Romney to Keynote Boy Scouts of America 100th Anniversary Dinner

Next month in Grand Rapids, The Boy Scouts of America will host a dinner celebrating 100 years of scouting and their record 2009 ‘Eagle Scout’ and ‘Silver Award’ Class. The BSA has invited former Gov. Mitt Romney to be the keynote speaker at the ‘Building Character’ celebration.

The BSA writes the following introductory message on their invitation to the event:

Widely recognized for his leadership and accomplishments as a public servant and in private enterprise, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney currently serves as the Honorary Chairman of the Free and Strong America PAC.

In 2008, Governor Romney was a leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination and distinguished himself as an important voice in favor of strengthening our economy, military and families.

Elected Governor of Massachusetts in 2002, Governor Romney presided over a dramatic reversal of state fortunes and a period of sustained economic expansion.

Governor Romney was elected to the Chairmanship of the Republican Governors Association by his fellow Governors for the 2006 election cycle, and raised a record $27 million for candidates running in State House contests around the country.

Romney first gained national recognition for his role in turning around the 2002 Winter Olympics. With the 2002 Games mired in controversy and facing a financial crisis, Romney left behind a successful career as an entrepreneur to take over as President and CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee.

Prior to his Olympics service, Mitt Romney enjoyed a successful career helping businesses grow and improve their operations. From 1978 to 1984, Mr. Romney was a Vice President at Bain & Company Inc., a leading management consulting firm. In 1984, Romney founded Bain Capital, one of the nation’s most successful venture capital and investment companies. Bain Capital helped launch hundreds of companies on a successful course, including Staples, Bright Horizons Family Solutions, Domino’s Pizza, Sealy, Brookstone, and The Sports Authority. He was asked to return to Bain & Company as CEO several years later in order to lead a financial restructuring of the organization. Today, Bain & Company employs more than 2,000 people in 25 offices worldwide.

Governor Romney has been deeply involved in community and civic affairs, serving extensively in his church and numerous charities including City Year, the Points of Light Foundation and the Boy Scouts of America. He was also the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in 1994.

Governor Romney received his B.A., with Highest Honors, from Brigham Young University in 1971. In 1975, he was awarded an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was named a Baker Scholar, and a J.D., cum laude, from Harvard Law School.

Governor Romney and his wife Ann have been married for 40 years and have five sons, five daughters-in-law, and fourteen grandchildren.

For information or tickets, please contact Aaron Gach at the Gerald R. Ford Council: Phone – 616.785.2662 Email –

Million A Day For Brown, Video: ‘Cool Cat’ Obama Showing Claws

Avalanche support for Scott Brown is said to be garnering a million a day for his campaign. Let’s not kid ourselves – he’ll need every penny. The opposition has awakened and is scrambling to alert the Ted Kennedy crowd about the growing momentum for Brown. Martha Coakley is running negative ads round the clock. Bill Clinton and John Kerry are coming to town. Vickie Kennedy (widow of Ted Kennedy) is speaking against Brown and flooding Massachusetts with letters pleading for Martha money. Newt Gingrich remarked to Sean Hannity (FOX News) on his program last night that unions are reportedly bussing in bodies from Baltimore and Philadelphia to add muscle to Coakley’s campaign.

By Alex Pappas — The Daily Caller 01/14/10

While poll numbers show a Republican win is plausible in the state where Sen. Ted Kennedy long served, neither the RNC nor NRSC has sent much money north. (AP)

Knowledgeable sources in Massachusetts tell The Daily Caller that Republican candidate for Senate, Scott Brown, has raised at least $1 million dollars every day this week, most of it online.

Although Brown’s campaign touted Monday’s money-bomb fundraiser that brought in $1.3 million dollars, the campaign declined to confirm totals for other days this week.

“I can’t comment on figures,” said spokesman Felix Browne.

While poll numbers show a Republican win is plausible in the state where Sen. Ted Kennedy long served, neither the RNC nor NRSC has sent much money north.

Brown will face Democrat Martha Coakley in the special election for the Massachusetts Senate seat on Tuesday.

