BREAKING: Tim Pawlenty Announces 2012 Presidential Exploratory Committee

Looks like Tim Pawlenty is taking the official plunge. Embedded is the “exclusive” video you’re only supposed to see if you are a fan of his facebook page…

But Nate, aren’t you worried some people will jump ship for Pawlenty if you show the video on this site?

No, not really.

I wish good luck to T-Paw and his team.

~Nate G.

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5 Responses to BREAKING: Tim Pawlenty Announces 2012 Presidential Exploratory Committee

  1. Well so far it appears that the dominoes are falling on schedule.

    Gingrich, early March.
    Pawlenty, late March.

    That leaves Romney in April.

  2. Dan says:

    Pawlenty is a pretty good guy. He’s a pretty good governor. He’d make a pretty good president. He’d be a pretty good choice if we didn’t already have a great choice in Mitt Romney. Maybe Pawlenty can be VP…

  3. Bill says:

    As Mr. Romney said so often last time, c’mon in, the water’s warm.

    One of the ideas that came from the Bain Capital days was what they called “creative conflict.” Mr. Romney believed that if good folks got together and worked through conflicting ideas, they would come up with better plans than any of them would have had alone without going through that conflict. Of course, this idea depends on people working out those conflicts with intelligent, positive discussion of the ideas and not just ugly, personal attacks. Mr. Romney’s comments on the campaign trail show that he is genuine in his belief in this strategy and welcomes other candidates because he believes that the party and the country will benefit from all of them working together to improve the ideas that each of them has. I guess some people think that taking a good idea and improving the idea is a “flip-flop” of some kind, but I think there’s tremendous value in making those improvements.

    I like much of what I hear about Mr. Pawlenty. I’m concerned at hearing that he has given rhetorical support to parts of the environmental extremist movement. I’ve even heard that he’s supported cap-and-trade. We need to check out those issues more closely to be certain that they aren’t just smear, but no one should support him without getting the facts.

    I hope that as he brings ideas and people to the table, Mr. Pawlenty will help us take back this country.

  4. Lori says:

    Pawlenty might make a good president but will he make a good candidate against Obama if he is nominated? In other words, could he win? Can he motivate the middle to turn out to vote for him, the way Obama energized them in 2008. They aren’t energized for him anymore, but can Pawlenty energize them? I’m not so sure, nor willing to take that chance.

  5. I think Mitt Romney should have announced first. Waiting until after others announce makes you the “bad guy”: “Sure, a lot of other people are running, but I don’t think they’re who we need; I think we need me”, and so forth. No, I don’t believe that’s what Mitt would be saying if he were to announce after everyone else did, but a lot of people would think that he was.

    By the way, I think Governor Pawlenty is serious about becoming president. He’s not angling for any consolation prize, and he certainly isn’t an “also-ran”. He could give Mitt a run for his money, so to speak. And, like I said, there are advantages to being the first (major) candidate to announce.