What Happens When President Obama Doesn’t Get His Way?

President Obama’s administration shut out a reporter from the Boston Herald from his Wednesday fundraising event in Boston. You might think that it would be insane for a politician to treat an important blue-state newspaper like this with an election coming up relatively soon, but hey, you’re not the President of the United States so what do you know!?

In any regard, what is the reason the Boston Herald was treated so poorly? The Obama administration is angry that Mitt Romney’s op-ed “The Obama Misery Index Hits a Record High” was put on the front page. We’ve all suspected that Gov. Romney is the candidate President Obama fears most, but can there be any doubt now? President Obama just can’t get Mitt Romney out of his head.

Fortunately for truth-seekers everywhere, Gov. Romney fired back at President Obama for barring the Herald from full access to the presidential visit to Boston yesterday.

‘I know the president and the White House are very sensitive about anyone who talks about the failures in the economy,’ Romney said. ‘They’re in denial about putting people out of work and the under-employed. When the Herald speaks the truth, they lash out.’

‘I think the president’s campaign promises in too many cases have gone by the boards. The transparency pledge was the first to go,’ Romney said. ‘The inclination toward retribution and lashing out toward people who disagree with his economic posture is only the latest chapter.’

‘I think it’s very hard for a Republican administration to try and punish the media for a story they don’t like,’ Romney said. ‘And this is not in keeping with the First Amendment principles that have governed the White House.’

If you actually click on either of the Boston Herald articles, they both link to Mitt’s original op-ed that the administration seems to angry about, so all President Obama has achieved is to bring even more attention to Gov. Romney’s op-ed. I can’t wait to see how the President reacts when Gov. Romney actually releases the Obama Misery Index and the American People have a visual depiction of how terrible President Obama’s policies have been for our economy!

Hugh Hewitt asks “Why is President Obama Trying to Raise Governor Romney’s Negatives?

“It is almost as if the president wanted to make sure that Romney wasn’t the GOP nominee.” Yeah, almost ;)

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4 Responses to What Happens When President Obama Doesn’t Get His Way?

  1. cj says:

    just curious…is that a tomato sandwich mitts eating? :))

  2. go mitt go. don’t relent. don’t let them bring up anything they can use to destroy your campaign. don’t let the other candidat6es stop you or set you back. what you used in massachusetts to win, can be refined and strengthened. stand wholly for conservatives. put the liberal democrats and liberal republicans know we aren’t going to stand for another arnold schwartzanegger or john mccain. kick ’em in the knee, kick ’em in the butt. don’t take no slack from them . show them you are the boss. god bless you mr romney.GIVE “EM HELL.PATRICK COMBS-OMAHA, NEBR.

  3. Mark says:

    Way to tell it like it is! Go Mitt; my full support in 2012!