If there is anyone in America who doesn’t think Barack Obama is twitching his whiskers over the MA special election, the cat is out of the bag. The ‘cool cat’ isn’t so confident in Coakley’s abilities to carry his agenda to victory. Here’s Obama’s hastily crafted video (made 1/14/10):

Obama’s ‘rally the alley cats’ message to pounce on the potential vote which would bring a halt to his confiscation of the health care industry coincides with the secret deals made in the last two days:

President Obama summoned House and Senate Democratic leaders to the White House late Thursday to discuss an apparent breakthrough in health care reform negotiations — on the make-or-break issue of taxing high-value health plans and other issues.

After enduring months of criticism that he was too detached from negotiations — criticism mostly expressed in Democratic cloakrooms on Capitol Hill — Obama has jumped in with both feet. He has personalized a marathon push to land a health care deal this week or early next week, telling lawmakers and key stakeholders that he will not tolerate failure and that compromises, even hard ones, must be achieved on a tight schedule.

House and Senate negotiators resumed marathon talks with Obama at the White House around 9 p.m. Thursday. The president left the Cabinet Room meeting shortly after 1 a.m. Friday and the session ended about 25 minutes later.

In a statement, the White House said “solid progress” was made toward a final package. The meeting came after most of the same lawmakers spent more than eight hours at the White House on Wednesday trying to hammer out a deal.

The breakthrough announced Thursday was a byproduct of the previous days talks: a deal on so-called “Cadillac” insurance plans. The White House and top union leaders heralded the agreement, which shields all union workers for five years from significant taxes on health benefit packages that non-union workers will face starting in 2013.

In summary, Obama has crafted a sneaky overnight deal that gives unions and government employees a FIVE year exemption from the health care tax. This translates to a $60 BILLION gift which WE will have to pay.

If Obamacare is so good, why do so many need exemptions to get it passed? I guess the bill is only good if  paying for it doesn’t apply to you. Is this what our Founding Fathers had in mind?

Obama’s hissing cats on Capitol Hill and in Massachusetts need to be run up a tree.

ELECT SCOTT BROWN! End the health care reform farce!

Go here to help Scott Brown (scroll to bottom of article):

UPDATE: Obama WILL campaign personally for Coakley as Massachusetts Senate race tightens.

Republican state Sen. Scott Brown is running neck-and-neck with Coakley in recent polls of the Bay State as both vie for the Senate seat long held by Edward M. Kennedy  The winner of Tuesday’s special election will become the first person not closely affiliated with the Kennedy family to hold the seat since 1952.

The White House had been saying for days that the president had “no plans” to go to Massachusetts, but the loss of the Senate seat would greatly complicate, if not doom, the fate of health-care reform legislation moving through Congress.

White House officials played down the significance of the president’s trip, saying only that Obama is happy to be able to accept the campaign’s invitation.

Read more here (and it’s worth reading!).

Scott Brown’s Op-Ed: A New Day is Coming

Scott Brown wrote a straightforward op-ed piece for the Boston Globe today. He shares his thoughts on the three topics that are the focus of his campaign: taxes, terror, and health care. Referencing the Massachusetts health care program, he concurs with Mitt Romney that there is always room for improvement, but he likes the plan. He also emphasizes that MA residents are insured through PRIVATE health insurance companies.

A new day is coming: restore faith and balance
By Scott Brown
January 14, 2010

I DIDN’T grow up with all the advantages in life. My mom was on welfare for a time, but I had the support of a loving family and good friends and neighbors. I don’t have all the advantages in this race either, and that’s fine by me. Being the underdog has taught me to work harder, and to appreciate the opportunities of our state and our country.

I’m running because more of our people are unemployed today than ever before. Public debt has reached $12 trillion and counting, and Washington politicians want to borrow trillions more. Terrorists want to strike our country again, and they will do so if we let down our guard. We have fighting forces in two theaters of war, and those men and women need our support.

Like everyone else, I want to see more Americans with good health care coverage. I like what we achieved in Massachusetts. It’s not perfect, but nearly everyone is now covered by a private insurance policy – not a government policy. I hope other states follow our example.

But the healthcare bill under discussion in Washington is not good. It will raise taxes and increase spending. If you are a senior on Medicare, it will lead to a half trillion dollars in cuts to your care. Since we are way ahead of the rest of the country with our own state reforms, we will get nothing in return. My opponent, Martha Coakley, will vote yes on this bill. I will insist we start over.

