Charles Djou Gets a Big Boost from Mitt Romney, Whose F&SA PAC Raised $1.5 Million Q1 2010

Charles Djou Mitt Romney Endorsement

On May 22nd, Hawaii will have a special election to choose who will represent them in Congress.  Is Charles Djou of Hawaii the Sequel to Scott Brown of Massachusetts? Mitt Romney seems to hope so.  He has provided a big boost to Charles Djou’s campaign by donating $2,500 and providing more exposure to this important race.  This race is a three-candidate race which gives Djou a much better chance to win than he would have against only one democratic candidate.  Mitt has had a very good record of helping the candidates he endorses get elected, and let’s hope it continues.

Will a Republican win the house seat representing President Obama’s official birthplace?

In related news, Mitt’s Free & Strong America PAC raised $1.5 million in the first quarter of 2010.  In the coming days, we’ll know how it stacks up to the other PACs of potential 2012 candidates.  If you want to help Mitt’s PAC acquire the resources it needs to continue to fund and support important races all over the country, check out one suggestion here.

Click here for a complete list of the PAC’s donations in the first quarter of 2010

Update: Mitt’s PAC raised almost 3x as much as Pawlenty’s.  We’re still waiting on SarahPac and HuckPac.

Update 2: SarahPAC raised $400,000 in Q1, but spent a lot of money on direct mail at the end of the quarter that should increase her totals for next quarter.

Final Update: All the Numbers are in

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2 Responses to Charles Djou Gets a Big Boost from Mitt Romney, Whose F&SA PAC Raised $1.5 Million Q1 2010

  1. SED says:

    Mitt outraises Palin and Pawlenty combined!!!

  2. Jon E. S. says:

    If this guy wins in Hawaii, thats MUCH bigger than Scott Brown. The Democrats have long had a death-grip on Hawaii and there are far fewer independents compared to Mass. A win in Hawaii would be HUGE even if there is scant national attention.