Romney Meets with Business Owners at ABI in Manchester, New Hampshire

Not content to rest up on the day before his television marathon tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb 1st), and keeping his experienced ear-to-the-ground on America’s unacceptable unemployment rate and problems the entrepreneurial community is facing, Governor Romney privately met with business owners today at ABI (Amoskeag Business Incubator) in Manchester, New Hampshire:

ABI press release:

Governor Romney Looks to NH Entrepreneurs for the Pulse of
Small Business

Manchester, NH – January 31, 2011 – The Amoskeag Business Incubator (ABI) today welcomed and hosted former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Romney toured the ABIs nearly renovated and modernized 15,000 square foot facility that is home to over 30 of New England’s most innovative companies. Romney proceeded to meet with about 10 business owners in a private session. “What I really wanted to do was come here today and get a sense of entrepreneurship in New Hampshire and for the nation; what is working and not working for you as business owners,” said Romney.

For more than an hour Governor Romney listened and shared his perspective on the need for entrepreneurship and his desire to create efficient capital markets that support the small business owner. Romney’s visit is at the ground floor of a growing entrepreneurial movement in the region that is being led by the ABI. The ABI is set to launch an exciting rebranding and strategic plan focused on a new vision that will elevate its relevance and attract the most innovative minds, ideas and businesses in New England. “There has been a lot of chatter about what we have been up to at the ABI. The energy is contagious and I think Governor Romney wanted to see for himself the new entrepreneurial landscape we are creating,” said Jamie Coughlin, VP of Strategic Initiatives at the ABI.

More from the

MONDAY UPDATES: MITT’S QUIET STOP. Mitt Romney visited the non-profit Amoskeag Business Incubator in Manchester’s Millyard while in New Hampshire today.

The Granite Status reported last Friday that the former Massachusetts governor and likely 2012 presidential candidate would be in the first-primary state today for private meetings with Republican activists.

Word of his meeting with business owners came this afternoon in a press release from the incubator. It said that Romney toured the incubator’s renovated 15,000-square-foot facility that hosts more than 30 of “New England’s most innovative companies.”

[…]ABI’s helps develop technology-based start-up companies.

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Are You Coming to CPAC? Mitt Wants to Know

So, I log onto Facebook today and my news feed contains the heartwarming news item about the birth of Mitt and Ann Romney’s 16th grandchild. Once I’m on Mitt’s facebook page, I notice that a new tab has been added to his page after “wall” and “info”. Mitt now has a tab devoted completely to CPAC 2011!

If you’re coming to CPAC Feb 10-12, please go to Mitt’s new CPAC 2011 tab, and let Mitt know you’re coming. Even if you aren’t coming, it looks like you can sign up to get updates during the conference in addition to the ones we here at MRC will be providing. If you’re still thinking about coming, but haven’t decided yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? This is going to be an amazing conference and probably the highest attended ever. Let’s get as many Romney supporters to CPAC as we can! It’ll be great to meet so many of you in person. Besides, Mitt gives one of his best speeches of the year each year at CPAC, and you won’t want to miss this year.

Also, CPAC just released the Agenda for this year’s conference, so check it out here. There are tons of other great speakers and seminars to attend and we still don’t know who will give the surprise address at the end of the conference. It was Glenn Beck last year and Rush Limbaugh the year before, so it should be a very compelling speaker whomever they choose.

Finally, we’re extremely thankful for the support so many of you have shown us to get a few more of us to the conference. Aaron, (previously unable to go), will now be joining myself (Ross) and Dave at the conference. If you want to help us send a few more team members to the conference or you just want to check out the progress made so far, click here.


Rumor has it, Mitt will be sending texts about where he is exactly during CPAC so anyone who signs up here will be the first to know where and when to find Mitt at CPAC.

Mitt and Ann Romney Welcome Grandchild #16!

A tweet from Governor Romney this morning announced the happy news!

Ann with little Sawyer Romney. Grandchild #16, arrived last week.

Ann Romney cradles new grandson, Sawyer Romney.

Welcome, baby Sawyer!

