Memorial Day 2010: Mitt Romney Central Remembers…

We remember…

Memorial Day.

Designated as a day to remember those who gave their lives defending our nation, Memorial Day is increasingly becoming a time to salute those currently serving in the U.S. military, as well. Our heroes! We must never forget them! Let’s make time to fly our stars and stripes, attend a Memorial Day Parade, visit a Vet, thank a soldier, attend a Memorial Day ceremony, have a Memorial Day movie night to watch related movies, visit military families, donate money to veteran organizations, visit veterans’ graves, or observe the National Moment of Remembrance held at 3:00 PM local time (on Memorial Day) to pause from whatever we’re doing to be silent, reflect, or offer prayers on behalf of America’s defenders.

Thanks to the selfless sacrifices through the ages made by our indomitable, fierce, do-or-die United States military we are free to enjoy…

Memorial Day 2010.

We cherish too, the Poppy red

That grows on fields where valor led,

It seems to signal to the skies

That blood of heroes never dies.

~ Moina Michael

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

A few Memorial Day happenings in Washington DC:
Arlington Cemetery

WHAT: National Memorial Day Observance at Arlington National Cemetery
When : Monday, May 31, 2010
WHERE: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va.
10:30 a.m. – United States Navy Band begins the prelude concert inside Memorial Amphitheater.
11:00 a.m. – Wreath-laying ceremony is conducted at the Tomb of the Unknowns
11:15 a.m. – Observance

Rolling Thunder Returns to DC

You may hear them before you see them. Hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists will be in the D.C region this weekend for Rolling Thunder’s Ride for Freedom. They’re in town to bring attention to veterans and POW/MIAs of the Vietnam War, riding from the Pentagon across the Memorial Bridge, to the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial on Sunday.

Rolling Thunder Washington DC, Memorial Day 2009:

National Memorial Day Concert:
Live on PBS from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol in High Definition!
Sunday, May 30, from 8:00 to 9:30 pm ET (check local listings).

The 2010 National Memorial Day Concert will focus on three main themes: honoring the sacrifices, suffering and love of a new generation of young military widows whose fallen spouses served in Iraq and Afghanistan; paying tribute on the 60th anniversary of the Korean War to the heroic service of the soldiers who fought and perished; paying homage to the more than 125,000 WWI and WWII service members who did not come home but rest in 24 military cemeteries in the foreign lands where they fought for liberty.

For more than 20 years this top-rated annual program has honored the service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, their families at home and all those who have given their lives for our country. The show is broadcast live in High Definition from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol before an expected live audience of hundreds of thousands, to millions more at home and, via American Forces Network to the nearly one million American service men and women, Department of Defense civilians and their families overseas, stationed at bases in 175 countries as well as 140 U.S. Navy ships at sea.

How will you remember?

UPDATE: Fox and Friends VIDEO May 30, 2010
“They’re all my kids” says 82 year old female patriot who writes letters to 52 soldiers:

FOX News: We Want Your Parade Pictures! Saluting our troops this weekend? Send your pictures from Memorial Day parades to

UPDATE 2: May 31, 2010 Troops observe Memorial Day in Kandahar, Afghanistan

*Top Photo: March 24, 2007 Arlington Cemetery Section 60, Virginia – Mike Rosen visits the grave of his friend, Sgt. Michael Carlson, who was killed while fighting in Iraq.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Packed As Mitt Romney Delivers Annual Reagan Lecture (Video)

Festooned in red, white, and blue bunting, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library was the setting for an enthusiastic crowd of 700 or more as they welcomed former MA Governor Mitt Romney on Tuesday, May 25, 2010. Besides addressing the large crowd, Romney’s rousing Annual Reagan Lecture was also a live webcast.

It was quite a sight to see former First Lady Nancy Reagan enter the hall on the arm of Gov Romney. Another treat was when Mitt asked his wife, Ann Romney, to step to the podium to offer a few words. Questions and answers after Romney’s speech underscored, among other things, the concerns Americans have for the direction America is currently going. Excitement for another possible presidential run by Romney was evident!

The event also included an earlier book signing for Romney’s new best-selling book No Apology: The Case For American Greatness. Dinner was served after his speech.

Mitt Romney 2012!

For additional information and Romney’s pre-lecture interview click here.

UPDATE from Ross:

Here’s an excerpt from a review of the speech by one of the attendees:

One of the first things that impressed me about Romney was his grasp of facts. He didn’t use a Teleprompter, nor notes – just what was in his head. He spoke from the heart with a passion and love for America and the people who work so hard everyday just to make ends meet.