Failure should be admitted in Washington, and not repeated. With last month’s news that we lost another 85,000 jobs, and with unemployment stuck in the double digits, it’s time to admit that while the $787 billion stimulus had the best of intentions, it failed to create one new job. We shouldn’t pass yet another stimulus that adds to the debt without adding jobs.

My plan for the economy is simple: an across-the-board tax cut – in the tradition of John F. Kennedy – for families and businesses that will increase investment and lead to immediate new job growth. More tax increases will hurt our recovery. That’s why I have taken a no-new-tax pledge. My opponent will raise taxes.

Amid all our domestic challenges, our nation is still at war with radical Islamic terrorists determined to destroy our way of life. The Christmas bombing attempt on a Northwest Airlines plane is a wake-up call. But instead of being interrogated by military professionals at Guantanamo, the plane bomber has been given taxpayer-funded lawyers in a US courtroom. Because he’s been granted constitutional rights, he’s invoked his privilege to remain silent. Would-be killers should be treated for what they really are: enemies of a country at war, not ordinary criminals.

My opponent would accord such terrorists all the rights our Constitution grants to citizens. I will treat them as enemy combatants who should face military justice.

As this special election draws to a close, the enthusiasm from everyday citizens has been remarkable. To those who have lost faith in their elected leaders, I say: Don’t lose heart. One-party dominance in our state has led to bad decisions and a culture of corruption, but we can restore people’s faith by restoring balance to our political system.

They call me a long shot. But I’m betting that a new day is coming in Massachusetts. I am running in the name of all independent-thinking citizens, whether they are Democrats, Republicans, or unenrolled, to take on one-party rule, and the Beacon Hill bosses, and their machine, and their candidate. With your help, I intend to win.

Massachusetts Miracle

Brown’s new ad ‘Momentum’

Let’s do all we can, to enlist as many as we can, to keep the momentum rolling and make the Massachusetts Miracle happen.

Go here to help Scott Brown (scroll to bottom of article).

Scott Brown to Obama: “Stay Away” from Massachusetts.

Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown issued a stern warning to President Obama, cautioning him to “stay away” from Massachusetts as he battles Democratic rival Martha Coakley in a heated race, the Boston Herald reported:

Surging GOP Senate candidate Scott Brown yesterday warned President Obama to “stay away” from the Bay State during his roiling race against Democratic rival Martha Coakley and not to interfere with their intensifying battle in the campaign’s final days.

“He should stay away and let Martha and I discuss the issues one on one,” Brown said. “The machine is coming out of the woodwork to get her elected. They’re bringing in outsiders, and we don’t need them.”

Scott Brown to Obama: "Stay Away"

Coakley’s campaign showed signs of panic as they scrambled to get a last-minute appearance by Obama to bolster their effort before Tuesday’s election.

Some polls are showing the Senate contest far closer than any pundits expected, and Coakley in danger of losing her clear shot at the historic seat.

Coakley said yesterday she hasn’t heard from the White House. “I welcome his support, but we’ve got a lot of support here in Massachusetts (and) I think he’s got a lot on his plate in Washington,” she said.

Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs said yesterday that the president had no plans to visit Massachusetts, even though he realizes “there’s a lot at stake in the election.”

But sources said Coakley is pushing for a Sunday event with Obama as the race remains glued to the national spotlight.

“We would love to see Obama any time,” said Boston City Council President Michael Ross, a Coakley supporter who attended her event at Dorchester’s Kit Clark Senior Center yesterday. “Any time the president of the United States comes it will remind Democrats to get involved.”

But Republican consultant Charlie Manning said a visit from a president with tanking ratings would make Coakley look desperate as upstart Brown enjoys a last-minute boost from climbing poll numbers and media momentum.

“It’s sort of like trying to bail out a boat that’s already sinking. I don’t think they can fool the voters of Massachusetts this time,” Manning said.

National interest in the race centers on an impending vote on health-care reform – championed by the late U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.

A Brown win would be crushing for Obama, who would lose a 60-seat Democratic majority in the Senate, said Larry J. Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics.