Congratulations to the new parents and the entire Romney family!

The Romney’s have five sons and five daughters-in-law. Newly-arrived little Sawyer will no doubt be good friends with cousin Jonathon George who was born last August.

(It sure would be fun in a couple of years to see these toddlers frolicking in the White House Rose Garden…)

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A Response to Claims that Sarah Palin has Run Her PAC Better than All Others

Let me start by saying this post is not meant to suggest that Sarah Palin didn’t run her PAC well, or that Palin is a bad manager. Palin has done amazing things with her PAC. Her ability to raise money from small donors and energize the base is phenomenal. She has gotten people to give money who have never donated to a political candidate before — and that is a great thing. However, the argument that the folks at Conservatives 4 Palin make that Palin will run a better presidential campaign than Mitt Romney because she spent a smaller percentage of the money she raised in her PAC is completely ridiculous.

Money raised to cash-on-hand ratio as measure of fundraising efficiency?!

C4P: The best way to compare the efficiency and effectiveness of different PACs is to compare their respective cash-on-hand/total receipts ratios. I believe the ratio is an extremely significant number because it tells you who knows how to spend money and how to save money effectively and efficiently. Under this metric, Governor Palin has clearly operated her PAC better than how Clinton, Obama, Romney, and Pawlenty have operated their PACs.

There are many reasons this argument makes absolutely no sense:

  • Political campaigns are not businesses. Unlike a business, there is no reason to SAVE money in a campaign. A surplus doesn’t mean a profit for shareholders. In fact, if a campaign ends up with a big surplus post-election day, it usually means the candidate did a poor job of running their campaign. You want to use every single penny in a campaign — a dollar the day after the election is a lot less valuable than a dollar the day before the election. Extra money means you should have bought another ad, sent out more mailers, bought more signs, hired another college kid to knock on doors, etc. The only legitimate reason to have leftover money post Election Day is if you KNOW you are going to win by a landslide. (Or lose by a landslide and the candidate loaned money to the campaign and wants the money back.)
  • Many smart campaigns actually plan on having a deficit post-Election Day. This is not a strategy I personally like, but a lot of smart managers do it. Like I said before, a dollar the day before an election is a lot more valuable than a dollar the day after. If the election is close and spending more money will make a difference, there is a legitimate argument to be made that going into debt is a good idea. If you win, it will be easy to raise money post-election to retire your debts. If you lose, it will be harder to raise the money to retire debt, but still possible with time. And, if you can’t raise the money to retire the debt — well, there is not a lot your creditors can do about it. Leftover leadership PAC money can’t be transferred to a candidate account. It isn’t like Palin or Romney will be able to use this money for their presidential campaigns.
  • The fact Palin has so much leftover money makes me think she didn’t know how to spend it properly. Palin hasn’t ever run a massive campaign. She tends to like advisors who also haven’t run massive campaigns. There are a lot of things campaigns spend money on that aren’t obvious to someone who hasn’t done it before. This could end up being a good thing for Palin if she is able to bypass some traditional pitfalls of campaign spending — but it could also hurt her if she skimps on important things. What’s important to spend money on in a campaign? Well, that depends on who you ask. The TV ad guys will tell you TV is the only thing that moves poll numbers. Direct mail vendors will swear you will lose if you don’t have a robust mail program. Your political director will tell you that you need more feet on the ground. Your volunteers will inform you that you’re losing votes left and right because you haven’t sent out enough bumper stickers… The answer is that no one really knows. Campaigns are more art than science.

