Will Mitt Romney Run for President in 2012?

A 12 year old asks Mitt Romney the BIG question before a crowd of 4400. I’ve seen Mitt answer this question to media at least 2 dozen times, but this answer is my favorite.

The golden quote:

I can’t tell you what will happen; but I can tell you that there will be somebody who runs in the Republican party who can get this country right again. I want to commit that I will either be that person, or I will be working my tail off for that person, and I want you to as well because we’ve got to take back America.

This kind of attitude and dedication to party unity and victory is exactly what I like to see in a prospective candidate. It reminds me of Romney’s support for the McCain/Palin ticket in 2008. Mitt did (I believe) some 43 public events on their behalf. One McCain staffer reported that they were very pleased with Mitt’s hard work and that he didn’t refuse a single assignment they asked him to do.

~Nate G.

Nate owns and manages a small souvenir manufacturing business. He and his wife of 12 years have 2 children. Nate has been blogging for Mitt Romney since late 2006 and is co-founder and editor of MittRomneyCentral.com.
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About Nate Gunderson

Nate owns and manages a small souvenir manufacturing business. He and his wife of 12 years have 2 children. Nate has been blogging for Mitt Romney since late 2006 and is co-founder and editor of MittRomneyCentral.com. View Posts | View Profile
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5 Responses to Will Mitt Romney Run for President in 2012?

  1. Brian says:

    Yes he will run.

    Here’s an interesting analysis from The Daily Caller of Romney’s health care system in Mass.


  2. Tami says:

    What a cute young boy who asked this question and I loved how Romney answered it. Great video. Thanks for sharing it!!!!

  3. Jayde says:

    “A 2009 study by the non-partisan Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation determined the plan’s costs to be “relatively modest” and “well within projections. To the extent the plan’s costs have risen in recent years is due to Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick, who has focused on expanding benefits instead of pursuing meaningful cost containment.”


  4. Brian says:

    FYI, As I was typing this post, I heard Newt take a shot across the bow at RomneyCare on Greta.

    From American Spectator:

    “On Twitter, Politico’s Ben Smith asks, “At this point, how is current proposal substantially different from Romneycare?”

    The answer is, it ain’t.

    Here’s how Mitt Romney explained the differences between the health care bill he signed in Massachusetts in 2006, and Obamacare, in a CNN interview earlier this month:

    “(T)here’s an important difference between what we did and what President Barack Obama is proposing. Number one, we solved our problem at the state level. Let states deal with the problem of uninsured individuals.

    And, number two, we have no public option. There’s no government option. And what’s primarily wrong with the president’s plan is that he wants to get the federal government into the health insurance business. It’s going to require massive subsidies, a trillion dollars of costs down the road.”


    “So now, if Obamacare passes, Romney will be left telling angry primary voters that the only real difference between the two plans is that he implemented his policies at the state level, while Obama did it through the federal government. Sure, it’s clearly worse if the federal government is implementing bad policies, but it’s hard to see how such an argument would pass muster with anybody but those who are already ardent Romney supporters. It’s sort of like saying, “As governor, I raised state income taxes, but the thought of raising federal income taxes — that’s an outrage!”


    “Romney camp would like to argue that the bill he signed did not raise taxes, in actuality, it did include a mandate that individuals purchase insurance or pay a penalty. In arguing against Obamacare, conservatives have described the mandate as a middle class tax hike. Republican candidates will spend all of 2010 describing it as such, and if anybody else were running against Obama in 2012, it would be used to argue that he violated his pledge to not raise the taxes of those making under $250,000. If Romney wants to spend the Republican presidential primary siding with Democrats and the Obama administration in arguing that the individual mandate isn’t a tax, I’m sure his opponents will be thrilled. Furthermore, this doesn’t even take into account the subsequent tax hikes signed by Romney’s successor to help pay for the ongoing costs of the health care bill, such as last year’s cigarette tax increase.”


  5. SED says:


    There are stark differences between Obamacare and ‘Romneycare’.

    1. When we created our Healthcare reform law; we did not create or raise taxes on anything. Not one thing. Obamacare creates new taxes on medical device companies, tanning salons, cadillac health care plans, etc.

    2. We made no cuts to Medicare. Obamacare cuts funding from the Private Insurance side of Medicare by $500 billion. Directly hurting seniors who are a part of the program.

    3. In MA we allow the free markets to work in Healthcare. Obamacare uses price controls in the law to regulate the insurance rates.

    4. Obamacare creates health insurance co-ops to directly compete against private insurance companies to supposedly keep them honest. In reality it is a mechanism to drive private insurance out of business.

    5. The law passed in MA had a vote of 198 – 2 in the state legislature. Masscare has been viewed positively by 70% of our state physicians. Obamacare couldn’t get a single republican vote and physicians are overwhelmingly against it.

    6. We elected Scott Brown, because Obamacare hurt our healthcare plan.

    The list goes on and on. To say ‘Romneycare’ and Obamacare are the same is like saying a Toyota Prius and a Ford Mustang are the same. They are both cars, but their architecture is completely different.

    Please read my healthcare post for more clarity.

    Laboratories of Democracy