Mitt Romney Endorses Nikki Haley for South Carolina Governor and Ties President Obama in 2012 Poll

On March 16th, Gov. Romney endorsed Representative Nikki Haley for Governor of South Carolina.

Nikki Haley

Ann and I got to know Nikki Haley during my campaign for president and came away enormously impressed with her as a person of character and as the spokesperson for a new generation of leadership for South Carolina. She has a proven conservative record of fighting wasteful spending and advocating for smaller, more efficient government. I’m honored to call her my friend and prouder still to endorse her campaign for governor,” said Governor Romney.

The Free and Strong America PAC also announced it will send Representative Haley’s campaign a maximum $3,500 primary election contribution. Governor Romney will also participate in a campaign event with Representative Haley in South Carolina on April 1st. Nikki Haley has also been endorsed by Jenny Sanford and is a favorite among the Campaign for Liberty and Tea Party crowd in South Carolina.

Considering the fact that President Obama couldn’t be any more well known and Mitt Romney is well known by much fewer Americans, Mitt is in a great position this early on in the PPP 2012 Presidential Survey. Look at the trends shown from past PPP polls in that link as well.

Also, once again, Mitt leads Max Twain’s 2012 Power Rankings

Mitt Romney says movement to repeal health care overhaul already under way, but we still must Get on the phones and send some e-mails!

In case you missed it, the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, and Publisher’s Weekly debuted ‘No Apology’ at #1!

Also, I just stumbled upon two interviews that I hadn’t seen posted anywhere else. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to Mitt Romney Endorses Nikki Haley for South Carolina Governor and Ties President Obama in 2012 Poll

  1. Brian says:

    PPP is a disgrace of a polling organization. Why are they using a 43/33 party ID split in favor of Dems? Rassmussen polls party splits on a daily basis. They currently show a 2.5% edge for dems, and a 10 point lead for the Republicans on the generic ballot. PPP doesn’t hde their bias with this one. Any of these Republicans would beat Obama in a truly representative poll of LIKELY VOTERS. The Republican primary is going to be the real battle. In light of what’s going on today, health care will most likely be the number one issue for years to come.

  2. TallSon says:

    President of the Galen Institute weighs in on RomneyCare.

    “For new patients who do get an appointment with a primary-care doctor, the
    average waiting time is 44 days, the Medical Society found.”

  3. Rebel Ross says:

    The problems with the plan are 100% the fault of the democratic legislature and Deval Patrick. If Mitt’s plan had been implemented with no changes, it would’ve been universally acclaimed. Still, it’s pretty telling that it remains very popular in Massachusetts and that it passed almost unanimously. That’s a far cry from what were witnessing in Washington today.