  • However, things that are good predictors of how a potential candidate will run a Presidential campaign include:

  • How they’ve run a presidential campaign before. It is likely that Romney will run his Presidential campaign similarly to how he ran it in ’08. I was on his campaign in ’08. It was the best financially run campaign I’ve ever worked on. Money wasn’t wasted, expenses were accounted for, budgets were created and followed. You can bet the same will be true of his ’12 campaign. After Romney dropped out of the primary, I started working for McCain. It wasn’t the best financially run campaign I’ve ever worked on. McCain ran a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants campaign in 2000, and it was similarly run in ’08 — whether he had money or not at the time. (Note: I am not implying Palin had anything to do with the ’08 McCain budgeting and finances.)
  • The personality of the candidate. Do they focus on the big picture or details? Do they want to drill down through layers of policy, or just skim over the facts and let the staff sort out the details? Do they prefer an organized top-down style of management or are they okay with the chaos of a more Tea Partyesque bottom-up approach?
  • Previous executive experience. For Romney, you can get a pretty good idea of how he will run a campaign based on his work at Bain, on the 2002 Olympics, and as Governor of Massachusetts. For Palin, you can look at her time as Governor of Alaska and Mayor of Wasilla.
  • How they run their personal finances. Candidates who are okay with debt in their personal lives are likely going to be okay with debt on their campaign. Candidates who are very careful with money in their personal lives are likely to be very careful with campaign money.
  • Who their campaign manager is. The truth is, presidential candidates are really busy. They aren’t often at campaign headquarters. They don’t have a lot of time to go over campaign budget numbers. Who they hire as their campaign manager has a huge impact on how their campaign is run.
  • C4P: How someone runs and manages a multi-million dollar PAC tells you something about how that person would run a political campaign. After all, operating a PAC tests your ability to convince other people to give you money and tests your ability to handle their money as effectively and efficiently as possible. The experience one receives from running and managing a PAC is probably the closest experience one gets to running a campaign as the two experiences share similar mechanics and dynamics.

    Both Romney and Palin have raised an impressive amount of money through their leadership PACs. They both gave a lot of help to candidates in 2010. I would say both PACs were well run financially. The fact that Romney may have spent more money on overhead and staff just means he will have an easier time getting a full-fledged Presidential campaign off the ground in no time at all. Palin will have to start more slowly. The money left over in their PACs will make very little difference in the long run, and certainly can’t be used to predict how they will run their potential presidential campaigns.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Written by MRC guest contributor, Audrey Perry.

    Audrey Perry is a campaign and elections lawyer who worked as Deputy General Counsel for Romney in ’08. Her main tasks were getting Mitt on the ballot in all 50 states (and of course DC, Guam, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico), and counting lots and lots of delegates. After Romney dropped out of the race, she worked as counsel for McCain-Palin where she tried to get campaign staff to abide by the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, insisted all yard signs have proper disclaimers, and tried to shut down ACORN in Las Vegas. She has also worked for Congress, Steve Poizner, the FEC and other various law firms and campaigns. Audrey blogs about politics and the law at

    Romney’s Busy Schedule: Hosts Lunch for MA State GOP House Members, Will Appear on The View, Piers Morgan Tonight, Letterman

    What do ABC, CNN, and CBS have in common

    on Tuesday, February 1, 2011?

    It’s a three-way network ‘news nabbing’ of Mitt Romney on the day his book No Apology: The Case for American Greatness is released in paperback.

    That’s right; in the morning he’ll be appearing on ABC’s The View and in the evening he’ll air on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight show. Later that night the Governor will cap off the day on CBS’ Late Show with David Letterman.

    NEW YORK ‒ Jan. 27, 2011

    Mitt Romney will present the Top Ten List on the LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN,Tuesday, Feb. 1 (11:35 PM-12:37 AM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    Romney, former governor of Massachusetts and a 2008 Republican Presidential candidate, is the author of the book, No Apology: Believe in America, which will also be released in paperback on Tuesday. This will be Romney’s second visit to the CBS broadcast. He sat down for an interview with Letterman on the LATE SHOW March 2, 2010.

    UPDATE: Romney will ALSO make a stop at Good Morning America on Feb 1st. That is quite a schedule! (H/t NY4M-Jeff)

    UPDATE 2: FYI: George Stephanopoulos will interview Mitt on GMA Tue, Feb 1, 2011.

    ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

    Looks like Governor Romney will be very busy on February 1st and he has also been very busy.

