Ann Romney Discusses Breast Cancer Diagnosis on ‘Fox and Friends’

When I think of Ann Romney the first word that comes to mind is “classy”. She is a very impressive lady and reacts well to the curve-balls that life sometimes throws at her. A little over a year ago Mrs. Romney underwent a lumpectomy and radiation treatment following a diagnosis of breast cancer. Fortunately the cancer was detected early and the treatment went very well.

Ann Romney will appear in two interview segments (Tues. and Weds.) on Fox and Friends. UPDATE: Mitt Romney will accompany Ann in the interview. The Boston Herald reports:

In her first public interview since being diagnosed with breast cancer, Ann Romney tells “Fox & Friends” mammograms discovered her early stage breast cancer and she was “really lucky.”

“I had surgery right about this time, right before Christmas last year and then I started my radiation in the end of January,” she said. “If I were a 40-year-old woman, 40 to 50, I’d want to be getting my mammograms. They catch cancers, and cancer is very curable if you catch it early.”

Ann Romney said she kept quiet about her diagnosis and treatment because she wasn’t in the public eye anymore. Mitt Romney made a failed bid for the GOP presidential nomination in 2008. “We were not in the public eye anymore and there was no reason for me to be out again being in the public eye, when you’re going through a crisis, you really just kind of want to have your family around and your husband,” she said.

When asked about criticism of her husband, Ann Romney said there were times when she wanted to “come out of my seat and clock somebody” but “you learn to just take a deep breath.”

As for her husband making another bid for the White House, Romney said the couple will make that decision together. “We’re not ready to make that decision yet. It’s a lot of sacrifice, it’s tough, it’s a tough road and we have at least a year before we have to make that decision,” she said.


I had a chance to meet Ann Romney very briefly at a campaign event in Boston. I had but a brief moment to get a photo taken with her. Given more time I would have certainly thanked her for the strength, support and sacrifice that was required of her as the spouse of a presidential candidate. All too often the noble and capable woman behind the scenes gets far too little credit.

Ann Romney for First Lady 2012! Thanks Ann, keep it up!

~Nate G.

UPDATE – Here are two of the clips from Tuesday (1-5) morning:

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4 Responses to Ann Romney Discusses Breast Cancer Diagnosis on ‘Fox and Friends’

  1. Kate Finch says:

    Thank you for sharing your breast cancer experience, Ann. I am also a 2 yr breast cancer survivor and I know how difficult it was to go through the roller coaster ride. I can’t even imagine being in the public eye during a time like that. You’ll be an inspiration to many women by sharing your thoughts. I also want to tell you how much I admire your husband. I hope and pray that you will both strongly consider and ulitmately decide to have him run for President in 2012. This country needs a strong and even more importantly, experienced, person to bring help this nation out of the mess it’s in. God bless you both and thank you..


    Kate Finch
    Eden Praire, MN

  2. Paulee says:

    Sorry Nate, Gretchen was talking about Mitt this am…made announcements that Mitt had his book, No Apology and that he was a front runner for 2012….Perhaps, and most definately I missed her say anything about Ann’s cancer….My apologies…..

  3. Molly says:

    Mrs. Romney,

    Like you I have MS (diagnosed 1995)…and I’ve had breast cancer (1998). Like you, I realize that there are far worse things in the world and like you, I continue apace with Life.

    Just keep moving forward.

    Our husbands are brave men. It’s hard for our partners of so many years to look at us and realize what we’re facing and know that there is nothing they can do to “cure” our situation. Of course, by just standing stalwart and faithful , they lend us their strength. For me, that’s been better than any medication.

    Blessings on you both…and your children who have learned courage from you.

    Molly in Texas

  4. Jayde says:

    Kate and Molly, thanks for sharing your real understanding of the health challenges Ann Romney deals with.

    Mrs. Romney was so terrific on the campaign trail; she really lights up a room! I admire her greatly and know she would be an extraordinary First Lady.

    Best wishes to both of you and to Ann Romney for continued health.