Romney Endorses Branstad in Iowa, 2012 Huckabee Rivalry Underway

Branstad vs. Vander Plaats in Iowa GOP Primary

Terry Branstad (left) and Bob Vander Plaats (right) face off in the Iowa Gubernatorial Republican Primary on June 8th

The spirit of rivalry is thick in the air as Mitt Romney’s PAC announced today that Romney has endorsed Terry Branstad in Iowa’s republican primary race for the Governorship. In addition to the endorsement the PAC wrote out a check for the maximum possible donation the PAC can give, $10,000, which is incidentally among the highest contributions given by the PAC this year.

The rivalry with this endorsement is evident when you consider the fact that Branstad’s main opponent, Bob Vander Plaats, has been heavily endorsed by Mike Huckabee AND his trusty sidekick Chuck Norris. According to The Iowa Independent other similarities with Huckabee and Vander Plaats abound:

The comparisons between this year’s Republican gubernatorial primary, with Sioux City businessman Bob Vander Plaats and former Gov. Terry Branstad as the frontrunners, and the 2008 Iowa Republican Caucuses, where former governors Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney squared off, are many. The biggest similarity, ultimately, is that the race represents a fork in the road for the Republican Party of Iowa, observers say, with voters facing stark differences in choosing the de facto leader of their party.

“The 2010 Republican gubernatorial primary runs parallel to the Romney/Huckabee match-up insomuch as the internal struggle for control of the party remains,” said Graham Gillette, who runs a public affairs/communications firm and occasionally blogs for The Des Moines Register. “The players are different. The campaign strategies being employed are not like 2008. But, ideology is driving the race as it did the 2008 Caucuses.”

Vander Plaats’ campaign is being run by Eric Woolson, who helped steer Huckabee to a caucus victory in 2008. In fact, Vander Plaats served as Huckabee’s state chair, and the former Arkansas governor has endorsed and repeatedly campaigned on Vander Plaats’ behalf.

Branstad remained neutral during the caucuses, but his staff is made up of numerous former Romney aides, including his spokesman, Tim Albrecht, his main fundraiser, Nicole Schlinger, and the person who put together the “Draft Branstad PAC,” Sandy Greiner, among others. But Doug Gross, Branstad’s former chief of staff and longtime adviser, represents Branstad’s closest ties to Romney. In fact, the two of them sat down with the former Massachusetts governor when he visited Iowa [in the end of March].

So Romney is going in big with 2012 implications on the line. Huckabee already put all of his chips into this one, nearly a year ago. With Huckabee’s busy TV and radio schedule, plus his daughter’s upcoming wedding (May 25th, Virgin Islands), Huckabee won’t be able to make it the state to campaign for Vander Plaats so his proxy, Chuck “Texas Ranger” Norris, is filling in for him. The legendary Mr. Norris will be in Iowa on June 4th and 5th.

The Iowa 2010 primary elections are set for June 8th – mark your calendars. The way I see it Romney has nothing to lose on this one and much to gain, as he would be the underdog going into Iowa should Huckabee run. I couldn’t find any head to head polling of Branstad and Vander Plaats, but Rasmussen did do a hypothetical match-up of both candidates against incumbent Democrat Chet Culver in a general election:


Apr. 29th Poll

Romney’s statement of endorsement for Terry Branstad:

Terry Branstad served Iowa well in the 1980s and 1990s, compiling an enviable record as a pro-growth fiscal conservative who will make jobs his first priority. Iowa is ready for a comeback, and Terry’s proven leadership is just what Iowa needs to get its economy back on track. I am proud to endorse his candidacy to lead Iowa to a more prosperous future.

~Nate Gunderson

Update by Luke:

Sarah Palin Joins Mitt Romney in Backing Terry Branstad for Governor of Iowa

Read her Facebook note here (6/3/10)

Romney Outraises Obama in NYC, Heads to Texas to Support Governor Rick Perry at FREE Event

Romney Continues Golden Streak

From Hotline On Call
Ex-MA Gov. Mitt Romney (R) held a fundraiser in Manhattan last week and outperformed Pres. Obama’s own cash grab a day later on behalf of the DCCC, another sign of trouble brewing for Dems this cycle in all corners of the country.

