Mitt and Ann Romney Welcome Grandchild #16!

A tweet from Governor Romney this morning announced the happy news!

Ann with little Sawyer Romney. Grandchild #16, arrived last week.

Ann Romney cradles new grandson, Sawyer Romney.

Welcome, baby Sawyer!

Congratulations to the new parents and the entire Romney family!

The Romney’s have five sons and five daughters-in-law. Newly-arrived little Sawyer will no doubt be good friends with cousin Jonathon George who was born last August.

(It sure would be fun in a couple of years to see these toddlers frolicking in the White House Rose Garden…)

► Jayde Wyatt

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One Response to Mitt and Ann Romney Welcome Grandchild #16!

  1. Mark F. says:

    Why does Ann appear to be wearing that rock on her right hand? Also, that’s a pretty “bling, bling” watch if you ask me!!