    After completing an intense visit to the Middle East, hiring a couple of new team members, writing an article on President Reagan, having dinner with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and appearing on the Hannity show this week (1/26/11), the Governor was in Boston today to host a lunch for Massachusetts State House Republicans:

    Former Gov. Mitt Romney hosted Bay State House Republicans for lunch Friday as the 2008 presidential candidate eyes another run for the president.

    Romney, who has not formally announced a bid for the nation’s highest office, met with House GOP members to rally support and “meet the troops,” Republican leaders said after the lunch at the Union Club on Park Street, just steps away from the capitol.

    Leaving the club with a half-eaten sandwich in his hand, Romney said he was not doing any campaigning.

    “I am just here for lunch to say hi to some friends, talk about what is happening here in Massachusetts,” Romney said. “This is a great delegation. I care very deeply about this team.”

    “They are doing great work, working very hard to get good jobs for the people of Massachusetts. That is what it is all about. Nice job Brad, keep it up” Romney said to House Minority Leader Brad Jones.

    Jones said he invited Romney to meet the Republican caucus, the largest GOP class in 20 years with 31 members. Jones and other Republicans said they would be behind Romney if he decides to run.

    “We talked a lot about taxes, jobs and the economy,” Jones said. “Going around the nation, that is what people are concerned about. That’s what people are concerned about in Massachusetts.”


    Freshman legislator Rep. Angelo D’Emilia (R-Bridgewater) said it was the first time he had met Romney.

    “It gave us freshmen the opportunity to meet the good governor,” D’Emilia said. “He congratulated us. He was happy to see the success we had here in doubling our numbers.”

    Rep. Donald Humason Jr. (R-Westfield) said: “I think he is ready, we would certainly be ready to support him. We need a candidate who is good on jobs, good on the economy for this country, and I can’t think of anybody better than Mitt Romney.”

    (my emphasis)

    Read more here.

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    A Rebuttal: Has Mitt Romney “Joined the Witness Protection Program”?

    Forgive the bluntness in advance, I’m just so taken aback by the ignorance of some folks out there. First off, let me say that I like Sarah Palin. I appreciate her role in our party, and I’ve shown her my support in the past by voting for her — but the gal has some staunch followers that have gone off the deep end.

    Really? ...All who didn't defend are cowards?

    I’ve seen all sorts of random Romney jabs from her folks on twitter; people are asking things like, “Where is Mitt Romney?” and “Why on Earth hasn’t he rushed to Palin’s side to defend her in her darkest hour?”

    Now, I normally don’t get too defensive over twitter comments, but when a supposed Sarah Palin information site allows their contributors to publish flat-out rubbish in Mitt’s name, I have to step in and back my boy up. At the mentioned site, they cite all the big events that have taken place over the past few months: November’s mid-term ‘shellaking’, the Tucson tragedy, and Obama’s recent State of the Union speech. Then the author goes on to say that Mitt has been “MIA”, even questioning if Romney had “joined the witness protection program” because he hasn’t chimed-in a bit on any of these issues:

    They can't be serious...

    Now it would be, surely, a reasonable expectation for Romney, considered by the left wing media to be the Republican’s candidate of choice for 2012, to have made substantial statements across most, if not all of these issues-surely that’s what candidates are expected to do.

    All that we have heard, for all that we have read and seen from Romney, is silence.

    What galls most is the total silence from him when Palin was being unfairly savaged over Tucson. It seems to me that if he had made any statement at all defending a colleague it would have only enhanced his reputation with the base. But there seems a lack of moral backbone and a self interest which has trumped the sort of action which could only have assisted his long term prospects.

    I can’t believe it can happen, and will do all I can to prevent, that Romney can go sleepwalking to the nomination whilst being MIA and after Palin has taken all the blows that a spearhead does.

    Again, it is Palin, (and Bachman) who have led the charge on the lightweight fluff of the SOTU, with any sort of powerful statement from Romney invisible, in the main media.

    All that has surfaced is Governor Christie of New Jersey having a dinner meeting for Romney where tactics apparently were discussed.

    If Romney believes that this behind the scenes politicking, this not taking any controversial positions, not defending his colleagues against vindictive attacks, will ensure his selection I think he is on the wrong path.