Romney headlined an event at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City on May 12 that raised $1.5M for his Free and Strong America PAC.

By contrast, Obama’s appearance at the St. Regis Hotel on May 13 raked in a lesser $1.3 million for the DCCC.

For Romney, the event was the biggest of the year, according to his aides. And in many ways it was another implicit indication that his is the nascent GOP WH campaign to beat.
Read full article.

Tack on another victory for Mitt Romney! This wasn’t exactly a head-to-head matchup, but Romney’s ability to bring in the big bucks has to be recognized, as it further establishes him as the ‘Take-down-Obama’ guy.

Remember when Romney got all sorts of attention and political props after raising $6.5 Million in one day, just after he announced his run for the Presidency in 2007? …I’m awfully curious to see if that number doubles or triples after he announces his Presidential run (finger crossed), and subsequently holds his first big call-a-thon.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Join Mitt Romney at FREE Event for Texas Governor Rick Perry

You are invited to join Governor Perry & First Lady Anita Perry in Houston with their special guest: Governor Mitt Romney!

Cost: Free (RSVP required)
Date: Wednesday, May 19th
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: J.W. Marriott, Grand Ballroom
5150 Westheimer Houston, TX 77056

This is a private event and RSVP is required to attend.

Please contact our Houston Field Director to RSVP!
Elyse Derian- Houston Field Director 858-722-8653
Or email:

Mitt Romney

Rick Perry

Primary Elections May 18, 2010: Who’s In The Ring? Who Will Be Knocked Out? Let’s Chat!

It’s been a ‘rock em sock em’ year for incumbent politicians. Will America’s anti-Washington mood prove to be a sucker punch at the polls? Join us on Mitt Romney Central’s chat forum tomorrow, May 18th at 7:00 PM ET. We’re pulling up a ring-side seat to discuss primary voting results for big bout races while establishment candidates take on their opponents.

In the ring tomorrow:

Joe Sestak vs Arlen Specter

Specter vs Sestak – Pennsylvania Senate Democrat primary: Five term incumbent, former Republican, Democrat-for-a-year Arlen Specter is the palooka facing retired Navy admiral Joe Sestak. With the White House and DSCC (Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee) heavily invested in Specter’s campaign, this is going to be an a knock-down drag-out match. Quinnipiac polling shows a statistical dead heat between the two contenders.  Will ‘corner man’ Obama pull it off?

Bill Halter vs Blanche Lincoln

Lincoln vs Halter – Arkansas Senate Democrat primary: Running for a third term in this swing state, centrist Senator Blanche Lincoln squares off against Lt. Gov. Bill Halter. Criticizing Lincoln for not supporting a public health care option while Obamacare was debated, Halter has the backing of Move, unions, and other liberal Democrat groups. Halter also hopes to land an uppercut against Lincoln because she worked to block the EPA from regulating greenhouse-gas emissions. Lincoln is relying on her position as Chairman of the Agricultural Committee to carry weight with voters in heavily agricultural Arkansas. She will need over 50% of the vote to avoid a ‘split-decision’ run-off.

Rand Paul vs Trey Grayson

Grayson vs Paul – Kentucky Senate Republican primary: The gloves are off as Trey Grayson, Kentucky’s secretary of state, battles Dr. Rand Paul (Ron Paul’s son), to capture the seat of retiring Senator Jim Bunning. Grayson, endorsed by Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, is the establishment candidate and was favored early on. He is also endorsed by Dick Cheney, Rudy Giuliani, and Rick Santorum. Grayson says his experience, problem solving skills, and cuts in his offices’ budget qualify him for the senate seat. However, recent polls give the lead to Paul who is backed by Tea Party groups who have held rallies and made phone calls in his favor. Rand is also endorsed by Sarah Palin. Senator Jim DeMint, and evangelical leader Dr. James Dobson.

