Breaking: Mitch Daniels Will Not Run, Leaves Field Wide Open for Romney

#MyManMitt is the new #MyManMitch

Mitch Daniels will not run for President in 2012 -- does Mitt benefit?

POLITICO has the story:

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels told supporters in a midnight email early Sunday that he is opting against a 2012 presidential run, a decision that he said ultimately came down to family concerns.

“I hope this reaches you before the public news does,” Daniels wrote. “If so, please respect my confidence for the short time until I can make it known to all.”

“If you feel that this was a non-courageous or unpatriotic decision, I understand and will not attempt to persuade you otherwise. I only hope that you will accept my sincerity in the judgment I reached,” he wrote.

But it also is ultimately positive for Romney, who is increasingly able to cast himself as a stronger frontrunner.

What’s your take? Will this prove to be a positive for Romney’s chances?

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Real Estate Enthusiast, Unapologetic Mitt Romney Fan, Sandwich Guru, DMB Lover, Hulu Junkie, Smart Cookie View Posts | View Profile
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20 Responses to Breaking: Mitch Daniels Will Not Run, Leaves Field Wide Open for Romney

  1. Don says:

    I’d like Romney to do well, but I don’t quite see how he’s done anything to overcome the health insurance issue. That’s going to be his achilles heel if he can’t come up with a strategy aimed at reclaiming the base.

  2. Crystal says:

    Thanks for being on top of the news! This was the first place I heard this!

  3. Bill says:

    I don’t think anyone will immediately benefit. Mitch Daniels seemed to have a small but very passionate following. They will not be in a hurry to align with any of the other candidates. Eventually, some of them may vote for Mr. Romney in the primaries, but most of them won’t become active in other campaigns. The total number of supporters up for grabs is still small. He was only pulling a few percent in most polls.

    A few of those who’ve been answering polls as undecided might start to swing towards Mr. Romney, but Mr. Pawlenty will probably pick up more of them. As the frontrunner, Mr. Romney has had more exposure, so fewer undecideds are likely to break for him. On the other hand, he doesn’t need as many undecided voters to break his way in order to pick up the nomination.

    The bigger danger with Mitch Daniels would have been a siphoning of voters who were loosely committed to Mr. Romney and had been expressing a preference for Mr. Romney in the polls. I’m thoroughly tired of people saying that the current field is weak and that we needed someone new. Mr. Romney is ahead by six points in Michigan. He’s ahead by a point in Pennsylvania where Obama’s approval is only 42%. He’ll win Nevada in the general election if he’s nominated. He’ll likely win New Hampshire. He has a chance at Colorado. He should get Missouri, particularly if he picks Jim Talent as running mate. Obama’s Israel speech should lose Florida. We need to pick up either North Carolina or Virginia (or both), but Mr. Romney has a chance. We need to win Ohio, but Mr. Romney should have a good chance there also. I hope that with the Daniels candidacy no longer a possibility, people will realize that the GOP already has at least one very strong candidate.

    Maybe the biggest opportunity isn’t something that will show in the polls. Some big money donors seemed to be sitting out in hopes of getting behind a Mitch Daniels candidacy. With him out of the race, some of that money may go to Mr. Romney’s campaign. That money will be helpful.

  4. tiafala says:

    Mitch is one of those rare smart people who don’t get pushed into doing something when his heart and belief are not ready to do, even not for fame or any other reason than being the right thing to do. My deep respect for this Leader.
    But please, don’t link his decision with whether Romney will benefit from it. Those who support Mitch make their own decisions as to which Candidate they believe will highly benefit the nation.
    I admit that Romney is the best qualified Candidate who can defeat the sitting President next year.

  5. Noelle says:

    I don’t know a lot about Mitch Daniels, but from what I was able to learn, he seems like a very honest and sincere man, and he would have contributed positively to the primary process. I wish him and his family all the best.

    Mitt Romney 2012.

  6. Jerry says:

    We (GOP) are in big trouble with Mitch NOT running. If Mitt would only admit RomneyCare was a MISTAKE I would vote for him, but I just can’t vote for a candidate that approves of socialized medicine(Obama and Romney Care).

  7. Sam says:

    So at this point, I see Bachmann, Cain, Santorum, and TPaw getting very bloody in Iowa.

    This leaves a perfect opportunity for Mitt to swoop in and take a victory.

    A Romney victory in Iowa is a sure path to the nomination, as long as NH and NV break his way.

