Is Mitt Romney responsible for Obamacare and the current state of the Massachusetts Health Care system?

Dr. X

Here is an analogy for those who continue to blame Obamacare and the current status of the Massachusetts Health Care system on Mitt Romney:

There was a woman named Massa Chu Setts. She had complained of chronic pain to several doctors over the years. No one seemed able to help her until Dr. X came along. After several meetings with Massa, Dr X took her medical history and specific symptoms and consulted with several specialists. Tests were recommended and performed. A plan to remedy this woman’s suffering was developed and put into place specific to here particular needs and situation. With all this information in hand, Dr X proceeded with his treatment and the woman was finally relieved of her pain.

Dr. Y

Well, hearing this news, Dr. Y who had a patient that he felt had a similar problem, decided that he would treat his patient the same way. Why bother with the unnecessary tests and consultations Dr. Y thought. It was obvious to him that his patient suffered from the same ailment and required the same treatment as Massa. He proceeded and his patient died.

If he had only just consulted with Dr X, before he proceeded, he would have learned that Dr. X’s patient Massa Chu Setts, had mixed results. The pain she was having was lessened, but she would require ongoing treatments and close supervision, for the rest of her life.

Dr. Z

Dr. X, finally retired and left his patient in the hands of Dr Z with the recommendation to continue with his treatment of Massa under close supervision. Well Dr Z decided to put the woman on additional drugs because he felt they would help her. They didn’t and Massa continues a downward spiral losing many of the gains she made under Dr. X..

I have 2 questions for you:

1. Is Dr X (Mitt Romney) in anyway responsible for Dr. Y’s (Barack Obama) patient dying?

2. Is Dr. X responsible for his former patient’s new health issues under Dr. Z (Governor Deval Patrick)?

If you have determined that Dr. X is not responsible for Dr. Y’s patient’s treatment and death or the current health of his former patient Massa, how then is Mitt Romney responsible for Obamacare and the current state of the Massachusetts Health Care system?

Note from Nate: be sure to also read Aaron’s op-ed RomneyCare positions Mitt Romney as Most Qualified to Dismantle ObamaCare

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16 Responses to Is Mitt Romney responsible for Obamacare and the current state of the Massachusetts Health Care system?

  1. Sam says:

    Fantastic explanation. Well done.

  2. Noelle says:

    Nice analogy. Quick critique: there is a type-o in the 2nd paragraph where you either mistakenly refer to Dr. Y as Dr. X, or perhaps you should have finished the sentence with “were needed.”

    Anyway, like I said, very good analogy. I have sometimes found myself frustrated with the idea that Romney put a good plan in place in Massachusetts, and the plan was poorly implemented by his successor. Should he have foreseen that? Should he have done anything to prevent it? Was that even possible?

  3. BOSMAN says:

    Thanks Sam!

    Thanks Noelle! I corrected it.

  4. cj says:

    love it!!!!

  5. Chance says:

    Love the analogy, 1 suggestion, change Dr. X from ‘retiring’ to ‘moving somewhere else so he could help more people’. Sounds better, and better portrays the actual situation

  6. Rebel Ross says:

    Well done Bosman! I am quite sure that this is one of my favorite posts yet here at MRC. I have a feeling we will be referencing this analogy for years to come.

  7. Vegas Mike says:

    This was well done “Bosman”. I’ve really been amused that the Dems only play against Mitt has been their jumping on Romneycare. I feel that they can find very little to make him look bad. They tried with the dog on the car roof, the gardeners, and his sons not serving in the military. To their loss, the american public is to smart to fall for that nonsense. Keep up the good work. Even though we have some good candidates, I strongly believe Mitt just has to many strengths, and to top it all off, he’s a great human being and a wonderful American. Unlike our current POTUS.

  8. Dennis Byron says:

    The analogy is bad because Patrick’s tinkering with Romneycare happened much earlier than Obamacare, not in the order illustrated in the analogy. It is in fact the Patrick administration’s execution of Romneycare (the highly politicized and incompetent Exchange, the expensive mandates, the movement to socializing healthcare delivery, etc.) that Obama is following, not the original Romneycare.