Obama slugs for Specter:

Mitch McConnell takes a swing for Trey Grayson:

James Dobson roots for Rand Paul:

Republican and Democrat Gubernatorial Mail-In Primaries in Oregon: These primaries have been on the back page of the roster because, as State Republican Chairman Bob Tiernan says, “There’s a simple reason; we don’t have any Republicans in statewide office.” Democrats hold every statewide office in Oregon, control both houses of the Legislature and occupy four of five congressional seats.  Democrat Governor Ted Kulongoski is stepping down due to term limits. According to a May 8-10 poll by Davis, Hibbetts, and Midghall, the Dem fight will be between John Kitzhaber and Bill Bradbury. On the Repub side, candidates Chris Dudley and Allen Alley will be lacing up the gloves.

Mark Critz vs Tim Burns

UPDATE 5/18/10Special-election congressional race in Pennsylvania 12: Adding to the excitement of tonight’s election results is the special-election congressional race in PA 12 to fill the late Congressman John Murtha’s seat. The latest from PPP polling shows Republican candidate Tim Burns leading Democrat Markt Critz by one point. From

Yet by happenstance, Murtha’s unexpected death came precisely as Republicans generally, and “tea party” activists in particular, were gaining significant traction nationally from attacks on Democratic efforts to spend federal money to fight the recession.

So here, in an ancestrally Democratic district that swung from supporting Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004 to Republican John McCain in 2008, the stage is set for a blunt clash of ideas at the ballot box on May 18, the date of a special election to fill the rest of Murtha’s term, as well as a primary for the full-term election in November.

Voters will have to decide whether the district – in decline in many areas since the early 1980s – should continue to seek economic development through federal largesse, as Murtha labored mightily to do, or whether constituents should forswear the “pork” and dealmaking that typified Murtha’s tenure and instead cast their lot with a Republican Party that advocates lower taxes and smaller government.

Join the fun here on MRC’s chat forum while we watch which candidates kiss the canvas or are saved by the bell!
Who: All – especially if you’re tired of rope-a-dope politicians
When: Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Time: 7:00 PM Eastern Time
Note: Chat will be full page at 7:00 PM ET.

Mitt Romney’s Boyhood Home Scheduled to be Demolished

As a Michigander, this article caught my eye.  I’ve been following this story much longer than the rest of the country has since I live to close to Detroit.  When Mayor Dave Bing was still a long-shot to become Mayor I was very intrigued by his plan to bring urban farming to the city.  Detroit has so many dilapidated houses and neighborhoods with few residents despite the many remaining empty and cheap homes.  In a lot of cases, the homes can be bought for almost nothing, but the unpaid tax burden is very high.

Anyway, the idea of consolidating neighborhoods and turning vacant land into farms makes too much sense logistically and financially to ignore.  I understand and am sympathetic to the people who live in a home that has been part of their family for generations, so I’m not completely sold on the idea of relocating citizens to more densely populated neighborhoods.  This is a very complicated problem that the city of Detroit has dealt with for years.  I applaud Mayer Bing and his administration for taking large steps to address the situation, although I’m not certain it’s the right thing to do.  Detroit can’t afford to sit idly by and wait for over a million people to move back to the city because that may never happen.  Perhaps the best solution would be to allow people who want to stay in their homes to stay, but all services would be cut to the house because consolidating and privatizing those services is part of Mayor Bing’s plan.  I could go into more details, but I digress…

In the article I linked to above, I was surprised to find out that Mitt Romney’s boyhood home is one of the homes scheduled to be demolished.  I haven’t heard about this from Mitt or anyone else for that matter, and that silence leads me to ask a few questions:

1.  How long did Mitt live here as a boy and is this home something that should be saved for posterity in the event that Mitt becomes our President?  Based on the picture provided in the article, this house looks pretty run down.  Since Mitt still has quite a bit of family in Michigan, how did one of their homes become like this?

