LIVE CHAT & FEED – Mitt Romney Announces He’s Running for President! 12:30 EST

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I’ve been looking forward to today’s announcement since February 7th, 2008 and it looks like Matt Drudge is excited about it as well.

Going to be a great day RT @Mitt_NH #Mitt2012 officially begins today in NH at 12:30 pm than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Also, Mitt has a new way to show your support for his candidacy on facebook:

This effort is not about more rhetoric. It’s not about a person, or politicians giving speeches – it is about the cause of restoring American greatness. Take a picture of yourself, family, or friends with a sign to show you Stand with Mitt

The new is here. Check it out! Tagg Romney wrote about Mitt’s announcement:

My Dad made a serious speech today about the serious jobs crisis that we are facing as a nation. The weak economy and lack of jobs are what has compelled him to get in this race. That’s why ultimately I think he should and will win both the nomination and the presidency—with skills that he has learned in the private sector, he has shown over and over that he can take over troubled situations and make them better. He did it at hundreds of companies as the CEO at Bain Capital, at the scandal-ridden and deficit-plagued Olympic games, and as Governor of Massachusetts.

When he assumed leadership of the Olympics, they had a $400M budget deficit. When he was finished, he put on one of the most successful games ever on U.S. soil and turned over a $100M profit to the city of Salt Lake. When he was elected Governor of Massachusetts, the state was in a recession and losing jobs, and the state budget was looking at a $3B deficit. When he left 4 years later, the unemployment rate was lower, the state was creating thousands of jobs every month and he left behind a $2B rainy day fund.

It was a great privilege to attend the announcement at the Scamman farm in NH today. Seeing 1,000 people turn out to hear him is encouraging and leads me to believe that the country is ready for a someone who can lead on jobs and the economy. So many people today told me stories about hardship they are having to go through as a result of the recession.

His announcement today that he has decided to run for President is the first step to help our nation out of its economic troubles. The USA is now facing a string of record-setting budget deficits at the same time that the economy is sputtering and leaving millions of good people unable to find good jobs. President Obama has tried to borrow his way out of a crisis, making matters worse. I believe America wants a leader who not only will talk about cutting spending and creating jobs, but who has shown time and again that he can actually do it.

-Tagg Romney

PS – My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims of the storms last night in Western MA. It was such a tragedy and such a poignant reminder of what is truly most important.

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  1. linda reel says:

    Mitt Romney will win the Presidency in 2012. I believe it and declare it in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen