Win or lose, Mitt’s getting some credit for Brown’s big MO

Romney to Stump for Scott Brown in Last Days of Senate Race

Things are looking good in Massachusetts for the cautiously optimistic among us.  It ain’t over yet, however, so we have to keep the money and volunteer hours flowing.  In the meanwhile, this post from over at the Daily Beast caught my eye.  The writer goes so far as to call Scott Brown, “Mitt Romney’s Man,” and writes at length about how Mitt and his organization are major driving forces behind Brown’s success.  Key excerpt:

Largely overlooked in assessing Brown’s prospects: the hidden hand of Mitt Romney. The former Massachusetts governor headlined at a fundraiser for Brown last October.  And Romney has helped Brown raise money outside the state as well. “I know Scott and how determined he is to win. I’ve campaigned for him, raised money on his behalf, and we’re doing all we can to help him over the finish line,” Romney wrote supporters last Monday. Brown, 50, raised $1.3 million that day.

But lest anyone accuse Romney of being a Johnny-come-lately—stepping up only as Brown has vaulted from sacrificial lamb to serious threat—the 2008 presidential hopeful has lent crucial support behind the scenes from the start of Brown’s campaign. Ever since he entered the race to succeed the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, Brown has been counseled by members of the Shawmut Group, a Boston-based consulting firm that acts as the Romney political brain trust in exile. Among the many Romney disciples running Brown’s campaign are Beth Myers, the campaign manager of Romney’s presidential run; Eric Fehrnstrom, Romney’s chief spokesman; Peter Flaherty, Romney’s “go-to-guy for conservatives”; and Rob Cole, Romney’s 2008 deputy chairman manager. Beth Lindstrom, another player in Romney World, is working as Brown’s campaign manager. Lindstrom’s ties to Romney go back years; she started working with him in the Massachusetts State House as director of consumer affairs.

I’ve dropped a bit of cash into this race, and I hope you have too.  If you have time, then consider volunteering to make some calls.  If Scott Brown wins, not only is it great for our country and devastating for the Obama/Reid/Pelosi agenda, it’s also great for Mitt!

Addendum by Ross:
Battle Behind the Curtains highlights how this entire campaign has been proxy war between Obama and Romney. They have both sent multiple E-mails out to their supporters on behalf of their respective candidate, campaigned in person on behalf of their respective candidate, raised money for them, and used their Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote their respective candidate. They both have some of their top people working on the campaign.

Just in case anyone wonders what Mitt’s been doing already, read Romney Headlines GOP Fundraiser in Massachussetts and Scott Brown Could be our 41st Vote in the Senate! All of this is just direct involvement that we know about. Much like Virginia and New Jersey, there is probably even more going on behind the scenes than we know about. It’s also worth noting that Democrats wouldn’t even be in this position in the first place had they not changed the law when Mitt was governor to stop him from appointing a senator if John Kerry won the presidency in 2004.

Finally, and potentially the most interestingly, if Massachusetts didn’t already have the health care plan that Mitt instituted, Scott Brown’s chief argument about how Massachusetts doesn’t want to pay extra taxes for something they already have wouldn’t have been in play. If Scott Brown wins, the American people will have Mitt to thank for his health care plan in Massachusetts which remains popular in Massachusetts and renders Obamacare useless to them. It’s all come together so well, it’s almost like Mitt has planned this for years…

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4 Responses to Win or lose, Mitt’s getting some credit for Brown’s big MO

  1. Aaronius says:

    Wow.. that was a great article, Principal. I had known about many of Romney’s ties to this race, but its great to see them written out. I’ve seen some folks around the web accuse Romney of either not helping Brown at all, or helping in the end when he saw that was politically expedient – I’ll be sure to funnel those accusers to this post. Thanks!

  2. Dan says:

    Politico’s headline right now is about Mitt and the Scott Brown race. I don’t agree with large parts of the article, but it does do a decent job of explaining how Mitt is kind of running this campaign behind the scenes and even says that Mitt personally recruited Scott Brown to run for the seat.

  3. MK in Arizona says:

    A lot of articles today are asking “where is Mitt?” They are saying that he is not popular there and would not be good for Brown at this stage. What are your thoughts on this? Why do you think Romney is not there in these last few days to help Brown? I am a big Romney fan and have been wondering why we haven’t seen him lately because it seems like it would be good for him to be visably connected to this upset win.

  4. BOSMAN says:

    Mitt and his Supporters are all over this election. One would have to be blind not to see this. I DO, FIRST HAND. Mitt has emerged as an EFFECTIVE LEADER in REVOLUTION 2010. Congratulations to Mitt as he puts ANOTHER FEATHER in his cap (Christie & McDonnell) and MORE ON THE WAY (Toomey, DeMINT, Ivey, Whitman……….)