Mitt Romney boyhood home

1860 Balmoral Drive

2.  Why hasn’t Mitt spoken about this?  Is he conflicted because he supports the efforts of Mayor Bing, but he also loves his old house?  Is Mitt doing more research on the plan before he speaks about it?

3.  What, if anything, should we Mitt supporters do about this?

Please try to answer these questions and feel free to ask any other questions you may have.  I’ll probably have more questions as I begin to wrap my head around this curious situation.

UPDATE: MLIVE has some more details and a quote from Mitt about the demolition:

Romney, who is considered a leading GOP presidential candidate for 2012, said “it’s sad” that his childhood home is being razed, “but sadder still to consider what has happened to the city of Detroit, which has been left hollow by fleeing jobs and liberal social policies.

UPDATE: The home is no more…

Sarah Palin’s New Book Due in November

America by Heart: Reflections on Faith, Family, and Flag

Sarah Palin America By HeartSarah Palin has been busy writing her second book that is due for release on November 23rd. From the AP:

It will include “selections from classic and contemporary readings that have moved her,” according to HarperCollins, along with “the nation’s founding documents to great speeches, sermons, letters, literature and poetry, biography, and even some of her favorite songs and movies.”

The book is inspired not only by her “strong belief in the importance of family, faith, and patriotism,” but by some of the people she met last year while promoting Going Rogue. Palin skipped major cities such as Seattle and Los Angeles, traditional stops on most author tours, and instead focused on smaller communities more receptive to her conservative message.

“The book will also include portraits of some of the extraordinary men and women she admires and who embody her deep love of country, her strong rootedness in faith, and her profound love and appreciation of family,” the statement from HarperCollins reads.

Ben Smith of Politico opines that this may be a sign of Sarah not running in 2012:

A Palin book tour will stir presidential speculation, but the decision by Palin — and the publisher — to launch it in the crucial opening weeks of the 2012 cycle should actually put a damper on that speculation. The tour will be paid for by HarperCollins, and the publisher will be in legal jeopardy should it appear to contribute in kind to a presidential campaign.

But Holly Bailey of Yahoo! News points out that it has been done before:

Palin wouldn’t be the first potential candidate to hit the road on a book tour while very publicly contemplating a run for the White House. Back in October 2006, Barack Obama cruised through early primary states peddling his second book, “The Audacity of Hope,” while openly considering a run for office. His first visit to New Hampshire, scheduled just days after the conclusion of the ’06 midterms.

In regards to her books I have yet to read her first one, though I bought it long ago. I may bypass it and wait for this one. If she does enter the GOP race I’ll feel obligated to read them both, as well as Huckabee’s books should he enter the race. One thought about Sarah’s new book title – I think the subtitle should end with “Faith, Family and Patriotism” instead of “Faith, Family, and Flag”. I understand the appeal of the alliteration, but I think the term flag just seems a little awkward for some reason. (Luke tells me the subtitle of her second book should be “Going Roguer”.)


Sarah Palin endorses Nikki Haley for Governor in South Carolina

I can appreciate Palin’s support in this race. Nikki Haley is an excellent candidate that also enjoys the endorsement of Governor Romney and Jenny Sanford. Haley is currently serving in South Carolina’s House of Representatives. Other endorsements in the South Carolina Governor race include John McCain’s for state Attorney General Henry McMaster who lead McCain’s SC campaign in 2008, and Mike Huckabee’s endorsement of Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer.

Sarah Palin also recently endorsed Carly Fiorina for California’s Senate race. I must say that I’m rooting for Chuck DeVore in this case. Governor Romney has not endorsed anyone in this race. Huckabee has endorsed DeVore. What I think is most important in this race is that the current leader Tom Campbell doesn’t win. I’d be content with a Fiorina win over Campbell, but much more pleased with a DeVore win. What would please me even further is that if any one of those three won the Senate seat over current Democrat incumbent Barbara Boxer.

