What is MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Thinking?

First, let’s start with the good. Chris Matthews says that Mitt Romney is not a politician and that is why he will lose. This is good only because we can use that clip when people argue foolishly that Mitt is this Washington insider/career politician when we know the truth is that Mitt has never held a political office in Washington and has, in fact, only held one political office for a grand total of four years. However, after that, this clip has nothing much to offer because of the outlandish assumptions Chris Matthews makes. Whether or not this is simply Chris Matthews making mistakes or part of a larger concerted effort, time will tell.

note: The original video was taken down off youtube, but the new video below has much of the same footage:

#1. Why does MSNBC continue to refuse to even acknowledge the help Mitt Romney gave Nikki Haley’s campaign for governor of South Carolina. It’s certainly true that Sarah Palin’s endorsement was a big boost to the Haley campaign, but Mitt endorsed Nikki first, gave way more money to her campaign through his PAC, and did more behind the scenes to help. I’m very happy Sarah Palin endorsed Nikki Haley, and it’s nice to see Sarah and Mitt endorsing a lot of the same candidates, but I’m getting sick of the media pushing the same narrative on us every time a conservative candidate wins something.

#2. Chris Matthews assumes Sarah Palin will win Iowa simply because she apparently has the evangelical vote all to herself and she will be one woman against 5 men. Maybe Chris should ask Hillary Clinton how much it helps to be the only woman in a field of men.

#3. Then, Chris Matthews predicts that Sarah would get 2nd or third in New Hampshire followed by a first place finish in South Carolina. I would guess Chris’ assumption is that Sarah would get the endorsements of Nikki Haley, Jim DeMint, and other top conservatives in South Carolina, but I think that is taking quite a leap considering both Nikki Haley and Jim DeMint endorsed Mitt in 2008 and Mitt has held major fundraisers/donated large amounts through his PAC to both of them. (Note: Nikki Haley and Jim DeMint have both increased the value of their endorsement considerable from 2008.)

#4. Then, in perhaps the most ridiculous of all of Chris Matthew’s predictions, he says that Sarah Palin will win in Michigan against Mitt Romney. First of all, the 2012 primary calendar hasn’t even been set, so we have no idea if Michigan will be next after the first three. There are strong indications that Nevada will go before any other states after the first three of IA, NH, and SC, and Mitt won a huge landslide in Nevada in 2008. However, as someone who has lived in Michigan my entire life, I hope Michigan goes early in the primary season. We have been facing the economic problems that the whole country now faces for much longer than everyone else. Furthermore, I hope Michigan goes early because Mitt will win Michigan. Mitt is more popular here than ANY of our own politicians. His family history is well known and respected around here, and the crowds for Mitt here in Michigan in 2008 were huge and electric.

On top of all of that, we don’t even know that Sarah Palin is running for President.

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47 Responses to What is MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Thinking?

  1. tractah says:

    Who cares what that fat a**ed, blubbering slob has to say

  2. Luke says:

    I am glad that Mitt doesn’t send tingles up Chris Matthews leg.

  3. Gary says:

    Wow, just wow.

    So much silliness, so little time.

    Get a grip man, Romney is done. He has zero chance of winning.

    “#1. Why does MSNBC continue to refuse to even acknowledge the help Mitt Romney gave Nikki Haley’s campaign for governor of South Carolina?”

    Mitt endorsed Nikki and no one noticed, that’s why. Sarah came in, held a major media event, and within the week Nikki was the front runner and money was pouring in.

    Even more important, when the GOP good old boys, those backed by Huckabee, started spewing filth, and lies, Sarah was all over it, very publicly supporting Nikki.

    Mitt was rather quiet.

    “#2. Chris Matthews assumes Sarah Palin will win Iowa simply because she apparently has the evangelical vote all to herself and she will be one woman against 5 men.”

    Not sure if Sarah will win Iowa, but most likely will. It will have nothing to do with gender or religion. She will win because she is a LEADER. She’s the only one out there leading right now. Where’s Mitt? He is hiding.

    Meanwhile, Sarah is out there giving red meat speeches and laying out policy for when she takes office in 2013.

    Her latest policy speech, turned Facebook post, has been called “One Of The Most Sophisticated Analysis Of Obama’s Defense & Foreign Policy Ever Published”


    “#3. Then, Chris Matthews predicts that Sarah would get 2nd or third in New Hampshire followed by a first place finish in South Carolina.”

    She’ll win both. LEADERSHIP is what wins elections. You’re best hope is there are no debates early. If they have to debate her before NH, it’s done. I’ve seen her debate hard core Republicans. Ruthless is the best word to use.

    South Carolina is hers, without Nikki, but you can bet Nikki will endorse her. Romney can’t buy her loyalty, no matter how many rules he bends to send cash her way. (yeah, we know all about that)

    “#4. Then, in perhaps the most ridiculous of all of Chris Matthew’s predictions, he says that Sarah Palin will win in Michigan against Mitt Romney”

    Sarah has tons of connections in Michigan as well, and famously got into a fight with Team McCain because they pulled out too soon. She and Todd were ready to go there, even if they had to do it on their own dime.

    I wouldn’t place too big of a bet on Romney in Michigan.

    As far as the Western States, from Texas west, it’s all hers. She’ll run the table. BTW, rumor has it the Western States will be front loaded.

    Texas is all Palin. Oklahoma is all Palin. Colorado is all Palin. New Mexico is all Palin, unlike profile in courage Mitt Romney, Sarah actually endorsed Susanna Martinez BEFORE she won her primary.

    Arizona belongs to Sarah. She’s not only endorsed Jan Brewer, and endorsed the Arizona illegal immigration law, she’s been back to support the law, cut commercials in support, and has put the full force of her position as the nation’s real leader behind it. You can bet no one else has a chance there.

    Mitt? Crickets.

    In fact, Mitt hasn’t said anything on illegal immigration. At least nothing anyone has cared to report.

    California. Sarah was just there in the very shadow of Sarah Francisco (Tehran on the Pacific) and spoke at CSU-S, raising more money for the university than any speaker in history. This within ear shot of the most liberal city in the country.

    I know Mitt is buddies with ultra-RINO Meg Whitman (birds of a feather … ) but that won’t help much. I’d say California is in play, but it’s not better than 50-50, and if they debate out there, or close to it …

    I know you guys are hoping she doesn’t run, and are pushing the idea that she should be RNC chair, to make sure she doesn’t, but that isn’t going to happen. She is running in 2012.

    Mitt has a problem. A big problem. His record. He was a documented failure as governor, and his creation, RomneyCare is a disaster of biblical proportions. It is destroying the Bay State, and there is no end to the disaster in sight.

    Even worse, the entire nation links RomneyCare and ObamaCare. The entire country knows that RomneyCare was the blueprint for ObamaCare, and knows what a total disaster RomneyCare is. If you don’t think this won’t come up, especially since over 60 percent of the country wants ObamaCare repealed, and almost every democrat that voted for it will lose their seat, this fall because they voted for it, you are nuts.

    All one will have to do is continually show the photo of him laughing wildly, with Teddy Kennedy, who murdered a young woman, by his side, and it’s over for Mitt.

    The nail in the coffin is the fact that not only has Mitt NOT apologized to the people of Massachusetts for screwing them big time, last time he came out of hiding, he was still defending this total crap sandwich.

    The battle to repeal ObamaCare will still be raging in 2012 and the one man in the Rupublican Party tied closest to it thinks he has a chance???


    On the other hand, in office, Sarah Palin was the most popular Governor in the nation. She has a strong two decade long career, filled with nothing but huge successes. She took a corruption laden mess of a government, and turned it into a well oiled machine.

    You put her record and Romney’s side by side, and it will not end well for Mitt.

    In 2008 Romney, despite spending a fortune, couldn’t finish any better than third place. In 2008 we had the worst slate of presidential candidates ever assembled. And yet, despite spending a whole lot of his children’s inheritance, he could only come in third behind McCain and Huckabee. HUCKABEE!!!

    I hope you guys don’t spend to much money on this project, because it’s most certainly a losing effort.

    Mitt Romney will do well to replicate his less than stellar 2008 finish. I seriously doubt he will finish second, and third may even be a hard row to hoe. He should save his money for the kids.

    Actually, the one thing Mitt Can do, and do well, is raise money. Let’s make him RNC chair and be done with it. He might be OK for that.

  4. Saul says:


    Mitt is a politician and everyone knows he is by the simple fact that he changes his positions with the wind more than Chrissy boy, Tingles there changes his drawers… Mitt takes entire focus groups to think for him. Sarah Palin is who she is. If you don’t like her positions, fine but at least they are her positions. Mitt is a phony and everyone knows it.

    Have you seen his poll numbers lately? He will never live RomneyCare down. Ever!

    Sarah Palin is going to get the nomination because she is a true Conservative with many attributes. But the key thing that will get her nominated is her COURAGE. Something Mitt cannot buy with his inherited wealth or lay in a tanning bed to obtain.

  5. Dan says:

    I can see that you see the news through one lens while many of us here at MRC see it from a different perspective (probably because we follow every single piece of Romney news out there and some of us even have some “inside” info). Palin gets more coverage for sure, but Mitt spent more time and effort to help Nikki win and Nikki worked to help Mitt in South Carolina before anyone even knew who Sarah Palin was in 2007 and early 2008. Mitt also spoke out against the false attacks against Haley, but his words didn’t get as much coverage as Palin’s.

    Also, to say Mitt has zero chance of winning is a little ridiculous wouldn’t you agree? You might think Sarah has a better chance than Mitt, but even then, you’d have to agree Mitt has a chance. Why else would the Democrats be so worried about Mitt’s latest op-ed in the Washington Post?

    And for the debates, I will be shocked if Sarah (or anyone else for that matter) beats Mitt in the debates. Mitt dominated the debates against a female for governor in 2004 and again during the 2008 primaries. Mitt knows his stuff, is very articulate and it shows during the debates.

    Unless you live in Michigan and have been active in politics there as long as Ross has, I think I’ll stick with Ross on this one.

    Finally, you can’t honestly believe that Huckabee finished 2nd to McCain. Huckabee was mathmatically eliminated long before he dropped out. When Mitt dropped out, he still had a chance to win, but decided it was best for the party and perhaps for the future if he dropped out.

  6. @Gary

    If you really thought Mitt was done and had zero chance you would stop post blogs about how he is so done. I think you only want him to be done. Who is being delusional here?

  7. @Gary
    You’re also wrong on that on the fact that we hope Sarah doesn’t run. If you want my honest opinion right now I think Huckabee will make a more formidable opponent than Sarah.

    But what you really need to come to grips with Gary is that not everyone sees things the way you do. Your opinion is not always the only correct one all the time. You don’t even allow other people to have there own opinion. The fact that anyone could like Mitt more than Sarah drives you crazy. YOU, Gary, need to get yourself more grounded – not because of what you believe, but how you act – like a high-schooler.

  8. Jon E. S. says:

    Wow Gary, you’re almost as long winded as Obama and I just don’t have the time to waste reading the empty rhetoric you’re spouting. Palin is out there making as much money as she can in the limelight while Romney is behind the scenes supporting countless conservatives running for office around the country, gradually building support for 2012. History has proven you don’t need Iowa to win the election. Besides, I hope Palin AND Huckabee run. They would probably cancel each other by sharing the bigot vote, enabling Romney to slip through to the finish line.

    Sorry, but I’m not in love with Romney the way you are obviously infatuated with Palin, but I do trust him to do a job precious few can do right.

  9. Chris says:

    For the 3 cents my opinion is worth. Matthews earlier expressed fear that is love intrest, Obama would no win re election. since that time, he’ been pushing Palin as ‘hard to beat’. We know this is not true. Of anyone, she’s about the easiest for Obama to beat. I see another McCAin in the works. The press builds up, than when the nomination is cinced – zap! Palins new BFF’s in the press shed their sheeps clothing and pounce.

    Obama cruises to victory.

  10. Riccardo says:

    Chris is correct. There is a reason that Ms. Palin gets so much MSM attention…they want her to run, because she is such an easy target, and they know that most moderate and independent voters, who will, by the way, decide the 2012 election again, will not support her. The more fractured conservatives are from moderates/independents, the easier Obama wins re election.

    By the way, the “pundit” cited in the review above highlights Palin’s suggestion that the defense budget should be the only sector protected from cuts. This is a Romney hallmark budgeting position since 2007. I’ve heard him state it dozens of times, that “all spending except defense/military, be capped at a percentage of the GDP”. It’s been a Romney position since well before Palin was even known by anyone outside of Alaska.

    And your assertion, Gary, that Romney loses Michigan is truly delusional. And, DeMint is one of Romney’s closest and longest allies…any idea that he’d turn on 6 years of Romney’s money and support is reflective of your Sarah colored glasses, and is simply not reality based.

    Romney gets little press. They fear him. MSM fears him, and so does team Obama.When your candidate is the preferred charicature on Saturday Night, loved by millions of Americans in their 20s and 30s, and is constantly made fun of, you have a real problem selling her as a legit candidate. I like her personally, but she’s got no depth and no legitimate legacy to run upon. You can’t quit your first real job in politics to make money in TV, and then expect to be seen as viable. Not by this conservative.

    Could have had Romney in 08. Made that mistake we did…not again. Mitt is the right guy, when America needs his brain and worth ethic the most.

  11. Jean says:

    1 801 084 is the number of friends on the Sarah Palin FaceBook page. It’s more friends
    than the Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich friends combined. Yesterday it was 15 568 new one.
    10 new friends each minute (…) on her FaceBook page and nobody in the political scene ( including foreing leaders ( specialy on the Left…) is able to sale 2.7 million copies of a book.
    Only Sarah was able to make IT Hapen with Going Rogue: An American Life and she will make it again with her next book America By Heart: Reflections on Family,faith and Flag just
    after the November election . We already know that she will bring to her much bigger crowds than the Huckabee,Romney crowds combined ( same thing for the media coverage ) if she runn for the republican nomination. We already know that she is also able to bring bigger crowds than Romney & Huckabee combined if she runn for the presidency.

  12. Jean says:

    The last thing we need during the republican nomination is a big cat fight a la Hillary- Obama

  13. Marybeth says:

    Gary has a hard time seeing anyone else with a snowball’s chance at the 2012 presidency other than Sarah, and I mean ANYONE else. He’s obsessed with her and that’s putting it very mildly; she’s the leader of the free world, doncha know.

    And he really REALLY hates Mitt with a white-hot passion.

    His obsession and hatred are – well – actually kind of disturbing.

    Just read his ramblings on Hot Air, if you haven’t had enough proof anytime he leaves his droppings here, and you’ll see for yourself.

    I don’t know what he will ever do if Sarah and Mitt team up for the good of the country in 2012, as I have predicted.

  14. Marybeth says:

    He goes by “gary4025” on Hot Air, in case you want to look him up.

  15. Makeli says:

    Gary’s got major social skill issues. Relax man. We’re all on the same team Gary. If Palin is our candidate I’ll be shoulder and shoulder with you to get her elected. I would hope you’d do the same thing if Mitt is our guy.

  16. James Taylor says:

    And I thought I was the only conservative who watches MSNBC!

  17. Jayde says:

    We’ve got to defeat Obama’s congressional cohorts this fall and Obama himself in 2012. That is the bottom line. For all who agree, this puts us on the SAME side. And, it’s important to remember that Romney and Palin are on the same side. (No other presidential candidate worked harder to help McCain/Palin defeat Barack Obama than Mitt Romney.) That said, I have to leave a couple of comments for Saul.

    Masscare was a PRIVATE-market solution to a huge budget drain in nearly-bankrupt Massachusetts. Taxpaying citizens had had enough of paying astronomical medical bills for irresponsible freeloaders. With an OVERWHELMING liberal state legislature, Romney did the best that could be done at the time to solve this issue for MASSACHUSETTS – not for AMERICA. The plan is still within the original budget. Romney courageously reached down deep into the progressive pit to pull MA back from the brink of certain red ink death. (Without taking a salary, by the way.)

    Romney’s wealth is his own. HE earned it.

    Read Romney’s book ‘No Apology: The Case for American Greatness’. Focus groups do not do Romney’s thinking. (And, he doesn’t need to write notes on his hand.)

    Implying that Mitt reclines in a tanning bed to appear courageous is goofy-goofster-goof-ball.

    Your “he changes positions with the wind” assertion is blatantly false. A tired, mis-leading mantra meant to diminish and pigeon-hole.

    Weasel Words.

    It’s easy and lazy to use Weasel Words. I could heave a Merriam-Webster dictionary full of them at Palin, but I won’t. We’re on the SAME SIDE. I appreciate what Sarah Palin has done for the Republican Party. You should appreciate what Mitt Romney is doing for the Party, as well.

    But, here’s a fact: Romney successfully completed his term as Governor. Palin quit. Does that make her Half-Gov Palin? Will the ‘left’ let her live that down?

  18. Patti says:

    I have one thing to say to Chris Matthews……….MORON!!!!!! If you tried to tell the truth once in a while,you wouldn’t look like such an A** !!!!!!!! When all the lying SOCIALISTS are out ….you will be too……you are already a has been. MSLSD is the ONLY place that will let you spew your CRAP !!!!!!

  19. Jean says:

    Jayde, Romney was at 43% ( opproval ) wen he ” succesfully completed” his term and was replaced by a Dems.
    Does that make him less than half-Governor Romney ?.Look,Palin,In her last mont in office, was at 56% and was replaced by a real Republican.

  20. @Jean
    Comparing Alaska and Massachusetts is like comparing apples and oranges. While Romney had a 43% approval George Bush had a 26 %. Remember that MA is quite a liberal state that loves to spend.

    There could be any number of reason that the liberals were not liking Mitt. Perhaps it was his vetoing of hundreds of line items in the budget bills in order to have a balanced budget every year. Perhaps it was because he vetoed all 4 of the bills that came to his desk to expand abortion rights. Perhaps it was because he was a loud voice of opposition to the supreme courts ruling to allow gay marriage without the new law coming through the legislature as it should. It could be any number of reasons.

    Lastly it most obvious that Palin would be replaced by a Republican – she was in office when she left. Her LG became Governor automatically. The people didn’t vote for him. It’s likely anyways that he would win. But your point is moot anyway because his appointment was automatic.

  21. LouEllen says:



    I think you are on the wrong message board…surely, you can find a more appropriate place to spew your hateful, biased rhetoric.

  22. Jon E. S. says:

    Let me remind you once again……..All you Palinites out there are in denial about the fact she actually QUIT HER OFFICE! She let the people down so the media would leave her alone (of course she’ll use them when she needs them) and so she could “spend more time with the family.” We don’t need a quitter to lead this country. She can shoot, and fish, bring out the worst in the liberal crowd, make tons of cash by milking it while she can, and she can see Russia from her backyard…but she won’t ever lead this country with the quitter label on her back and the “drill baby drill” mantra (the libs will milk that all the way to her defeat!).

  23. Stan says:

    Saul you are a sad, sad, sad little man. A liberal through and through. It’s people like you that will blow it for Palin with your brainless hyperboles.

  24. Chris says:

    Palin QUIT. I cant ever support her. Ever. The press will build her up, she’ll get the nom and then we’ll lose.

  25. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Regarding numbers, had Palin remained Gov of Alaska who knows what her exit approval numbers would have been? After the election Palin’s approval numbers had dropped. Had she stayed on to finish the job she was elected to do, she could have had to face decisions that would have caused political trouble down the road. The recession then and now is putting the squeeze on governors, state budgets, taxes, etc.

    At the time Palin skipped out on her Governor of Alaska responsibilities, Larry Sabato, a political scientist at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville said: “She’s no longer a serious candidate for president. The long knives have been out for her for a long time, but she has just handed the longest knife of all to her opponents.”

    I really wish Palin would have stuck it out and finished her term. By adding ‘quitter’ to her resume she created a HUGE vulnerability for herself.

    The next president after Obama will face problems and pressure of a magnitude we’ve yet to grasp. America MUST have a Republican president who has a long record of proven ability to hold steady under pressure, solve problems, and produce results.

    I’ve just described Mitt Romney.

  26. Jean says:

    Jayde, do you have a credible Alaska poll ( or national ) to support the quitter meme ?
    Do you think it is a good strategy for Mitt to carry that meme against Sarah ?
    Personnaly i think it’s a not a good one because ( 1 ) the entire Palin family was under attack ( not only Sarah the governor ) by multiple frivolous lawsuits.

    Larry Sabato: ” She is no longer a serious candidate for president. The long Knives Have
    been out for a long time,but she has just Handed the longuest knife of all to her opponents ”
    Nobody in the list of the opponents is able to sale 2.7 or 2.8 million copies of a book.
    Finaly,because I want Mitt for VP of Palin, I am asking you how come he is not realy popular with the Tea- Party .

  27. Jon E. S. says:

    Sorry Jean, you just don’t get it. You are in major denial and I’m sorry there’s no helping you out. THINK ABOUT IT!!
    The media wants Palin to become the GOP contender, as they did McCain, because they know she is devisive and BEATABLE. Whether you want to admit it or not, Palin has earned the quitter label and that will come out to haunt her GUARANTEED!

  28. Marybeth says:

    Jean, I didn’t realize one of the main qualifications to be president is to sell 2.7 or 2.8 million copies of a book. Using that standard, JK Rowling should be president. Or Barack Obama . . . oh, wait.

  29. WarrenMA says:

    Nate Gunderson :@Jean Comparing Alaska and Massachusetts is like comparing apples and oranges. While Romney had a 43% approval George Bush had a 26 %. Remember that MA is quite a liberal state that loves to spend.
    There could be any number of reason that the liberals were not liking Mitt. Perhaps it was his vetoing of hundreds of line items in the budget bills in order to have a balanced budget every year. Perhaps it was because he vetoed all 4 of the bills that came to his desk to expand abortion rights. Perhaps it was because he was a loud voice of opposition to the supreme courts ruling to allow gay marriage without the new law coming through the legislature as it should. It could be any number of reasons.
    Lastly it most obvious that Palin would be replaced by a Republican – she was in office when she left. Her LG became Governor automatically. The people didn’t vote for him. It’s likely anyways that he would win. But your point is moot anyway because his appointment was automatic.

    As a life-long resident of MA I had to comment on this post. Governor MR was NOT a loud voice in the fight to prevent the gay marriage debacle here in MA. He in fact was slient and let this travesty be foisted upon the Commonwealth because it was pollitically inexpedient to try stop this from happening. He exerted little to no influence on any lawmaker here to support the will of the people who had gathered hundreds of thousands of signatures to place this question on the ballot. When the ruling came down from the court, he could have challenged it again. Again he was silent and did nothing. This is the real MR. Consumate pol, doing whatever he thinks he needs to do get a vote. This is why he was a loser in 2008 and will be a loser again in 2012. We have had enough of this kind of politics.

    As far as Palin being a quitter, this will hurt her chances big time. But remember that MR also ‘quit’ the race in 2008 after SC and when the going got tough, he got out! If he had stayed in the race he would probably be president now.

    Just my opinion!

  30. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Thanks Jon and Marybeth. True and true.

    @Jean…. Uh, hello? My comments have MY name attached to them. You’re not thinking straight if you believe I’m Governor Romney’s strategizer.

    A poll to support the quitter meme? Huh? Palin QUIT. Packed up her paraphernalia, closed the Alaskan governor’s door behind her and scurried on out. A poll won’t alter that fact.

    You were the one who brought up poll numbers comparing Romney to Palin. My reply simply points out the fact that comparing a partial-governor job to a completed governor job isn’t a viable comparison.

    I’ll ask you a version of your own question: If, as you say, you want Mitt Romney as VP for Palin, do you really think it’s a wise strategy to come on a PRO-Romney site and repeatedly tout Sarah Palin without saying anything positive about Mitt Romney?

    News for you: You aren’t winning points for Palin. Re-think.

    ROMNEY 2012, baby!

  31. Chris says:

    Jean, I don’t understand why you would want someone who will overshadow Palin as veep. I think should she get the nom, that she needs someone on her grea level. I’m sure we can convince bob the brainless to run with her.

  32. Chris says:

    Stephanie Meyer for President! She’ sold MORE books, has the women’s and newvoter vote, hs sold millions of books and now has three films out based on those books!

    If selling books is the new standard for president, I nominate Stephanie Meyer!

  33. @WarrenMA “Again he was silent and did nothing”

    The videos below do not look like Romney being silent on the supreme court ruling on gay marriage.

  34. WarrenMA says:

    The two videos you posted only demonstrate my point. Here he is doing what I said, saying whatever is convient at the moment to score political points. This speech was too little and too late to change anything and he knew it. By the time of this rally, the house and senate had broken so many laws as it concerns the people right of petition what we needed was action by the Executive office, all we got was rethoric! (I was at the rally in the first video!)By the time he decided to speak, same sex marriage was pretty much a done deal in MA.

    I will modify my statement that he was ‘slient’ to he was ‘slient when it was he should have been speaking out’ More importantly though he gave speeches he did not ACT with with any leadership or conviction on anything he said in these videos’.

    He could have ordered the AG office to insist by lawsuit if necessary that they follow the Constitution of the US and MA in regards to how this went down. He didn’t. He could have prevented the issuing of licenses to same sex couples, and challenge the state SC decision. I will modify (recalibrate? retract?) my statement that he did ‘nothing’, to he didn’t do much to address what was and is a very important issue to many people here in the Commonwealth of MA.

  35. Rebel Ross says:

    In the first video, Mitt talks about how laws were being broken in not letting the people vote. As for ordering the AG office to act, what good would that have done if the AG disagreed with Mitt as I bet he/she did?