In addition to a rally headed by former President Bill Clinton planned for tomorrow, Coakley’s team circulated a heartfelt plea from Kennedy’s widow, Vicki, last night asking supporters for help. They’re also rumored to be pushing for a potential event with Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy.

“It’s a real fight at this point in time,” said U.S. Rep. William Delahunt (D-Quincy). “We’re doing everything we can to help.”

Brown urged Coakley’s campaign to keep the race about local issues instead of national figures.

“It’s me against the machine,” he said. “And it always has been.”

Scott Brown Defends His Vote For RomneyCare

This is a pretty good read posted earlier today about Scott Brown’s remarks on Fox News, wherein Brown defends his support for the Health Care Bill that Mitt Romney passed (often referred to as RomneyCare) while serving as Governor in Massachusetts:

By Jon Ward at The Daily Caller

Scott Brown, the Republican whose quest to win Ted Kennedy’s seat has jolted Democrats with the possibility of losing the 60-seat majority needed to pass a health-care bill, defended on Wednesday his own vote as a state senator for mandatory health insurance in 2006.

Brown, defending the plan signed by former Republican Gov. Mitt Romney, argued that the Democratic plan being debated in Washington is an entirely different proposal.

“They’re two different programs,” said Brown, during an appearance on Fox News.

“What we have here is a free-market enterprise where we’re providing insurance on various levels to people in Massachusetts,” Brown said. “The plans in Washington are a one-size-fits-all plan that’s going to cost almost $1 trillion-plus and raise taxes at a time when we don’t need it.”

Brown’s response is key for Romney, who ran unsuccessfully for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008 and is considered a front-runner for the nomination in 2012.

Brown himself is crusading on the fact that if he wins and is seated before congressional Democrats reach a compromise on two health-care bills passed by the House and the Senate, his vote will be able to stop it from passing.

He voted for the Massachusetts health-care plan, and faced questions on Fox from Neil Cavuto about whether he “contributed to something that now you’re against?”

But the line from Romney advisers who talked to The Daily Caller Wednesday, and Brown himself, is that Romney-care has worked in covering the uninsured but that cost containment has not happened because Gov. Deval Patrick eliminated a cost and quality commission that would have brought transparency to what health-care providers were charging and eliminated price gouging.

Romney adviser Ron Kaufman, a Washington lobbyist who has been working with the Brown campaign in an unofficial advisory role, said that the people of Massachusetts are “satisfied with what they got” but that they are angry about the federal bill being debated because it would force the state to pay for something they already have: nearly universal coverage.

“They already paid for it,” Kaufman said. Brown said much the same thing during his interview on Fox. “Why would we subsidize and why would we pay more for something we already have. It makes no sense,” he said.

Ed Haislmaier, a health care policy expert at the Heritage Foundation, backed up the Brown and Romney camps’ analysis. “When you ask the average person in Massachusetts who isn’t getting subsidized coverage, ‘Did health reform do anything to help you?’ they’re going to say no, because the piece that was designed to do that got killed off,” said Haislmaier.

Scott Brown Defends His Vote for Mitt Romney's Health Care Plan In MASS.

A Must Read: proves that RomneyCare is NOT bankrupting Massachusetts.

Brown/Coakley Race Heats Up

Get your fans out! With Rasmussen showing a dead-heat between Scott Brown and Martha Coakley, things are heating up. Today’s update is a big one because this has become a very BIG topic.

Immediately following Brown’s successful $1.3 million Moneybomb campaign on Monday, Jan 11, Martha Coakley was rattled. So, what did she do? She pow-wowed with her corrupt cronies and pulled out the negative ads.

In response, Brown’s accomplished 21 year-old daughter, American-Idol-contestant-basketball-player, *Ayla Brown spoke out yesterday. (The Boston Herald’s front-page treatment of Ayla described her as ‘morphing into campaign pit bull’.)

Ayla Brown:

“Her attack [Martha Coakley] on my dad is completely inaccurate and misleading. I’m here today to say that Martha Coakley should take down her negative ad. Martha Coakley’s new negative ad represents everything that discourages young women from getting involved in politics, and as a young woman, I’m completely offended by that. She even spelled Massachusetts wrong in her original ad which is very embarrassing, I must say as a young woman.”

