Ban Earmarks: Governor Mitt Romney Stands with Senator Jim DeMint

Since the election of 85 freshman Republicans on November 2nd, the subject of earmarks has taken front and center on the political front. Opposition to earmarking has become a Tea Party tenet, as well, with Senator Jim Demint leading the battle on Capitol Hill. Old guard Republican leaders like Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – who supports the tradition of earmarking – and DeMint, who has advocated for the complete elimination of earmarks for quite some time, are now squaring off. Demint spoke on this topic on an appearance on FOX News Sunday yesterday with Chris Wallace. Will an earmark moratorium guide the legislative process going into the new year?

Governor Romney issued a statement today supporting Senator Jim DeMint’s call to end earmarks:

Statement on Romney’s Facebook page:

I encourage all Republicans to embrace Senator DeMint’s earmark ban and send a powerful message that we will no longer tolerate business as usual on Capitol Hill.

Sign my petition today to ban earmarks in 2011:

Romney on twitter:

Support Senator @JimDeMint in his effort to curb federal spending. Sign the “no earmark” petition today:

Romney’s statement on Free and Strong America:

Senator DeMint is courageously standing on conviction with his much-needed proposal to ban earmarks, which will curb wasteful spending and restore accountability to the way Congress spends taxpayer dollars. We all need to recognize that Washington can’t responsibly begin to address out-of-control debt and deficits until the practice of cramming earmarks into spending bills is stopped. While earmarks are not the only cause of our budget proplems, they have come to symbolize what’s wrong with Washington. What was once accepted as the normal way of doing business has to be re-examined in light of our $13 trillion national debt. I encourage all Republicans to embrace Senator DeMint’s earmark ban and send a powerful message that we will no longer tolerate business as usual on Capitol Hill.

From DeMint’s blog:

October 21, 2010
Human Events: ‘Earmark Moratorium Should Be GOP’s Top Priority’

Congressional Republicans—including freshly minted senators and representatives—will be confronted with one of the most important votes of the year when they regroup on Capitol Hill just two weeks after Election Day. It’s not the issue of electing a speaker or minority leader. It’s whether or not to extend the GOP’s earmark moratorium for the 112th Congress.

Regardless of whether Republicans win a majority in the House or Senate, the rules that govern their members will be debated and determined in mid-November. In addition to electing party leaders, they’ll tackle the contentious issue of earmarks, the congressional provisions often inserted in legislation to benefit a campaign donor or fund a specific pet project.

Sen. Jim DeMint (R.-S.C.) has vowed to bring up the matter for a vote on November 16 when his Senate Republican colleagues gather in Washington for an organizational meeting. The vote will pit critics of pork-barrel projects against earmarxists.

“I will force a vote in the Senate GOP conference to ban earmarks next year,” DeMint told The Washington Times earlier this month. “I believe this will pass, and Republicans will be unified against the wasteful and corrupt earmark system.”

Read the rest at

Given his record of eliminating frivolous, wasteful spending as governor of Massachusetts and saving the red-inked Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games in 2002, Governor Romney’s support to ban earmarks is no surprise. Eliminating the incentive for politicians to vote according to how much pork they can bring home to their states also falls in line with Romney’s conviction that Washington is broken.

Begin to rebuild America. Sign Romney’s petition to eliminate earmarks here.

UPDATEMitch McConnell is now joining the call for a moratorium on earmarks.

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4 Responses to Ban Earmarks: Governor Mitt Romney Stands with Senator Jim DeMint

  1. Noelle says:

    I just signed Mitt’s petition to ban earmarks. Then I sent an e-mail to Mitch McConnell, who is my senator, encouraging him to support the ban on earmarks. When I came back to this post I saw an update that says McConnell is joining in the call to ban earmarks. I’m sure my e-mail was the difference maker. :)

  2. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Noelle, your email to McConnell was the game changer!

    Way to go!

  3. Crystal says:

    I understand Mitt coming to the defense of Jim DeMint on the earmarks ban, and I understand Mitt wanting to get rid of the crazy earmarks that are essentially “bribes,” but I think most people don’t understand that every earmarks is not a “bad” earmark. Any appropriation change is considered an earmark .. so when Obama doesn’t want to spend any additional $$ on military armour or weapons & a Republican congressperson wants to add that into a military appropriations bill .. that’s an earmark too.

    I heard a very good explanation by Sen Jim Inhofe and why the earmark ban may not be the best way to fend against the crazy spending binge. Here are a couple of links for anyone that wants to see another side to the earmark issue.

    Of course, Mitt is correct in saying that earmarks “have come to symbolize what’s wrong with Washington.” And the earmark ban may be as much a symbolic action as much as anything else. Inhofe acknowledges that too. But I think it’s always good to see both sides of an issue.

  4. Kurt Bucheger says:

    @Crystal: Your example of a good earmark doesn’t hold water. Somehow, people seem to think that our elected officials know all and see all. I think the military can do a better job of prioritizing its budget than a bunch of lawyers.