Mitt Romney Endorses Idaho GOP Candidates: Otter, Crapo, Simpson, and Labrador

Emphasizing the need for leaders who oppose the culture of out-of-control spending, higher taxes, and unsustainable debt, Mitt Romney has endorsed four GOP Idaho candidates. Governor Butch Otter, Senator Mike Crapo, Congressman Mike Simpson, and ID State Rep Raul Labrador have Romney’s backing. Funds totaling $15,000 from Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC will go to their campaigns. 

Governor Romney, thanks for working over-time and giving so much!    

Romney Announces Idaho Endorsements

Today, Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC announced the endorsement of the following four Idaho candidates and that it is sending them a total of $15,000 in contributions. 

Governor Butch Otter: Butch Otter currently serves as Governor of Idaho and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit Mike Crapo: Mike Crapo currently serves the people of Idaho in the U.S. Senate and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

Congressman Mike Simpson: Mike Simpson currently represents the 2nd Congressional District of Idaho and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

Raul Labrador: Raul Labrador, an Idaho State Representative and successful small businessman, is running to represent the 1st Congressional District of Idaho. For more information about him and his campaign, visit

The PAC also announced that it is sending Governor Otter and Senator Crapo each a $5,000 contribution, and that it is sending Congressman Simpson and Raul Labrador each a $2,500 contribution. 

“Rather than focusing on getting our economy back on track, far too many of our leaders are more interested in promoting policies that will expand the size of government and drive us further into debt. We need leaders who will stand up to the culture of higher spending, higher taxes, and higher debt, and that is why I am proud to endorse Governor Otter, Senator Crapo, Congressman Simpson, and Raul Labrador,” said Romney. 

These endorsements are another in a series of state rollouts of the PAC’s 2010 endorsements, which are aimed at electing conservative candidates who will work to lower taxes and spending, restore commonsense principles to healthcare and get our economy moving again. As part of this program, Romney’s PAC also has announced endorsements in Ohio, Missouri, California, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Nevada, Illinois, Georgia, Texas, and Indiana. 

Mitt Romney Speaks At Annual Reagan Lecture, Live Webcast


Mitt Romney

will speak today, May 25, 2010, at the

Annual Reagan Lecture

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Simi Valley, California

Pre-lecture interview:

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library:

May 25, 2010
Annual Reagan Lecture with Mitt Romney*
3:30 p.m. Book Signing
6:00 p.m. Lecture
7:00 p.m. Dinner

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will deliver the annual Reagan Lecture at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Tuesday, May 25, 2010.

Governor Romney will also be signing copies of his latest book, No Apology: The Case for American Greatness (Release date: March 2, 2010) from 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. In his latest book, Governor Romney proposes simple solutions to rebuild industry, create good jobs, reduce out of control spending on entitlements and healthcare, dramatically improve education, and restore a military battered by eight years of war.

Larger-than-life statue of 40th president greets visitors at entrance of Ronald Reagan Library.

UPDATE: Romney sounding more like candidate

Toward the end of Mitt Romney’s bid for the Republican nomination in the 2008 presidential election, his wife, Ann, turned to a documentary camera and said: “We’re never doing this again.”

But today, she is worried about the direction of the country.

“And she’s changed her mind,” Romney said Tuesday night to an energized room of his supporters at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley.

Romney delivered the eighth Reagan Lecture at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, joining influential leaders who have spoken at the annual event in the past, including Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Chief Justice John Roberts.

Romney escorted former first lady Nancy Reagan into the Presidential Learning Center, where an audience of about 700 rose to greet them.

Although there was no announcement of his candidacy, Romney went through a litany of criticisms of current social, diplomatic and financial policies coming out of Washington and the Obama White House.
“America doesn’t need to hear about a president who makes apologies for his country,” he said.

He said the American principles of education, taxes and growing the economy remain the most important.

He said there is optimism. Americans are “awakening that this administration is on the wrong track,” he said.
Davia Navarrette of Oak Park attended the lecture with her mother and said Romney “lit the room on fire.”

“He has got a strong love for the country. He will have our support if he runs for president,” she said.

(emphasis mine)

UPDATE 5/27/10: For video of Romney’s Annual Reagan Lecture speech click here.

Congressman Charles Djou Rides Conservative Wave To Victory




to Congressman Charles Djou!

