A Look Back at the First Year of MittRomneyCentral.com

Mitt Romney for PresidentThis site launched in September of 2009 and one year has come and gone. Before we officially began we discussed how we would conduct the site, how we would promote it, and what our plans and goals would be. In some ways our first year has far surpassed my expectations (22,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook), and in others it hasn’t (no T-shirts for sale in our store yet).

Overall I must say that I am extremely pleased with the efforts, organization, and production quality of our unpaid rag-tag consortium of RomBot cohorts that comprise our grassroots team. None of us have long histories in politics, degrees in politic science, or long impressive résumés. Our common denominator is merely a great desire to to see the highly qualified Mitt Romney in the White House in January 2013 – which is the ultimate purpose of this blog.

And not to be overlooked is the invaluable commitment and support of our readers! You don’t know how much we appreciate it when you comment on posts, refer a friend to our site, or suggest our page to your friends of Facebook. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

MRC year one: by the numbers:

  • 22,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook
  • 4,400 followers on Twitter
  • 473 blog posts
  • hundreds of thousands comments on our chatbox
  • 200,000 visitors
  • 340,000 page-views!

Lastly, my favorite posts by each of our writers:

Rebel Ross (bio): So This is How Liberty Dies…With Thunderous Applause

Jared A.: Mitt Romney’s Realistic Approach To The 9/11 Mosque: Focus On The Economy

Aaronius (bio): Will Mitt Romney Ditch the South?

Luke (bio): Full List of Romney’s Book Tour Dates and Locations

The Principle Chair: Mitt Ramping Up for 2012?

Thomas Alan: And This is How You Build a Narrative

Vox Patriota (bio): The Year of Our Obama (This one is my favorite.)

Jayde Wyatt (bio): The Real Dirt (Excellent write-up that has brought us a lot of googlers looking for “dirt on Mitt Romney”.)

Dave P. (bio): Mitt Romney on Abortion / Stem Cell Research (Dave researches and compiles many of our resource pages – this link is one of them

Nate Gunderson (bio): 101 Days in the Life of Mitt Romney


One year down… two to go. We’ve got some big plans in the works, but since they are top secret I cannot yet disclose them. Stay tuned…

~Nate Gunderson

Nate owns and manages a small souvenir manufacturing business. He and his wife of 12 years have 2 children. Nate has been blogging for Mitt Romney since late 2006 and is co-founder and editor of MittRomneyCentral.com.
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One Response to A Look Back at the First Year of MittRomneyCentral.com

  1. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Enjoyed the review, Nate!

    A lot of topics have been covered in a year’s time. Thanks to you, the rest of Team MRC, and all our readers for a wonderful year of Mittness.

    We’ll all be kids in a candy shop when Gov Romney announces his candidacy for president of the United States!