~Nate Gunderson

MUST SEE: Newly Elected, Republican Governor of New Jersey Rips Into ‘Thin-Skinned’ Liberal Columnist

Romney & Christie

Remember that special election New Jersey had a few months back? Remember that our man Mitt went to battle for a certain Republican candidate some deemed ‘too hefty‘ to win? Remember when President Obama dropped into Newark as the election drew near to make certain this ‘hefty’ fellow had no chance of being elected?

Does the name Chris Christie ring a bell?

Just a few months have passed since Christie’s victory and subsequent inauguration, and the freshman Governor is already causing tumultuous tides in the once placid waters of Jersey’s shore. His budget-cutting proposals have Unions up in arms and the death threats are already arriving at his desk.

In the ‘must see’ video posted below, we catch a glimpse of Christie’s fiery attitude and Romney-like backbone:

Gov. Christie Calls S-L Columnist Thin-Skinned for Inquiring About His ‘Confrontational Tone’

Video from The Save Jersey Blog

Its small moments of liberal smack-down like these that make me proud to be a supporter of Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC, knowing of course, that all my donations are going directly to the promotion of candidates like Chris Christie, Bob McDonnell, Marco Rubio and many others who dare to stand up against the (liberal) media machine.

Romney/Christie 2012, anyone?

Governor Christie, (R)-New Jersey

Tom Moran - Thin-Skinned, Liberal Columnist

Is Obama Thinking Mitt Romney in 2012?

the-promise-president-obama-year-oneThe quote of the day comes from a new book called The Promise: President Obama, Year One written by Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter. The book is set to be released next week. Michiko Kakutani of the NYT reviewed the book and provides an interesting nugget in the final paragraph of his review:

Around Thanksgiving, when frustrations were piling up, Mr. Alter reports, the president said to an old friend, “Who would really want this job for more than one term?” Then added: “But I have to run now, otherwise it’ll mean letting someone like Mitt Romney step in and get credit for the good stuff that happens after we’ve been through all this crap.”

Interesting that Mitt Romney is the first name that pops into Obama’s mind when considering a possible GOP successor. How prophetic…

On a side note, if you want to see an excellent review of Obama’s first year in office look no further than our own post by VoxPatriota: The Year of Our Obama

~Nate Gunderson

Ross adds: President Obama is delusional if he’s worried about Mitt Romney getting credit for “the good stuff that happens” because of the policies of the current administration.  President Obama is making Mitt’s job much much harder, but the harder the job, the more chances Mitt will have to shine. Things will get better when Mitt is president, not because of the actions of President Obama, but because Mitt will free the American people to do create wealth and prosperity again.  2012 is when Mitt brings America back!

Full Transcript: Interview

Mitt Romney for President in 2012Two weeks ago we linked to an interview I did with conservative blogger Tim Knight of Jumping in Pools. After giving time for it to be read there I am posting it here in it’s entirety since some may not have clicked through to it and because I’d like to preserve it here on our site as well.

Below are the questions from the interview. Click any of them to jump to that question.
1. What would be the difference between a President Romney and a President Obama?
2. What is the purpose of Mitt Romney Central, and what do you hope to achieve?
3. What can you tell us about Mr.Romney’s just-released book?
4. According to some recent polling data, Romney would win in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Florida if the 2012 Republican Primaries were held today, what is your reaction?
5. Would a “Mitt Romney” campaign fracture the Republican base as much as some Cultural Conservatives predict it will?
6. Give me three reasons to support Romney for the Republican nomination in 2012.

From Jumping in Pools:

Tim Knight – Mr.Gunderson, what would be the difference between a President Romney and a President Obama?

