Obama says Romney “Now Running for President” on 60 Minutes, Talks Health Care

Update: See also Romney vs. Obama, a 60 Minutes Rebuttal

The notion that the Dems specifically tried to pattern ObamaCare after the Massachusetts plan is an outright lie. I’ve scoured news article and blogs from 2009 to Feb. 2010 when all the debate for the ObamaCare bill had taken place, and NOWHERE do the the Dems refer to MA as a model. They are trying to re-write history for political expedience.

The tactic of falsely using “RomneyCare” as cover is a win-win-win situation for Obama:

  1. It cements in the minds of liberals that the Dems were truly trying to be bipartisan, and allows them to paint Republicans as partisan hacks since ObamaCare received not a single vote from Republicans.
  2. It gives Romney’s opponents on the right fodder to toss about. They merrily repeat the false claim in effort to build up a mantra against Romney.
  3. For Obama, it weakens what he may consider his most likely opponent for 2012.

The first mention from any Dem saying they patterned ObamaCare after the MA plan was after the bill already passed. If they had modeled it after MA Care wouldn’t they have at least conferred with Romney once? They didn’t. Not until they realized how disgusted the American people were with the bill did they try to pass along some of the blame to Mitt Romney. The fact that one bill is 70 pages and the other is 2700+ alone should put to rest any notion that they are equal plans. One is a state effort to fix a state problem, the other is a bloated monstrosity that is an unconstitutional over-reach of power.

It is very disappointing to see some fellow GOP cling to Obama’s lies because it suits their needs – they desperately want it to be true. Others will believe them because they won’t take time to look into facts. In all cases, it will be incumbent upon Romney supporters to learn and know the facts, and educate others. There will be a lot of partial and half-truths used as rhetorical weapons. Unfortunately in politics the full story is often not heard – only flashy headlines and catch-phrases make it through the clatter.

Again, it was not the Massachusetts plan that inspired ObamaCare. Liberals have been hoping to pass it since long before Hillary proposed it in the early 90’s. No, the only thing that “inspired” ObamaCare was a Dem super-majority in congress. They saw their chance to ram it through and, knowing their window of opportunity was limited, they pounced.

Mitt Romney has vowed to fight for the repeal of ObamaCare, and we’ll be behind him all the way.

~Nate G.

H/T RightSpeak for video.

UPDATE – from Rebel Ross
Please refer to The Silver Lining of the Health Care Cloud Over Mitt Romney and the links available there before jumping to any conclusions about the comparisons between the two health care plans. Also, remember that much of what Mitt proposed was over-ridden by the overwhelmingly democratic Massachusetts legislature.

Nate owns and manages a small souvenir manufacturing business. He and his wife of 12 years have 2 children. Nate has been blogging for Mitt Romney since late 2006 and is co-founder and editor of MittRomneyCentral.com.
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About Nate Gunderson

Nate owns and manages a small souvenir manufacturing business. He and his wife of 12 years have 2 children. Nate has been blogging for Mitt Romney since late 2006 and is co-founder and editor of MittRomneyCentral.com. View Posts | View Profile
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39 Responses to Obama says Romney “Now Running for President” on 60 Minutes, Talks Health Care

  1. Graham says:

    Yeah Howard Dean said something similar in a recent talk in Calgary with Mark Steyn and Fred Thompson–they’re scrambling to brand their bill with Romney’s bill. Keep that link handy to the vid of Romney’s list of differences. We’re going to need it in the coming years. Anyone who wants to brand them as being the same will have to watch it and see.

  2. CLee Coy says:

    I wonder why Obama is always looking for someone or something else to blame! This one is a stretch! However everything he says is a stretch…or a lie. I pray we can make it through the next two years with him at the helm.

  3. What is the link you are referring to?

  4. Tracey says:

    This could very well work to Romney’s advantage.

  5. Doug NYC GOP says:


    Thanks for the kind words, and YES! Please feel free to post at MRC – It’s would be an honor!

  6. Mark F. says:

    It’s a damned lie that Obama shaped it after Romney’s bill! Romney’s intent was to make it work like a market, not a government takeover. Romney’s bill didn’t increase taxes or cut medicare by 1/2 trillion or impose the health law unconstitutionally on the state like Obama is attempting to do.

  7. cj says:

    well said mark!@Mark F.

  8. Jon E. S. says:

    The guy is just a natural!! At lying that is. He says…”Let me be honest with you…” and then states a flat out shameless lie about trying to pattern the 2,000 page plus disaster of a health bill they rammed down our throats to Romney’s bipartisan bill that affected only one state. He lies so much I’m convinced he’s lost track of reality.

  9. Mike says:

    Obviously Team Romney is a little sensitive about this topic. But there is no denying that the plans are very similar. Sorry Mitch, it is not your fault. It is actually a good plan, you should do the intellectually honest thing and defend it. Instead you are running from your own record. As someone once said of Romney, they feel bad for him because “he is a sane man trying to lead an insane party”

  10. @Mike
    This is site “obviously” not run by “Team Romney”. And I don’t know why you are talking about Mitch. Mitch Daniels?

