PPP Primary Polls in 6 States; Romney Leads in 4

PPP has unleashed their first wave of polls for the GOP 2012 Presidential Primary Race. The states included in this wave are California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

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Mitt edges the competition in 4 of the 6 states… not bad. He seems to hold strong in New England and in the West. Huckabee garners the lead in the two Midwest states included.

Quick placement tally:
Romney takes 4 golds; 1 silver; and 1 fourth place
Huckabee 2 golds; 2 silvers; 1 bronze and 1 fourth place
Palin 3 silvers; 2 bronze; and 1 fourth place
Gingrich: 2 silvers, 4 bronze

There are mountains of cross-tabs provided at the original source; too many to include here.

Good primary news, plus good Romney vs. Obama polls from CNN… things are looking great for MITT ’12.

~Nate G.

CNN: Romney 50, Obama 45

A CNN poll asks 921 registered voters: If Barack Obama were the Democratic Party’s candidate and Mitt Romney were the Republican Party’s candidate, who would you be more likely to vote for — Barack Obama, the Democrat or Mitt Romney, the Republican?

Lucky for us, CNN made this handy pie chart so we could better internalize the results:

CNN Romney Obama Poll

There are no cross-tabs provided on the poll which is a shame, but I’ll take the result any day. I expect we’ll see many polls like this over the next two years.

~Nate Gunderson

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Romney V. Obama – A “60 Minutes” Rebuttal

MRC is proud to publish this guest blog post by Doug NYC GOP. The following was cross-posted at RightSpeak.net.


Obama Vs. RomneyEver since the passage of ObamaCare in March, we have heard a steady drumbeat of out of Left and hard Right Wing circles, proclaiming Romney’s 2012 aspirations, toast. After all, both Obama’s and Romney’s Health Care plans seem so similar. It just stands to reason; the Republicans couldn’t possibly nominate Romney, who everyone seems to be calling the “architect” of Obama’s health care reform initiative.

Last night on the CBS program “60 Minutes”, President Obama once again tried to tie former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, to the passage of his vast, overreaching health care reform package. As Politico reports, Obama, without saying Romney’s name, said  “We thought that if we shaped a bill that wasn’t that different from bills that had previously been introduced by Republicans, including the Republican governor of Massachusetts who’s now running for president, that, you know, we would be able to find some common ground there. And we just couldn’t.” 

This political narrative began the morning after Health Care reform was passed, but failed to gain any significant traction, until the last week of March, when Obama went on the Today Show. Obama said his plan was very similar to Romney’s. “Obama Hugs Romney” crowed the headlines, much as they do this November morning. 

Then on April 2, while appearing on CBS’ Morning Show, Obama referred to Mitt Romney as the “…current Republican Nominee.”  Wow, sounds very much like what he said on “60 Minutes” last night, when he said, “a certain Massachusetts Governor who is running for President.” 

Back in April, political pundits were attributing his statement to Harry Smith as a classic Freudian slip. Obviously it was not, since the President seems pretty well resigned to this meme. Rather, Obama really seems to be trying to “hug” Romney out of the 2012 race.

Now why would he do that? Surely if he was truly unafraid of a Romney candidacy, he would withhold such talk until after Romney was the nominee. Let the GOP nominate Romney and then Obama can skewer him. What an fearless Obama should be thinking is “I can take away the biggest issue the GOP have against me, once Mitt’s the nominee. So until then, I’ll just keep my powder dry.”  Why try to derail him now? 

Perhaps Team Obama is a little apprehensive about taking on Team Romney in 2012 for various reasons. True both health care plans share some similar features, however the differences are vast. Romney has been articulating the differences, quite effectively, on various media appearances all year. Romney has cited the bi-partisan crafting of the plan, its 70 page size, lack of tax increases and its implementation under Federalism (State’s Rights). 

But health care aside, Obama will be facing a continuing troublesome economy, foreign policy issues which appear dormant but volatile nonetheless and a rapidly changing Electoral Map, as he tries to put his 2012 re-election plans together. Perhaps running against an accomplished, articulate, professional problem solver is not the person Obama would prefer to engage. 