Nate Gunderson – Well the differences would be vast and numerous. Perhaps the two most noticeable differences are their approaches to foreign policy and to the economy. Obama’s policy with foreign nations is to kiss-up to our enemies while snubbing our allies. Just this last weekend he snubbed Israel’s Prime Minister, fortunately he received a bipartisan rebuke from congress for doing so. He’s full of concessions and appeasements for our enemies, actions that have not been reciprocated, and all the while he offers our friends a stiff arm. Romney on the other hand believes in peace through strength. He often quotes Reagan when he says that of all the wars that came about in his lifetime, none of them were because the U.S. was too strong. Romney believes that our nation’s interests and the safety of our children depend on having a strong military and he suggests raising our annual output for military spending to 4% of our GDP, as he has outlined in his new book No Apology. That’s a great read by the way, if you haven’t read it. I’m two-thirds through it.

Anyway, the other item of difference is the economy. You can be certain that if Romney were President now our domestic agenda would be entirely different. This health care debacle certainly would not have passed. We wouldn’t be entertaining ill-conceived ideas like Cap and Trade, Cash for Clunkers, and government control of the auto industry. We would not have utter misuse and lack of accountability with the TARP funds and stimulus money. A stimulus package under a Romney administration would be designed to bring short-term, instant stimulus to the economy through creating incentives for employers to hire. The current stimulus is nothing more than a big payback to those who supported Obama in his run to the White House and is drawn over many years. It has virtually nothing to with jobs, just vast amounts of pork-barrel spending. Romney criticizes Obama for trying to do too much, when he should be focusing on the economy. With millions of people out of jobs and millions of families suffering because of it, I’m certain a President Romney would have done much better to focus on the economy and his policies would have been wiser and better implemented.

Sorry such a long answer on that one but your question hit a hot spot for me.

Tim Knight – Mr.Gunderson, what is the purpose of Mitt Romney Central, and what do you hope to achieve?

Nate Gunderson – is a grassroots website designed to promote Mitt Romney for President in 2012, and we’ll certainly promote a lot of conservative candidates and causes along the way. Our goal is to inform the masses, via the internet, regarding Governor Romney and his potential run for the White House. We are currently a team of about 10 people, each with roles to help develop the site in one way or another, whether it be through promoting the site through social-networking websites, or writing page content, or blogging. We launched just six months ago so we are rather new. We currently have about 1000 daily visitors to our site and are growing very rapidly. Very soon we hope to gather some who are quite dedicated to Romney in 2012 and we’ll do training to make a coordinated on-line effort to promote Romney, and to work on correcting much of the misinformation there is out there about him.

Let me add too, just for clarification, that we have absolutely no ties to Romney or his PAC. I’ve shaken Romney’s hand five times, but I’ve never talked to him. We are strictly grassroots and are not supported nor approved by his PAC in anyway.

Tim Knight – Mr.Gunderson, what can you tell us about Mr.Romney’s just-released book?

Nate Gunderson – It’s great. I read his first book “Turnaround”, which I loved, but this one is still much better. As I mentioned already I’m two-thirds through “No Apology”. I just read the chapter today about education and I found it very insightful and well-written. In the book Romney takes on a number of issues and with each one he discusses how its affects America. He has a process how he analyzes each policy and decides whether it will strengthen America or hurt America. The beginning is heavy on foreign policy, but makes one extremely proud to be an American at the same time. He talks about how to create environments for innovation and productivity to flourish in free markets. He discusses the backwards policies we have in regards to immigration. He dedicated a chapter to education and our failing schools. And not least important is his chapter on health care. There is so much to be understood on this subject, especially with the passage of ObamaCare and everyone trying to link it to Romney and Massachusetts. If everyone could read this chapter on health care they would see the great difference between Obama and Romney in solving the problem.

In all, the book is well written, every bit written by the Governor himself. He may not say it, but I certainly will: this is a campaign platform for 2012. If you want to know what Romney is all about, it is in the book. It’s much more informative than 30 second TV spots and 140 character Twitter encapsulations.

Tim Knight – Mr.Gunderson, according to some recent polling data, Romney would win in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Florida if the 2012 Republican Primaries were held today, what is your reaction?

Nate Gunderson – Polls are fun, especially when they bring good news. I’ll be the first to admit that they mean very little this far out. But I must say that I’m very pleased with the results of the Florida poll. That’s a very good sign.