  11. @Mike
    OOOhhh! You mean MITT. I see.

    FYI, Romney has never run away from his plan and continued to defend it.

  12. shasta says:

    What are the differences?

  13. frouglas says:

    I was able to find this quote:

    David Axelrod, 1/24/10: “In fact, the bill that the House and the Senate passed, which are largely the same in the main, were patterned in many ways on the Massachusetts health care plan, which is a unique plan in that state.”

  14. I’ve learned today from The New Republic that I’m “Going ballistic“, and from Andrew Sullivan that I’m “Outraged.

    Funny, because I recall being quite calm when I posted this yesterday – I’m accustomed to this rhetoric. I did use bold text, but mostly to drive my points.

  15. Dave says:

    Wow. I’ve worked in Mass government and have close friends who’ve worked for both the Romney campaign and Governor Romney (good peeps by the way). This post is complete BS. Of course Obamacare is modeled after RomneyCare. Mitt said himself, on national TV no less, that he HOPED the Mass healthcare bill would be a model.

    Give me ONE difference (other than the fact that Mass Healthcare Plan is for a state, rather than the country) between the basic structure of Romney’s plan and “ObamaCare”

    Some TINY similarities:

    1. A universal Mandate (do I hear lack of Freedom???)
    2. A tax penalty if you don’t join (even LESS FREEDOM!)
    3. Subsidies for low-to-middle income Bay Staters (Wealth redistribution!)
    4. An online “exchange” where people can buy subsidized plans “Commonwealth Care” anyone.
    5. A fully private system with NO PUBLIC OPTION. See “Commonwealth Care.”

    If you guys were tethered to reality Mitt might have a decent chance at winning. But the complete failure to advocate for good policy will just lead to a “Let’s Not Be France” campaign in 2012. It’s too bad, because he could be a great candidate.

    Also, you might want to convince some Iowans that he’s a “real Christian” if you want a shot at the nomination. Your problem isn’t with me, it’s with those dudes.

  16. @frouglas

    Thanks. Glad to admit when I’m wrong. That was indeed before it was passed.

    BUT, I still don’t believe him that it was patterned after MA. Nancy was vowing that there would be a public option, which was only pulled because of lack of support.

  17. Brendan says:

    Y’all are gonna be pretty angry with me, ’cause I know the jury’s still out on… well… facts, but this article is an outright lie, and it’s also quite hostile to half the country.


    This is an article from Pajamas Media (a conservative organization) by Dr. Paul Hsieh, a conservative medical doctor and founder of a conservative medical association. In it, he dissects exactly how Obamacare and Romneycare are essentially the same thing. The article was published in November of 2009, well before the PPACA was passed.

    Look, I don’t really care what your politics are. Gov. Romney’s defenders, however, need to grapple with the idea that he was a Rockefeller Republican when it suited his political purposes in Massachusetts, and now is a “conservative” because he can’t win the GOP primaries without that label attached to him. He’s running from his own record, the same as Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin (a socialist in conservative clothing, if you know anything about how she governed Alaska for that half-term).

    If we can get a real conservative who isn’t just blowing hot air to run for the nomination, Republicans might have a real shot at the nomination. I implore all of you to research Gov. Gary Johnson. You may find yourself liking him, or you may find yourself despising him. But I’d urge you to at least keep an open mind. Gov. Romney’s repositioning himself as a populist is sickening, and his ability to go whatever direction the wind blows is disheartening. We need someone with real convictions, but also someone who can win.

  18. @Dave

    Mitt hoped it would be a model for other STATES. Not the federal government. He said they ought to learn what things went well in it and what was bad.

    And no, the bill was not modeled after the MA plan, it eventually boiled down to something that looks similar to it, except that the national plan has so much extra crap in it AND the MA plan had a source of funding and didn’t raise taxes.

  19. @Brendan
    Romney is not repositioning himself as a populist. He takes on populism directly in his book if read it. Besides, there’s no way he could out-populize Huckabee.

  20. Tom Foolery says:

    Oh no, Mittens! Now Rick Perry is beating Mittens over the head with the RomneyCare stick!

    What on earth will Mittens do?


  21. Mark C. says:

    Calm down. The president said that they “shaped a bill that wasn’t that much different than some proposed by Republicans. . . [including Gov. Romney’s”. He never said it was patterned after the Massachusetts bill, or used it as “a model”. The fact that Romneycare wasn’t mentioned in the press at the time proves nothing. Why the rush to call our president a liar?

  22. Patrick says:

    I find it rather interesting that in this entire angry, nonsensical rant, nowhere does the author even attempt to explain what differentiates Obama’s healthcare reform from Romney’s healthcare reform. NOWHERE.