Yesterday’s special-election victory in Honolulu, Hawaii, enables newly-elected Congressman Djou to fill the seat vacated by Neil Abercrombie (D-HI) who resigned to run for the Hawaiian gubernatorial seat. After the mail-in votes were counted it was Romney-endorsed Djou on top with 39.5 percent of the vote while his opponents, Colleen Hanabus (Dem), received 30.8 percent and Congressman Ed Case (Dem) pulled in 27.6 of the tally.

HONOLULU – Republicans scored a midterm election victory Saturday when Honolulu City Councilman Charles Djou won a Democratic-held House seat in Hawaii in the district where President Barack Obama grew up — the latest triumph for the GOP as it looks to take back control of Congress.

Djou’s victory was a blow to Obama and other Democrats who could not rally around a candidate and find away to win a congressional race that should have been a cakewalk. The seat had been held by a Democrat for nearly 20 years and is located where Obama was born and spent most of his childhood.

This is a momentous day. We have sent a message to the United States Congress. We have sent a message to the national Democrats. We have sent a message to the machine,” Djou said. “The congressional seat is not owned by one political party. This congressional seat is owned by the people.”

(emphasis mine)

Associated Press on Djou’s win:

His message was clear: Taxes are too high, the federal government has grown too large, and wasteful government spending hinders economic prosperity.

Djou, the son of Asian immigrants, joined the Army Reserve after Sept. 11 and obtained the rank of captain. He has an Ivy League education and a law degree, served in the state Legislature and worked as a law school professor.

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele: “Charles’ victory is evidence his conservative message of lowering the tax burden, job creation and government accountability knows no party lines. It is a message Americans want to hear from candidates across the country.”

Djou faces another election this fall to determine who will serve during the next term. It will be an uphill battle in his heavily Democratic district because the vote won’t be split between two opposing candidates.

Associated Press

“The people of Hawaii have given us a short-term lease with an option to buy in November,” Djou said. “This is not the time for us to rest on our laurels. This is the time to redouble our efforts to bring out change. To do good, to restore our nation to prosperity.”

The party was on at the Republican party headquarters in Honolulu. A band played Hawaiian music and hundreds of supporters hugged Djou, piling on a stack of floral lei around his neck. A whiteboard inside the office read, “Just Djou it!”




Hawaii’s newest member of Congress hopes to be quickly sworn in this week after his special election victory. […]

Djou also says he’d like to snag the Armed Services Committee and Committee on Natural Resources assignments that were held by his predecessor, Democrat Neil Abercrombie, who resigned in February to run for governor.

UPDATE 2:Free and Strong America PAC Mitt Romney’s blog

Yes We Did — Again

Last week I wrote to you and our other team members around the country asking that you stand with me as we redouble our efforts for the important elections ahead.
And the support and enthusiasm of people like you has already paid dividends.

On Saturday, there was an important special election in Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District. And just like the Massachusetts voters who sent a strong message to the liberals in Washington by electing Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate last January, the people of Hawaii have spoken by electing yet another strong conservative — Charles Djou — to Congress. This is no small feat, given that this district voted overwhelmingly for President Obama in 2008.

With your support, my PAC worked extremely hard on behalf of Charles, raising funds for his campaign, and sending direct monetary support. Making a difference in campaigns like this is why I formed my Free and Strong America PAC and it’s exhilarating to see our hard work pay off.

Our victory in Hawaii sets the stage for more conservative victories in November’s all-important midterm elections. But this is no time to rest on our laurels. This year, all 435 Congressional seats, one third of the U.S. Senate, 37 Governorships, and control of numerous state legislatures are at stake.

Will you stand with me today in making a generous contribution to my PAC of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, or even the maximum $5,000? Your support will enable us to build upon this victory and elect more conservative candidates throughout the country this November.

We are gaining momentum every day and we must keep it going during the weeks and months ahead. This could be our year to send a message of fiscal restraint and conservatism to all the big spenders in Washington and take back control of our government … but only if we stand together. I hope you will join me in this effort today.

Nikki Haley, With Romney & Palin Support, Takes Lead in SC's Race for Governor

Romney & Haley

After an entire year of being the underdog in South Carolina’s gubernatorial race, Nikki Haley has suddenly captured the lead!

She may owe this abrupt jump in polls to some really big endorsements, including initial nods from Mitt Romney, Jenny Sanford, and Erick Erickson of RedState – followed by the more recent endorsement of the rogue herself, Sarah Palin.

More from the Washington Post:

State legislator Nikki Haley seizes the lead in the four-way GOP primary for governor of South Carolina. An automated Rasmussen poll of 912 Republicans has Haley surging from 12 to 30 percent support in a month, leapfrogging the state’s attorney general, lieutenant governor and a congressman, all with more money and institutional support. One reason, as I posted last week — Gov. Mark Sanford’s (R-S.C.) political PAC reactivated recently and spent $400,000 on sunny Haley TV ads.