    That being said, Romney is totally to blame for this disaster for not understanding the law of unintended consequences and for quitting when the job had not even begun. He could have vetoed the whole thing and instead he gave us a healthcare insurance system that is ruining one of the healthcare delivery systems in the world.

    Thanks Mitt!

  9. Weak.

    It would serve Mr. Romney better to come clean about the flaws of RomneyCare, and describe how he learned from them. I don’t think there’s a level of tolerance… particularly in the Republican base… for glossing over major policy mistakes. It would show courage, guts, and realism to come clean on what went wrong with RomneyCare. We get enough of the blame game from the current occupant of the White House.

  10. Ken says:

    If Slick Mitt won’t repudiate RomneyCare and promise to work to overturn ObamaCare, he’s as fundamentally unqualified for the office as we already thought he was.

    Heck, just getting an endorsement from Bush the Elder is enough evidence to indict.


    Thank you for a very smart Analogy of this OBAMACARE problem and the Mass CARE problem blamed on Mitt Romney.

  12. James Taylor says:

    So I am very interested to see how this topic will unfold in this next election cycle. It is uncertain how it will. What is certain is that I’m going to be doing the best I can to shape how it unfolds rather than have the opposition shape how it unfolds.

  13. BOSMAN says:

    @Dennis Byron

    @Gregory of Yardale


    You guys like beating a dead horse.

    As a resident of Massachusetts, I like to refer to THE CURRENT system here as PatrickCare.

    As to RomneyCare, MY FAVORITE part was the mandate. You see, I wasn’t to fond of footing the bill for DEADBEATS.

    THIS MANDATE, was much better than the mandate prior to Mitt Romney. That mandate prior to Romney had taxpayers in MA paying higher taxes and premiums because DEADBEATS would get free health care. That all ended under Romney.

    In fact, THE Romney mandate, is only a mandate if you can afford Health Insurance and refuse to purchase it. Everyone I know, purchases Health insurance so TECHNICALLY, the Romney mandate DOESN’T AFFECT US!

  14. James Taylor says:

    @BOSMAN Why don’t you make your last post (#13) an article as well?

  15. dennis byron says:


    Except that now you are paying both higher taxes and higher premiums because Romney quit — not only before the job was finished but before it even started.

    Now the tax money that used to go to the free care pool goes to the insurance companies via the Connector to ensure anyone under 300% of the federal poverty level that wants healthcare insurance (but the Connector can only get 50% of them to sign up and the rest still go to the ER where service is federally mandated). So taxes go up to cover that continued free care. But the premiums have also gone up 50% cumulative in four years because the insurance companies fund the Connector and they are not getting a big enough insurance pool because the poor won’t sign up (all Romneycare did was move the insured needle from 94% to 96%; as you said, most people in Massachusetts already had insurance).

    As I said, I blame Patrick too for the ridiculous mandates (gonna get my hair transplant soon) and the planned socialization (they call it global payment or some such thing) and incompetent Connector.

    But Romney caused the problem (or is complicit) by not vetoing the bill.

    Thanks Mitt!

  16. Sarah Nelson says:

    Who is responsible for RomneyCare, the person who signed the bill i.e. Romney. Hence, he should be prepared to explain the policy he enacted into law and the process he used to do so. He should then contrast his process and policy from Obamacare. Including the difference between state rights and federal over reach.

    Who is responsible for Obamacare? the person who signed the bill i.e. Obama. Hence, he should be prepared to explain the policy (which he did not read before signing) and the process (which included backroom deals with Nelson et. al). He should then explain why he would think it wise to use a state strategy to address a federal problem – unless of course he thinks states rights don’t count i.e. AZ.

    Mitt should literally make states rights and obama’s backroom deal and imposition of his will against voter’s will the issue. I hope Mitt does not become politically correct in this debate. His ability to put Barack on the defense will be vital because goodness knows Barack needs to explain himself. Something neither the press corps in the WH, media or reporters are willing to make him do.