    How ridiculous are these claims!? Okay, let’s start the debunkathon from the top:

  • Mitt Romney was very active in the mid-term elections. The man often hit several campaign stops, for different candidates, in different states on the same day. He raised more money and contributed to more endorsed candidates than any other PAC. It’s no wonder, then, that he would furnish a congratulatory response for the winning candidates the day after the election, and then again the day the new Republican majority was sworn in.
  • Not only did Romney produce a written statement the morning after the State of the Union, but he also discussed SOTU on the ‘Hannity‘ that same day. Silent? …I think not.
  • On the horrible day of the Tucson shooting, Mitt Romney happened to be on a Middle Eastern learning and listening tour. So from the other side of the globe, Romney made this statement condemning the senseless attack on Rep. Giffords — calling for a swift and harsh punishment for the perpetrator of the cowardly attack.
  • Frankly, I don’t see any reason why Romney would come to Palin’s defense on the whole ‘targeting’ issue. Surely, he recognizes that acknowledging the left-wing’s attempt to turn the tragedy into political gain would, in the end, only give them credibility. In my honest opinion, Palin herself should have just disregarded the smears, continued on with her normal life, and watched the left’s frustration peak as she refused to lend credence to their accusations. The ‘Mama Grizzly’, to my understanding, is a big girl who can fight her own battles. She doesn’t need help, she doesn’t ask for help, and honestly it is not Romney’s primary concern (especially being in the Middle East at the time) to come to her aid at every opportunity.

  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    There, wasn’t that easy? All I had to do was take a step out of the dark and abysmal ‘Grizzly bear cave’, google “Mitt Romney’s statement on ________”, and educate myself. Any camp does a disservice to their candidate by spreading misinformation. I beg of you, Palin Information Blog contributors (that goes for C4P, too), take off those blinders for one minute and catch a glimpse at the world around you — you’ll realize soon enough that Mitt is not such a bad guy, that he and Sarah actually have a great amount of respect for one another, and though our respective leaders have differing agendas, we all share a common goal: To take our country back.

    Oh, and here’s just a few other statements, stances, and upcoming events that further prove that, in fact, Romney is not in hiding:

  • Mitt Romney Says Congrats To New RNC Chairman Reince Priebus
  • Governor Romney Launches Earmark Ban Petition
  • Governor Romney on the March for Life
  • Ann Romney’s (she’s not in hiding, either) Statement on the Passing of Elizabeth Edwards
  • Mitt Romney to Guest Same Day on ‘The View’ and ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’
  • Gov Mitt Romney Praises President Reagan: A Legacy of Optimism, Strength
  • Mitt Romney Remarks on Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King
  • Romney Weighs-in on the New Tax Cut Deal
  • Mitt Romney Opposes New START Treaty

  • End Rant.

    -Aaron Gundy- Follow @AaronGundy on Twitter

    Confirmed: Mitt Romney to Guest Same Day on ‘The View’ and ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’

    Mitt Romney joins the (lovely) ladies from ABC’s ‘The View‘ next Tuesday:

    Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will be joining us Tuesday for a special “Red, White & View” segment in which he’ll discuss his thoughts on President Obama’s State of the Union address and we’ll ask if he has plans to run in next year’s presidential election.

    Mitt Romney last appeared on ‘The View’ the same day his book ‘No Apology‘ was released. Will Joy Behar set aside her obvious coquetry enough to get any new insight into Mitt’s 2012 ambitions? Will the ladies allow Mitt enough time to talk in order to counter the liberal-leaning rants they often produce?

    *Check your local listings for ABC ‘The View’ air time on February 1st.

    UPDATE: Below is a clip from Mitt Romney’s recent appearance on CNN’s ‘Piers Morgan Tonight‘:

    That same day, Mitt Romney will appear on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight‘:

    Piers Morgan recently slid into the evening slot on CNN, after Larry King's retirement.