In 2007, The American Spectator railed against Sen. John McCain over his Illegal Immigration policy and the Amnesty bill. Earlier in 2010, with ObamaCare’s  passage, Mitt Romney was their target, for his role in enacting MassCare in 2006, as outlined in a piece by Phillip Klein:  “Over the past several weeks, political observers have speculated about how passage of the national health care law modeled after the one Mitt Romney signed in Massachusetts could hurt his presidential ambitions.”  

While the article acknowledges Romney could pull a McCain and win the Republican 2012 nomination, they contend this would curtail the ability of Republicans to run against ObamaCare, statewide and nationwide. Exactly the same arguments we are hearing all year and now again this morning.

However, this may not be the exact case. The full frontal assault on ObamaCare and chanting “Reform & Repeal” was a major factor in generating fever pitch enthusiasm gearing up for the mid-term elections. But now the Nation has to see how the newly returned to power Republican Leadership in Congress handles health care reform, since outright repeal seems a daunting task. Republicans will need to articulate specifics on what they intend to reform/replace ObamaCare with. Will their reforms contain any of the provisions shared by either MassCare of ObamaCare?  Time will tell.

Romney, acknowledging there are flaws in MassCare and insisting it’s a state issue, has not shied away from taking on ObamaCare. To say Romney can’t lead the reform forces against ObamaCare overlooks the fact he has the most experience dealing with this issue. The right wing is advising a full apology by Romney, in order for him to “purify” his conservative soul. This would forever saddle him the ultimate John Kerry-esque flip-flopper charge and most certainly doom any chances for victory.

Instead, Romney should, and appears to be, holding his ground, citing the good points of the MassCare plan and illustrating the differences. He also the vantage point to explain the flaws and how to fix them. Romney is well positioned to show a path towards reform, by citing from experience, what works and what doesn’t, especially as the move towards reform gets bogged down in the Congressional quagmire. Rather than just apologize for having a role in solving a problem, Romney can use his extensive managerial, problem solving and political experience to help resolve a serious issue.

(Author’s Note: I really appreciate Nate’s offer to post this here today. To be a part of this classy site is a real honor. –Doug)

Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC: Most Money Raised & Distributed by Any Potential 2012 Candidates’ PAC

As Obama and the First Lady take a conveniently timed get-out-of-the-country junket to India to dance off their shellacking and Nancy Pelosi cracks her knuckles to become House Minority Leader, and with less than a week since midterms were held, it’s a good time to reflect on the indefatigable, eyeball-to-eyeball election work of Governor Mitt Romney.

In the past few months he stuffed his suitcase to travel to 30 states – yes, 30 – and campaigned for 60 candidates – most of the time doing multiple events for them in the same day. Putting money where one’s mouth is really counts at election time and Romney didn’t disappoint on that front, either. Impressively, Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC donated over $1.1 million to assist over 500 candidates across the USA – the most money raised and distributed by any potential 2012 candidates’ PAC.

Gov Romney summarized his perspective of the past several months in a post-election blog entry:

Reflections on Yesterday’s Results
Posted on November 03, 2010 by Mitt Romney

As I wrote in a new Washington Post op-ed this morning, Americans across the country have sent a very strong message to President Obama and his fellow travelers in Congress that they have had enough of their anti-growth, anti-investment, anti-jobs agenda.

Over the past two years, their policies scared employers, so jobs are scarce. The uncertainty and lack of predictability they created has caused businesses to shrink from spending and from hiring. Instead of helping to end the crisis, they made it deeper, longer and more painful.

But last night, we took a big first step toward getting our economy — and our country — back on the right track.

At last report, Republicans had regained control of the House with a net gain of over 60 seats, as well as seeing net gains of at least six seats in the Senate and at least six Governorships.

With your help, we’ve been working hard at my Free and Strong America PAC to spread the core principles that are at the heart of making America a stronger nation and which fortify our party — that a competitive America is one where taxes are low and government is small, that our military superiority must never be compromised, that our cultural values need to be cherished and that unleashing the power of the free market is key to our economic future.

