How does Mitt Romney keep so fit at 63?

According to this article, Romney takes jogging seriously.

He tries to run four or five times a week, two to five miles at a time while on the campaign trail. Imagine what he does when he has time.

He is also quite competitive in his quest to stay fit.

His sons tell stories of the annual Romney triathlon in New Hampshire where the Romney’s have a vacation home. This very active family runs, swim, and bikes.

What does he eat? He likes granola. Ann, his wife, makes it for him and he keeps it in a zip lock bag while traveling. This helps keep him from over eating if the bags are one portion each.

He is also a partaker of lots of fruit, yogurt and drinks water. Like most of us, he likes a sandwich and fast food shops while on the go. On the road, his favorite stops are Quiznos or Subway (turkey sandwiches). He eats chicken, fish or pasta for dinner. His cheats are Big Macs and chocolate malts.

What about the hair?

Governor Mitt Romney to Appear on ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ Television Show

UPDATE: Below is a clip from Mitt Romney’s recent appearance on CNN’s ‘Piers Morgan Tonight‘:

Piers Morgan.

Heard that name before?

Described as the ‘brash brit’ who hosts America’s Got Talent, 45 year old Morgan has also been hired to take over Larry King’s time slot on CNN. His first program will air on Monday, January 17th ( Oprah Winfrey is his first guest).

Guess who else he snagged to be a guest on his show?

That’s right, Governor Mitt Romney. (The exact date hasn’t been released, yet.)

On Monday, CNN revealed the guest list for the first week of “Piers Morgan Tonight.” The show, which debuts on Jan. 17, will, of course, kick off with Oprah. But the rest of the guest list is almost as starry. From George Clooney to Mitt Romney, from Kim Kardashian to Condi Rice, Morgan has compiled a roster of big, big names.

(my emphasis)

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will appear on Wednesday, January 19th. Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump are also scheduled to be on the show in the near future.

Said to be causing a stir since arriving in the U.S. to record his new program, Morgan is facing a formidable ratings hurdle and aims to ‘play hardball’ on his show. “I love being polarizing,” he told reporters. “It’s more fun”.

To give you an idea what Romney is in for…

Oprah Winfrey completed taping her interview and said it was “One of the toughest interviews I’ve had in 20 years.” She expounded further:

“He is a tough cookie!Those days of Larry King soft-balling you? Over, baby. I had to take a hot bath and a couple Anacin after that interview. It was like volleying. I said, ‘Piers, if I ask a question and they don’t want to answer it, I move on. You come back three different ways!’ You have to be on your toes.

Veteran news executive Jonathon Wald is the executive producer of Piers Morgan Tonight and is also gung-ho about improving ratings.

Mitt Romney has never shied away from hardball interviews and as for Morgan and Wald wanting to catapult their ratings – booking the Governor was a smart move.

Stay tuned! This should be good!

(Check back for the exact date of Romney’s appearance.)

UPDATE – No info yet on the exact night Romney will appear on Morgan’s show, but the new program will air in America at 9:00 PM Eastern and Pacific time. More good news… Being an international show, Mitt will get some good exposure across the globe.

The list:

Asia Pacific
New Delhi 5.30pm
Bangkok/ Jakarta 7.00pm
Hong Kong/ Singapore/ Kuala Lumpur/ Taipei/ Beijing/ Manila 8.00pm
Tokyo/ Seoul 9.00pm
Sydney 11.00pm
Auckland 3pm

Latin America
Bogotá 9pm
Brasilia 12am
Buenos Aires 11pm
Mexico City 8pm
Panama City 9pm

London 8pm
Abuja / Berlin / Paris 9pm
Cairo / Johannesburg 10pm
Nairobi / Moscow / Doha 11pm
Dubai 12am

UPDATE: Gov Romney will appear on the Piers Morgan Tonight show on Tuesday, February 1, 2011.

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Governor Mitt Romney Meets with Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai

Having visited the United Arab Emirates this past Saturday, Governor Mitt Romney is continuing his week-long Middle East tour. Keeping with his agenda of meeting with high-level officials in each country, Romney has met with Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai:

US’s Romney meets Afghan president: Kabul

KABUL — US past and possible future Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney met Monday with President Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan, where nearly 100,000 US troops are based.

The former Massachusetts governor told Karzai that “the US is well aware of terrorists’ presence in Pakistan and its border regions and this is a threat to Pakistan and Afghanistan,” a statement issued by Karzai’s office said.

Afghan leaders charge that militants waging an insurgency against US and international targets in Afghanistan receive funds and training in Pakistan through its intelligence services.

“The situation in Pakistan is an indicator that terrorists are not only attacking Afghanistan but are causing lots of troubles for Pakistan too,” the statement quoted Romney as saying.

There are some 97,000 US troops in Afghanistan as part of a 140,000-strong NATO-led force aiming to help Kabul defeat the Taliban and maintain a democracy introduced to the Islamic nation after the Islamists were ousted in 2001.

Last week, the US announced that an extra 1,400 Marines were being sent to southern Afghanistan.

Romney is expected to head later in the week to Israel to meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and then to Jordan, to meet King Abdullah II.

