SNEAK PEEK: A Full Chapter of Mitt Romney's Book, No Apology!

From Mitt Romney is shown reading in studio for his new book: “No Apology: The Case for American Greatness.” FOX 13 has obtained a peek to the first chapter of the book provided by the publisher, Macmillan. Hinckley Institute director, Kirk Jowers says that the writings take a “fresh look” at America’s rising debt and global image regarding foreign diplomacy. The book will be available March 2.

Romney Releases Early Sample of Upcoming New Book

 (Please note: the text “Former Senator” below the video is part of the video embed code and we are not able to change it. Someone from Fox13 put it in when they made the code. We are very aware that Romney was a former Mayor and not a Senator. Err… Governor… I kid.)

Mitt Romney Book Reading – ‘No Apology: A Case for American Greatness’

For more information about Mitt Romney’s new book, including reviews, tour dates, and media appearances, Click Here.

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3 Responses to SNEAK PEEK: A Full Chapter of Mitt Romney's Book, No Apology!

  1. SED says:

    Fantastic preview of Mitt’s new book.

    What struck me the most is the sharp contrast to the current president. The Obama administration is cutting all plans for us to return to the moon. In a couple years we will be reliant on the Chinese and Russia to return to the International Space Station. Thus ceding even more technological advantages to nations that do not really like us.

    This cannot continue….

    It is time for us to go from the Earth to the Moon, to Mars, and back home again.

  2. @SED
    Good points. My favorite part was Israel’s President’s remarks that America is unique in the history of the world that has never taken land when it has won wars.

    All together very good. In one short chapter I’m quickly reminded how immensely proud I am of this country.

  3. Paulee says:

    Or better yet, maybe it’s time for Obama to go from earth to moon then mars and leave him there…

    and Nate, reminded me how proud Mitt is of this wonderful country…He sure gets it….

    It will be a waste if Mitt is not the next President…Romney 2012….Cannot wait to read the whole book……