    Also next week, Mitt Romney will join the likes of Kid Rock, Barbara Walters, Rod Stewart and Anthony Hopkins as one of the first guests on CNN’s newest addition, ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’. It will be interesting to see what the former talent judge has to say about the highly talented potential presidential candidate, Mitt Romney!

    *Tune in at 9pm ET to on February 1st.

    In case you miss either show, check back here — we’ll add the video to as soon as it becomes available.

    -Aaron Gundy- Follow @AaronGundy on Twitter
    (HT-Jeff from NY for Mitt)

    Will You Help Sponsor Team MRC members for CPAC 2011?

    Hello stalwart Mitt fans! I am making an official request for financial help in order to send members of our hardworking team to CPAC this year. Since we are an independent site and have no financial backers we are left to our own means in order to make this trip. We have two team members Ross and Dave P. who are already attending at their own expense. There are 4 of us who’d like attend but our respective personal finances would not allow for that. Collectively we have put in literally thousands of hours to produce this website, and no team member receives compensation for doing so. Time is something we have, and have sacrificed. Money is something we have not. Will you help us?

    If we are able to attend we will do our best to promote Romney for President, promote this site, and provide frequent and interesting updates on CPAC. We will bring our video and still cameras, laptops and our iphones, everything at our disposal to bring you live updates on this site and via Twitter.

    It will cost us about $500 per person to attend. That cost includes airfare, hotel, and cost of registration. If there were a little extra we’d also like to throw a little lunch reception to meet with any of our readers who may be attending also. (I highly recommend attending if you are able. I attended last year and had an absolute blast.)

    How could you not want to send these young, Romney-supportin' chaps to Washington DC?!

    Depending on how much we raise, this is what we will do with the money:

    $500 – We send Aaron the stalwart.
    $1000 – We send Luke our SEO expert and page manager (He’s got the nice camera, too.)
    $1500 – We send dedicated contributor Jared A.
    $2012 – I (Nate G.) will attend myself. I have attended before and want to make sure the younger chaps get an opportunity first.
    $2300 – We will rent a meeting room and hold a small lunch meet-up where we can train team members and any readers who want to attend.

    Anything more than that we will use to bring promotional items such as fliers, button, bumper sticker, and perhaps some of our t-shirts.

    Can you help by contributing $100 or more? Even $5 will help. But my favorite is $20.12, just to send a message. Just click the button to donate.

    We will run this drive through the day and keep you posted on our progress. Thanks!


    ~Nate Gunderson

    Update: Wahooo! We just cleared $500 – Aaron is packing his bags as we speak! Now we just need another $500 to send Luke… Thank you so much!

    Mitt Romney on Hannity Show, Discusses Obama’s State of the Union Speech

    Sean Hannity asks Governor Romney for his opinion on a variety of topics, including President Obama’s State of the Union Speech, his recent trip to the Middle East, and if the Governor is running for president:


    Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said late Wednesday he has not yet made a decision about a possible 2012 presidential run, but he was making sure to keep in the public eye.

    Romney, who lost out to John McCain for the 2008 Republican nomination, said he had no announcement to make when asked if he would run during an interview on Fox News’ “Hannity” program.

    “I have no announcement to make,” Romney said. “We are doing the things we need to keep in the public eye … but we haven’t made a decision at this point.”
    On Saturday Romney took the top spot in the first presidential straw poll in the run-up to the 2012 election, winning 35 percent of the vote among the 493 members of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee.

    Hannity: Mitt Romney on Obama’s State of The Union Speech 1/26/11

    Gov Romney: You know, I don’t know who all is going to get in the race, but I do believe that it would be helpful if at least one of the people who is running in the Republican field had extensive experience in the private sector – in small business, in big business, working with the economy. Because, frankly, not just solving the near-term problems of unemployment – people not getting checks – is going to require someone with that experience – but also also long-term. We’ve got to have a strong economic foundation to make sure that we can stay ahead of the challenges we face – like a growing China and a militarily aggressive China. We’re going to have to stay so far ahead that no one ever questions the capacity of America to stand by the forces of freedom in the world.

    UPDATE – The full text of Romney’s interview may be found here.

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