Continued safe journeys, Governor!

UPDATE: Former Senator Jim Talent on Middle East trip with Mitt Romney

Jim Talent has not said whether he’ll take the political path again but he’s traveling widely as an ex-senator on a weeklong trip to the Middle East with Mitt Romney.

Talent’s office confirmed this morning that he is accompanying Romney on a trip that will take them to Afghanistan, Israel, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. They arrived in Afghanistan on Sunday.

Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, was a GOP presidential aspirant in 2008 and is likely to run for his party’s nomination in 2012. The trip is his second to a war zone and could add to a resume that has been short on foreign policy experience.

Talent, a St. Louis County Republican who lost his Senate seat to Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., in 2006, was an adviser to Romney in 2008 on defense and foreign policy matters. Talent is believed to be considering another campaign against McCaskill, who is up for re-election in 2012.

Since losing his re-election bid, Talent has served on a high-profile, bipartisan commission examining threats from bioterrorism and other weapons of mass destruction.

Talent also has worked on a behind-the-scenes panel in Washington examining an array of defense issues, from weapons procurement to the appropriate role of the United States in global affairs.

UPDATE 2: Romney a step ahead of Biden; completes meeting with General Petraeus and Karzai well ahead of VP Joe Biden’s surprise flight into Kabul to meet with same officials.

Romney’s meeting with Karzai, though, comes on the same day that Biden made a surprise trip to Afghanistan to check up on the U.S. military’s progress in that country.

Biden arrived Monday evening, Kabul time, at the U.S. embassy for a meeting with Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador Karl Eikenberry, per a pool report. He plans a meeting with Karzai later Monday.

Read more here.

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Chris Matthews Show, 12 For ’12 series: Mitt Romney

Today on the Chris Matthews Show, Matthews and a panel of John Heilemann–New York Magazine; Alex Wagner–Politics Daily; Kelly O’Donnell–NBC News; Chuch Todd–NBC News, discuss Mitt Romney in the first of Matthews series, 12 For ’12:

RIGHT CLICK the photo below. Click on “Open link in new Window”. The video should load and then start for you.

Mitt Romney visits the Middle East including Afghanistan

According to Reuters:

“The purpose of the trip is not to conduct private diplomacy but to give Governor Romney a first-hand look at what is happening in an important region of the world,” Fehrnstrom said.

Romney visited the United Arab Emirates on Saturday. He will also visit Israel and Jordan on the week-long trip.

He had a series of high-level meetings planned, including talks with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jordan’s King Abdullah.

The complete story is here:

~UPDATE from Rebel Ross

Mitt also met with Gen. David Petraeus on Friday (the first day of his week-long trip). This is Mitt’s 2nd trip to the area. The Daily Caller adds

According to Fehrnstrom, Romney will also “train Afghans and share with local leaders his views on issues of leadership, public service, economic opportunity and democratic participation.”

~Monday Morning Update

US past and possible future Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney met Monday with President Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan, where nearly 100,000 US troops are based.

The former Massachusetts governor told Karzai that “the US is well aware of terrorists’ presence in Pakistan and its border regions and this is a threat to Pakistan and Afghanistan,” a statement issued by Karzai’s office said.

Also, according to the Washington Post,

The expenses for Romney’s trip are being paid with a blend of personal funds and contributions from the International Republican Institute and the American Israel Education Foundation.

The institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan group focused on advancing freedom and democracy. McCain is chairman of its board.

~Update #2

Here’s a link to our post about Mitt’s meeting with Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai who was suspiciously visited by VP Biden only hours later. We also learned that Sen. Talent is accompanying Gov. Romney for some of the Mideast trip.

Here are Mitt’s 2 recent Tweets about his trip:

“Met this young woman in Afghanistan. Impressed with new generation of activists and reformers


“Just finished meeting with King Abdullah II in Amman. En route to Tel Aviv.”

Update #3

As part of his middle eastern tour, it appears Mitt Romney has teamed up IRI (The International Republican Institute), a group dedicated to advancing democracy worldwide. Mitt Romney Speaks to members of the Afghanistan Youth National and Social Organization.

Governor Romney’s Statement on Today’s Horrific Shooting in Tucson, AZ

Governor Romney issued the following statement on the horrific shooting in Arizona:

"I offer my prayers to all the victims and their families..."

“Today’s horrifying shooting in Tucson shocks the conscience of decent Americans everywhere. When such an unspeakable act occurs, and lives are taken in violence, we rightly respond with comfort and support because that is the only way we know to show that evil does not triumph over goodness in the world. I offer my prayers to all the victims and their families, including Representative Gabrielle Giffords, and look forward to the swift and harsh punishment that awaits the perpetrator of this cowardly attack.”

UPDATE by Jayde – 2012 GOP presidential field on Giffords shooting:

Romney vs. Obama: New Poll Shows Romney is the Only Republican Who Can Beat Obama in Nevada

With Mitt on the ticket, Nevada goes red!

There has been a lot of poll results coming out this week showing Mitt Romney as not only the GOP front runner, but also the only candidate who stands in the way of Obama’s chances at a second term in the White House.