All told, your support gave me the resources to campaign for over 60 candidates in over 30 states and my PAC contributed over $1.1 million in direct support to over 500 candidates and conservative causes across the nation.

Your support was critical to us giving candidates like South Carolina Governor-elect Nikki Haley the help she needed to win by providing the resources for me to travel to South Carolina on her behalf and send $63,000 in direct contributions to her campaign through my PAC. You also helped us campaign for and send nearly $17,000 in direct support to New Mexico’s Governor-elect Susana Martinez, who is our nation’s first Hispanic female to be elected governor.

This year I’ve also worked hard to promote our shared conservative ideals by giving speeches at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the Values Voter Summit, and the AEI World Forum, and delivering the Annual Reagan Lecture at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

In addition, I also had the opportunity to travel the country discussing my book, “No Apology: The Case for American Greatness.” It was great reconnecting with old friends and making new ones as I traveled across the country talking about what we need to do to ensure we remain the world’s economic and military superpower.

We should all be proud of what we’ve accomplished together this year, and I look forward to working with you in the months ahead to build upon these victories and ensure that America remains, as it always has been, the beacon of freedom and hope for the world.

In all the coverage read and seen of Romney’s midterm work, one could plainly sense the gravitas he brought to bear to each candidate’s campaigns. Also plain to see was the real appreciation and enthusiasm he felt for each candidate.

A look back at 2008 – Romney’s message is just as timely now, if not more so, than it was then:

In his quest to elect conservatives, who can count the number of speeches Gov Romney gave, the number of hours of missed of sleep, and the number of hands he shook? Impressive, indeed. By the way, there’s some talk floating around about whether the Tea Party will ‘invite‘ Romney to the 2012 table… Of all the 2012 potential candidates, he did the most to put tea in their pot!

America needs a talker…
who knows what he is talking about…
who is a doer.

► Jayde Wyatt

Obama says Romney “Now Running for President” on 60 Minutes, Talks Health Care

Update: See also Romney vs. Obama, a 60 Minutes Rebuttal

The notion that the Dems specifically tried to pattern ObamaCare after the Massachusetts plan is an outright lie. I’ve scoured news article and blogs from 2009 to Feb. 2010 when all the debate for the ObamaCare bill had taken place, and NOWHERE do the the Dems refer to MA as a model. They are trying to re-write history for political expedience.

The tactic of falsely using “RomneyCare” as cover is a win-win-win situation for Obama:

  1. It cements in the minds of liberals that the Dems were truly trying to be bipartisan, and allows them to paint Republicans as partisan hacks since ObamaCare received not a single vote from Republicans.
  2. It gives Romney’s opponents on the right fodder to toss about. They merrily repeat the false claim in effort to build up a mantra against Romney.
  3. For Obama, it weakens what he may consider his most likely opponent for 2012.

The first mention from any Dem saying they patterned ObamaCare after the MA plan was after the bill already passed. If they had modeled it after MA Care wouldn’t they have at least conferred with Romney once? They didn’t. Not until they realized how disgusted the American people were with the bill did they try to pass along some of the blame to Mitt Romney. The fact that one bill is 70 pages and the other is 2700+ alone should put to rest any notion that they are equal plans. One is a state effort to fix a state problem, the other is a bloated monstrosity that is an unconstitutional over-reach of power.

It is very disappointing to see some fellow GOP cling to Obama’s lies because it suits their needs – they desperately want it to be true. Others will believe them because they won’t take time to look into facts. In all cases, it will be incumbent upon Romney supporters to learn and know the facts, and educate others. There will be a lot of partial and half-truths used as rhetorical weapons. Unfortunately in politics the full story is often not heard – only flashy headlines and catch-phrases make it through the clatter.

Again, it was not the Massachusetts plan that inspired ObamaCare. Liberals have been hoping to pass it since long before Hillary proposed it in the early 90’s. No, the only thing that “inspired” ObamaCare was a Dem super-majority in congress. They saw their chance to ram it through and, knowing their window of opportunity was limited, they pounced.