This is only one Rasmussen poll, and unless a candidate scores 50 percent of the vote he or she goes to a run-off, but what would a Haley win mean? It would be a massive victory for the conservative grass roots, especially RedState, which have promoted her endlessly. And it would be a boon for Mitt Romney, who won Haley’s endorsement in 2008, endorsed her this year, and would obviously be expected to win it in 2012.

Just yesterday, Romney’s PAC sent out this reminder to all Facebook Fans and Twitter followers:

With the South Carolina gubernatorial primary election less than three weeks away, a new Rasmussen poll now shows Nikki Haley leading her closest opponent by 11 points. Nikki Haley represents a new generation of conservative leadership for South Carolina. Please consider supporting her campaign.”

Check out her new TV ad:

Nikki Haley’s Facebook –
Nikki Haley’s Twitter

~Luke G.

Mitt Romney Goes BIG in Texas and Georgia

Recently Romney’s PAC has dropped a lot of money, along with endorsements, in Texas and Georgia. Enough so to validly refute the notion that if Romney runs in 2012 that he will just skip the south. Details below:

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For those of you keeping tabs that is a total of $32,500 for the Texas endorsements, and $38,000 for Georgia, and a combined total of $70,500 – all within about a week (not even including the $10,000 he gave to Terry Branstad this week too). To put that in perspective Romney’s PAC gave roughly $52,000 in the first 3 months of this year, while T-Paw’s PAC gave $26,800, HuckPAC gave $21,500, and SarahPAC gave $9,500.

Go Mitt!

~Nate Gunderson

Mitt Romney Attends Lively Fundraiser for Texas Gov Rick Perry

Tx Gov Rick Perry and Former Gov Mitt Romney Houston fundraiser 5/19/10

Former Governor Mitt Romney joined Texas Governor Rick Perry for a rousing fundraiser in Houston, Texas yesterday, Wednesday, May 19th. Even though Perry endorsed Rudy Giuliani over Romney in the 2008 presidential race, the two shared warm words for each other and joined in decrying the liberal policies of the Obama administration.

Governor Perry is seeking to retain his gubernatorial seat this fall by fending off Democrat challenger Houston mayor Bill White. According to recent TPM polling, Perry is at 51% and White is at 38%. Just a month ago, Rasmussen showed Perry only leading by four points, 48-44.

From Texas Politics:

Perry and Romney, both trim and handsome, could have been mistaken for brothers as they stood together on the ballroom rostrum. It’s easy to imagine their handsome, well-coiffed heads on campaign posters for 2012. The challenge would be, of course, deciding whether the GOP ticket would be Romney/Perry or Perry/Romney.

Marie Youngblood, who’s on the board of Texas Tea Party Republican Women, would probably opt for the former. She said she came to the rally because she likes Romney.

Love Romney’s whistle at .58!

UPDATE: Mitt Romney donates $32,500 to Texas GOP candidates
Romney kicking in some money and goodwill to the gubernatorial and congressional races…

Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC gave a $10,000 contribution to Rick Perry and the two appeared together in Houston at a fundraiser for the governor. The glowing support from Romney came despite the governor’s endorsing and stumping for Romney rival Rudy Giuliani during the presidential primaries. When Giuliani tanked, Perry went with eventual nominee John McCain.

Others who received $2,500 (the maximum allowed in this cycle of congressional races) from Romney’s political committee are U.S. Reps. John Carter, Mike Conaway, Kay Granger, Sam Johnson, Pete Olson, Pete Sessions, Lamar Smith and contenders Quico Conseco and Bill Flores.

Mitt Romney: Stand With Me, Hawaii’s Special Election

I like Mitt Romney’s tech savviness.

I like the 140-characters-or-less tweets he regularly sends to share his schedule, news, or thoughts.

I like his staccato tap-on-the-shoulder electronic notes that dart into our days to let us know when he needs a little help – a sort of cyber-space Romney reveille.  So, it was with curiosity that I read a tweet from him yesterday evening: “Stand with Me: We Must Redouble Our Efforts

Romney’s message:

Stand with Me: We Must Redouble Our Efforts

Tuesday’s elections are over but the hard work continues.

The November midterm elections will be here before we know it, and we need to do everything we can to ensure that we have the resources to win. With your generous support of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, or even the maximum $5,000 today, we can continue to fight to cut out wasteful spending, keep taxes low and defeat liberal attempts to grow the size of government.