    Length of the bills (since when is that a litmus test for similarities??) aside, they are both based on remarkably similar pretexts–insurance mandates, creating PRIVATE insurance pools for those with low-incomes, taxes on Cadillac plans, tax incentives for companies to offer health insurance, and regulations forbidding insurance companies from dropping people with pre-existing conditions. Romney shouldn’t be backing off from his healthcare plan, he should be embracing it: it has worked remarkably well for the people of Massachusetts.

    I would vote for Gov. Romney for President in a heartbeat. But candidate Romney? The one we have seen lurch to the far right in an attempt to placate Know-Nothing Tea Partiers? Never.

  23. @Patrick
    1 – I don’t write the differences between the two plans in every post I write about health-care. I wrote this post quickly yesterday morning before work.

    2 – Re: length of bills. There are 2600 extra pages on the national bill. Those aren’t blank pages, that is a lot of extra “stuff” that the MA plan doesn’t have.

    3 – Romney is not running away from his plan at all. He knows it’s not perfect, but it will be something to learn from. He’s been saying the same thing since its implementation in 2006.

    4 – I’m not sure my comments qualify as a rant. It’s devoid of personal attacks and name-calling which usually accompany rants.

  24. Alex K. says:

    Nate, you are arguing against a straw man. I will echo what some other commenters have pointed out: at no point does Obama say that “the Dems specifically tried to pattern ObamaCare after the Massachusetts plan” or that RomneyCare “inspired” Obamacare. To call the President a liar for things he never said is unfair. And again, as other commenters have pointed out, ObamaCare actually is sufficiently similar enough to RomneyCare, superficial dissimilarities like length (?) aside, for the two bills to be compared, especially in the abstract.

  25. This is not an isolated instance. This is merely a continuation of a talking point the dems/WH have been establishing over previous months. Also, I will remind you that I did not list all the differences of the plans as I stated earlier. That was not even my intent of this post.

  26. Daren says:

    The Health Care Reform Act is very similar to the bill that Romney signed in Massachusetts.


  27. @Daren
    That article only verifies that one aspect of the plans are equal – which is true. They both employ “exchanges” to help people find insurance plans. This is a good part to both plans.

  28. mickster99 says:

    After an intensive google (2-3 minutes using romney health care model obama as query)
    I found this. Propably more but I was irked by the self-assuredness of this opinion:


    But if Nate says Romney’s bill was never a model for HCR I put that in the same category as Obama wasn’t born in the USA, he’s a Muslim, and a Maoist Marxist Nazi and hates white people and white culture. The sort of ignorant non-thinking type of mentality.

    But why bother?

    Responding to this stuff is worth about exactly 5 minutes of my life.

    Now back to more important stuff like reality for starters.


  29. Gary says:

    Yes, it seems interesting that there is no attempt here to rebut the President on substance. What are the differences, exactly?

  30. Gary says:

    By the way, congratulations for allowing critical questions to appear here, so that, theoretically, at least, there can be a real discussion. Very unPalin.

  31. Jim Cassidy says:

    Actually, the President is correct. John McDonough of the advocacy group Healthcare for All worked closely with Mitt Romney to craft the Massachusetts plan. He was contacted by Senator Kennedy to work on the US program, which was modeled on the Mass. plan.

  32. @mickster99
    Frouglas listed above the earliest reference I know of that the current HCR bill was modeled after the MA plan – dated Jan. 2010. Debate had been going on for nearly a year already at that point. Up until that point it was not brought up. So no it doesn’t quite fit into the other quackery that you have listed.

    That link you posted from 2007 is a good one. In it Romney makes a good point. States should set their own plans, and they should be used to use the Medicare funds that go into their state in the best way that they see fit. He also points out that a one-size fits all Federal plan would almost certainly fail. He’s also on record as saying that the MA plan would certainly not work in other states because of the demographics and the specificity of the MA plan.

  33. @Gary
    As I mentioned, listing the differences was not purpose of this post. We will certainly be detailing those soon, and posting it as a permanent page on this site.

    We do allow for critics to post. I only ban people when they become problematic repeat offenders, or extreme ranters. Coincidentally, there have only been two, and they were both Palin supporters. One of them by the name of Gary…. it wasn’t you was it?

  34. I mentioned in one of my comments above that this complaint (equating the two plans) was not new, but has been ongoing. Here is a cartoon we developed back in April to demonstrate a simple aspect of their differences. Of course this doesn’t show ALL the differences because it is merely a cartoon:

    RomneyCare vs ObamaCare

  35. BOSMAN says:

    Here is the difference THAT COUNTS:

    hopefully, one of these will work:


  36. Luke says:

    Going ballistic & outraged… I just don’t see!
    More like honest and refreshing :)

  37. Gary says:

    @Nate Gunderson
    No, I am not the banished Palin-supporting Gary, thank God.

  38. beejeez says:

    Really? Our measure of how worthy legislation is is how short it is? I have a suggestion, then: Government pays for basic health care and taxes accordingly. One page should do it.