Romney Packs the House in Denver, Hauls in Colorado Endorsements

Mitt Romney stopped by a packed Brewery Bar IV in Aurora, Colorado for about an hour on Monday afternoon to give a short speech, meet briefly with several small business owners, and meet and greet supporters.

Mitt mingles at Brewery Bar IV

I was fortunate enough to be among the 250 or so people crammed into the restaurant. There was certainly no shortage of excitement or enthusiasm from the crowd as Romney stuck to his main campaign theme so far: the economy. He passionately took Obama to task for instituting damaging economic policies and focusing on other pet-projects like card check and ObamaCare. We all cheered loudly when Mitt stated emphatically, “I love capitalism, I love the constitution!” Mitt’s optimism about America’s future is infectious and it’s clear to see that he is sincere about what he says.

Another thing I really appreciate about Governor Romney, is that he makes a priority of meeting his supporters and listening to what they have to say. After briefly meeting with several small business owners yesterday, Mitt started making the rounds. He went all the way around the restaurant to greet everyone who wanted to shake hands, speak with him, or get a photo with the next President. It’s not the first time I’ve seen this with Governor Romney. Clearly this is the norm for Mitt, and I highly respect him for it (but it must drive his staff crazy when they’re trying to get him to leave for the next event). I sincerely hope that you all will have the opportunity to meet Mitt at some point during this campaign because he is even more impressive in person. Thank you to everyone who was able to venture out to the Brewery Bar yesterday, it was a great time!

Monday was a great day for Colorado Romney supporters in other ways too. The campaign announced the endorsements of several prominent Republicans from the Centennial State. Former U.S. Senators Wayne Allard and Hank Brown pledged their support, as did former governor Bill Owens. The current state Attorney General and Treasurer are also backing Mitt.

UPDATE by Jayde: Aurora, CO – Romney sharpens attack on Dodd-Frank financial regulations

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9 Responses to Romney Packs the House in Denver, Hauls in Colorado Endorsements

  1. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Dave, thanks for making the effort to get to this event for Mitt in Aurora and for sharing your first-hand experience. I have also seen him take the time to listen to and greet his supporters. The guy is so easy to be around – down-to-earth and personable.

    Romney is the real deal.

  2. corep1 says:


    i was there too. took my 3 kids. they loved Mitt and my eldest’s only regret was that she can vote for him until he is up for re-election since she turns 18 1 month too late. She told him that and he said that he cant wait until she can.

    you are right about Mitt taking the time to talk to people. He came by our table and talked to all three of my kids. Joked with them about standing on the booth to get a better look. that interaction with the kids made the local channel 4 coverage of the event. I have to say that Mitt made a great impression on them.

    I can also report that Mitt got at least 4 new supporters that we talked with after the event. they were impressed with his conviction on the economy, his ideas for that, as well as his frequent reference to the constitution yesterday. All four said they were going to send him some $$ as well to show that support. One of them was a lady that the Denver post interviewed after the event and posted on their website. She talked about the fact that Romney has great family values. The Post even got me to say a few words in support of Mitt.

  3. corep1 says:


    i forgot to add, a BIG THANKS to you for letting us know about the event and letting my kids get up close to the next president of the United States!

  4. Bill says:

    Colorado is one of the states that Obama won in 2008 but has been a part of GOP victories in the past. I like that Mr. Romney is already campaigning there. Putting Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Colorado in play and almost certainly winning Nevada is a good start towards winning the White House. I saw a TV report on their website, and he looked good.

  5. Dave P says:

    You’re very welcome corep1. Wish I would’ve had a chance to meet you, but as you know, it was pretty crazy there. That’s great Mitt won some people over! There was an undecided at my table, but I’m not sure what his final thoughts were. Anyways, awesome that you and your kids got to come and see Mitt… the next President of the United States!

  6. Marilyn says:

    RE: Richard Viguerie: Huntsman’s Candidacy Will Split the Pawlenty/Romney Vote

    Read more:

    No, it won’t split the Pawlenty/Romney vote.

  7. Huntsman equals former Obama employee.

  8. Marilyn says:


    Bachmann pulls ahead of Romney in polling, but Romney vs Obama matchup shows Romney doing very, very well.

    If the GOP messes this up and ends up nominating some body other than Romney – that’s just nuts.

  9. Marilyn says:

    “In recent weeks, as economic news has continued to worsen, Republicans have begun to think that President Obama is not just vulnerable, but beatable,” said Mark McKinnon, a former strategist to President George W. Bush and Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), the 2008 GOP nominee.

    “And that’s why you are seeing candidates like Rick Perry, Rudy Giuliani and George Pataki testing the waters,” he added.

    Republicans point to the president’s declining approval ratings and the disappointing economic recovery rate as the reasons behind their thinking. Also, several members of the party have expressed frustration with the current crop of contenders.

    Here’s what I have to say to these “several members”, “I’m an Independent who voted for Barack Hussein Obama last time around. This time around, I’ll vote for a Republican for the first time in my life, and I will talk to all my family and friends about voting for a Republican, but only if it’s Mitt. I’m not going to vote for any other potential GOP candidate, period. And neither will family members”