A quick-time response released today from the MA Republican Party:

Seeing highly prized senate VOTE # 60 wobbling, the Obama health care machine has sprung into action. A fundraiser **’Unity Event’ (as Martha characterized it) was held in Washington D.C. (Sonoma) at the Capitol Hill restaurant last night for Coakley.  A legion of lobbyists for health insurance companies, hospitals, and drug companies sponsored the leftist rendesvouz:

Washington Examiner:

Of the 22 names on the host committee–meaning they raised $10,000 or more for Coakley–17 are federally registered lobbyists, 15 of whom have health-care clients. Of the other five hosts, one is married to a lobbyist, one was a lobbyist in Pennsylvania, another is a lawyer at a lobbying firm, and another is a corporate CEO. Oh, and of course, there’s also the political action commitee for Boston Scientific Corporation.

All the leading drug companies have lobbyists on Coakley’s host committee: Pfizer, Merck, Amgen, Sanofi-Aventis, Eli Lilly, Novartis, Astra-Zeneca, and more. On the insurance side of things, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, HealthSouth, and United Health all are represented on the host committee.

Following Coakley’s ‘Unity Event’ Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack was roughed up by a Coakley aide:

After the event concluded, Coakley took two questions from the media but declined to say whether or not she stands by her statement at last night’s debate that there aren’t any terrorists in Afghanistan (and that they’ve all gone to Pakistan or Yemen).

After taking a question from a CNN reporter on the street outside the restaurant, I asked her:

TWS: Attorney General Coakley, you said last night that there are no terrorists in Afghanistan–that they’re all in Yemen and Pakistan. Do you stand by that remark?

COAKLEY: I’m sorry, did someone else have a question?

GRIFF JENKINS, Fox News: I did. Why are you in Washington tonight?

COAKLEY: We planned an event after the primary that would be a unity event in Washington. We’re also in the middle of a very intense campaign […]

After Coakley finished her answer, she began walking away from the restaurant, and I walked behind her asking why health care industry lobbyists were supporting her at the fundraiser. She didn’t reply.

As I walked down the street, a man who appeared to be associated with the Coakley campaign pushed me into a freestanding metal railing. I ended up on the sidewalk. I was fine. He helped me up from the ground, but kept pushing up against me, blocking my path toward Coakley down the street.

He asked if I was with the media, and I told him I work for THE WEEKLY STANDARD. When I asked him who he worked for he replied, “I work for me.” He demanded to see my credentials, and even though it was a public street, I showed them to him.

I eventually got around him and met up with the attorney general halfway down the block.

“Attorney General, could I ask you a question please?” I said. “We’re done, thanks,” Coakley replied. She walked back toward the restaurant, apparently searching for her car. She remained silent as I (politely) repeated my question.

Coakley staffers told me they didn’t know who the man was who pushed me, though by every indication he was somehow connected to the campaign.

Coakley thug roughs up Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack:

After the pharmaceutical fundraiser and before the reporter dust-up, Coakley took time to smear Scott Brown:

Coakley: “If I don’t win, 2010 is going to be hell for Democrats.”

The plot thickens… As former president Bill Clinton and Senator John Kerry rush to Coakley’s side, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) has shelled out $567,000 to run ads in the Springfield and Bostons markets. And, SURPRISE! SEIU has purchased $685,000 in advertising against Brown:

“Before you vote for Senate, here’s a few things you should know about Scott Brown,” a narrator pontificates in the 30-second spot. “He has repeatedly opposed a woman’s right to choose” and he “expresses skepticism that climate change is being caused by humans.”
“No wonder Brown’s campaign is being supported by the same extremist group that backs Sarah Palin,” the narrator explains. “Martha Coakley for Senate. Massachusetts values.”
Brown is depicted in black and white and speaking slow-motion. The ad ends with a quicker pace and a color photo of Coakley.

**Coakley’s pharma-fundraiser invitation, January 12, 2010:

With so much at stake, the next six days are going to be toad’s wild ride. Thank goodness Scott Brown is staying above the fray, blocking the punches, and continuing to inspire all of us.

Stay tuned…

For additional info and ways to help Brown go here (scroll to bottom of article).

* Then 17-year old Ayla Brown sang our national anthem at Boston’s July 4, 2006 celebration accompanied by the Boston Pops Symphony:

UPDATE: The name of the Coaklely associate who harrased/shoved Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack is Democrat Michael Meehan.