    Mitt didn’t have as much power as you seem to think he did when the courts, the house, the senate, the media, and pretty much everything else in Massachusetts was so liberal. Speaking out like he often did might have been his best option.

  36. Jean says:

    We are talking about 2.7, 2.8 millions copies of a POLITICAL Book.
    It is probably the record in this land ( in the rest of the free world, too. )for a Political book.
    Secondly, we are talking about a former governor and a former VP candidacy ( … )
    Third, I am a big fan of the BRILLIANT,verry articulated,all american, governor, Mitt Romney.
    Fourth, the divisive guy is Obama and the divisive party is the DEMS and if we want to win in 2012 it is not wise to have a big cat fight a la Obama vs Hillary.
    Fifth, the Tea Party is the problem for Mitt Romney.In front of this problem,this
    brilliant man is no Sarah Palin and that is something that is impossible for him
    to Quit…

  37. Donald Duck says:

    The most telling and honest thing that “Tingle Boy” said was that, after Palin wins the GOP primary, “the media is going to destroy her”. He got that right. For that reason, I really do believe that Palin will not run, but will just drive the media bonkers with her hard hitting shots at the Bamster and the Jackass Party. If she ran, she would not be allowed to get her message out but would spend the entire campaign putting out brush fires set by the left-wing media and bloggers. I love Sarah Palin, but, unfortunately, a run for the presidency is not in the cards right now.

  38. SparkyVA says:

    Can we keep the troops from feuding?
    The Gauls repeatedly lost to the romans because they couldn’t stop fighting with each other. Face it, the Presidency is ours for the taking. Romney will hold an important office. Palin will hold an important office. Many other hard working people will hold office.

    Right now everyone is promoting their Man/Woman for the top one. But once the dust settles I predict that they will be working with each other to take back the country. Anyone in this movement that will not support this taking back of our government regardless of being in first or second or third position is not a patriot.

    And both Romney and Palin are patriots. Pick your favorite, but be ready to support who ever wins. It will be a long 2 1/2 years till the election. Lets see who can do the most for the cause, not who can do the most for themselves.

  39. Robin from Indiana says:

    As popular as it seems to some people on this site, I dread the thought of Mitt choosing Palin as his running mate. I cannot believe the American public is going to vote for Mitt if he chooses someone who they feel cannot be taken seriously, or is seen as marginal. The people in this country are yearning for a strong presidency, and unfortunately Sara Palin has a poor track record. Mitt needs to choose someone solid.

  40. Robin from Indiana says:

    I am aware, by the way, that a Romney-Palin team is not the thread topic here.

  41. Jean says:

    The media ( from the left ) are trying to destroy her since 2008 because they have
    The Fear and because they know they are losing the battle.
    Robin,you writte Sarah has a pour track record and on the top of that you you say
    Mitt needs to chose someone solid.
    If Sarah is not running, do you think an endorsement from her would be good for Mitt ?

  42. Dan says:

    That’s the spirit!

  43. Robin from Indiana says:

    Yes, I do believe that an endorsement from Sara Palin would be good for Mitt if she was his running mate. There is a world of difference between a person who has been chosen as someone’s vice-presidential running mate and someone who is endorsing a candidate. Would I vote for Mitt if he did decide to choose Sara Palin as his running mate? Of course I would. I think you would probably decide to vote for Mitt if he chose Sara as his running mate because you feel so strongly about her. But you and I are not the American public who may have voted Independant or as Democrats in the last election. My brother would probably not vote for Obama again. He may vote for Mitt because like many Americans now, he is scared, and Mitt Romney has a reputation for knowing what he is doing when it comes to economics. That’s not all it takes for someone like me, but it sure helps him decide. And frankly, he dislikes Sara Palin. She has said and done some things that have removed her from his mind as a serious candidate.

  44. Jean says:

    If Mitt is not running,do you think he will give is endorsement to Sarah ?

  45. Dan says:

    My guess is that Mitt would wait quite some time before endorsing someone, but if he did endorse someone, it would more likely be Rick Santorum if he truly is serious about running or Tim Pawlenty. I could be way off though. There could be other candidates and I know Mitt likes Sarah WAY more than Mike Huckabee.

  46. Robin from Indiana says:

    As to whether Mitt would or would not endorse Sarah Palin if he does not run (please excuse my previous incorrect spelling of her name), those political waters have not even begun to run. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

    From #44, that should have read, “Yes, I do believe that an endorsement from Sara Palin would be good for Mitt if she was NOT his running mate.”