A new poll came out today from Public Policy Polling showing Mitt Romney as the only person who would be a real challenge to President Obama in Nevada. No other tentative Republican candidate for the 2012 election would be a competitive against Obama in the fight to secure Nevada’s 6 electoral votes (1 extra thanks to the 2010 census):

Barack Obama would easily take Nevada if he had to stand for reelection today…unless the Republicans nominated Mitt Romney. Obama has early double digit advantages against Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, and Sarah Palin in the state but has just a single point edge over Romney.

Nevada is one of the few swing states we’ve polled in the last couple months where more voters approve (50%) than disapprove (46%) of Obama. Like everywhere else in the country Democrats are largely happy with him and Republicans are most unhappy- what sets apart his numbers in Nevada is his popularity with independents, 55% of whom approve of him with 41% disapproving.

Independents in the state may like Obama but they like Romney even more, giving him a 58/28 favorability rating. That’s quite a contrast to how they feel about other the leading Republican contenders in the state. Huckabee’s favorability with them is 38/50, Palin’s is 28/61, and Gingrich actually occupies the basement in this state at 26/65.

emphasis mine

Nevada isn’t the only state where Mitt Romney is the only real threat to Obama’s chances of winning that state. Obama has the same problem in Michigan where the former Massachusetts governor is the only person who poses a significant hurdle in capturing that state. That point is made clear in PPP’s reporting:

Of the battleground states where we’ve polled 2012 so far, Nevada has the biggest disparity in the GOP’s chances of winning depending on who their nominee is. The only other state where there was greater than a 5 point difference between how one Republican did and the rest of them was Michigan, where Romney came to within 4 points of Obama with Huckabee the next closest at 12 points.

Mitt Means Business!

Even though Obama and Mitt Romney are closely tied in Nevada, the advantage goes to Mitt Romney. He won Nevada during the 2008 Presidential primaries (some have attributed his victory to the high volume of Mormon [LDS] voters). He made a whopping five stops to the Vegas area on his No Apology book tour back in March. He also gave a speech to the 2,500 members of the International Franchise Association in Las Vegas. Furthermore, Mitt endorsed a handful of Republican candidates in Nevada and came out to stump for them during the 2010 midterm elections. As a result, Mitt Romney has some serious name recognition in Nevada –enough to help him secure the vital swing state.

Given that Governor Romney can put states like Nevada and Michigan into play for 2012 while other potential Republican candidates would lose by double digit margins, he really becomes an attractive candidate for Americans looking to put Obama in the unemployment line in 2012 — perhaps in Nevada, where the state has an unemployment rate of 14.3%, the highest unemployment rate in the United States.

The economy will be the most important issue of 2012, Americans will want a candiate who can stimulate the economy (not the government) and get Americans back to work again. The best man to do that is Mitt Romney; Mitt means business!

~ Jared A.

GOP Insiders Poll: Mitt Romney DOUBLES the Nearest Contender!

More great results for the Governor today, coming from a newly released GOP Insiders Poll at Nation Journal:

James A. Barnes, Insiders Poll Director at NR, sums it all up in the video below:

Coupled with the amazing results of this Insiders poll, BOSMAN posted a new poll that has Mitt Romney dominating New Hampshire. I was wondering, will a solid win in New Hampshire’s early primary be enough to push Mitt to a prominent, permanent position at the top? It did for McCain. I remember in the days leading into the ’08 NH primary, there was talk of McCain’s campaign being completely deflated — not even enough steam (funding) to make it until Super Tuesday. But the guy eeked out a win in NH, gained huge recognition for the victory, and the money and support came flowing in.

I don’t see Mitt’s numbers going down anytime soon. Only time will tell how things play out for Mitt (assuming he’s up for the challenge). Until then, anyone know the cost of a plane ticket from SLC to Manchester? Oh, and will 50 Mitt Romney yard signs make it through airport security? …Here’s hoping.

-Aaron Gundy- Follow @AaronGundy on Twitter

New Poll: Romney Leaves Everyone in the Dust in New Hampshire

Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney holds a commanding lead in New Hampshire in the early stages of the race for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination, according to a new survey commissioned by NH Journal and conducted by Magellan Strategies. The survey is the first statewide survey of Granite State Republicans and Republican-leaning independents in 2011.

New Hampshire Poll Results for 2012 GOP Field:

Romney Dominates Early NH Polling

Mitt Romney 39%
Sarah Palin 16%
Mike Huckabee 10%
Newt Gingrich 8%
Tim Pawlenty 4%
Rick Santorum 3%
Haley Barbour 1%

Full Analysis HERE.

Interactive cross tabs below:

Mitt Romney: Congratulations to the New Republican Majority

Mitt Romney posted this on his PAC’S Website today:

We face many challenges, but in no area is leadership more important than in addressing the economy and the need for new jobs. Let’s face it; Washington has become a job-killing beast. It is slowly but surely smothering the very pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit that made America the freest, strongest nation on earth. Fortunately, we took the first step in slaying that job-killing beast by electing a Republican majority to the United States House of Representatives last November. But reclaiming majority control of the House is just the first step. We have a lot of work to do to change Washington and get our economy back on track.