(VIDEO) Mitt Romney’s Presidential Announcement Yields Interview with Sean Hannity (FOX News)

Ann Romney joins her husband, Governor Mitt Romney, after he announces his presidential candidacy at Scamman Farm in Stratham, NH. 6/2/11

Capping off Mitt Romney’s busy and successful presidential announcement today, The Gov sat down for a one-on-one interview with FOX News’ Sean Hannity.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Afterward, the discussion among Hannity’s Great American Panel – Robert Ehrlich (former governor of Maryland), Nina Easton (Washington Bureau Chief/Fortune Magazine and FOX News contributor), Jim Norton (comedian and author) and Hannity himself agreed this was a very solid interview with Governor Romney – one of his best. Hannity and Ehrlich also gave high marks to The Gov for his answers regarding Massachusetts’ health insurance.

► Jayde Wyatt

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10 Responses to (VIDEO) Mitt Romney’s Presidential Announcement Yields Interview with Sean Hannity (FOX News)

  1. Sean Oliver NC says:

    Great day for Mitt. He will be a great President…..!!

  2. Jayde Wyatt says:

    I agree, Sean. It was an awesome day for our next President!

  3. LeeBee says:

    He seems like a good man. I hope others will see that too. Better than any we’ve seen in a good long time! Go Mitt!

  4. Daniel says:

    I can’t wait to see Mitt go even farther. I liked his explanation of his position on MassCare, but I am surprised that he doesn’t take full advantage of such a strength. In light of the deficit-budget-debt battle taking place in Washington right now where the Republicans have floated a plan that has been criticized, misinterpreted, and even used for political clout in NY, where there has been a drought of viable alternatives, his position is made even stronger. There seem to be a lot of “sideline politicians” decrying the ideas that are put forth but are certainly unwilling to offer a plan of their own. Just as Republicans are asking Democrats, “Where is your plan to fix the deficit and medicare?”, shouldn’t Mitt be asking those that are criticizing his plan, “Where is your plan to curb Healthcare costs? . . . What do you have in your record showing that this is really something you care about?”
    Any plan for healthcare that represents conservative values would need to be
    (1) run on the state level
    (2)financially solvent and stable
    (3)passed with bipartisan support
    (4) passed with tremendous popular support

    Mitt nailed it. I think he has incredible evidence in these four main points that he is a great leader, executive, and conservative. Can any other person in the United States claim to have made that feat? Nope. In the last published study (March 2011, 84% of Massachusetts residents are pleased with their health care – another 9% are neutral. That’s 93% that are unopposed to what was done for their state, by their state.

  5. ChuckP says:

    Great interview. His defense of Romneycare was excellent, and he clearly has the experience to help us come back.

  6. Crystalf says:

    I agree .. a very good interview .. and I’m glad that Sean gave Mitt time to discuss the Mass HC plan. I liked that, in response to mandates, he said that states have many mandates today with respect to personal responsibility: children are to be educated, if you drive you need to have insurance, etc. These “mandates” are not hard & fast, though, nor is the Mass Care .. your kids don’t have to go to state schools, you can have a bond instead of car insurance and in Mass if you have the means for your healthcare, you’re not getting a free ride on the back of gov’t. He’s right .. this is a conservative idea. This explanation of states’ use of “mandates” makes Palin’s comments that there should not be any mandates in any level of gov’t .. look very silly. It was good that he mentioned that he consulted with Heritage and other conservative organizations to come up with their plan.

  7. Jon E. S. says:

    I have just lost what little respect I had for Sarah Palin, because of her attempt to rain on Romney’s parade. While I don’t know what her plans are, it was a tacky thing to do. Of course, she has done many tacky things and the clowns that adore her just lap it up. I agree with a comment made on Bill O’Reilly the other night. She must have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). When she’s not getting enough attention, she has a disorder and has to do something to get the spotlight back on herself. She has become a master at manipulating the media but she will not ever be the leader of this country. As noted by Crystalf, Palin is still very ignorant on many issues. Start supporting someone who CAN realistically beat Obama or GET OUT OF THE WAY!

  8. Makeli says:

    Great interview. I’m drooling for a showdown between him and Obama.

  9. DinahDChance says:

    He made a mistake and is trying to compensate for that mistake. He is not a flip flopper. Some people never learn from their mistakes. Some do, so when they decided and admit their mistake, then try to overcome them..they are called flip floppers. Remember, Mitt had not been in politics before. He had a lot to learn, some apologies to make, and restitution to be made. Do we all not do this at some point in our lives. Are you any different? Are you perfect? Neither is he, but his intentions for this country far outweigh the mistake he made when he was governor.

  10. DinahDChance says:

    I agree 100%, and I liked Sarah.@Jon E. S.