RomneyCare Positions Mitt Romney as Most Qualified to Dismantle ObamaCare

Some have said that RomneyCare will be the blow that sinks Mitt Romney’s 2012 ship. I have a different prediction: First off, I don’t think that Health Care will be the defining issue of the next presidential race; of course it will remain a main topic, but if jobless rates continue to grow as they have, our country will be thirsty for a job-creating genius — and Mitt is the perfect candidate to quench it.

A Competent Leader

JFK said: “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” Should Health Care come to the forefront two years from now, as it very well might, Mitt will be the only candidate well-versed enough to explain what is wrong with ObamaCare, and more importantly how he would lead the effort to fix it. Having dealt with the issue directly as Governor, Mitt Romney knows the complexities of Health Care reform. While other Governors sat and watched from the sidelines as the cost of their own state programs skyrocketed, or even abandoned the office long before having to deal with the crisis, Romney stepped up to the plate and did all in his power to put forth a plan that would work for his state, all the while respecting the will of his constituents.

I see it like this: If I am looking to hire an employee to fill a position in my marketing department, I would much rather hire he who has LEAD several innovative marketing campaigns prior to applying, rather than he who has never dabbled in marketing at all. Taking into account Mitt’s resume, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be considered to fill Obama’s vacancy.

Some have suggested that Mitt should run away from his plan; however, the author of ‘Stand by your plan‘, a piece that is due to be released tomorrow from the Boston Globe, disagrees:

Renouncing his signature achievement would be crazy — and Romney’s not crazy. That may be his best calling card in the GOP’s 2012 field of would-be presidents.

The article goes on to highlight the positive aspects of RomneyCare:

the Massachusetts health reform law has been a success, providing access to insurance for up to 98 percent of residents. The fact that so many low-income people now have insurance has provided intriguing new possibilities for the delivery of services, such as through public schools, at no extra cost to the school systems. Though costs continue to rise, the bill provides a forum and mechanisms for officials to grapple intelligently with cost-cutting, examining ways to promote efficiency, create new forms of competition, and explore alternatives to traditional fee-for-service payments.

Can any other state claim 98% resident coverage? -Nope.

Only Mitt Can Dismantle It.

Continuing, Mitt Romney is a very effective communicator. There are vast differences between ObamaCare and RomneyCare and I highly doubt the former Governor will have problems pinpointing them. Surely, he’ll concentrate on a key difference between both plans: constitutionality. One was passed on the state level with the overwhelming approval of the citizens and legislature, the other was crammed down America’s throat; indeed, an “unconscionable abuse of power“.

Final thought: People elect officials to represent them. Romney’s duty as Governor of the most liberal state in the nation was to be respectful of the will of the people. Although I do not agree with all the details of the Health Care plan in Massachusetts, I understand that it was Romney’s intention to give his constituents what they had long-desired, and I admire him as a leader in that respect. I do not doubt that he would have put together an entirely different plan to suit the will and needs of a mostly conservative state, such as Utah. As a conservative, I understand state’s rights and am respectful of the plan that the people of Massachusetts advocated; I wish them the best.

I think it goes without saying that as President, Romney would continue to be mindful of the course America wants to take, which does NOT include a federal takeover of Health Care.


See also BOSMAN’s op-ed Is Mitt Romney responsible for Obamacare and the current state of the Massachusetts Health Care system?

Aaron Gundy

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7 Responses to RomneyCare Positions Mitt Romney as Most Qualified to Dismantle ObamaCare

  1. Mark F. says:

    Well said! Romney 2012!

  2. Aaronius, if he’s not irrationally rejected in too many primaries, yes. But as I suggested in the prior Leno post, one key to turning lemons into lemonade (Romney doesn’t even admit he has been handed lemons, but most people will at least view that as his starting point…) is to make it clear that EVERY SINGLE STATE always has a mandate–they are taking citizens’ state income and sales taxes and medical taxes etc) and paying for free riders’ medical treatment when they shjow up at the hospital or various clinics, or roll in on a guerney. MA simply decided to create a mandate that didn’t penalize the responsible citizens–the ones who got insurance–as much.

    Why am I up at this hour?

  3. Robert says:

    Many good points are made here.

  4. Lori says:

    Dittos Aaron.

  5. Vegas Mike says:

    This was a very quality explanation of the Romneycare situation. I only hope that this piece gets out to all those dingbats that have been ripping Mitt a new one. This should shut up alot of those low lifes. I totally agree that Romney is the one person that can straighten out the obamacare mess.

  6. jean says:

    Gov. Romney is the only person todate that can save the American struggle of the Obama inner circle “elite” that is attacking the United States and pressing its deline into to a global nation. We willl no longer be a capitalist society if Obama has his way in the next two years. With Gov Romney’s savvy business skills, intellect and understanding of the American people he can save OUR nation against the oppression that is currently taking place. He has all the skills needed to balance the budget, and make the needed adjustment
    that have been added to our multi-trillion dollar deficit that Obama has contributed to and will expand if he and HIS czars are not stopped.

  7. Sarah Nelson says:

    Mitt should not only stand by RomneyCare, he should taunt it as his signature achievement that makes him most qualified to fix Obamacare but go further and explain to taxpayers why the backroom deals conducted by BO and dems4debt are bad process worthy of rejection. Give specific bribes used to buy Nelson’s vote, and the non-significant ‘executive order’ to not fund abortion. This will remind voters that Obama will do anything to stay in power and impose his will to the American people even when they don’t consent and their opposition is clear. Mitt should make Barack defend both POLICY AND PROCESS OF obamacare. It’s quite simple, Barack’s backdoor deals to pass healthcare make it a deformed bill passed without the consent of the governed. Transition this point to all other matters including the hiring of czars who don’t have to get consent from the senate as ’employees’. BO has to be called upon to ‘esplain’ his backdoor deals IN A DEBATE no less! Mitt must ran to win and only win without any Political Correctness. ENOUGH!