MRC Presents: Haiku Contest for Scott Brown

For the last week Mitt Romney Central has unofficially become Scott Brown Central. There is just one week left until the special election on January 19th. We fans have donated to Brown’s campaign. We’ve helped promote him by making calls from home. We’ve become fans of his Facebook page. We’ve had polls on his debate performance. We’ve promoted him in almost every way we know how. That leaves us only one thing left to do… the only thing left we know how to do… the one thing that is going to push Brown over the top…


Do you haiku?


  • Write a haiku to promote Scott Brown for Senate.
  • Post it in the comments here on the blog, or on our Facebook page.
  • Entries posted before 9PM EST on Thursday will be entered into the contest
  • MRC staffers will select what we feel are the top 7 (or so) entries.
  • Selected entries will be highlighted in a poll and YOU (the readers) will vote for the best one
  • Prizes will be awarded (free merchandise from the MRC store)

There are many rules that define what a haiku is. We will use the simplest rules: 3-lines, syllable structure: 5-7-5. Be creative!

Grand Prize: $30 gift certificate to the MRC store
2nd Prize: $15 gift certificate to the MRC store
3rd Prize: $10 gift certificate to the MRC store
All entries that make it to the voting round will receive a free MITT ’12 Chrome Sticker.

Staff Entries: (no, staffers are not eligible for the contest)

Say no to Coakley,
could not spell Massachusetts.
Doesn’t have an ‘E’.

(I’ll add the other staff entries here when they submit them.)

Free Mitt ’12 prizes,
for writing the best haiku.
Everyone does it!

~Nate Gunderson

What will we witness?
Massachusetts Miracle
or more of the same?
~Ross Abraham (Rebel Ross)

Here are some of the one’s that were posted at our Facebook Page

Change coming to hub
Time to show Scott Brown some love
Common sense cures all.
-Christopher Benvie

Scott Brown for Senate
Let’s send him to Washington
To stop Health Care Bill
-Bill Willenbrock

Brown over Coakley
Republicans over Dems
Helps America
-Bill Willenbrock

Off to dismantle
The Kennedy Legacy
Scott Brown For The Win
-Graham Bradley

Brown will take Coakley
Dems majority is gone
The winner is US
-Sally Hamilton Rewinkel

Tea Partiers Marched
Liberals Blew Us Off
Who’s Laughing Now?

Brown must win in ’10
To block the Dem “reforming”
Let it die with Ted
-Josh Pinho

It’s Romney for President.
Scott’s in his seat.
Sorry Dems we won’t be beat.
-Dana Rapp Cluck

Say no to Coakley!
Redistribution of wealth?
Not if you vote Brown!
-Jeff Cole

Scott Brown is the man!
Coakley is not fit to lead;
Change she will impede!
-Jeff Cole

Despair no more
Mitt Romney and Scott Brown
Turn our frowns Upside down!

Scott Brown has great hair;
We will all take back this state!
To the dems’ despair!
-Jeff Cole

America needs
this new strength and attitude.
Red White Blue and Brown.
-Catherine Vicedomine

Great Scott! Help! Coakley!
A shrill, boilerplate lib voice
Painful, like Zappa

forty gets no say
get one more for people’s way
United for Brown

Scott Brown Rocks!
for the people,
take the seat from the democrats

Scott Brown is against
irresposnible spending;
can’t afford to lose.
-Jeff Cole

The loss by one man
Begins an ill-fated path
If Scott wins, all win
-John Norris

Scott Brown is the best
Chance to save Massachusetts
Vote sunshine or snow!
-Nancy Gouveia

Elect Mr Brown
Congress has gone way too far
cannot be Scott free
-Eric Norris

Fate and Victory
Lay before the people now
We must vote Scott Brown
-John Norris

Live, Love, Laugh a Lot,
Make Mitts Day
Get out and vote for Scott!
-Sue Sanders

Martha absent now
Is Clinton coming to town
Panic strikes the Dems
-Paul C. Liolios III

I’m looking for hope
all under the reign of change
Let freedom ring now
-Cheryl Davis

Kristi L. Devine from BrownBrigade says:
I’ll continue yours:

Say no to Coakley,
could not spell Massachusetts.
Doesn’t have an ‘E’.

