Iowa Begins to Take Shape, Mitt Romney Hires Campaign Director

Remember a couple of months ago when conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt asked Gov Romney about competing in Iowa? Romney’s answer was clear: “If I decide to run, I’ll be planning on running nationwide… […]And that surely will take me to Iowa as well as the other early states…”

Iowa, things are shaping up!

The Gov has hired Sara Craig, a former 2008 aide, to head his Hawkeye State campaign:

Sara Craig, previously Romney’s central Iowa field director, will direct his state campaign beginning next month.

The hiring of a day-to-day manager in Iowa offers the best evidence yet that, while he wants to lower expectations in Iowa, Romney still intends to mount a full campaign there.

The former Massachusetts governor hasn’t visited the first-in-the-nation state since stumping for Gov. Terry Branstad last October, but his staffing up signals that a return trip will take place in the near future.
But Romney retains a strong following in the state and early polls show him at or close to the top. He won 30,000 votes in the 2008 caucuses and carried a slew of counties, performing particularly strong in more moderate eastern Iowa. And as the nearest thing the GOP has to a frontrunner, it would be an indication of weakness if he attempts to pick and choose which states he plays in.
The hiring of Craig enables Romney to ramp up enough to begin doing the sort of organizing necessary to have an infrastructure in place for the caucuses. But it also reflects a campaign determined to stay leaner this time around.

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Ms. Craig is currently a consultant at RedWave Communications.

Through his endorsements and campaign contributions last year, Romney had a significant impact on Iowa State Senate and House midterm elections last fall. He was a strong supporter for then-candidate Terry Brandstad (now Governor Brandstad) and many other candidates.

UPDATE: Here’s new video of Romney speaking yesterday to folks filling their gas tanks at Hillsborough Gas & Repair in Manchester, New Hampshire:

UPDATE 2:In case you missed the Presidential Summit on Spending and Job Creation sponsored by Americans for Prosperity (4/29/11) here are the entire proceedings:

AFP Foundation Presidential Summit from AFPhq on Vimeo.

Governor Romney’s intro begins @ 37:04.

H/t to Paulee for gas station video.

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5 Responses to Iowa Begins to Take Shape, Mitt Romney Hires Campaign Director

  1. Sam says:

    If Mitt wins Iowa, he will win the nomination.

    He could win IA, NH, NV no problem if he wins IA first.

    Then, he might be able to squeak out SC.

    Then, FL.

    Then he wins Super Tuesday big.

  2. Evelio Perez says:

    That would sure be a welcome victorious surprise if he can pull out Iowa, I agree Sam, if he wins Iowa, look out………….

  3. Vic says:

    Remember Mitt won Iowa last time so while it is an important launch, Iowa is not conclusive. Iowans vote for people whom they know. Mitt is well known now and is expected to win Iowa again. The question is what can he do with an Iowa win and how can he augment it elsewhere more effectively.

  4. Mark says:

    Mitt’s words stir within. Hope others can feel it too.

  5. Jon E. S. says:

    The longer Huckabee and Palin make no hints that they are running, the better it looks for Mitt in Iowa. I would guess that Trump just needs a few more months (perhaps even weeks?) of hubris and running his mouth off before people tire of him. He’s like the Huckabee of ’08. Tear everyone down, play the clown and get as many clueless GOPers as possible to vote for you. The bottom line is, unlike Mitt, they’re not doing it for the country…it’s all about themselves. Pure selfishness.