    If Romney doesn’t play Iowa, or plays only lightly, he will have to win big in NH.

    I see Mitt duking it out with Huntsman and TPaw in NH. NH could get bloody. The Union Leader newspaper (which is very popular in western NH will be a coveted endorsement of anyone who gets it. It doesn’t like Mitt, so he will have to win support on the ground.

    SC could be trouble if Mitt doesn’t play there. It is necessary to do well there. 4th is not an option.

  8. Chris says:

    Mitch would have been my number 2 choice. But, it’s refreshing to see a politican to consider the views of the family, first. He’s a good gov, and will continue to be so.

  9. Rachel says:

    I’m a huge Mitch fan, but a part of me is glad that there will be fewer candidates splitting the, err, pragmatic vote. I’d bet many of the big donors waiting on Mitch would go to Mitt; T-Paw has yet to prove himself more appealing than Romney. And the rest of the candidates? ehh….

  10. cj says:

    i am so tired of the HC issues even being brought up! really! if you don’t live in mass you should not be worried about THEIR healthcare reform. it is a STATE issue there and NOT a FEDERAL issue! geeezzzzz how much more clear does mitt need to be! go research state rights, then research federal rights. then go read the common wealth heath care reform and see that it fits into the definition of states rights’. then go read the court decision that says the common weath HC plan IS CONSTITUTIONAL, then go read the court decision that obamacare IS NOT CONSTITUTIONAL. then go read what socilized medicine is and see that mass does not have socilized medicine! anyway, IF YOU DON’T LIVE IN MASS YOU SHOULD NOT BE WORRIED ABOUT IT! if you do live in mass and you are on of the 16% that don’t like it, go vote the governor and your legislators out! romney is NOT IN SUPPORT OF A FEDERAL TAKE OVER OF HEALTH CARE REFORM! he is for states to do what they need to do for their state aka the 10th ammendment! i think the confusion her is the lack of informative voters on the difference of state rights and federal rights and how dare anyone that does not live in mass think they should take away their health care that 84% of the citizens there love! that is their right! if anything this should prove that romney knows the law, the facts and how to bring people together to get things done to bennifit his constituates! and HE WILL DO THE SAME AS PREZ! get informed and get a grip!!!!!

  11. Healthcare will fade when Americans learn that Iran sold medium ICBMs to Hugo Chavez and that he intendsto point them at us with nuclear warheads. Obama will look like fool not that he hasn’t already for doing nothing. Romney’s strength is also the economy and without it we have a weak military. Romney get’s it.

  12. Todd Harris says:

    Its simple, Mitt has more Experience with healthcare period! the media has a A.D.D. They are looking for a short explination of his healthcare plan and there is none, the media is in this sound bite era.. Healthcare cannot be explained in a sound bite..

  13. Bill says:


    Well said!

  14. Hungarian Crusader says:


    Congrats, than you are basically voting for Obummer.
    You are a big help to America.

  15. Crystalf says:

    AMEN, CJ!!!

  16. Dave P says:

    I think Mitt has done about all he can to answer critics of the MA health care plan (take a look here: I, for one, feel that it’s more important what he’s planning to do for the country and he’s the only GOP candidate that has experience attempting to reform health care. I see that as a huge advantage because he’s seen firsthand what works and what doesn’t. Regardless of if you agree with the individual mandate or not, Mitt knows that smaller government and less interference from Washington, DC is better. That’s what he’s looking to do moving forward (i.e. medical liability reform and allowing plans to be purchased across state lines.)

    I recommend this article as well. and

  17. Mike says:

    THANKS YOU!!! Get over it people and learn what it means to be conservative. It means restricting the federal government, allowing states to make the decisions its’ residents want made. The only thing the feds can legally do is legislate commerce (like allowing insurance companies to register federally instead of on a state basis). Obamacare is illegal, RomneyCare (really watered down/altered RomneyCare since he had to compromise with the most liberal legislative body in the country) is not illegal.

  18. I hope that the people who don’t want Mitt in and do not support him like obama, the man born in Nigeria. He will get in for another 4 years as no one else can beat him so go vote for whomever you want but obama will win. Mitt is the only one that can win against obama. He has the experience, knowledge, and the way of talking to people that explains everything to the public. Mitt is our man if you want to clean out the trash from the White House. Frankie

  19. ccr says:

    I think the article is written by CNN……..not a conservative news agency. They will, along with others, subtly to not so subtly undermine Romney! We will have to get on websites and post support, truth and links for Romney.