Say no to health care,
Massachusetts does not want,
How daft can she be?

C R Barker from BrownBrigade:
Free Massachusetts
From Kennedy tyranny
Liberty rises

New Poll On Massachusetts Senate Race: Coakley (D) 49%, Brown (R) 47%

Rasmussen just released new polling results for the Brown vs Coakley Senate Race in Massachusetts. Without further delay, copied directly from, here are the results:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Massachusetts’ special U.S. Senate election has gotten tighter, but the general dynamics remain the same. A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely voters in the state finds Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley attracting 49% of the vote while her Republican rival, state Senator Scott Brown, picks up 47%. Three percent (3%) say they’ll vote for independent candidate Joe Kennedy, and two percent (2%) are undecided. The independent is no relation to the late Edward M. Kennedy, whose Senate seat the candidates are battling to fill in next Tuesday’s election. Coakley is supported by 77% of Democrats while Brown picks up the vote from 88% of Republicans. Among voters not affiliated with either major party, Brown leads 71% to 23%. To be clear, this lead is among unaffiliated voters who are likely to participate in the special election.

Scott Brown (R), Martha Coakley (D), Joe Kennedy (I)

A week ago, the overall results showed Coakley leading by a 50% to 41% margin. The closeness of the race in heavily Democratic Massachusetts has drawn increasing national interest, and Brown made it clear in the final candidate debate last night that a vote for him is a vote to stop the national health care plan Democrats are pushing in Congress.

The results of this poll are not precisely comparable with last week’s results because this poll includes the independent candidate by name while the previous poll simply offered the choice of “some other candidate.” Additionally, the latest poll results include “leaners.” Leaners are those who don’t initially have a preference for one of the major candidates but indicate that they are leaning in that direction. Without “leaners,” Brown was actually ahead by a single percentage point.

Although the top line results are now a bit tighter, the new polling is consistent with the analysis provided yesterday by Scott Rasmussen. All recent polls place Coakley right around the 50% mark and support for opposition candidates above 40%. Turnout will be the key, and Brown’s voters appear to be more energized.
All polling indicates that a lower turnout is better for the Republican. The new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that Brown is ahead by two percentage points among those who are absolutely certain they will vote. A week ago, he trailed by two among those certain to vote.

To overcome the enthusiasm gap and help generate a larger turnout, national Democrats are getting involved in the race. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is reportedly spending more than half a million dollars in the final days of a campaign that Coakley has long been the heavy favorite to win. Senator John Kerry in an emergency fundraising letter for Coakley today says the race is “a dead heat,” and he and former President Bill Clinton plan to campaign in the state on Friday.

Tired of reading yet? Keep going, its interesting.

Brown raised over a million dollars on Monday and appears to have narrowed the financial gap so far. Coakley has gone negative in the second television ad of her campaign, one that includes Brown in front of a picture of conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh. She also sought to link Brown to former President George W. Bush during the debate. Fifty-nine percent (59%) of likely voters in Massachusetts have a favorable opinion of Brown, and 58% say the same about Coakley. Fifty-nine percent (59%) of voters think Coakley will win the election, while 33% expect a victory for Brown. Coakley, who was elected attorney general in 2006, defeated several other candidates to win her party’s nomination in a December 8 primary. Brown, who has served in the State Senate since 2004, won the GOP primary the same day. Fifty-two percent (52%) favor the health care legislation before Congress, but 46% are opposed. Nationally, most voters oppose the proposed health care plan. Sixty-five percent (65%) of voters say the man who tried to blow up an airline on Christmas Day should be tried by the military as a terrorist act while 21% believe the case should be tried by civilian courts as a criminal act. Seventy-seven percent (77%) now favor the use of full-body scanners at airports. Forty-one percent (41%) believe the $787-billion economic stimulus plan passed by Congress last year helped the economy while 23% believe it hurt. That’s a much more positive assessment than the stimulus plan receives nationally.