But we don’t even need to wait until November to send another Republican to Congress. In just a few days, there is a special election being held in Hawaii’s First Congressional District, and Republican Charles Djou has a strong chance of winning — in a district that voted overwhelmingly for President Obama in 2008.

My PAC has been working extremely hard on behalf of Charles Djou, and your generosity has enabled us not only to send him direct monetary support, but also to raise funds directly for his campaign to ensure he has the resources he needs to win. A victory in Hawaii will set the stage for more conservative victories in November’s all-important midterm elections.

We have an historic opportunity this year to send a message of fiscal restraint and conservatism to all the big spenders in Washington. Will you stand with me by making a generous contribution to my PAC of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, or even the maximum $5,000 today? Your support will ensure that we have the resources we need to elect more conservative candidates throughout the country this November.

(emphasis mine)

We’ve received a ‘redouble our efforts’ reveille call to action. Stand with Governor Romney. Give generously! Info on where to send contributions here.


Just two days until the special mail-in election (May 22) in Honolulu, HI. Former congressman Neil Abercrombie (D-HI) leaves an open seat because he resigned to run for governor. Romney-endorsed Republican Charles Djou is running against two Democrats: state senate President Colleen Hanabusa and former 2nd District Congressman Ed Case. If Djou wins, he will become only the second Republican to represent Hawaii in the House. Read more about Charles Djou’s impressive background here.

Djou on Hannity April 21, 2010:

Djou: “My candidacy is built on a very simple premise. I understand every single dollar that the government spends comes from a family like yours.” 

You may have heard that this congressional seat is in Obama’s hometown district. Go Djou!

UPDATE 5/21/10: Campaigners for Djou have been rising early in the mornings to wave campaign signs on major highways in Honolulu. Many thanks to the Sunrise Crew, the Pau Hana Crew and the Mililani Crew. Here is video of the Mililani Crew waving signs in rainy Mililani May 21, 2010 (Charles Djou is the man in front, with black umbrella):

Pomaika’I tomorrow! (good luck)

Update: Semi-Super Tuesday 2010 Election Results

Portending things to come, yesterday’s primary elections were a rousing reality of America’s anti-incumbent mood:  Specter lost, Paul won, Lincoln will be in a run-off. In Pennsylvania’s District 12 special election, Critz was victorious. Or, as Michael Scherer from Time characterized it:

This is how it goes in 2010 at the ballot box: Old orders are upended, political lions become roadkill, chosen successors get left behind, and the outsider, riding a wave of discontent, becomes the new frontrunner.

The election in 60 seconds – after ad. (If video is choppy, pause until it loads.):

Highlights from

Party-switching Sen. Arlen Specter fell to a younger and far less experienced rival in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary, and political novice Rand Paul rode support from tea party activists to a Republican rout in Kentucky on Tuesday, the latest jolts to the political establishment in a tumultuous midterm election season.

In another race with national significance, Democrat Mark Critz won a special House election to fill out the term of the late Democratic Rep. John Murtha in southwestern Pennsylvania. The two political parties spent roughly $1 million apiece hoping to sway the outcome there, and highlighted the contest as a possible bellwether for the fall when all 435 House seats will be on the ballot.

On the busiest night of the primary season to date, Arkansas Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln was forced into a potentially debilitating runoff election against Lt. Gov. Bill Halter in her bid for nomination to a third term. The run-off will be June 8.
Specter, seeking his sixth term and first as a Democrat, fell to two-term Rep. Joe Sestak, who spent three decades in the Navy before entering politics. Sestak was winning 54 percent of the vote to 46 percent for Specter. He told cheering supporters his triumph marked a “win for the people over the establishment, over the status quo, even over Washington, D.C.”

Sestak’s campaign calling card was a television commercial that showed former President George W. Bush saying he could count on Specter, then a Republican, and then had Specter saying he had switched parties so he could win re-election. Once unleashed, it coincided with a steady decline in Specter’s early lead in the polls and signaled the end of the political line for the most durable politician of his generation in Pennsylvania.

Former Rep. Pat Toomey won the Republican nomination and will run against Sestak in the fall in what is likely to be one of the marquee races in the battle for control of the Senate.

UPDATE: I’ve replaced Rand Paul’s acceptance speech video with Karl Rove’s analysis this morning of yesterday’s primary results. It contains a portion of Paul’s speech:

Though our chat forum is back to normal size, we want to say thanks to all who filled our full-page chat box last night with comments and updates as election results were announced. We shared a great evening together!

For background information regarding yesterday’s primary elections, click here.