Mitt Romney has vowed to fight for the repeal of ObamaCare, and we’ll be behind him all the way.

~Nate G.

H/T RightSpeak for video.

UPDATE – from Rebel Ross
Please refer to The Silver Lining of the Health Care Cloud Over Mitt Romney and the links available there before jumping to any conclusions about the comparisons between the two health care plans. Also, remember that much of what Mitt proposed was over-ridden by the overwhelmingly democratic Massachusetts legislature.

Mitt Romney is the Most Influential Politician of the 2010 Midterm Election

Mitt Romney and Nikki Haley

Mitt with SC Governor race winner Nikki Haley

No doubt everyone is curious to find out how successful potential 2012 candidate’s endorsements were. A British online news site has declared who is the most influential person in the 2010 election. Who was it?

And the winner is… Mitt Romney!

It’s true that the slick-coiffed former governor of Massachusetts was not on a single ballot on Tuesday. But, in politics, you win when your enemies lose. Romney, who is already firmly positioned as the favorite of the Republican establishment for the 2012 presidential nomination saw both his major foes – President Barack Obama and Sarah Palin – suffer considerable damage yesterday.”

Obama certainly was the biggest loser of the 2010 election. Although the 2012 election is far away, Romney is already ahead against Obama if Mitt decides to run.

How much damage did Mitt Romney give to Obama in the first round of the 2012 election? The former Massachusetts Governor drew first blood against Obama when the 2010 election began and kept delivering hard blows until the final bell rang at the end of this election.

Obama is in desperate need of an ice pack right now.

Despite the fact that many pundits and pollsters were overestimating how big the Republican wave would be, it was historic. The Republicans won a net gain of at least 6 senate seats, 7 governorships, and 61 house seats! The last time a political party swept the other party out of Congress was in 1932. This is the greatest political victory in modern history. And Mitt Romney helped to make it happen. As far as a Romney v. Obama match is concerned, round one of the 2012 election goes to Mitt Romney.

Sarah Palin is no doubt a rising star within the Republican party. However, the 2010 election reveals that she does not shine as brightly as people thought she did. Although her name was not on any ballot this Tuesday either, the election was also about what Americans thought of her:

“Using her favorite medium to take aim at her favorite target, Palin tweeted on Tuesday about the media, and specifically the Today Show: ‘Silly fellas! Chucky, remember, I’m not on ballot.’ But in a sense she was. The election may have been a vote on Obama and the Democrats. But for many watching, the most widely anticipated other referendum was how well Palin would do.”

Thus, if this election was not only about the rejection of Obama’s agenda but the acceptance of who might the 2012 Republican nominee be, Mitt Romney comes out ahead over Sarah Palin. Mitt was more successful in getting voters to elect his endorsed candidate in the 2010 election than Sarah Palin. The difference can clearly be seen in the charts below:

Sarah Palin
Endorsements Wins Losses Not Known %
Senate 11 6 5 0 55%
House 57 35 15 7 61%
Governors 8 7 0 1 88%
Total 76 48 20 8 61%
Mitt Romney
Endorsements Wins Losses Not Known %
Senate 25 18 7 0 72%
House 204 159 45 0 71%
Governors 30 22 8 0 78%
Total 259 199 60 0 76%

According to the British newspaper that declared Mitt Romney the most influential man of the 2010 election, the lesson was clear about what made Romney so successful:

“Whatever the pundits might say, last night’s results underline that – at least, before a broad electorate – professionalism, competence and some semblance of moderation pay dividends.”

In other words, Mitt Romney has what it takes to successfully defeat Obama in the 2012 election and become the next President of the United States.

~ Jared. A

Romney Tops Rasmussen Poll, Potential 2012 GOP Candidates, FOX News 12 for ’12 Series – Romney Declines Interview

He’s on top, again.

When the clock struck 12:01 AM on November 3, 2010 – the focus on election 2012 began and those in the polling business aren’t missing a beat. Rasmussen recently revealed who likely voters prefer as the leading choice among likely GOP presidential candidates…

[…] Asked who they would vote for if the Republican presidential primary were held today, 20% say Romney, 19% Huckabee and another 19% Palin. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Romney and Palin are tied among male GOP voters, while Huckabee has a slight edge among female voters.

