonically if he would use his office to make changes in our industy and business rather than allow such wasteful spending and corporate greed control what is happening. And, we should really be building up our businesses in all sectors by keeping our money in this country and supporting the people who are willing and able to create business. We need a new, sincere, committed leader who knows business and is morally willing able to carry on and that person, I believe, is Mitt Romney. No other candidate has these qualifications and is trustworthy. I share these ideas with my contacts whether or not they agree. I only ask and hope they will consider these ideas and opinions before they vote in 2012.