Tim Knight – Mr.Gunderson, would a “Mitt Romney” campaign fracture the Republican base as much as some Cultural Conservatives predict it will?

Nate Gunderson – My opinion is that no it won’t. People may be divided, even passionately in a primary, but no matter who wins I have a feeling we will quickly band together for the good of the party, and ultimately for the good of the nation as we make ousting President Obama a top priority. Romney was an excellent example of this kind of unifying quality as he full-heartedly and quickly endorsed, campaigned for, and otherwise promoted McCain,even after a brutal primary. Even so, I think the candidates will have learned a lesson from 2008, even Romney. I expect the debate to be a lot more calm and civil as we all have a common target.

Tim Knight – Mr.Gunderson, give me three reasons to support Romney for the Republican nomination in 2012.

Nate Gunderson – One, economy. No matter what point the economy is at in 2012, it can and could have been better under a President Romney. Romney has advised, operated, consulted, managed, and launched hundreds of businesses. These include businesses from all sectors of the economy from manufacturers, food chains, retailers, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, hotels… you name it – not to mention the 2002 Winter Olympics. He understands why jobs and businesses come and go. He knows the great impact, both positive and negative, that policies have on businesses. And he knows all too well that businesses make jobs and stimulate the economy, not government.

Two, size of government and government waste. There is so much waste in our government. We have far too many agencies that perform the exact same tasks. So much of government intrudes into our liberties and wastes our hard-earned tax dollars. We have extremely burdensome and unfunded liabilities in our entitlement programs. We have a congress that spends like a runaway train. Romney points out very clearly in his book that if these habits don’t change, if our entitlements are not reformed, if fiscal sanity is not returned to Washington, we are on a steady course for disaster. It will take more than a “good person with their heart in the right place” in the presidency to change these enormous and complex problems. Romney is the turnaround champion. He has on numerous occasions jumped into imminent disasters, rallied the troops, wrought great change, and brought hope and competency to the respective institution. Did I just use the words “change” and “hope” in the same sentence?

Three, he is in it for the right reasons. No one who reads Romney’s book can doubt his patriotism. He loves his country and he loves his children and grandchildren. Romney’s foray into politics has nothing to do with money due to his successful career in business. In fact he hasn’t taken a paycheck since he left Bain Capitol in 1999 to become CEO of the Olympics. He donated his salary from the Olympics to charity, he did not take a salary as Governor, he is donated all his proceeds from his book to charity, as well as his speaking fees, and in 2008 had promised he would do the same as president. Romney has no ties to special interest groups or lobbyists – no one to pay back favors from the White House. His only motivation is to help make America a better place because it is the land he loves and he wants to leave it well intact for his grandchildren. He feels he has the skills and the know-how to effectuate meaningful change in Washington, and so do I.

Happy Mother’s Day to Moms Across the World

A Tribute to Mothers…


During my campaign for governor, I decided to spend a day every few weeks doing the jobs of other people in Massachusetts. Among other jobs, I cooked sausages at Fenway Park, worked on an asphalt paving crew, stacked bales of hay on a farm, volunteered in an emergency room, served food at a nursing home, and worked as a child-care assistant. I’m often asked which was the hardest job – it’s child care, by a mile. ~ Mitt Romney No Apology: The Case For American Greatness P. 250-251

Across the world, more than 46 countries remember mothers with a special day, but not all nations celebrate on the same day. The second Sunday in May is the officially recognized day to honor mothers in the United States. Even though email and other electronic communication is prevalent, more phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than on any other day of the year. It’s also the third largest card-sending holiday – a day that 80 percent of Americans will buy a card for mom. Interestingly, 83 percent of those cards will be purchased by daughters.