In October 2009 when Likely Republican primary voters were given a choice of five potential presidential nominees, Huckabee led with 29% support, followed by Romney with 24% of the vote and Palin at 18%.

Rounding out the list of seven candidates chosen by Rasmussen Reports for the question, with their levels of support, are former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (13%), Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (6%), Texas Congressman Ron Paul (5%) and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels (3%). Seven percent (7%) prefer some other candidate, and eight percent (8%) are undecided.

(emphasis mine)

New developments…

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), who wasn’t included in the Rasmussen survey, is resigning from his position as House Republican Conference Chairman – a signal that he’s readying for a 2012 run. Pence recently sent a letter to colleagues in which he stated:

“As we consider new opportunities to serve Indiana and our nation in the years ahead, I have come to realize that it may not be possible to complete an entire term as Conference Chairman. As such, I think it would be more appropriate for me to step aside now, especially since there are other talented men and women in our Conference who could do the job just as well or better.”

Tim Pawlenty has been sending strong signals for awhile now that he’s going to get in the race and is pitching his meat-packing, blue-collar background.

Another quirky twist in presidential scuttlebutt is that of a possible Donald Trump candidacy. He may or may not be serious about a go at the White House, but given our nation’s dire jobless situation, hearing what he has to say can’t hurt. Here’s video of Trump on Greta Van Susteren’s show (FOX News) last night offering his businessman’s perspective on America’s waning manufacturing sector, our unfair trade relationship with China, jobs going to Mexico, NAFTA, etc. (Trump echoes some of the same concerns regarding China that Mitt Romney has been warning of since 2007):

Donald Trump ‘On The Record’ Part 1 (Update – Part 2 posted below):
What the politicians have done to this country – I mean, they should just be ashamed of themselves… We are rebuilding China. Somebody’s gotta get smart.” – Donald Trump

For additional news on potential GOP candidates, beginning tonight, Bret Baier is airing a series of profiles on a dozen potential GOP candidates for 2012. His series is called 12 in ’12. Governor Romney declined to be interviewed.

The details:

Special Report with Bret Baier is launching a 12-day series on the topic called “12 in ‘12″ that each day will feature a profile of one of 12 Republicans who may launch presidential bids for the 2012 race. Exclusive interviews with 11 of the 12 candidates are planned for the profiles, which begin Thursday evening.

Those candidates include: Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, South Dakota Sen. John Thune, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, Indiana Rep. Mike Pence, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

McPike reports, “A thirteenth story is also planned with long-shots such as former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, and others like Donald Trump.”

So, every possible 2012 Republican nominee covered? Looks like it. But Romney wasn’t willing to talk. “We’ve talked to them a number of times,” said Baier of Romney’s camp. “They’ve told me they are hesitant to do anything that has a 2012 connotation to it.”

So the series will air with no interview – although his 11 best competitors in two years will get to begin to make their case to the Fox News audience. Well, three of those 12 get to all the time, since they’re FNC contributors.

(emphasis mine)

Governor Romney has said many times that he would discuss 2012 considerations after midterm elections were over – possibly over the holidays – with his wife, Ann, and his family. This time around, it’s clear he’s going to do things his way.

UPDATE 11/4/10 – Donald Trump ‘On The Record’ Part 2
“I don’t hear people saying Why do we not have jobs? Well, because we’re making our product in China. Why don’t they say that? […] Why don’t they have jobs in Newton, Ohio? Because Maytag moved to Mexico. Because our geniuses gave them incentive to leave this country and go to Mexico. Now are we running Mexico? Or, are we running this country?” – Donald Trump

► Jayde Wyatt

Romney Praises Candidates-Elect for GOP’s Sweeping Midterm Victory: “ Honor Pledge to America”

Mitt Romney on election night, Nov 2, 2010.