However, even in Massachusetts, just 38% believe that increases in government spending generally help the economy. Forty-four percent (44%) say such spending generally has a negative impact. As for taxes, 56% believe that tax hikes are bad for the economy while 23% think they help. Thirty-seven percent (37%) of Massachusetts voters think that more jobs will be created by cancelling the rest of the stimulus spending while 44% think spending the money will create more jobs. Nationally, just over half believe that canceling the spending is the better tool for job creation. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of those likely to vote in this election still approve of the way that Barack Obama is doing his job as president. Just 40% approve of the way that Deval Patrick is handling his role as governor. The survey was conducted on Monday night, the night of a televised debate between the candidates.

Emphasis mine.

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Scott Brown’s MONEYBOMB Explodes! Video: Greta Van Susteren and Brown

“Today, our movement has invested $1,303,302.50 to win on January 19 and I am so grateful for the support and the faith that you have in us!” – Scott Brown’s final late-night Twitter comment  January 11, 2010

With an original goal of raising $500,000 yesterday, the end result of Brown’s MONEYBOMB has triggered a political tremor that will be felt all the way to the White House. The next few days will be interesting. Seeing Martha Coakley on the fault line, Democrats will be sending Bill Clinton and others to re-fit her campaign with rallying rhetoric.

Early on, Mitt Romney’s endorsement of Brown brought national focus to the senatorial special election to be held on January 19th. Following Romney’s example, Mitt Romney Central is zeroing in on this crucial contest between Brown and Martha Coakley. It was a thrill to be part of a large network of bloggers to help with yesterday’s extraordinary fundraising efforts for Brown. Thanks to all who participated on this site to make a memorable day. Now, on to electing the first Republican senator in Massachusetts in 30 years – Scott Brown!

Greta Van Susteren interviewed Brown last night regarding his riveting bid for Ted Kennedy’s senatorial seat in MA:

Van Susteren: Good evening Senator and, boy, this is an exciting race – not just in your state but you’re going to determine what happens in the United States Senate – whether it’s filibuster proof or not.

Brown: Well, that’s true. This race affects everybody in the country. Not only here, obviously, in Massachusetts, but everybody. As the 41st Senator I can stop what’s happening in Washington. All the backroom deals you’re talking about are outrageous.

Scott brown on spending and the national debt:

Help Scott Brown:

“If we do not make common cause to save the good old ship of the Union on this voyage, nobody will have a chance to pilot her on another voyage.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Info for Brown:
Scott Brown for U.S. Senate
200 Reservoir St.
Needham MA 02494

Donate at:
Scott Brown’s Facebook page here.
Follow Scott on Twitter here.
Support Scott by texting BROWN to 68398
Join Brown Brigade here.
Brown Brigade Tea Party Phone Bank

Is a Close Call a Victory for GOP?
Politico 11/12/10
By Alex Isenstadt and Jonathon Martin

In the wake of several recent public polls signaling that the Jan. 19 Massachusetts Senate special election is more competitive than anyone expected, both parties are moving aggressively to frame the narrative that emerges the next day.

For Democrats, who have been jolted by the unexpectedly close race for the late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s seat, the message is simple: A win is a win. State Attorney General Martha Coakley’s margin of victory is irrelevant.

For Republicans, however, the story line is more complex. The GOP admits to the uphill nature of the race in heavily Democratic Massachusetts but believes that state Sen. Scott Brown’s got a good shot at winning. More important, they note, a valiant, close loss counts as a win because it will be a sign of deep discontent with Democratic policies even in a blue-state citadel.

“The implications of a Scott Brown victory would be cataclysmic for national Democrats,” said Rick Wilson, a veteran GOP ad man. “If you thought New Jersey or Virginia had national implications for Democrats, then Scott Brown even getting this close to the kill zone sends a message that Republicans can compete anywhere.”

Read entire article here.

*Martha Coakley has released a new ad attacking Scott Brown. In it, she misspells ‘Massachusetts’.

Update 2: FOX news is reporting that Martha Coakley is attending a fundraiser today in Washington D.C. which includes meeting with health care lobbyists and health care industry lobbyists.

POLL: Who Won Tonight’s Debate? Scott Brown vs Martha Coakley vs Joseph Kennedy

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UPDATE: Today’s Scott Brown for Senate Money Bomb passes $1 MILLION!! Donate by clicking here.

There appears to be a consensus growing that the best moment of the entire debate was…