We kick off our tribute to mothers with a peek at a trailer for an amazing new documentary film called BABIES. It is a visually stunning look at four babies around the world – from birth to first steps. Mothers and babies are from: Opuwo, Namibia • Tokyo, Japan • Bayanchandmani, Mongolia • San Francisco, California. Released on a limited basis on April 16th and premiering in theaters this Mother’s Day weekend – it’s guaranteed GRINS! (Not what it looks like…)

To view the featurette with Director Thomas Balmès, Producer Alain Chabat and Focus Features CEO James Schamus, click here. Read reviews here, here, and here.

Fast forward a few years (in an industrialized nation)… Enjoy 24 hours worth of a mother’s words condensed down to just 2.52 minutes. Sing it, sistuh!

To mothers everywhere, keep up the great work! We love you!


Happy Mother’s Day!

► Jayde Wyatt

No Apology Song – The Case for American Greatness

A song about America’s greatness. Inspired by Mitt Romney’s book, No Apology. (Video with pictures now at bottom of post.)

A quick note: I do not know the identity of the person who wrote and/or performed this song.  I just stumbled upon it on YouTube today and thought you’d all enjoy it.  While the views in this video don’t necessarily reflect the views of Mitt Romney or us at MRC in every instance, we enjoyed it a lot and we welcome all of our readers to get creative and release anything that we can use to promote Mitt.

Here are the lyrics:

Way back in ’73, we had a tea party

and speedy Paul Revere said “The British are here.”

But ’round the world a shot was heard

We fought them off in Concord

The British took Boston, never knowin’ what it’d cost ’em

They fought they’d broken our will

but there were cannons on the hill…

So then in ’76 we said “goodbye” to the Brits

It took all of us to beat Cornwallis

Despite risk of retribution we signed the Constitution

and King George realized… that we would not…

We won’t apologize for what we symbolize

for letting freedom grow, for standing up and saying “no”

We won’t apologize for the Bill of Rights

for independence we will not apologize.

In the 19th Century we had a Great Awakening

and then President Monroe said: “Stay on your side of the globe!”

We brought in Texas — just as proud as the rest of us

We spread west to the Pacific, thought California was terrific

Yankees: “Slavery’s gotta end!”

Dixie: “Amendment Number 10!”

Then U.S. Grant and Robert E. Lee agreed on unity

We won’t apologize ‘cuz we can compromise

that we will stand and fight for what we think is right

We won’t apologize ‘cuz Lincoln ratified

and gave the slaves their rights

We don’t apologize.

The Industrial Revolution was the peak of our pollution

Cars and phones and planes and flight, vaccines and electric light

DuPont and JP Morgan, assembly lines and Henry Ford and

the allies need an ally ’till the Treaty of Versailles

The Great Depression was on from ’29 to ’41

Hitler was in power, it was Europe’s darkest hour

but after Pearl Harbor and our ability to labor

the giant awoke and we all took up the yoke

We don’t apologize for saving foreign lives

for defending our freedoms, our children and our wives

Did we isolate and cower? Or become a superpower?

No, we organized and we didn’t apologize.

Russia, Cuba, and China put their freedoms behind them

but Korea never fell past the 38th parallel

Should we have gone to Panama or Vietnam?

How could Reagan talk so tough to resilient Gorbachev?

Then the UN turned their back on the suffering in Iraq

How could we think to liberate with the world just yelling, “wait”?

Until September 11th 3,000 souls went up to heaven

and their lives we eulogize

And we will never, never…

We’ll never apologize.

Should we turn and flee from the cause of liberty?

Or cross the ocean and die so that others can be free?

Are we sorry we fight and die to answer freedom’s cry?

asking only a space to place…

our dead.

asking only a space to place…

our dead.

Should we apologize for saving foreign lives?

For standing against evil and not covering our eyes?

Should we hang head for the movement we led?

Or the truth that we said, or the hope that we spread?

There is no policy, no new hip philosophy

There is no prosperity, no new ideology

There is no kind of peace, no breadth of security

There is no community, no type of earthly beauty

There’s nothing like life when you are free

and for that we offer no apology.

UPDATE: Now with pictures added

Here’s where you can find some fan-created poetry about Mitt’s book.