After all the candidates endorsed, flying coach across thousands of miles, pulling his suitcase in and out of hotel rooms, speeches given, funds raised, McDonalds meals on the road, and many days away from his beloved Ann, Governor Mitt Romney is delighted with yesterday’s election results.

Now that Romney has unlaced his elect-conservatives-running shoes, Jason Matter from Human Events was able to catch up with the him. Romney hopes Republicans keep their pledge:


With its historic gains in the House of Representatives, the biggest thing the GOP can do right now is “honor the Pledge to America,” Mitt Romney told HUMAN EVENTS. “This election was a referendum on Obama’s agenda,” and the electorate took a decisive stand against the Democrat Party’s “excessive spending, borrowing, and growth of government.”

“Our [GOP] majority is growing,” the former Massachusetts governor went on to say, noting that House Republicans will end up with a net gain of more than 60 seats in the House, easily blowing past the 39 they needed to regain the Majority.

While many conservatives are disappointed about the losses in Nevada and West Virginia, Romney said that Republicans should highlight their victories in New England, where GOP challengers Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta beat Democratic incumbents to take House seats and where Kelly Ayotte held on to Judd Gregg’s Senate seat.

“It goes to show you that when you have strong candidates with a compelling message, Independents will get behind you,” even in a blue state like New Hampshire. Asked if the impressive GOP showing inches him closer to a 2012 presidential run, Romney said he’s “not thinking about that right now.

“I’m basking in the delight of our historic news.”

(my emphasis)

Thank you, Governor Romney, for contributing so much toward yesterday’s GOP victories!

You deserve some time off. But, don’t be gone too long…

Sea of red! Midterm election House results 2010

Governor Mitt Romney

H/t to friend Frank

► Jayde Wyatt

Exit Polling for 2012 GOP Possibilities: Romney Tops in Iowa, New Hampshire

CNN got a jump on the 2012 election by doing some exit polling yesterday in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. I’m happy to report that Mitt Romney’s name was on the lips of many:

CNN – It’s after midnight, which means the 2010 vote is over…and the 2012 race is officially underway.

In exit polls Tuesday, Republicans in three key early-voting states were asked about four of their leading presidential contenders.

In Iowa, it appears Mike Huckabee’s still got a base: the former Arkansas governor is tied with Mitt Romney at 21 percent, with Sarah Palin close behind at 18 percent, and Gingrich nabbing single-digit support.

In New Hampshire, former Massachusetts governor Romney displays his home court advantage: he draws more support, at 39 percent, than the rest of his top rivals combined. Palin once again nabs 18 percent, Huckabee drops to 11 percent, and Gingrich stays in the single digits.

And in the key early-voting state of South Carolina – where Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney both endorsed Gov.-elect Nikki Haley in the GOP primary this year – Palin, Huckabee and Romney are again neck-and-neck. The former Alaska governor has support from 25 percent in Tuesday’s exit poll, followed by Huckabee at 24 and Romney at 20. Newt Gingrich polls at 10 percent.

In a nutshell…
Iowa: Romney 21%, Huckabee 21%, Palin 18%, Gingrich (single digit)
New Hampshire: Romney 39%, Palin 18%, Huckabee 11%, Gingrich (single digit)
South Carolina: Palin 25%, Huckabee 24%, Romney 20%, Gingrich 10%

H/t to buddy Bosman

► Jayde Wyatt

Mitt Romney 2012: It Has Begun

Mitt Romney 2012: It Has Begun.

I was just monitoring the traffic coming into our site today when I noticed an unusual amount of visitors coming in from various search engines after searching the words ‘Mitt Romney 2012’!

It seems that fans everywhere are as eager as I am to capitalize on yesterday’s conservative victories by gearing up for the eventual replacement of our dear Obama.

Screenshot: As dust settles from midterms, many searching for 'Mitt Romney 2012'

For those that are new here, welcome! We hope you’ll join us in our efforts! We are an up-and-coming grassroots community with the end goal of putting Mitt Romney in the captain’s chair come 2012 (early 2013). For our families, for our future, for America.

If you like what you see, please consider sharing this website with your friends, and joining our network on facebook and twitter!